Wine & Chocolate Pairing for Valentine’s Day

Wine & Chocolate Pairing for Valentine’s Day

SipScout Craft Alcohol Membership Club – February, 2023

This month SipScout members are being treated to a wine and chocolate pairing in honor of Valentine’s Day. We partnered with Master the World wines and Le Belge Artisan Chocolatier for a delicious and well-paired SipScout kit. During this month’s SipScout party we delve deep into food and wine pairing and geek out about our incredible wines from California, Spain, and Argentina.

Psssst! Really sorry for the video quality on this one, something went wonky with our Zoom recording unbeknownst to us!

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About Your Hosts

The Crafty Cask celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers through engaging consumer content, events, virtual tastings, and online education. We help craft enthusiasts drink better and craft makers market their brands better to build thriving small businesses that keep #TipplerNation drinking well!

Your hosts for this event, alongside the featured maker, are Suzanne Henricksen, Founder of The Crafty Cask and Evan Rothrock, sommelier, certified cider professional, mixologist, and bespoke wine tour guide.

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00:00:01,440 –> 00:00:08,100
Hello Hello everyone welcome to another 
edition of the SipScout party Happy Happy  

00:00:08,100 –> 00:00:15,120
Thirsty Thursday yeah that’s right I think 
we designed it that way to always say happy  

00:00:15,120 –> 00:00:21,900
Thursday Thursday yeah yeah exactly we’re super 
excited to drink some delicious wines with you  

00:00:21,900 –> 00:00:28,500
guys today and taste some extraordinary 
chocolates yeah yeah I’m happy belated  

00:00:28,500 –> 00:00:33,480
Valentine’s Day we’re wearing on our pink 
and purple I suppose this is my wine shirt

00:00:36,420 –> 00:00:42,240
but yeah we thought was fitting this month to do a 
little perfect pairing a little wine and chocolate  

00:00:42,240 –> 00:00:48,600
pairing to keep the love going perfect pairing is 
a little bit of a nod to our partners uh this this  

00:00:48,600 –> 00:00:55,080
month um Master of the world was founded by our 
co-founded by a master Sommelier Evan Goldstein  

00:00:55,080 –> 00:01:00,420
and he wrote the book literally on pairing wine 
and food it’s called Perfect Pairings yeah and  

00:01:00,420 –> 00:01:04,200
it’s a great book yeah he’s got a delightful 
follow-up called Daring Pairings if any of you  

00:01:04,200 –> 00:01:09,660
are looking for further reading on the tenants 
of food and wine pairing after hearing about you  

00:01:09,660 –> 00:01:13,920
know some of the ideas that we’ll discuss today 
highly recommend those books absolutely absolutely  

00:01:14,760 –> 00:01:18,300
um yeah and if you know you’re willing 
we’d love it for you to throw in the chat  

00:01:18,300 –> 00:01:24,300
where you’re joining us from anything you’re 
specifically excited about or any questions you  

00:01:24,300 –> 00:01:28,620
have throughout the whole time and you know 
we are gonna I think we should get started  

00:01:28,620 –> 00:01:36,720
we’re just kind of rambling on here as well 
but let’s get started officially so welcome  

00:01:36,720 –> 00:01:41,640
everyone for those of you who don’t know me 
I’m Suzanne I’m the founder of The Crafty Cask  

00:01:42,540 –> 00:01:48,300
my name is Evan I am a certified sommelier 
and your co-host today for the SipScout party  

00:01:49,140 –> 00:01:54,420
um and at The Crafty Cask we celebrate and support 
craft alcohol makers that is what we are all about  

00:01:54,420 –> 00:02:00,720
ah Arizona I work from Arizona as well yeah 
um although it’s foreign white and chocolate  

00:02:01,680 –> 00:02:06,000
um yeah and so we celebrate craft alcohol makers 
and we’re super excited this month to partner  

00:02:06,000 –> 00:02:10,320
with mask of the world as Evan was saying um you 
want to talk a little bit about master the world  

00:02:10,320 –> 00:02:14,520
before we jump in because you may have noticed 
those of you who are recurring SipScout members  

00:02:14,520 –> 00:02:19,440
that your box looked a little different this time 
and the items as well um yeah so Master The World  

00:02:19,440 –> 00:02:27,240
Is A pretty new uh endeavor as I mentioned Evan 
Goldstein along with Limeng Stroh co-created this  

00:02:27,240 –> 00:02:34,020
wonderful brand to help spread the knowledge of 
wine um it’s initially it was created primarily  

00:02:34,020 –> 00:02:39,960
for people in the industry that were really 
focused on diving deep and um people like this  

00:02:39,960 –> 00:02:44,700
guy yeah sommeliers and people training to come 
small days people work in the industry yeah that  

00:02:44,700 –> 00:02:49,320
was kind of their primary focus initially and then 
they branched out into the general consumer and  

00:02:49,320 –> 00:02:55,620
they provide uh tastings of you know individual 
body bottlings from all over the world in a manner  

00:02:55,620 –> 00:03:03,000
in which you have an opportunity to blind taste 
them um in uh you know whatever different way that  

00:03:03,000 –> 00:03:07,140
you would like you can sit at home and kind of go 
through them on your own or if you’d like you can  

00:03:07,140 –> 00:03:12,600
go through them um in a guided way not unlike 
I guess in some ways what we’re doing today  

00:03:13,320 –> 00:03:18,180
um but with the help of Evan himself as well 
as a couple of other Master sommeliers if you  

00:03:18,180 –> 00:03:23,880
are uh really into wine you might recognize 
the names Madeleine Trip on and uh Tim Gazer  

00:03:23,880 –> 00:03:29,760
so the three of them host monthly webinars 
that really just focus exclusively on wine  

00:03:30,300 –> 00:03:34,680
um and we were delighted to discover them and even 
more delighted to be able to share them with you  

00:03:34,680 –> 00:03:39,960
in this context today yeah exciting and one of the 
reasons we were delighted to discover them is as  

00:03:39,960 –> 00:03:43,380
you might imagine with our SipScout kits you know 
every month we’re trying to send you different  

00:03:43,380 –> 00:03:49,140
things why in one month whiskey another month um 
craft beer or crack cider all sorts of things one  

00:03:49,140 –> 00:03:53,580
is one of the more challenging ones because it 
comes in larger format bottles um and as much as  

00:03:53,580 –> 00:03:57,540
we would love to send you three large bottles of 
wine that’s you know the price point might be a  

00:03:57,540 –> 00:04:03,180
little tough on maybe one day um but so they are 
really have nailed this expertise of partnering  

00:04:03,180 –> 00:04:09,480
with craft wineries all over the world really um 
and remodeling them in a way that keeps them fresh  

00:04:09,480 –> 00:04:15,180
keeps them you know ready to drink again doesn’t 
kind of sacrifice any of that which is really hard  

00:04:15,180 –> 00:04:19,620
for most small winemakers to do so they’re also 
providing a nice service for craft wine makers  

00:04:19,620 –> 00:04:23,940
to get their wine out in front of people through 
their program and through ours now as a partner

00:04:26,040 –> 00:04:32,940
um so as we get started should we first just 
kick off with a little cheers with the Rioja  

00:04:32,940 –> 00:04:36,000
yes that’s where we’re going to start 
today uh and where all the front labels  

00:04:36,000 –> 00:04:38,940
are the same if you look on the back 
you might have to pull your spectacles

00:04:41,760 –> 00:04:49,140
um but the first one here is the bodega um 
boronia is a producer primarily of Rioja wine  

00:04:49,860 –> 00:04:58,020
um and this is a Reserva um delicious wine and 
uh yeah let’s have a little cheers yeah thanks  

00:04:58,020 –> 00:05:03,540
for being here and uh we hope you like these ones 
yeah and at any time please feel free to unmute  

00:05:03,540 –> 00:05:07,680
yourself oh even though it yells at me I cheers 
and then I start talking as long as you don’t  

00:05:07,680 –> 00:05:11,220
put your glass down I think it’s okay I think 
it’s like bad luck or something right hold on

00:05:16,860 –> 00:05:22,260
while we’re here um feel free to unmute 
yourselves at any time we do this in  

00:05:22,260 –> 00:05:26,700
um meeting format instead of webinar format so 
that you can turn on your cameras unmute yourself  

00:05:26,700 –> 00:05:31,020
talk with us and actually feel like you’re kind 
of here with us um so feel free to do that or  

00:05:31,020 –> 00:05:35,940
feel free to throw questions or comments in the 
chat and we’ll kind of keep an eye on that as well  

00:05:35,940 –> 00:05:41,220
all right so our plan for this evening is 
first we’re going to talk a little bit about  

00:05:41,220 –> 00:05:46,380
food pairing because as we get into the wines we 
want you to be tasting them with the chocolates  

00:05:46,380 –> 00:05:51,840
that we send to you and so one key is how to 
do food pairing so feel free to be sipping on  

00:05:51,840 –> 00:05:55,800
your Rio Hall a little bit while we’re and if 
you want to pour all three next to each other  

00:05:55,800 –> 00:06:00,600
we often do that ourselves um we’re choosing 
not to today for whatever reason I guess we’re  

00:06:00,600 –> 00:06:05,640
closely because we want to try these with all 
fruit chocolates and be able to use at least  

00:06:05,640 –> 00:06:10,140
that was my thing but you can feel free to pour 
out all three if you want and kind of hop out

00:06:14,400 –> 00:06:18,420
between the different chocolates and the different 
wines as well although we do have the recommended  

00:06:18,420 –> 00:06:23,160
pairings from Evan Goldstein um that he provided 
with us of which chocolates and things will  

00:06:23,160 –> 00:06:28,380
go best and that is what you see here in your 
SipScout report so that same order that’s going  

00:06:28,380 –> 00:06:33,420
down is the same order that we would recommend 
pairing in as well but we would also recommend  

00:06:33,420 –> 00:06:41,760
pairing you know while the uh while the borobia 
here is across from the dark chocolate with the  

00:06:41,760 –> 00:06:49,560
lavender and black currant it’s so good right 
um we would recommend that you try the all three  

00:06:49,560 –> 00:06:54,480
wines with all three chocolates very much so yeah 
and we’re going to talk about that so are you all  

00:06:54,480 –> 00:06:59,760
familiar with food pairing do you feel like you 
do food pairing kind of in your day-to-day life  

00:07:00,600 –> 00:07:04,980
um do you enjoy kind of throw it in the 
chat just or unmute yourself and let us know

00:07:07,560 –> 00:07:15,180
anyone anyone I’m always up with bearings 
it’s wonderful so do you do them yourselves  

00:07:15,180 –> 00:07:22,500
am I pronouncing your name right to Mary to 
Marie um I can’t say I mean I we’ve gone out  

00:07:22,500 –> 00:07:27,780
to dinner and done like pairings and stuff 
but um I don’t necessarily do them myself  

00:07:28,860 –> 00:07:33,840
you’re cool great um yeah and that’s that’s true 
a lot of people you know a lot of us have had are  

00:07:33,840 –> 00:07:37,140
fortunate enough to have had an experience where 
you can actually you know go out to dinner and  

00:07:37,140 –> 00:07:43,080
pay for this food and wine pairing um Sonya is 
it Sonya or Sonia you’ll have to tell me I know  

00:07:43,080 –> 00:07:48,900
that’s that’s a pet peeve with with names that 
have two different pronunciations sometimes um

00:07:51,600 –> 00:07:58,140
but um we often have the benefit of doing that 
with the guided sommeliers and the chefs and  

00:07:58,140 –> 00:08:01,860
they’re you know doing that for us but then 
when we go home we don’t necessarily know how  

00:08:01,860 –> 00:08:06,660
to do it ourselves and so this is something that 
I personally really love you know I’ve learned a  

00:08:06,660 –> 00:08:11,520
lot about wine since knowing Evan he’s taught me 
so much and one of the things I’ve really kind of  

00:08:11,520 –> 00:08:16,680
glommed on to that he certainly does a lot as well 
but I kind of just like to do it all the time in  

00:08:16,680 –> 00:08:21,000
my spare time and I’m constantly running to our 
bridge and be like oh I think this might taste  

00:08:21,000 –> 00:08:25,920
good with that and kind of playing with it um is 
food pairing and it’s a lot of fun once you really  

00:08:25,920 –> 00:08:32,760
understand a little bit of the mechanics behind it 
so yeah the exploration of it can be very exciting  

00:08:33,360 –> 00:08:38,700
um you know I imagine that in any number of you 
have probably kind of heard the basic Penance uh  

00:08:38,700 –> 00:08:43,860
one of the most commonly recited ideas of food 
and wine pairing is simply the idea of white  

00:08:43,860 –> 00:08:52,380
with chicken or fish and red with you know um 
pork steak lamb things with four legs I guess  

00:08:52,380 –> 00:08:59,520
instead of two or fins yeah um and well that has 
been guidance for a very long time yeah and it’s  

00:08:59,520 –> 00:09:04,020
it’s a great starting point um there are other 
components of course in a dish other than just  

00:09:04,020 –> 00:09:08,580
the protein yeah uh so I mean it’s a little 
restrictive as well like it can be a little  

00:09:08,580 –> 00:09:14,160
restrictive yeah yeah uh so understanding a little 
bit more about what goes on in your mouth when  

00:09:14,160 –> 00:09:18,480
you are enjoying food and when you’re enjoying 
the wine and when you’re enjoying both together  

00:09:19,680 –> 00:09:25,500
um can be something that’s very illuminated uh 
Sonia I’m glad you like the definition yeah yeah  

00:09:25,500 –> 00:09:30,480
when both are better together right yeah and 
that’s what we’re really going for so yeah so  

00:09:30,480 –> 00:09:35,700
let’s talk about that a little bit so when we when 
we talk about food pairing you know what one of  

00:09:35,700 –> 00:09:40,440
the big things that’s important to think about 
is you actually want the food and the drink in  

00:09:40,440 –> 00:09:45,720
your mouth at the same time in order to really be 
saying you’re pairing them so a lot of people just  

00:09:45,720 –> 00:09:52,080
eat the food take a sip of a line eat the food 
and they’re like oh that’s a good pairing you’re  

00:09:52,080 –> 00:09:55,920
eating them together you’re drinking them together 
but to assess it what you want to do in here let’s  

00:09:55,920 –> 00:10:00,300
let’s just practice it with this first one I 
like it um so oh yeah I’m on the wrong one you’re  

00:10:00,300 –> 00:10:06,180
taking the wrong chocolate so if you want to open 
up your lavender current um this is the one we  

00:10:06,180 –> 00:10:09,540
recommend pairing for your house so what you would 
do is you would take a sip of wine first like we  

00:10:09,540 –> 00:10:13,380
just did and so let’s take a sip of wine and then 
if you want to talk a little bit about the wine

00:10:16,620 –> 00:10:16,620

00:10:20,160 –> 00:10:25,380
and of course before you take yourself while 
you’re taking your sips stick your nose in that  

00:10:25,380 –> 00:10:30,120
glass get it deep in the glass really breathe 
it in a big part of what you taste comes from  

00:10:30,120 –> 00:10:34,380
your nose which is why when you have a cold and 
you eat something delicious and you’re like oh  

00:10:34,380 –> 00:10:38,100
man it tastes like nothing right because your 
nose is stuffed and so make sure you’re really  

00:10:38,100 –> 00:10:44,820
inhaling as you’re taking your sips and 
then after you’ve taken a sip take a bite  

00:10:46,500 –> 00:10:54,000
with a nice dark chocolate I don’t let it 
melt slowly soften oh no I messed us up  

00:10:54,000 –> 00:10:58,440
babe I put them in the wrong order I did the 
wines starting on your side and chocolate’s  

00:10:58,440 –> 00:11:02,400
starting on my side well that chocolate’s so 
delicious I’m gonna give that one some of that

00:11:06,360 –> 00:11:09,960
and then before you swallow the 
chocolate that’s in your mouth  

00:11:09,960 –> 00:11:14,160
what you want to do or on your second 
bite of chocolate I don’t actually yeah  

00:11:14,160 –> 00:11:19,320
um at some point you want to take a sip of wine 
while the chocolate is sold or not or whatever  

00:11:19,320 –> 00:11:24,180
food it is that you’re pairing with right and 
then kind of chew them together and finish  

00:11:24,180 –> 00:11:28,620
chewing the chocolate with a little bit of that 
wine liquid the liquid from the wine in your mouth  

00:11:29,220 –> 00:11:34,140
and then see what’s going on and it’s important 
though that you assess the wine first you assess  

00:11:34,140 –> 00:11:38,940
the food first and then you kind of assess them 
together all right now that’s the true that’s  

00:11:38,940 –> 00:11:42,960
the true representative here I was going to 
say the lavender is very subtle in that one

00:11:54,000 –> 00:11:54,060

00:11:56,940 –> 00:12:03,240
yeah those play very nice together so what do you 
notice with the chocolate and the line when you  

00:12:03,240 –> 00:12:09,780
do them together well first I wanted to say 
um the earlier kind of idea of food and wine  

00:12:09,780 –> 00:12:15,420
pairing for me which is not wrong and Suzanne 
kind of touched on this is eating something and  

00:12:15,420 –> 00:12:22,980
then having a sip of wine and taking a bite back 
and forth and you can kind of get a sense of a  

00:12:22,980 –> 00:12:28,020
good pairing because the sip of wine will make 
you want to take another bite of the food which  

00:12:28,020 –> 00:12:34,320
then what you make you want to take another 
sip of the wine kind of continually seesawing  

00:12:34,320 –> 00:12:38,700
back and forth uh the nice thing about having them 
both in your mouth at the same time is that they  

00:12:39,300 –> 00:12:45,840
reach that equilibrium where they’re both you 
know interacting and uh giving you the sensations  

00:12:45,840 –> 00:12:52,260
at the same time right um so one of the foremost 
things that I notice is that the kind of grip that  

00:12:52,260 –> 00:13:01,380
you get in this um the tannins from this Rioja um 
riojas tend to be pretty stout in that capacity  

00:13:02,400 –> 00:13:10,800
um the brightness the uh fruit component is often 
very nicely contrasted by that drying element  

00:13:10,800 –> 00:13:17,520
and I feel like the chocolate helps to kind of 
soften that a little bit um oftentimes riojas are  

00:13:17,520 –> 00:13:27,960
consumed 10 plus years after the Vintage date this 
one I think is a 2016. uh yeah 2016 or service so  

00:13:27,960 –> 00:13:32,820
we’ve got you know seven years in now so we’re 
getting to a point now with this wine um where  

00:13:32,820 –> 00:13:40,560
it really is starting to soften in these ways the 
fruit is becoming a little bit more um you know  

00:13:40,560 –> 00:13:48,300
more student perhaps instead of fresh fruit yeah 
for sure um and then the chocolate really helps to  

00:13:48,300 –> 00:13:53,400
kind of pull that floral component out that’s what 
I was gonna say yeah I hate when I have something  

00:13:53,400 –> 00:13:58,200
I’m going to say and then the Somalia beats me to 
it and I’m like what the hell were my words I’m  

00:13:58,200 –> 00:14:04,500
gonna say when I drink the wine with the chocolate 
the floral elements of the lavender really come  

00:14:04,500 –> 00:14:10,080
through versus often I feel like lavender can be 
a little soapy to me if it’s if it’s a heavy hand  

00:14:10,080 –> 00:14:15,360
with it but it really reminds me a little bit like 
oh this is a flower um when I drink it together

00:14:21,240 –> 00:14:26,040
good point Sonya so yeah you also are looking for 
you know the interactions in the other direction  

00:14:26,040 –> 00:14:31,800
so the way that the chocolate is very pronounced 
with that black currant and the lavender shining  

00:14:31,800 –> 00:14:38,400
boot having the tannins and you know the alcohol 
component of the wine helps to kind of wash your  

00:14:38,400 –> 00:14:44,040
palate off and allows it to not kind of you 
know coat as thickly as it would if you were  

00:14:44,040 –> 00:14:48,660
just eating the chocolate on its own right right 
and what we’re looking for here you know and and  

00:14:48,660 –> 00:14:53,160
this is why we want you while you know we very 
much trust Evan goldstein’s guidance on what’s  

00:14:53,160 –> 00:14:58,500
a pair of what here um but we want you to try all 
three chocolates with all three wines because you  

00:14:58,500 –> 00:15:03,600
want to start to get practice at identifying for 
yourself when you have them open your mouth and  

00:15:03,600 –> 00:15:09,660
you’re kind of like you know that neutral you 
know cool good but that’s a good pairing if  

00:15:09,660 –> 00:15:13,740
they’re both equally as good and like nothing 
and but you also want to notice if it makes one  

00:15:13,740 –> 00:15:17,580
of them worse right like all of a sudden you’re 
like oh weird there’s like a weird bite in the  

00:15:17,580 –> 00:15:22,860
line when I have it with that food or it makes 
the food kind of any or whatever the case may  

00:15:22,860 –> 00:15:26,880
be you want to be able to notice that and say 
oh that’s not such a good pairing because it’s  

00:15:26,880 –> 00:15:33,240
making one of them worse and then of course what 
you’re looking for is when both of them get better  

00:15:33,240 –> 00:15:37,680
right when you’re like the line is better with the 
chocolate the chocolate is better with the wine  

00:15:37,680 –> 00:15:42,600
I do not want to eat them apart from each other 
ever again right like that is a great blueberry  

00:15:43,440 –> 00:15:46,920
um and you know if you come across something 
and you order a glass of wine and you think  

00:15:46,920 –> 00:15:51,000
it’s going to go well to something and it 
doesn’t then you can just go back to the  

00:15:51,000 –> 00:15:56,400
eating your bite and then taking a simple 
wine you’re all good um so but it’s really  

00:15:56,400 –> 00:16:02,640
fun you know it is it can be very magical um and 
sometimes when you when you have a glass of wine  

00:16:03,600 –> 00:16:08,160
that maybe you don’t love as much you know you 
take a few sips and you’re like this is what I  

00:16:08,160 –> 00:16:12,480
was expecting and I’ll try it with every single 
bite of food on your plate because there might  

00:16:12,480 –> 00:16:16,140
be a bite of food on that plate that all of 
a sudden makes that wine shine where you were  

00:16:16,140 –> 00:16:21,660
just like oh wow now I love this wine and that is 
so much fun when that happens when it really just  

00:16:21,660 –> 00:16:28,080
changes your opinion about the food or the wine 
very much so yeah um so kind of stepping back a  

00:16:28,080 –> 00:16:33,660
little bit outside of this specific area uh some 
of the broader ideas behind food learning pairing  

00:16:34,200 –> 00:16:39,720
um you know the idea of having white wine 
with chicken or fish and red wine red meat  

00:16:40,320 –> 00:16:48,840
um is an idea of kind of complementary uh pairing 
where generally you want to [ __ ] or pair things  

00:16:48,840 –> 00:16:54,600
of equal weight so you don’t want to have a salad 
with a big full body red wine and you don’t have a  

00:16:54,600 –> 00:16:59,640
steak with like a light Zippy something you want 
to walk um equal weight is something that helps  

00:16:59,640 –> 00:17:07,380
balance and helps them complement each other 
in a you know more enjoyable ways that makes  

00:17:07,380 –> 00:17:11,340
perfect sense and I’ve been hearing you talk about 
wine and you’ve been talking to me about wine for  

00:17:11,340 –> 00:17:16,380
years and years and I don’t feel like I’ve ever 
heard you say that wow yeah I’ve been remiss no I  

00:17:16,380 –> 00:17:20,160
mean I’m sure you have I just like that they’re 
like oh yeah that makes sense like wait right  

00:17:20,880 –> 00:17:26,580
um and that’s you know one approach to pairing 
um equal weight is something that I think  

00:17:26,580 –> 00:17:32,640
follows throughout but you can have complimentary 
pairings and then you can have contrasting parents  

00:17:32,640 –> 00:17:39,060
so sometimes you’ll have a dish that has a really 
rich sauce and you don’t necessarily want to serve  

00:17:39,060 –> 00:17:44,940
that wine or serve that dish with a wine that 
is very rich and full body oftentimes you want  

00:17:44,940 –> 00:17:49,440
to do a contrasting parent so you have something 
that cuts through that and cleanses your palate  

00:17:50,160 –> 00:17:56,040
um so like a beurre blanc sauce rich with butter 
having something acidic to cut through the acidity  

00:17:56,040 –> 00:18:02,700
I’m sorry to cut through the butter will kind of 
reset your power each time and keep the uh the  

00:18:02,700 –> 00:18:10,620
richness of The Verve from becoming overwhelming 
um but other times you want richness with richness  

00:18:10,620 –> 00:18:15,420
a little bit right so one of our one of our 
favorite food pairings is Chardonnay and popcorn  

00:18:16,500 –> 00:18:20,820
um and so you know and and that is one of the 
things I tend to like chardonnays that are a  

00:18:20,820 –> 00:18:27,000
little leaner not The Buttery kind of chardonnays 
but when I’m eating buttery popcorn a buttery  

00:18:27,000 –> 00:18:31,980
Chardonnay with buttery popcorn is magical 
like really really quickly and then there’s  

00:18:31,980 –> 00:18:37,380
another component that needs to be addressed 
in that saltiness so you know within any dish  

00:18:37,380 –> 00:18:43,320
you’ve got kind of four primary components 
you’ve got saltiness you’ve got acidity  

00:18:43,980 –> 00:18:49,200
um you’ve got the Savory characteristic of it 
and then you’ve also got any spice components  

00:18:49,200 –> 00:18:55,800
um with wine there’s a similar balance with the 
components in a glass of wine again acidity but  

00:18:55,800 –> 00:19:00,480
then alcohol uh the tannins that we refer 
to earlier that kind of drying sensation  

00:19:01,380 –> 00:19:05,940
um as well as the fruit characteristic sometimes 
you might get a little bit of a Savory note in  

00:19:05,940 –> 00:19:12,360
some wines but it’s not nearly as common um so 
those were to balance a dish in the food sake and  

00:19:12,360 –> 00:19:17,040
then to balance a glass of wine in the wine safe 
but there’s a cross balance that happens as well  

00:19:17,760 –> 00:19:26,400
um and so if you’ve got a dish that is not quite 
salty but it’s right there serving that with the  

00:19:26,400 –> 00:19:32,340
wine that’s higher in alcohol is actually going 
to enhance that saltiness um the same thing goes  

00:19:32,340 –> 00:19:37,380
for spice alcohol increases spice so if you’re 
eating chicken wings and you know buffalo wings  

00:19:37,380 –> 00:19:42,960
and then you take a shot of whiskey the buffalo 
wings all of a sudden become really spicy  

00:19:43,860 –> 00:19:47,640
um sugar works in the opposite way if you’ve 
got a wine that’s got a little bit of sweetness  

00:19:47,640 –> 00:19:54,900
that’s going to temper saltiness and it’s going 
to temper um uh I’m sorry spiciness um so yeah  

00:19:56,100 –> 00:20:00,960
those are some ideas pairing acidity with 
acidity you know with your when you’re having  

00:20:00,960 –> 00:20:06,540
maybe a salad a white dish um with a with a 
bright vinaigrette and perhaps some acidic  

00:20:06,540 –> 00:20:11,100
cheese like goat cheese fresh goat cheese you 
want to have a wine that’s acidic too because  

00:20:11,100 –> 00:20:17,040
otherwise the wine will feel really flabby 
with the brightness of the the uh the salad  

00:20:18,060 –> 00:20:25,620
um what’s another kind of classical with richness 
um you guys know what the classic pairing  

00:20:26,460 –> 00:20:36,240
um with a French softens which is a really rich 
very sweet viscous um sweet white wine uh foreign

00:20:36,240 –> 00:20:48,120
approaches broadly speaking and that’s 
complementary and contrasting pairings  

00:20:49,020 –> 00:20:54,120
um pairing weight with weight is another 
component and then the individual ingredients  

00:20:54,720 –> 00:21:02,940
um you know to kind of recap what I said there 
uh tannins are very very healthily paired with  

00:21:02,940 –> 00:21:09,480
anything that’s rich in fat and protein um alcohol 
is paired better with things that are low in spice  

00:21:09,480 –> 00:21:15,540
and salt unless you want to amp up the spice or 
the salt in the dish acidity goes with acidity  

00:21:16,560 –> 00:21:23,280
um and then the big picture are all 
non-withstanding one of my favorite ideas is that  

00:21:24,000 –> 00:21:28,260
um sauce is the trump card 
doesn’t matter what the dish is  

00:21:29,100 –> 00:21:34,800
if you have a certain type of sauce on it it 
will completely and drastically change the flavor  

00:21:34,800 –> 00:21:40,800
profile of the dish as you well know you know you 
can have chicken piccata or you can have chicken  

00:21:40,800 –> 00:21:46,200
cacciatore chicken parmesan and all three are very 
different they’re all very different and they’re  

00:21:46,200 –> 00:21:50,880
going to compel you to have a different wine with 
each one and that’s where that original pair and  

00:21:50,880 –> 00:21:57,120
guidance that came out you know way back when of 
like chicken you always do white wine with we’re a  

00:21:57,120 –> 00:22:01,980
little like yeah yeah but like because really you 
want to be thinking about the sauce and the sides  

00:22:01,980 –> 00:22:06,660
and the overall like kind of flavor components 
of things versus just what the protein is  

00:22:07,620 –> 00:22:12,780
um I really like this this is a delicious 
delicious one um you want to tell us a little  

00:22:12,780 –> 00:22:17,700
bit about Rioja in general or does anyone have 
any questions before we please feel free to like  

00:22:17,700 –> 00:22:22,500
jump in and just talk over us because we’ll just 
we’ll just keep laughing at you about mine yeah

00:22:25,260 –> 00:22:32,940
questions I just think this is really interesting 
I don’t know very much about wine and especially I  

00:22:32,940 –> 00:22:41,640
tend to be um the lighter you know white wines 
the peanuts the chardonnays and stuff so I’m  

00:22:41,640 –> 00:22:48,060
wanting to learn more about Reds and differences 
and so I just find this really interesting so  

00:22:48,060 –> 00:22:54,120
I appreciate it great when you drink Reds what 
types of Reds do you typically gravitate towards  

00:22:54,840 –> 00:23:01,740
probably sweeter I’m trying to expand my palette 
well well hopefully these wines today will be a  

00:23:01,740 –> 00:23:07,080
nice introduction to you for uh for future red 
wine drinking and that’s really common also I  

00:23:07,080 –> 00:23:11,760
feel like it’s very common that people when they 
you know get into wine they start with whites um  

00:23:11,760 –> 00:23:15,780
yeah and those sweeter whites do when they start 
with sweeter whites and then they slowly move to  

00:23:15,780 –> 00:23:20,400
dry whites and then they start to move to Sweeter 
Reds and then they slowly move the dry Reds and it  

00:23:20,400 –> 00:23:25,140
makes perfect sense it’s the same way children’s 
palettes kind of evolve over time as well you know  

00:23:25,140 –> 00:23:30,300
when we’re first born like those sweet receptors 
are what we want and it’s all sugar that everyone  

00:23:30,300 –> 00:23:34,800
loves and then you know and bitter is like 
horrible when you’re a child and then as you  

00:23:34,800 –> 00:23:38,760
get older you start to really like bitter you 
start to like spinach you start to like these  

00:23:38,760 –> 00:23:44,580
things so your palette is constantly changing and 
constantly evolving and the more inputs you give  

00:23:44,580 –> 00:23:49,260
it the more experiences you give it with things 
that you think you don’t like but like oh wait but  

00:23:49,260 –> 00:23:54,900
I couldn’t do like that the more it starts to get 
used to those things and adapt essentially yeah  

00:23:54,900 –> 00:24:02,100
there’s a some fascinating kind of anthropological 
reasons for all this but in general things that  

00:24:02,100 –> 00:24:07,860
are sweet of sugar which are calories and that’s 
often something that you know 30 000 years ago  

00:24:07,860 –> 00:24:12,360
we were always on the lookout for something that 
was sweet that was good and things that are bitter

00:24:12,900 –> 00:24:21,600
yeah and so it’s our bodies preventing harm 
um we’re in a fascinating article during the  

00:24:21,600 –> 00:24:28,680
pandemic that indicated that uh wine shrinkers 
uh particularly people that were pursuing wine  

00:24:28,680 –> 00:24:35,700
in a more Academic Way sommeliers um and the 
such and people that enjoyed dry red wines  

00:24:36,600 –> 00:24:44,340
um had a little bit higher immune response 
and have less likelihood to get sick from  

00:24:44,340 –> 00:24:49,440
covid because their immune system was bolstered 
simply by the fact that they were more frequently  

00:24:49,440 –> 00:24:55,500
drinking and consuming things that were bitter 
and that bitterness is in you know in small doses  

00:24:56,340 –> 00:25:00,720
um and even in large doses if it’s not actually 
toxic it still is triggering your immune system  

00:25:00,720 –> 00:25:06,240
thinking that you just ingested something that 
could possibly be toxic and so that consistent  

00:25:06,240 –> 00:25:11,940
like bolstering of your immune system from 
consuming things that are bitter helped to  

00:25:11,940 –> 00:25:17,880
prevent them from getting sick to I guess 
you know the scientifically notable degree  

00:25:17,880 –> 00:25:23,100
enough to say something about it in an article 
well when we drink we drink a lot of wine and  

00:25:23,100 –> 00:25:30,060
it took us what almost two and a half years to 
get covered so maybe there’s something I think  

00:25:30,060 –> 00:25:34,560
you just gave me another reason to drink wine 
that’s right that’s right I like it exactly  

00:25:34,560 –> 00:25:41,520
alcohol kills bacteria you know um so yeah 
that’s great I love that the the community  

00:25:41,520 –> 00:25:46,020
tables so you can meet new people and wine parent 
dinners yeah I mean doing this with other people  

00:25:46,020 –> 00:25:49,560
that’s honestly the best way to do it anyways 
to go out with a group of friends too and just  

00:25:49,560 –> 00:25:53,340
everyone orders different things you order a 
couple different glasses of wine and you all  

00:25:53,340 –> 00:25:58,620
just kind of share and I know postcode maybe that 
doesn’t feel as good anymore I mean alcohol kills  

00:25:59,340 –> 00:26:06,240
um so yeah oh thanks Danica we love we 
love sharing fun facts yeah for sure  

00:26:07,860 –> 00:26:14,460
um so a couple of fun things about this wine Rio 
in general um riojas are wines made from primarily  

00:26:14,460 –> 00:26:19,500
a great called temper Neo uh there’s sometimes 
a little bit of Grenache blended into them  

00:26:20,280 –> 00:26:27,420
um and I mentioned in the uh the notes there in 
years in your SipScout report that this style is  

00:26:27,420 –> 00:26:32,760
a little bit more modern um and that’s primarily 
the use of French Oak oftentimes historically  

00:26:32,760 –> 00:26:39,120
riojas were made with American Oak and just to 
kind of a neat comparison side by side between  

00:26:39,120 –> 00:26:47,400
French Oak and American Oak uh American Oak is by 
and large grown in Latitude that is further south  

00:26:47,400 –> 00:26:55,020
from most of the France the forests in France uh 
as a result you get more sunshine and it’s warmer  

00:26:55,020 –> 00:27:03,240
and so those American trees grow quicker and as a 
result when you cut them down you can see that the  

00:27:03,240 –> 00:27:11,580
rings that form uh you know the country are space 
based more widely apart um each ring is another  

00:27:11,580 –> 00:27:17,520
season of growth and if it grows faster that ring 
is going to be wider than it is you know growing  

00:27:17,520 –> 00:27:23,940
in a colder climate where it grows more slowly and 
then as a result the barrels that are made from  

00:27:23,940 –> 00:27:30,420
American Oak as opposed to the French Oak have 
grain you know the wood grain is not as tight  

00:27:31,500 –> 00:27:37,800
um the impact that that has on wine is that more 
of the flavor of the barrel more of the Aromas  

00:27:38,700 –> 00:27:45,120
um more of the tannins will be released into the 
barrel with less time and so part of the reason  

00:27:45,120 –> 00:27:50,340
that oftentimes real house or drink much later 
is because that you know time that they spend  

00:27:50,340 –> 00:27:56,220
in American oak versus French Oak gives them a lot 
more Oak characteristic that needs time to soften  

00:27:56,220 –> 00:28:02,460
up um French oak by contrast is just the opposite 
you don’t get quite as much from French Oak in the  

00:28:02,460 –> 00:28:09,000
same amount of time because it is a tighter green 
uh the combination that um that aronia uses both  

00:28:09,000 –> 00:28:13,440
French and American Oak gives you a little bit 
of a flavor profile of the oak but still has that  

00:28:13,440 –> 00:28:20,400
backbone and that longevity from the American 
Oak so some really nice uh aromatic profiles  

00:28:20,400 –> 00:28:25,680
coming from both of those you know Oak usages 
in this one what aromatic profiles are useless

00:28:26,400 –> 00:28:34,260
with regard to the Oak profile um some of 
the things that you might be able to pull  

00:28:34,260 –> 00:28:40,380
out here uh one vanilla that’s a very common 
uh component that you get from the oak that  

00:28:40,380 –> 00:28:44,760
comes from both French Oak and American Oak but 
it does come a little bit more prominently from  

00:28:44,760 –> 00:28:54,300
American Oak American Oak also tends to have a 
bit more herbaceous kind of green uh elements to  

00:28:54,300 –> 00:28:58,680
it sometimes even like a like a eucalyptus 
element something that’s like mentholated  

00:28:59,700 –> 00:29:05,160
um I’m not getting that strongly in this 
one but maybe like a little bit of uh Bailey

00:29:07,200 –> 00:29:17,220
um and then you’ll also get uh elements like um 
coffee and uh cocoa and that’s more that’s not  

00:29:17,220 –> 00:29:21,840
necessarily the oak itself it’s more from the 
toasting of the inside of the barrel which is  

00:29:21,840 –> 00:29:26,400
going to caramelize the natural sugars that 
are in the barrel um and that caramelization  

00:29:26,400 –> 00:29:32,940
uh kind of seeps into the wine as well during 
the aging process so yeah some some nice uh  

00:29:32,940 –> 00:29:38,460
some nice stewed fruits um a little bit of 
blue fruit a little bit of like blueberry

00:29:40,800 –> 00:29:46,260
um stewed fruit is you know you’ll hear 
Evan talk a lot you know he won’t he’ll  

00:29:46,260 –> 00:29:52,920
very rarely just say cherry sulfate just say 
blueberry though right but he he often will  

00:29:52,920 –> 00:30:01,140
say stewed cherry or like a cherry lozenge or 
a cherry cough syrup or a fresh cherry or you  

00:30:01,140 –> 00:30:05,820
know and those qualifiers are the more you do 
this the more you practice this the more you  

00:30:05,820 –> 00:30:10,320
want to kind of push yourself a little bit to 
do that because it helps pull apart different  

00:30:10,320 –> 00:30:15,120
lines and it helps you identify what you like 
the most right so if you’re like oh man I can  

00:30:15,120 –> 00:30:19,380
smell I love ones that are like stupid fruit I’m 
excited about this wine but then the fun part is  

00:30:19,380 –> 00:30:23,400
what it smells like and then what it tastes like 
it might be a little different right it might  

00:30:23,400 –> 00:30:28,320
kind of so it’s a fun a fun part of anything 
I know you guys have all had an apple before  

00:30:29,280 –> 00:30:33,480
not all apples are created equally yeah I’m not 
going to sit down and eat a granny smith apple  

00:30:34,740 –> 00:30:41,100
but I might sit down yeah or with a piece of 
cheese but I might eat a golden delicious apple  

00:30:42,000 –> 00:30:47,760
um and you know no delicious you know apple 
butter uh versus different right you know an  

00:30:47,760 –> 00:30:52,500
apple lollipop or like apple pie with those 
baking spices kind of right like all those  

00:30:52,500 –> 00:30:57,360
different things um and so you know Evan was 
mentioning that that coffee can kind of be  

00:30:57,360 –> 00:31:02,040
something that gets pulled out of the oak you 
know in a remote so that’s an interesting you  

00:31:02,040 –> 00:31:07,380
know our middle chocolate has espresso in it 
that’s right and so trying this wine with a  

00:31:07,380 –> 00:31:10,140
little bit of that espresso chocolate 
and seeing kind of what happened there  

00:31:11,100 –> 00:31:20,040
um is part of the fun too yeah let’s get on with 
it I’m going to get on to my second one last one  

00:31:20,760 –> 00:31:25,680
yeah feel free to Jump Ahead just because we’re 
still talking about the first line doesn’t mean  

00:31:25,680 –> 00:31:29,580
that’s pretty good to be drinking and let us know 
you know feel free to throw in the chat or just  

00:31:29,580 –> 00:31:34,860
jump in and tell us what you’re smelling what 
you’re tasting what your you know questions the  

00:31:34,860 –> 00:31:40,260
espresso chocolate very good it’s got the little 
nibs yeah there’s also like a lot of nuttiness I  

00:31:40,260 –> 00:31:47,040
get from it too La Belle’s um chocolatier 
is in Napa California and so I found them  

00:31:47,040 –> 00:31:51,420
and it’s funny that what made me think of this is 
telling the story is the texture of the espresso  

00:31:51,420 –> 00:31:57,360
in there the texture of the salt um so years and 
years ago I went to a winery Winery and they had  

00:31:57,360 –> 00:32:01,620
you know small chocolate squares that looked 
very much like this but they were branded kunde  

00:32:01,620 –> 00:32:05,280
you know it was their chocolate that they gave 
out in the tasting room when you had a tasting  

00:32:06,060 –> 00:32:13,920
um and so I took a bite of one and there were like 
Lakes of salt morale the chocolate like crispy and  

00:32:13,920 –> 00:32:18,720
I’m I’m a salt person I’m a big like I love salt I 
actually have a whole another handle what it looks  

00:32:18,720 –> 00:32:24,660
like called Savory girl like I love salt um and 
so I was just enamored with that texture and the  

00:32:24,660 –> 00:32:31,140
saltiness that came through and I brought them 
home he said he was doing Wine Tours in Napa um  

00:32:31,140 –> 00:32:35,100
for years maybe that’s doing kind of a smoke Wine 
Tours there and so I brought them home and I gave  

00:32:35,100 –> 00:32:41,280
them to him and I was like what is this chocolate 
and how do I get it like what is going on and he  

00:32:41,280 –> 00:32:46,560
went and tracked it down the my Valentine the 
lovely Valentine did and he went and tracked  

00:32:46,560 –> 00:32:49,680
it down and went and talked to convey and said 
who supplies your chocolate and it happened to  

00:32:49,680 –> 00:32:54,420
be LA bellege and so ever since we have been huge 
Little Village fans so they make these chocolates  

00:32:56,160 –> 00:33:01,800
in ones that are dark chocolate Salt and dark 
chocolate and they are just phenomenal so we  

00:33:01,800 –> 00:33:08,100
were very excited to try all of these slim flavors 
yeah it is really pretty compelling they must add  

00:33:08,100 –> 00:33:13,200
the salt as the chocolate cools to just the 
right temperature where the salt isn’t going  

00:33:13,200 –> 00:33:18,540
to dissolve into the chocolate so you still get 
those flakes in the magical really delicious yeah  

00:33:20,340 –> 00:33:28,740
all right moving on ready for one two as a small 
back this is Malbec so I’ve been fortunate enough  

00:33:28,740 –> 00:33:34,320
to go wine tasting in Argentina I’m very jealous 
I know it was actually right when I met Evan it  

00:33:34,320 –> 00:33:38,940
was right I missed out I think like a month a 
month before we match or a month after we met  

00:33:38,940 –> 00:33:43,680
and I was you know I just started dating him and 
we were kind of chit-chatting and I was like man  

00:33:43,680 –> 00:33:49,020
I wish I met you like six months ago because I’m 
going to Argentina on the company dime and then  

00:33:49,020 –> 00:33:53,340
I’m spending a week after in wine country and I 
actually like just asked a friend to join me like  

00:33:53,340 –> 00:33:56,580
a friend’s just gonna fly down for the fun part 
and join me that could have been you and you’re  

00:33:56,580 –> 00:34:03,000
a sommelier and so I came home with all this wine 
from Argentina and having got to enjoy it with me  

00:34:03,000 –> 00:34:08,100
then so so at least I got to reap the rewards of 
her trip yeah that’s right but we have to go back  

00:34:08,100 –> 00:34:13,800
someday um but well the reason I bring that up 
is because you know I’ve always enjoyed Malbec  

00:34:14,400 –> 00:34:21,600
um but when I went to Argentina they keep all the 
good and all that for themselves I am convinced  

00:34:22,380 –> 00:34:27,120
um and it is so affordable and it 
is just it’s hard to find mailbox  

00:34:27,120 –> 00:34:31,680
that are as like wow like I feel like I would 
drink all that all the time and good things

00:34:34,320 –> 00:34:37,920
um so I’m excited thank you for all three 
meals every day steak all the time and  

00:34:37,920 –> 00:34:42,000
now that all the time Argentinian diet for 
sure maybe some french fries here or there  

00:34:42,780 –> 00:34:49,920
let’s see the nose on this so this is where 
it could be fun to have a glass of this port  

00:34:49,920 –> 00:34:58,620
as well because this is a very different 
smell to me this is much like Richard yeah

00:35:00,780 –> 00:35:04,500
and even the color you can see how like Inky it is

00:35:09,960 –> 00:35:17,820
so in Argentina and uh particularly this 
Vineyard site Alto Sedro is located in the  

00:35:17,820 –> 00:35:23,460
LA consulta appellation which is a part of 
the UCO Valley which is a part of Mendoza  

00:35:23,460 –> 00:35:27,480
which is probably a name that you’ve seen on 
the bottom of Malbec if you have had Malibu  

00:35:27,480 –> 00:35:31,380
orchids that’s where the majority of it comes 
from at least that you find here in the states  

00:35:32,340 –> 00:35:39,600
um and La consulta specifically but the yucco 
valley um more broadly is some of the highest  

00:35:39,600 –> 00:35:45,000
elevation in Vineyards in the entire world uh 
the highest elevation Vineyard in the world is  

00:35:45,000 –> 00:35:48,720
there yeah I wouldn’t be surprised I think 
yeah so it’s at the foothills of the Andes  

00:35:49,320 –> 00:35:54,000
um you know oftentimes The Vineyards uh 
that you look out on in the distance will  

00:35:54,000 –> 00:36:00,000
be snow-capped mountains um it’s a really 
neat like ecological Place uh very isolated  

00:36:00,840 –> 00:36:07,860
um from infestation uh this is a Vineyard plot 
that is in Pre the infestation of volatra which  

00:36:07,860 –> 00:36:13,020
was a blight that destroyed Vineyards across the 
world uh because it just didn’t spread in this  

00:36:13,020 –> 00:36:19,620
part of the world very readily um elevation that 
you find in the UCO Valley does something really  

00:36:19,620 –> 00:36:25,020
cool to the grapes that are grown there and uh you 
know plants that grow at high elevation in general  

00:36:25,980 –> 00:36:35,760
um have this effect and essentially what is going 
on at high elevations is the ratio of UVA to UVB  

00:36:35,760 –> 00:36:43,260
lights um from I’m sorry radiation from the Sun 
uh varies and as you get higher in elevation  

00:36:43,260 –> 00:36:48,360
I can’t remember all right as soon as I started 
saying this I knew I was going to have a hard time  

00:36:48,360 –> 00:36:55,260
remember which is which but whatever the ratio 
is at sea level shifts in such a way that the um

00:36:57,660 –> 00:37:05,400
pigment causing radiation of the UV Spectrum 
whichever that is UVA or uvv as well as  

00:37:07,080 –> 00:37:12,540
um I’m sorry you know it’s it’s the pigment 
causing component um is increased so there’s more  

00:37:12,540 –> 00:37:18,720
of that particular radiation which is why it’s 
really easy to get sunburned when you’re up on the  

00:37:18,720 –> 00:37:23,700
Mountain skiing or snowboarding even though it’s 
not hot and you’re pretty well covered up because  

00:37:23,700 –> 00:37:28,800
there is a higher amount of that particular 
UV radiation what that does in plants is it  

00:37:28,800 –> 00:37:33,600
causes for a deeper pigmentation if you’ve ever 
been up on a mountain Vineyard or I’m sorry not  

00:37:33,600 –> 00:37:39,540
in a Vineyard but a mountain pass and you see the 
beautiful depth of the mountain flowers there the  

00:37:39,540 –> 00:37:44,640
really really rich deep dark colors and mountain 
flowers is because of that high elevation and so  

00:37:44,640 –> 00:37:50,940
yeah the grapes as well can develop incredible 
pigmentation and the depth of color in this  

00:37:50,940 –> 00:37:59,160
canal Beck um is is really quite remarkable and 
you’ll find that often in Hugo Valley malbec’s who

00:38:01,380 –> 00:38:06,660
I was saying that the argentinians keep all the 
good malda themselves but maybe they let this one  

00:38:06,660 –> 00:38:14,220
out or Master of the world came in yeah like we’re 
taking that one yeah because this one this is yum  

00:38:14,220 –> 00:38:22,620
this is right up my alley yeah I do have the two 
chord and the difference in color between the two  

00:38:22,620 –> 00:38:30,360
is actually quite like it’s definitely richer 
or darker it’s it’s prettier for sure yeah and  

00:38:30,360 –> 00:38:35,760
and even I feel like the smell is like richer 
and deeper too like it feels more concentrated  

00:38:35,760 –> 00:38:42,960
a lot more fruit driven too the fruit components 
are um there’s a little bit of some fresh fruit  

00:38:43,500 –> 00:38:50,880
um I wouldn’t say stewed but it is more like an 
overripe uh kind of border borderline Jam yeah  

00:38:50,880 –> 00:39:00,660
jelly um something that’s kind of interesting 
it is a little bit younger 2018. on a couple  

00:39:00,660 –> 00:39:05,760
extra years in Bottle will you know certainly 
impact what’s going on with the first time sure  

00:39:06,540 –> 00:39:12,120
um something interesting about Malbec that 
I found there’s not a lot of grapes that you  

00:39:12,120 –> 00:39:19,620
find kind of the spectrum of fruit uh as as much 
as you do with Malbec maybe Zinfandel but what I  

00:39:19,620 –> 00:39:24,900
mean by that with red wines you talk about fruits 
generally as as red fruits or blue fruits or black  

00:39:24,900 –> 00:39:30,540
fruits and oftentimes you’ll find that most wines 
have one or two of those but it’s a little bit  

00:39:30,540 –> 00:39:36,600
less common that you really notice all three of 
those different kind of cap subcategories of fruit  

00:39:37,620 –> 00:39:40,800
um and I think I feel like this 
one really shows it off quite well

00:39:44,040 –> 00:39:48,360
so this is the one that is intended to 
be with the espresso with the coffee  

00:39:48,360 –> 00:39:52,320
with the espresso and it’s interesting 
they did did anyone else try the first  

00:39:53,460 –> 00:39:57,900
um wine with the espresso chocolate and if so no

00:39:59,940 –> 00:40:03,300
but maybe I’ll go back because 
I will say when I have the  

00:40:04,560 –> 00:40:10,920
when I took a drink of the mall back with the the 
espresso chocolate it feels like it really like  

00:40:12,240 –> 00:40:16,620
I don’t know made the chocolate 
Bloom like it kind of opened up and  

00:40:18,120 –> 00:40:24,840
was more powerful sure I I very much agree 
yeah and I think it’s partially because  

00:40:25,920 –> 00:40:36,840
that the wine is Is Not absent of those deeper 
kind of components the the you know tobacco and  

00:40:37,740 –> 00:40:48,960
um chocolate and uh you know that kind of forest 
low Aroma flavors um so having the chocolate with  

00:40:48,960 –> 00:40:53,580
the coffee really kind of they really play 
well together so this is a good example of  

00:40:53,580 –> 00:40:57,900
something that is more of a contrast in styles 
with this being a little bit more fruit driven  

00:40:58,800 –> 00:41:04,260
um and then the chocolate of course being you know 
that that richer kind of deeper right complement  

00:41:04,980 –> 00:41:10,920
I found two so it’s because I do feel like the 
chocolate kind of comes to life with the Malbec  

00:41:10,920 –> 00:41:16,980
with the Rioja I felt like the espresso 
chocolate um the espresso came to life  

00:41:16,980 –> 00:41:21,480
more so with the Rioja like kind of like maybe 
espresso a little more prominent in the chocolate

00:41:25,080 –> 00:41:29,280
I love all these excuses to just keep keep opening 
more chocolate and be like oh no I need to try it  

00:41:29,280 –> 00:41:37,080
now with the next one yeah I agree with you 
on this espresso chocolate it is delicious  

00:41:37,740 –> 00:41:44,280
I love the little the texture do you get some 
like distinct nuttiness from it the way I am  

00:41:46,260 –> 00:41:51,840
yeah I mean yeah it almost tastes 
like it has almond or something in it  

00:41:52,440 –> 00:41:57,420
yeah for sure it’s it’s espresso but before 
it’s espresso it’s like nuttiness that like  

00:41:57,420 –> 00:42:01,080
transforms into espresso it’s really 
quite quite well done I eat a lot of  

00:42:01,080 –> 00:42:07,320
almond butter growing up with my health nut 
parents and did not eat a lot of chocolate

00:42:10,260 –> 00:42:12,000
and I definitely get like almond butter

00:42:14,040 –> 00:42:22,740
to bring is it bringing bad good numbers or 
bad memories you okay we tease as well getting  

00:42:22,740 –> 00:42:26,100
made fun of in the high school cafeteria 
yeah for what you brought to lunch well  

00:42:26,100 –> 00:42:32,040
you got another almond butter sandwich 
wrap Rock almond butter and honey yum

00:42:35,100 –> 00:42:42,840
so it’s interesting because um so Rioja is named 
after the region in which it’s grown and in France  

00:42:42,840 –> 00:42:53,700
they do that as well right malbec is a grape so 
which countries do region named for their wines  

00:42:53,700 –> 00:42:57,840
versus countries that do great because I kind of 
always assume that like it’s funny now that I’m  

00:42:57,840 –> 00:43:02,340
thinking of it like I know in the U.S we do it 
very much grape varietal based right that’s how  

00:43:02,340 –> 00:43:06,960
we communicate what that wine is to Consumers and 
whenever I would go to Europe I’d be a little bit  

00:43:06,960 –> 00:43:10,800
like wait what’s Beaujolais what’s it like I don’t 
know what that grape is and it’s because it’s not  

00:43:10,800 –> 00:43:15,600
a great it’s a region um and I think I kind of 
in the back of my head just always assumed it  

00:43:15,600 –> 00:43:20,520
was like U.S versus the rest of the world but 
clearly that’s not true I mean that’s just the  

00:43:20,520 –> 00:43:26,040
American mindset I know um but clearly that’s 
not true with Argentina so is there any Rhyme  

00:43:26,040 –> 00:43:31,440
or Reason oh there is like the whiskey spelling 
or like anything like that yeah so um when you  

00:43:31,440 –> 00:43:38,940
think about wine you know there’s a lot of kind of 
binary delineations that you can bring up red wine  

00:43:38,940 –> 00:43:46,200
versus white wine uh dry wine versus sweet wine um 
one of the first ones that you kind of first come  

00:43:46,200 –> 00:43:51,900
to understand more deeply is this delineation 
between old world wine and new worldwide  

00:43:52,920 –> 00:43:58,740
um old world wine is essentially all of Europe 
uh and that’s primarily because that’s where  

00:43:58,740 –> 00:44:06,000
the specific species of grapes that we use to make 
wine the world over uhifera if anyone’s interested  

00:44:06,900 –> 00:44:13,920
um are indigenous and so Those Grapes kind 
of uh evolved in tandem in those countries  

00:44:14,700 –> 00:44:22,920
um along with the you know the Cuisines that 
evolved in those regions um and so the grape  

00:44:22,920 –> 00:44:29,760
wasn’t that important it was just where it was 
from and everybody Associated this wine that came  

00:44:29,760 –> 00:44:34,620
from Beaujolais it was supposed to taste like this 
because that was the grapes that were just native  

00:44:34,620 –> 00:44:39,360
to that region it wasn’t because they like decided 
to plant them there that’s just what was there  

00:44:40,080 –> 00:44:43,560
um and so they’re more known for the region 
because people knew what Beaujolais was so  

00:44:43,560 –> 00:44:48,660
they could say oh I know I’ve had Beaujolais wine 
I you know I know what that is um and the grade  

00:44:48,660 –> 00:44:55,920
was kind of second place when grapes were brought 
over to the Americas and you know to Australia and  

00:44:55,920 –> 00:45:01,560
across the world anything we planted all grapes 
in every region kind of well they they kind of  

00:45:01,560 –> 00:45:06,780
they knew what if by got time they knew what the 
grapes were and they had names for them gotcha you  

00:45:06,780 –> 00:45:13,200
know it was far enough into the the evolution like 
by the time the 17th century rolled around we had  

00:45:13,200 –> 00:45:19,920
an understanding of what these grapes were they 
had received names yeah uh and and so when they  

00:45:19,920 –> 00:45:26,760
were planted um because obviously you weren’t in 
Beaujolais so you weren’t going to call it and  

00:45:26,760 –> 00:45:30,600
called it by the Greek and I imagine too because 
it wasn’t about what’s just happening to grow  

00:45:30,600 –> 00:45:35,520
there natively because grapes weren’t just like 
growing natively all over our country necessarily  

00:45:36,180 –> 00:45:41,700
um and they were choosing like or or what they 
had access to maybe what reaps they couldn’t get  

00:45:41,700 –> 00:45:46,860
to plant in their area and so in some instances 
they might have been planting grapes that really  

00:45:46,860 –> 00:45:51,480
shouldn’t grow and actually but they were trying 
it anyway and that and that’s often what happened  

00:45:51,480 –> 00:45:56,520
still to this day to newer wine regions right 
I mean Arizona where we live they’re kind of  

00:45:56,520 –> 00:46:00,480
planting everything in Arizona because they’re 
just trying to figure out like what the heck  

00:46:00,480 –> 00:46:05,640
you know and they know some things based on other 
regions and other countries and everything but it  

00:46:05,640 –> 00:46:09,840
all depends because there’s so many variables 
that go into it you know how much sun you get  

00:46:09,840 –> 00:46:15,420
which in Arizona is very different than anywhere 
else um the wind the elevation the how much rain  

00:46:15,420 –> 00:46:20,580
it gets again very different Arizona right um and 
so all of those things make a big difference and  

00:46:20,580 –> 00:46:26,280
so it’s kind of fun to be in Arizona which is 
kind of a burgeoning wine region in in our area  

00:46:27,180 –> 00:46:34,080
um to see like the variety of wines that are there 
and then starting to figure out like we probably  

00:46:34,080 –> 00:46:38,700
shouldn’t make that here you know right um and 
and some that I’ve never heard of before like  

00:46:38,700 –> 00:46:44,040
people Blanc right Peak pool Blanc is everywhere 
in Arizona and it’s a white wine and it’s freaking  

00:46:44,040 –> 00:46:49,320
delicious and I’ve like never seen it anywhere 
else um so it’s it’s kind of fun to play that  

00:46:49,320 –> 00:46:55,320
region great game yeah yeah the the different and 
you know a lot of the grapes were probably just  

00:46:55,320 –> 00:47:01,200
brought over in suitcases by migrants sure we’re 
moving here sure Italian immigrants are just like  

00:47:01,200 –> 00:47:07,260
well we’ve got this Vineyard back home in you 
know in Umbria clip clip clip like all my plant  

00:47:07,260 –> 00:47:12,360
cuttings from San Francisco that I’m bringing 
back to Arizona with us exactly I have no business  

00:47:12,360 –> 00:47:16,920
being there but I’m gonna try planting anything 
we keep going on walks around San Francisco and  

00:47:16,920 –> 00:47:20,400
I’m like can we just cut a little piece of 
that plant and I’ll bring it home with me  

00:47:22,260 –> 00:47:30,240
yeah this is really quite nice interesting 
son I tried that same one and I kind of agree  

00:47:31,920 –> 00:47:38,340
yeah but chocolate does taste bitter yeah I agree 
I tried I just tried that myself while Evan was  

00:47:38,340 –> 00:47:43,140
kind of talking about the regions and the grapes 
and I was also feeling like whoa that’s like very  

00:47:43,140 –> 00:47:47,760
like bitter chocolate kind of coming through 
the end there without and so it’s interesting  

00:47:47,760 –> 00:47:51,600
these chocolates if you notice on your SipScout 
report they all have a different percentage of  

00:47:51,600 –> 00:47:58,680
cacao and so that’s something that’s at play 
here too typically I I think typically dark  

00:47:58,680 –> 00:48:05,700
darker chocolates pair a little bit better with 
red wine versus yeah yeah exactly um so the more  

00:48:05,700 –> 00:48:09,780
cacao you get in there often the better you would 
think you would care but sometimes it can be too  

00:48:09,780 –> 00:48:14,760
much it can be too much cacao for that specific 
wine yeah you know uh Terry to kind of expand a  

00:48:14,760 –> 00:48:22,140
little bit further on that um in general uh milk 
chocolate tends to be sweeter than dark chocolate  

00:48:23,160 –> 00:48:32,040
um Simply Having less of the cacao in it I mean 
even with a low percentage like this this first  

00:48:32,040 –> 00:48:39,000
one I think is only 54 yeah yeah the the dark 
chocolate lavender uh with black currant is  

00:48:39,000 –> 00:48:46,200
only 54 cacao but the complement there is cocoa 
butter instead of milk and so the cocoa butter  

00:48:46,200 –> 00:48:51,960
helps to carry a little bit more fat than you 
would with just milk and that helps when you’re  

00:48:51,960 –> 00:48:59,880
drinking a dry tannic red wine in general red 
wine that is dry is quite challenging to pair  

00:49:01,020 –> 00:49:10,320
um with anything sweet and in fact pairing dessert 
with wine is one of the primary things that you  

00:49:10,320 –> 00:49:16,680
want to do when you’re pairing sweet is the wine 
actually needs to be sweeter than what it is that  

00:49:16,680 –> 00:49:22,320
you’re eating that’s sweet which is so counter 
for the most part otherwise the wine tends to be  

00:49:22,320 –> 00:49:27,420
bitter uh and and kind of unpleasant yeah and 
it’s so counterintuitive to me because I you  

00:49:27,420 –> 00:49:32,580
know you always think like oh I have dessert so I 
want like a glass of milk with it or some coffee  

00:49:32,580 –> 00:49:39,180
with it or some you know but with wine it is like 
you want a sweeter beverage with it then and it  

00:49:39,180 –> 00:49:43,500
really I’ve tried this many times with you and it 
definitely is true yeah and you know with coffee  

00:49:43,500 –> 00:49:50,820
coffee has a lot of acidity um with milk milk has 
a lot of sugar so both of those help whereas the  

00:49:50,820 –> 00:49:57,600
the bitterness and the tannins in red wine that’s 
dry are a very different story uh sweetness and  

00:49:57,600 –> 00:50:05,940
and bitterness the tannin bitterness are pretty 
tough um and so in talking with Master the world  

00:50:06,780 –> 00:50:13,740
um they uh very strongly urged us and in fact 
um kind of picked these chocolates specifically  

00:50:13,740 –> 00:50:19,140
because there were no milk chocolates in them 
because the red wines that we were going to  

00:50:19,140 –> 00:50:24,420
go with were these dry Reds now if you had 
an insanto or like a port or something like  

00:50:24,420 –> 00:50:29,280
that then very much a milk chocolate could be 
a delightful pairing with something like that  

00:50:29,940 –> 00:50:34,920
absolutely but the way you start to figure this 
stuff out is do what I do like every time I feel  

00:50:34,920 –> 00:50:39,720
like we have a bottle of wine or bin I’m just in 
my head like what do I have in the fridge oh I  

00:50:39,720 –> 00:50:44,100
have that little stub of cheese oh I have some of 
that like sausage left oh what about that thing  

00:50:44,100 –> 00:50:47,880
we made the other night and like I’ll come out at 
like you know it’ll be like nine o’clock at night  

00:50:47,880 –> 00:50:52,140
we’re watching a show and I just have like little 
plates of like let’s try this with that and this  

00:50:52,140 –> 00:50:57,360
with that what about dates with it what about like 
and it’s and it’s fascinating when you do that and  

00:50:57,360 –> 00:51:03,240
then it just makes it really fun it kind of makes 
drinking wine an experience rather than you know  

00:51:03,240 –> 00:51:07,200
you’re just drinking wine um and especially if 
you’re going to be snacking on something while  

00:51:07,200 –> 00:51:13,020
you’re watching TV anyway why not make a little 
like pairing Smorgasbord and like learn a little  

00:51:13,020 –> 00:51:18,060
something about your palette while you’re doing it 
um Terry if you happen to have any milk chocolate  

00:51:18,060 –> 00:51:24,900
laying around oh yeah give it a try try it you 
know everyone’s palette is different um but see if  

00:51:24,900 –> 00:51:29,760
you can’t kind of glean what we were just talking 
about in the in the way that something that is  

00:51:29,760 –> 00:51:36,420
overtly sweet in chocolate in the chocolate realm 
can make the wine taste more bitter than it needs  

00:51:36,420 –> 00:51:45,420
to and is oftentimes kind of unpleasant right oh 
and so even with this so going back to Sonia’s  

00:51:45,420 –> 00:51:52,800
kind of comment about the eight the 85 cut cow 
with um the male back so that would mean then  

00:51:54,120 –> 00:51:59,220
that we need a sweeter wine for that or that 
the wait I’m getting backwards on that I think  

00:51:59,220 –> 00:52:05,160
so you want the wine to be to be sweeter than 
the chocolate and since all of these wines are  

00:52:05,160 –> 00:52:13,800
dry we want all of the chocolates to be dry or 
I’m sorry like slight in the sweetness component  

00:52:13,800 –> 00:52:18,660
gotcha now the the nice thing about wine is that 
while the fact that while these are all dry wines  

00:52:19,680 –> 00:52:25,680
um fruitiness on the palate lends to the 
perception of sweetness and that perception of  

00:52:25,680 –> 00:52:32,340
sweetness is also enhanced by alcohol along with 
spice and along with salt so if you’ve got a wine  

00:52:32,340 –> 00:52:38,640
that’s fruity and is 10 alcohol and then you’ve 
got essentially the same wine made from the same  

00:52:38,640 –> 00:52:47,400
grapes um but it’s 16 alcohol the 16 alcohol wine 
is going to be perceived as being sweeter despite  

00:52:47,400 –> 00:52:54,780
the fact that maybe neither of them have any 
actual sugar in them and so I’m wondering so do  

00:52:54,780 –> 00:53:01,560
you think Evan Goldstein paired the 85 cacao with 
a Cabernet because the Cabernet is going to likely  

00:53:01,560 –> 00:53:07,620
be our most tannic yeah okay this is going to be 
the the most full-bodied and tannic of the wines  

00:53:08,160 –> 00:53:15,060
um Malbec while it has a lot of depth because of 
that sun exposure and high elevation they’re also  

00:53:15,060 –> 00:53:22,740
relatively big grapes and so the ratio of skin 
to juice um that eventually like leads to the  

00:53:22,740 –> 00:53:26,760
depth of color is going to be diminished simply 
because there’s more juice in each individual  

00:53:26,760 –> 00:53:32,220
grape whereas Cabernet grapes Cabernet grapes 
look like peas almost they’re really quite small  

00:53:32,220 –> 00:53:39,580
they’re not the grapes that you see at the grocery 
store um Malbec grapes are a bit plumper [Music]  

00:53:40,800 –> 00:53:46,860
so this last one like I want a steak or a 
cheeseburger with it I’ll be honest this last  

00:53:46,860 –> 00:53:52,260
one is uh the obsidian Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 
and this comes from just north of Napa Valley  

00:53:52,260 –> 00:53:57,480
there’s a mountain range in the Napa Valley called 
the Maya Thomas mountain range and it extends  

00:53:58,320 –> 00:54:04,020
um outside of Napa further up the coast into 
Lake County which is where obsidian ridges and  

00:54:04,020 –> 00:54:12,780
while the highest Vineyard in the world I believe 
you’re right is in either salta or UCO Valley yeah  

00:54:14,460 –> 00:54:20,160
this Vineyard for obsidian Ridge um at least 
one of the sites that they harvest and farm  

00:54:20,160 –> 00:54:27,900
is in even higher elevation than the Malbec we 
just had um and given what we just learned about  

00:54:27,900 –> 00:54:33,420
the depth of flavor and concentration of color 
that you get at higher elevation this cab is  

00:54:34,800 –> 00:54:40,740
you know even one step further uh from the 
Malbec and again if you’re looking through  

00:54:41,820 –> 00:54:45,720
um I was gonna say what you’re what you’re 
doing here so you may notice that Evan keeps  

00:54:45,720 –> 00:54:49,500
kind of reaching when he’s looking at it and it’s 
because we have our SipScout report in front of us  

00:54:50,460 –> 00:54:54,840
um and so when you’re assessing color you 
really want to have something white background  

00:54:56,040 –> 00:55:01,620
um if it’s white with text that’s not a big 
deal because it can actually help you uh  

00:55:01,620 –> 00:55:05,760
glean a little bit more sometimes and then you 
want to kind of tilt the glass away from you  

00:55:06,780 –> 00:55:14,040
um until the wine spreads out and you can see a 
more clearly defined meniscus of the wine at the  

00:55:14,040 –> 00:55:18,300
edge make a different color around the outside 
than the inside a little bit yeah you want to  

00:55:18,300 –> 00:55:23,520
really be able to see the rim clearly um this 
is also the reason why I don’t think we have  

00:55:23,520 –> 00:55:30,180
any colored wine glasses um as pretty as they 
are not allowed um and then you want to have  

00:55:30,180 –> 00:55:35,700
the white background behind it and you you can 
see with some wines and this Cabernet is a good  

00:55:35,700 –> 00:55:42,360
example you can kind of read through the wine 
maybe about a centimeter past the rim of the  

00:55:42,360 –> 00:55:48,600
meniscus but once you get into half of that like 
you can’t even see your fingers behind it right  

00:55:48,600 –> 00:55:53,820
um now if you did that with a Pinot for like a 
stark contract you might be able to read a recipe  

00:55:53,820 –> 00:55:57,840
to actually read right through it right through 
the center of it right and so that’s kind of a  

00:55:57,840 –> 00:56:04,080
fun test and that that really is a good indicator 
of body a little bit right and when you think of  

00:56:04,080 –> 00:56:11,880
body you know you you often talk about milk you 
know and I know I say milk money um but you know  

00:56:11,880 –> 00:56:17,520
skim milk versus whole milk that would be the body 
right much Fuller body versus a much lighter body  

00:56:17,520 –> 00:56:22,020
and a Pinot would be more like a skim milk often 
not all of them especially Oregon Pinos maybe  

00:56:22,980 –> 00:56:27,060
um and then cabernets would start to go more 
towards that whole not kind of end of the spectrum

00:56:30,720 –> 00:56:35,520
you may also notice that when we’re swirling we’re 
both kind of doing it down on a table here and  

00:56:35,520 –> 00:56:39,960
that’s really what we recommend um because 
if you’re doing it up here your elbow kind  

00:56:39,960 –> 00:56:44,880
of gets into it you can kind of like Splash your 
neighbor if you have a tooth pull ruin the dinner  

00:56:46,020 –> 00:56:51,540
get your eye get it in there but really because 
you want to actually get it moving pretty good  

00:56:52,500 –> 00:56:57,960
um this isn’t just to look pretentious sometimes 
you do too but you really want to almost hold it  

00:56:57,960 –> 00:57:05,040
like a pencil down here and really kind of 
get it moving because the more you and then  

00:57:06,900 –> 00:57:11,820
and if you haven’t done that yet smell it before 
you do that and then do that and really kind of  

00:57:11,820 –> 00:57:15,240
get it whipping around in there a little bit 
and then bring it up and smell it and see what  

00:57:15,240 –> 00:57:20,340
a difference that makes and especially the longer 
it’s in your glass the more those Aromas start to  

00:57:20,340 –> 00:57:26,160
dissipate that kind of helps you know freshen them 
up again so you can find it a fun way to kind of  

00:57:26,160 –> 00:57:31,080
play with this in the and understand more of the 
effect is simply to pour two glasses of the same  

00:57:31,080 –> 00:57:37,800
wine yeah let them sit there for 10 minutes and 
then grab one of them and whip it around for 30  

00:57:37,800 –> 00:57:45,000
seconds and then smell them both and what you’ll 
tend to find is the one that’s been sitting there  

00:57:45,000 –> 00:57:53,880
a while will show off more of those low notes that 
have kind of collected as it sat there the Cedar  

00:57:53,880 –> 00:57:59,220
and the tobacco and the coffee and the chocolate 
and The Chicory and the forest floor and all those  

00:57:59,220 –> 00:58:07,740
uh kind of you know sometimes frankly a little 
bit uh unappetizing descriptors um whereas fruit  

00:58:07,740 –> 00:58:12,720
Aromas are more volatile so as you swirl the wine 
they’re going to be kind of almost leaping out of  

00:58:12,720 –> 00:58:15,360
their glass you don’t even necessarily always 
have to put your nose in the glass they might  

00:58:15,360 –> 00:58:18,960
you might just be able to hold it right here 
and they’re just wafting right out of there  

00:58:20,820 –> 00:58:29,280
Sonia I’m curious if you’ve tried this third 
wine with the 85 percent yes and what your  

00:58:29,280 –> 00:58:37,380
thoughts are on that I have said she really likes 
the way it smells yeah yeah it does smell like

00:58:40,140 –> 00:58:40,800
oil versus the flavor

00:58:43,260 –> 00:58:48,300
Ed your neck a little bit um with your neck 
yeah when you smell something and you think  

00:58:48,300 –> 00:58:52,200
it’s gonna taste like this and then you take a 
sip and you’re like wait what like that’s not  

00:58:52,200 –> 00:58:56,580
what I was expecting that can be really fun 
that’s actually when whenever that happens to  

00:58:56,580 –> 00:59:01,380
either one of us that’s when we slow down and 
have a conversation about oh wait hold it hold  

00:59:01,380 –> 00:59:06,360
it and come back and we do all of our tasting 
techniques we smell it we swirl it we taste it  

00:59:06,360 –> 00:59:10,680
we swirl it again we right and we really have 
a conversation about like what we’re smelling  

00:59:10,680 –> 00:59:15,240
what we’re tasting because that’s how you learn 
and it also again makes it like an experience  

00:59:15,960 –> 00:59:19,500
yeah right Sonia that’s what I was thinking too 
I was curious if you were going to feel the same  

00:59:19,500 –> 00:59:24,840
way like I feel like the chocolate is even 
better with this wine whereas it was not like  

00:59:24,840 –> 00:59:31,500
the last wine and that’s such a fun example like 
right there and not everyone might feel the same  

00:59:31,500 –> 00:59:36,480
way right like we all have different palettes we 
all have different tolerances for bitterness and  

00:59:36,480 –> 00:59:41,940
sweetness and things of that nature so if you’re 
not getting the same thing that Sonia is or I am  

00:59:41,940 –> 00:59:46,260
or Evan is that doesn’t mean you’re wrong um and 
that’s something that I think is really important  

00:59:46,260 –> 00:59:52,380
and we always try to like reinforce whenever we 
do these sessions is there is no wrong answer  

00:59:52,380 –> 00:59:58,080
like really it’s because a lot of this stuff is 
based in your memories what you’ve experienced  

00:59:58,080 –> 01:00:02,640
what you’ve smelled in your lifetime what you’ve 
tasted in your lifetime what you like what you  

01:00:02,640 –> 01:00:08,580
don’t like and that is completely personal um it’s 
just like art you know no one like I always use  

01:00:08,580 –> 01:00:14,100
the example of poor Monet I pick on him all the 
time um but I really don’t like Monet I really  

01:00:14,100 –> 01:00:20,400
hate it and like he’s obviously it’s a great 
great artist right not for me it doesn’t make  

01:00:20,400 –> 01:00:24,600
me wrong that’s my preference right and it’s the 
same thing with wine so don’t ever let any wine  

01:00:24,600 –> 01:00:30,000
snobs tell you that like you’re crazy if you don’t 
like a certain wine you know the best wine you’ve  

01:00:30,000 –> 01:00:37,380
ever had or like anything like that like you’re 
good it’s good right with the 85 real good yeah  

01:00:38,880 –> 01:00:46,680
um and I do think of Cabernet and dark chocolate 
as like one of the classic and wine pairings so  

01:00:47,940 –> 01:00:53,880
because we were talking about Oak earlier I 
wanted to come back to that topic uh with this  

01:00:53,880 –> 01:01:01,980
wine because obsidian Ridge is um making their 
wines with neither American Oak nor a friend joke  

01:01:01,980 –> 01:01:09,900
they’re using exclusively Hungarian Oak which 
is quite uncommon uh and I believe that this is  

01:01:09,900 –> 01:01:18,120
the only Cabernet perhaps in the world that uses 
exclusively Hungarian Oak in the vinification does  

01:01:18,120 –> 01:01:23,100
it get any more exclusive than that SipScout 
members the only we don’t know if it actually  

01:01:23,100 –> 01:01:31,380
is only in the world but like really like it’s 
rare cheers 100 Hungarian elk and if you do it’s  

01:01:31,380 –> 01:01:39,960
generally as a component along with French and 
or American Oak um Hungarian Oak is similar in  

01:01:39,960 –> 01:01:46,200
flavor profile to American Oak it’s got a little 
bit more herbaceousness but Hungary is quite cold  

01:01:46,200 –> 01:01:52,620
too so it grows slowly so those grains are very 
tight like my joke yeah absolutely so now this  

01:01:52,620 –> 01:01:56,580
is so I in my in my past life before I started 
the practice phase to be a market researcher  

01:01:57,360 –> 01:02:02,880
um and the market researcher in me is like 
desperate to try this exact same wine with 100  

01:02:02,880 –> 01:02:10,680
American Oak and 100 French joke and like really 
understand what that one variable change does um  

01:02:10,680 –> 01:02:16,380
and that’s hard to find and it’s hard to do there 
is actually a winery in Napa that that does that  

01:02:16,380 –> 01:02:21,360
um it’s It’s Kind of a Funny contradiction because 
they have really fun wine programs like that where  

01:02:21,360 –> 01:02:25,500
you can go and taste and do it right from the 
barrel and do all that but they also are known  

01:02:25,500 –> 01:02:30,840
to overpour quite heavily and so it’s known to be 
a little bit of a circus yeah and especially as it  

01:02:30,840 –> 01:02:37,140
gets to be like four or five in the you know the 
later show um it gets a little crazy but if you  

01:02:37,140 –> 01:02:42,120
know what you’re doing I mean you can like not get 
crazy like that they really like because they do  

01:02:42,120 –> 01:02:46,860
some of that they say like this is the exact same 
rate in the exact same year it’s just the only  

01:02:46,860 –> 01:02:51,420
difference is like this type of ogre that type 
of ocher this you know and it’s a really fun for  

01:02:51,420 –> 01:02:57,540
Market researcher at least to understand what each 
unique element adds to the line with the advice

01:02:59,580 –> 01:03:05,820
yeah try the chocolate with the espresso with 
the cover name I kind of I kind of felt that  

01:03:05,820 –> 01:03:11,700
way about the first one as well with the espresso 
primal I wish I could eat more espresso chocolate

01:03:15,720 –> 01:03:19,080
any questions for us while we’re stuffing 
our faces with chocolate and wine

01:03:24,240 –> 01:03:27,960
so what I feel this brings out of the espresso one  

01:03:27,960 –> 01:03:35,460
is two components that I didn’t recognize in 
the wine or the chocolate separately and the  

01:03:35,460 –> 01:03:39,000
first one is honey and the second 
one is black licorice interesting

01:03:41,040 –> 01:03:46,740
so it’s fun when you drink wine with Evan not to 
get intimidated by that and be like what the heck  

01:03:46,740 –> 01:03:52,980
like what you know what but instead go try and 
find what he’s talking about um and it’s and again  

01:03:52,980 –> 01:03:57,420
it’s not because he’s right and you’re wrong or 
anything like that but that’s part of what makes  

01:03:57,420 –> 01:04:01,380
you better at wine pairing is when you do this 
with someone else and they say something you’re  

01:04:01,380 –> 01:04:06,480
like wait what and you and then but that power 
of suggestion can all of a sudden make your brain  

01:04:06,480 –> 01:04:09,900
find just a little hint of it and then if you 
smell it again you can find it a little bit more  

01:04:10,860 –> 01:04:15,600
um and that and then the next time you might be 
the one to find licorice in something because  

01:04:15,600 –> 01:04:20,160
now you have identified and created a memory 
in your brain of like oh that’s what Licorice  

01:04:20,160 –> 01:04:25,080
and wine kind of smells like um and so it’s 
it’s fun so go see if you can find a little  

01:04:25,080 –> 01:04:28,320
Licorice and a little honey in there now 
with the espresso chocolate in particular

01:04:30,360 –> 01:04:34,320
in particular yeah and now going 
back to the Cabernet on its own

01:04:36,840 –> 01:04:40,800
I feel like I can kind of suss out a little 
bit of what the black licorice was coming from

01:04:43,260 –> 01:04:50,100
maybe a little bit more like a root beer element 
but the honey is absent and I’m guessing that  

01:04:50,100 –> 01:04:56,580
it’s Association that I think of almond and almond 
butter with the espresso chocolate and then that’s  

01:04:56,580 –> 01:05:02,220
already honey that I connected to in your almond 
butter and honey sandwiches you know that’s an  

01:05:02,220 –> 01:05:06,900
example of how your whole life experience dictates 
what you’re going to perceive and appreciate  

01:05:07,860 –> 01:05:12,720
um you know if you’ve if you’ve never had lychee 
fruit you’re not going to be able to pick that out  

01:05:12,720 –> 01:05:19,260
in a glass of diverge Terminator that’s like 
a Hallmark characteristic and I I can’t ever  

01:05:19,260 –> 01:05:24,360
find it because I’m like I don’t know Luigi for 
smells like you know um yeah yeah that’s really  

01:05:24,360 –> 01:05:29,940
fun I don’t know what to go back to yeah that’s a 
good question so if you’re going to pour yourself  

01:05:29,940 –> 01:05:33,600
after you’ve tasted all three of them which 
one are you going back to pour yourself more of  

01:05:35,340 –> 01:05:40,980
I’m doing the Mal deck I’m going to try that 
with the black currant first chocolate I was  

01:05:40,980 –> 01:05:48,660
gonna say I think I like the Malbec the best 
cool yeah I think we’ve only tried two so far  

01:05:48,660 –> 01:05:56,160
but we really like them all back a lot that’s the 
one we’re on now yeah wonderful that sounds like  

01:05:56,160 –> 01:06:01,800
Sonia as well it sounds like we have we have 
a winner so far it is really quite delicious

01:06:05,700 –> 01:06:12,660
um yeah that’s way fun with uh yeah because 
the the sweetness of the black currant like  

01:06:12,660 –> 01:06:16,560
that fruitiness with the more fruit 
character like fruit forward push

01:06:21,540 –> 01:06:22,200

01:06:24,600 –> 01:06:27,360
that’s I feel like that’s the most dessert  

01:06:28,800 –> 01:06:36,420
like parent Direction like Spectrum lavender 
the other one’s kind of you know varied with the  

01:06:36,420 –> 01:06:41,760
it’s funny now after going through all of these 
and tasting all these the nose on the malvectomy  

01:06:41,760 –> 01:06:48,000
it smells just like toasted marshmallows it’s just 
so it’s just so and that’s the fun thing like your  

01:06:48,000 –> 01:06:52,560
palate and your nose will change like there are 
sometimes not with the wine courses as much but  

01:06:52,560 –> 01:06:57,300
sometimes we’ll do the same whiskeys over and 
over again for some of our corporate events and  

01:06:57,300 –> 01:07:03,420
from day one to day two to day five like which 
one is our favorite what we’re smelling in them  

01:07:03,420 –> 01:07:09,120
what it completely changes because your palate 
can be really dependent on hormones honestly  

01:07:09,120 –> 01:07:15,240
people say like the cycles of the Moon um what 
you have for breakfast that day what you ate that  

01:07:15,240 –> 01:07:20,760
day if you had coffee recently if you brushed 
your teeth recently if you’re angry like all  

01:07:20,760 –> 01:07:25,800
these things can kind of like change the hormonal 
balance and the chemical balance kind of going on  

01:07:25,800 –> 01:07:30,660
in your body at that given time and something 
you didn’t like before you might like now and  

01:07:30,660 –> 01:07:36,060
so that’s why you know we always encourage people 
especially people who say I don’t like Chardonnay

01:07:36,900 –> 01:07:43,560
and we’re just like you just haven’t found the 
Chardonnay that you like yet like keep trying  

01:07:43,560 –> 01:07:49,560
persist be like persevere take two bites before 
you tell me you don’t really good and especially  

01:07:49,560 –> 01:07:54,420
nowadays you know for a while especially 
with American wine there were some real  

01:07:54,420 –> 01:08:00,480
like stereotypes of wines going on there were 
some real like buttery chardonnay from Napa  

01:08:01,020 –> 01:08:06,180
kind of light almost watery Pinos from Oregon 
right there were some very and I think that’s  

01:08:06,180 –> 01:08:10,980
what kind of helps people get into wine a little 
bit because it was very easy to understand it was  

01:08:10,980 –> 01:08:15,780
very easy to say oh that’s a Pinot from Oregon 
therefore it’s going to taste like this and for  

01:08:15,780 –> 01:08:21,720
a little while you know and the mass markets 
at least that was pretty true but now the craft  

01:08:21,720 –> 01:08:28,020
movement has really expanded the spectrums 
across every wine made in the states I think  

01:08:28,620 –> 01:08:34,500
um so I feel like whereas Napa it used to be 
like all chardonnays from Napa are butterballs  

01:08:34,500 –> 01:08:39,660
now there are some chardonnays made there you know 
and Napa’s a little harder to find still but in  

01:08:39,660 –> 01:08:44,580
Sonoma and other areas that are dry that are lean 
that are a little bit more like a Chablis that you  

01:08:44,580 –> 01:08:51,600
would find from France than a butterball that you 
would find from Napa um and so if there are myths  

01:08:51,600 –> 01:08:56,400
and perceptions that you’re telling yourself about 
what you like and what you don’t like and why we  

01:08:56,400 –> 01:09:01,680
would encourage you to like open up again and 
when you go out to eat when you go to a Bottle  

01:09:01,680 –> 01:09:06,360
Shop when you go to a restaurant you know tell 
them what you like and what you don’t like don’t  

01:09:06,360 –> 01:09:11,700
just ask for a Chardonnay say you know I I don’t 
really love chardonnays when they’re super buttery  

01:09:11,700 –> 01:09:15,480
but I’d be interested in trying a Chardonnay if 
you have something that’s like on the opposite  

01:09:15,480 –> 01:09:19,920
end of that and a lot of times they’ll say oh 
actually we do or maybe you should try a Chablis  

01:09:19,920 –> 01:09:26,820
over here and let people guide you a little bit 
to start to open up your palette again you know  

01:09:28,380 –> 01:09:35,400
um oftentimes when doing Wine Tours people 
you know would be kind of explaining to me  

01:09:35,400 –> 01:09:38,460
that they like wine but they don’t 
really know what they like about it  

01:09:39,000 –> 01:09:44,340
in trying to figure out you know places that that 
they might enjoy and wine that they might enjoy

01:09:46,500 –> 01:09:51,540
um I would ask them what kind of food they 
like because there is you know obviously  

01:09:51,540 –> 01:09:57,540
there’s a lot of crossover if you drink your 
coffee in Black you’re you know you have a  

01:09:57,540 –> 01:10:01,860
different palette by and large than someone that 
drinks it with three sugars and a ton of cream  

01:10:02,940 –> 01:10:10,380
um what you appreciate in a dish is more often 
than not going to align with that preference for  

01:10:10,380 –> 01:10:21,960
black coffee or you know a double latte with with 
caramel um and one other fun note that I don’t  

01:10:21,960 –> 01:10:27,180
know I kind of go back and forth on this we were 
talking about old world wine and New World wine  

01:10:28,020 –> 01:10:34,260
um wines made in the old world we’ve been you know 
talking about Beaujolais a little bit Beaujolais  

01:10:34,260 –> 01:10:42,900
and pretty much every wine region in Europe 
Rioja um barolo uh Bordeaux burgundy these  

01:10:42,900 –> 01:10:50,820
uh our regions all have um basically government 
imposed restrictions uh as to what you can grow  

01:10:50,820 –> 01:10:58,080
how you can grow it and then how you can ferment 
it and how you can age it in order for it to  

01:10:58,080 –> 01:11:08,040
qualify as Bordeaux or Brio or Beaujolais 
um and in some ways it’s something that’s  

01:11:08,580 –> 01:11:14,280
kind of restrictive and not kind of research 
it’s very restrictive if you’re in Beaujolais  

01:11:14,280 –> 01:11:18,180
you can’t grow Cabernet Sauvignon there 
and make wine from it and call a Beaujolais  

01:11:19,200 –> 01:11:24,240
you can over here you can plant whatever you want 
wherever you want and call it Cabernet Sauvignon  

01:11:24,240 –> 01:11:29,520
the thing is is that when you plant Cabernet 
Sauvignon in this region compared to that region  

01:11:30,060 –> 01:11:36,900
the grape you know has some impact on what the 
final wine would take will will taste like but  

01:11:36,900 –> 01:11:42,360
it’s only a portion like it’s not the entire 
reason that it tastes and smells a certain way  

01:11:42,360 –> 01:11:47,820
there’s you know uh the impact of the climate 
how ripe it gets how much Sunshine there is the  

01:11:47,820 –> 01:11:54,780
way that you identify it and age it and what type 
of ploke um and so as a result a Pinot Noir from  

01:11:54,780 –> 01:12:00,720
Oregon versus a Pinot Noir from the Central Coast 
in California can taste so drastically different  

01:12:00,720 –> 01:12:08,640
that they’re not even necessarily recognizable as 
the same grape and in that way I kind of see the  

01:12:08,640 –> 01:12:13,260
way that the they do it in the old rule is a bit 
of a virtue because as a consumer if you do know  

01:12:13,260 –> 01:12:18,180
what Beaujolais tastes like you can confidently 
order a Beaujolais and it’s going to taste so  

01:12:18,180 –> 01:12:24,480
taste the way you expect whereas here if you order 
a Pinot Noir if it’s grown like we just said I’m  

01:12:24,480 –> 01:12:31,500
you know in the organ uh you know Coast versus 
I’m sorry in Oregon versus the Central Coast you  

01:12:31,500 –> 01:12:36,600
might be like that doesn’t taste like Pinot at 
all yeah so there’s a trade-off uh you know the  

01:12:36,600 –> 01:12:44,820
the creative ability to experiment here in the New 
World versus the consumer reliability of knowing  

01:12:44,820 –> 01:12:50,340
effectually you know within a range what you’re 
gonna get when you purchase something that says  

01:12:50,940 –> 01:13:00,600
on it yeah let me say friends get into French 
whites I don’t know French whites I love Chablis  

01:13:00,600 –> 01:13:05,520
I love sansare I love and that took me a long 
time to figure out and I do feel like they’re a  

01:13:05,520 –> 01:13:09,840
little bit more consistent for me you know if I 
see a Chablis on a menu It’s Gonna taste closer  

01:13:09,840 –> 01:13:14,880
into what I want that if I order Chardonnay on a 
menu somewhere you know because we do experiments  

01:13:14,880 –> 01:13:23,100
quite a bit more here um uh Sonia uh is weather 
a big predictor for Taste from year to year  

01:13:24,060 –> 01:13:33,120
um it depends uh and by the way it depends 
is pretty much the answer to any wine related  

01:13:33,120 –> 01:13:40,020
question or economics question for that 
matter and I would say that speaking broadly  

01:13:41,040 –> 01:13:46,140
um in climates in climates as opposed to like 
you know weather for a year in climates that are  

01:13:46,140 –> 01:13:54,180
warmer year over year weather is only an impactful 
thing when it’s uh destructive when there’s  

01:13:54,180 –> 01:14:00,660
something bad like here in California wine country 
for a while there were the fires that are going on  

01:14:00,660 –> 01:14:06,480
harvest after harvest after harvest that has an 
impact on the wine of that not just because it  

01:14:06,480 –> 01:14:11,400
kills some of the vines and there’s less yield but 
the smoke taint you know all that smoke in the air  

01:14:11,400 –> 01:14:15,300
and the grapes kind of bring that in and things 
like that yeah I mean and then you know just  

01:14:16,080 –> 01:14:22,500
stepping back from like natural disasters I guess 
I’m not leather as much but nevertheless yeah the  

01:14:22,500 –> 01:14:32,520
it it was you know it’s caused by another um 
if you have rainfall during flowering um that  

01:14:32,520 –> 01:14:38,340
can be really impactful it prevents the proper 
uh germination of the grapes and create mold  

01:14:38,340 –> 01:14:42,600
too right you can get mold if it happens later 
in the year when the Clusters are fully formed  

01:14:43,860 –> 01:14:51,780
um so bad weather can be very impactful weather 
in general from year to year in within a climate  

01:14:52,740 –> 01:15:02,400
um is not something that can impact it as greatly 
now in cooler climates the likelihood of having  

01:15:02,400 –> 01:15:09,120
bad weather is greater because it’s generally 
on the shoulders of the growing season um but  

01:15:09,120 –> 01:15:15,540
there’s freak hail storms in in France in July in 
Argentina they have hail that is a problem too no  

01:15:16,380 –> 01:15:25,800
um and and so the the bad weather is something 
that invariably impacts but the overall weather  

01:15:25,800 –> 01:15:32,640
from year to year um like rainfall though won’t 
make it we’ll make a drastic difference even like  

01:15:32,640 –> 01:15:41,520
heavier rainfall a year versus drought year um so 
at least an old world Maybe rainfall across the  

01:15:41,520 –> 01:15:49,860
world the best wine growing regions that you find 
are generally enjoy the Mediterranean Club sure  

01:15:50,940 –> 01:15:58,500
um Lake County yes acceleration there 
that’s Continental no um Rioja yes and  

01:15:59,340 –> 01:16:05,100
it that’s the reason that that is is because 
that’s one of the best places to grow grapes  

01:16:05,100 –> 01:16:11,040
and one of the defining components of the 
Mediterranean climate dry Summers wet Winters  

01:16:11,040 –> 01:16:17,100
so by and large you don’t get a lot of rainfall 
during the growing season it’s in the winter so  

01:16:17,100 –> 01:16:23,940
it goes into the soil and they have to draw back 
up um rainbow did for some reason it was you know  

01:16:23,940 –> 01:16:29,280
a heavy rain rainy summer yeah if you’ve got 
a lot of rain during the summer you’ll get  

01:16:29,280 –> 01:16:35,880
Superfluous Vine growth the vine won’t focus on 
making fruit it’ll focus on making a bigger plant  

01:16:36,840 –> 01:16:41,520
um the fruit you do get will be like the 
grapes will be much bigger they’ll be plump  

01:16:41,520 –> 01:16:47,280
with water the they’re probably more diluted 
and flavor watery grapes give you watery wine  

01:16:48,180 –> 01:16:55,620
um and then of course mold can be an 
issue no um yeah it depends depends

01:16:58,740 –> 01:17:06,540
do you know if how did this joke go I think it 
was when GW was in office no it was it was HW  

01:17:07,800 –> 01:17:15,600
um to President George H 
bush where boxers are briefs  

01:17:16,620 –> 01:17:25,020
you can you can figure it out depends 
[Laughter] horrible it depends it depends

01:17:25,020 –> 01:17:31,980
Jay likes that one I can tell Jay I hope 
you have a smoking jacket on over there  

01:17:31,980 –> 01:17:36,480
it looks like you should have a smoking 
jacket on and I hope happening yeah yeah  

01:17:36,480 –> 01:17:45,900
excellent excellent wait we’re going to create 
a SipScout ad with you we’re jury 18. yeah yeah  

01:17:47,340 –> 01:17:53,760
um speaking of a SipScout ad so this is 
our sixth month yay six month anniversary  

01:17:55,020 –> 01:18:01,260
foreign thank you thank you for being here and to 
all of our earliest members many of whom are not  

01:18:01,260 –> 01:18:05,640
here today and you know we’re casual with this and 
we just show you you are and thanks for being here  

01:18:05,640 –> 01:18:12,660
yeah so um we would love it you know if you’re 
having a good time tonight if you enjoy getting  

01:18:12,660 –> 01:18:17,580
your SipScouts in the mail every month we would 
love it if you would leave us a review on Google  

01:18:18,360 –> 01:18:24,300
um or you know for the first six months we kind 
of rolled quietly and kind of brought new members  

01:18:24,300 –> 01:18:28,500
in because we were kind of figuring some of 
the logistics out and all that kind of stuff  

01:18:29,520 –> 01:18:34,020
um but now we’re ready to blow it out we got 
our feet under us and we’re ready to we’re  

01:18:34,020 –> 01:18:38,160
ready to grow and we’re ready to join you know 
because how fun would it be if like a bunch of  

01:18:38,160 –> 01:18:41,820
your friends from all over the country were 
doing this every you know once a month with  

01:18:41,820 –> 01:18:46,500
you and you were seeing their faces and you could 
be chatting them privately as we’re doing this and  

01:18:47,040 –> 01:18:51,420
um so yeah so we’re we’re ready to grow we’re 
ready to make this happen so I just put the  

01:18:51,420 –> 01:18:54,960
link in the chat if you wouldn’t mind you know if 
you’re having a good time and you love what you  

01:18:54,960 –> 01:19:01,080
do or what we do we would love a review very much 
a block um we’ll also probably be sending out an  

01:19:01,080 –> 01:19:05,520
email to some people who’ve been with us from the 
very beginning asking if you’d even be willing to  

01:19:05,520 –> 01:19:12,480
do a little video review so we cannot play with 
it a little bit so um yeah so thank you for being  

01:19:12,480 –> 01:19:18,960
here we we appreciate all of you so much because 
you were allowing us to do what we love and share  

01:19:18,960 –> 01:19:27,180
share amazing yeah these amazing crafts with with 
other people because otherwise we would just be  

01:19:27,180 –> 01:19:32,460
doing this ourselves together all the time and and 
then we would just be drinking too much I mean no  

01:19:32,460 –> 01:19:36,780
excuse for it Suzanne would be doing without me 
because you just have all the chocolate to herself  

01:19:37,620 –> 01:19:42,240
yeah but we love this we love this is our 
favorite part of our jobs you know we have many  

01:19:42,240 –> 01:19:46,140
many hats and we do many things sharing 
our knowledge College especially this  

01:19:46,140 –> 01:19:50,940
guy’s knowledge he has such deep knowledge and 
not just on wine um he’s a certified himmelier  

01:19:50,940 –> 01:19:56,280
he’s been a mixologist for years you know 
he has so much knowledge to share and he  

01:19:56,280 –> 01:20:00,180
tries to teach me all of it and you know 
I can’t I can only take so much guys you  

01:20:00,180 –> 01:20:03,960
guys gotta learn it too and you got to ask him 
questions too you gotta gotta keep him engaged  

01:20:05,700 –> 01:20:11,340
um so yeah so we love this so thank you for being 
here um but yeah other questions about wine about  

01:20:11,340 –> 01:20:19,440
what’s coming up next I think next month is um 
our Irish beer tasting so you’ll be getting four  

01:20:19,440 –> 01:20:24,480
craft beers that are Irish in style and I think a 
couple of them are actually from Ireland I think  

01:20:24,480 –> 01:20:32,340
we just got our list yeah and uh yeah so we’ll 
be going craft but going global which is fun and  

01:20:32,340 –> 01:20:37,560
I think it’s the day before St Patrick’s I think 
it is I think it’s the day before it’s cool yeah  

01:20:37,560 –> 01:20:42,360
so we’re gonna we’re not doing green beer no 
green food coloring we’re classing it up here  

01:20:42,360 –> 01:20:46,560
at The Crafty Cask and we’re just gonna drink 
high quality delicious Irish beer which is what  

01:20:46,560 –> 01:20:51,420
we should be doing on St Patrick’s Day exactly 
um not adding food coloring to our view so yeah  

01:20:51,420 –> 01:20:58,380
that that doesn’t that doesn’t that’s nothing that 
does nothing um and then after that so in may not  

01:20:58,380 –> 01:21:08,880
May April oh April we have a margarita Mixology 
Evolution class which is second leading up yeah so  

01:21:08,880 –> 01:21:12,540
um that’s gonna be super fun because we’re gonna 
teach you the evolution of the margarita so the  

01:21:12,540 –> 01:21:16,800
origin kind of drink that inspired the margarita 
which is not tequila based I will let you know  

01:21:17,700 –> 01:21:23,820
um and then a classic margarita and then kind of 
a Modern Margarita so we’ll be mixing up drinks  

01:21:23,820 –> 01:21:30,300
together then and then in May I am super excited 
one of our long time clients Charbay Distillery  

01:21:31,080 –> 01:21:34,380
um some of you have heard of them before because 
we’ve done tastings with them in the past it is  

01:21:34,380 –> 01:21:40,200
their 40th year anniversary so they have been 
around making craft booze for 40 years and  

01:21:40,200 –> 01:21:44,580
honestly for longer than that because it’s a 13 
generation Distillery going all the way back to  

01:21:44,580 –> 01:21:51,720
Serbia right they are years in the United States 
they are amazing they make incredible Spirits they  

01:21:51,720 –> 01:21:56,580
have had my favorite whiskey since I’ve discovered 
it and I keep looking for one to knock it out and  

01:21:56,580 –> 01:22:00,780
beat it and I just can’t um and so for their 
40th anniversary sorry we’re partnering with  

01:22:00,780 –> 01:22:04,740
them and they’re buying out a whole zip scalp 
box and you’re going to get all different Charbay  

01:22:04,740 –> 01:22:10,020
Spirits one of which at least one of which is 
from the distillers private reserve that is not  

01:22:10,020 –> 01:22:15,540
for sale anywhere was made like forever ago and is 
just like in his basement and he has bottles left  

01:22:15,540 –> 01:22:19,740
and he’s gonna crack them open so we can give 
you guys a little two ounce spores of it um so  

01:22:19,740 –> 01:22:23,340
that’s going to be a really a really fun box and 
they’re going to join us as well so the maker will  

01:22:23,340 –> 01:22:27,720
be here for that one we have a lot of fun stuff 
coming up we’re super excited for all of that  

01:22:28,500 –> 01:22:33,420
um and yeah but otherwise we are now that 
the PSA is is over I often forget to do that  

01:22:34,740 –> 01:22:39,420
um we’re here to answer your questions 
and you know let us let us know  

01:22:40,080 –> 01:22:44,040
let us know what questions you have or comments 
or thoughts or anything or just Chit Chat

01:22:47,640 –> 01:22:56,220
oh man we wish you a tasting room with Cottonwood 
I will say we were doing the non-fancy version of  

01:22:56,220 –> 01:23:02,340
tasting tonight because we were making dinner 
and we just had mac and cheese but the chicken  

01:23:03,660 –> 01:23:09,660
was a nice it changed the flavor of the Malbec 
in a very nice way I enjoyed having them all  

01:23:09,660 –> 01:23:14,040
back after some chicken so if you guys 
want to try that out one of these days  

01:23:14,040 –> 01:23:18,840
if you have any chicken around um how 
did you prepare your chicken because  

01:23:18,840 –> 01:23:25,200
we were talking about that Buffalo hello 
Cacciatore I think she had anything airfryer

01:23:25,200 –> 01:23:35,700
it was just breaded chicken and we put it in 
the airfryer so it was not fancy chicken but  

01:23:36,480 –> 01:23:41,160
the original plan of Smash Burgers fell 
through so mac and cheese and air fried chicken  

01:23:42,780 –> 01:23:45,660
too bad man A Smash Burger would 
have been great with the cab yeah

01:23:48,120 –> 01:23:50,040
um yeah we love our air fryer Evan just got an  

01:23:50,040 –> 01:23:53,940
air fryer for Christmas and we’ve been 
using it like crazy yeah for sure yeah

01:23:57,960 –> 01:24:02,160
um what style of whiskey is our 
favorite so no no read that closer

01:24:05,460 –> 01:24:12,420
is your favorite you were talking about your 
favorite whiskey Oh Me Oh yeah this is this  

01:24:12,420 –> 01:24:18,360
is your ear yeah still tell you that yeah so 
honestly usually our answer to this question  

01:24:18,360 –> 01:24:22,200
or any question like this is like we have no 
favorite children because really it’s hard  

01:24:22,200 –> 01:24:27,960
to have favorites like we have access to such 
amazing cropped alcohol and are very fortunate  

01:24:27,960 –> 01:24:34,200
and they’re all just good in their own right 
that being said um I have a decanter that Evan  

01:24:34,200 –> 01:24:38,040
bought me years ago that’s a beautiful decanter 
that has like a glass ship inside of a glass  

01:24:38,040 –> 01:24:43,440
globe and it’s just very beautiful and the only 
whiskey that that ever goes in that decanter is  

01:24:43,440 –> 01:24:49,440
Charbay’s Doubled & Twisted and so doubled 
and twisted is a blended whiskey essentially  

01:24:50,040 –> 01:24:54,120
um so it’s not a bourbon it’s not a rye it’s not 
a scotch it’s not any of those standard categories  

01:24:54,120 –> 01:25:00,720
it’s a blended whiskey and the thing that’s unique 
about Charbey is all of their whiskey they make  

01:25:00,720 –> 01:25:06,780
it from finished beer so if you’re not familiar 
with how Whiskey’s made all whiskey is made from  

01:25:06,780 –> 01:25:13,020
beer essentially it’s an unfinished beer it has no 
hops it has no Barrel aging it’s not a beer you’d  

01:25:13,020 –> 01:25:18,240
likely want to drink it’s not going to taste very 
good but technically it is a beer but what they do  

01:25:18,240 –> 01:25:24,540
is they actually get finished beers that are on 
the market that you can buy so anybody heard of  

01:25:24,540 –> 01:25:30,600
Bear Republic racer five IPA yeah that’s one of 
the beers that they use right racer5 IPA is one  

01:25:31,140 –> 01:25:35,160
um black Big Bear Stout is another one they’re 
all from the black bear or I’m sorry all from Bear  

01:25:35,160 –> 01:25:39,360
Republic yeah so they partner with a local Brewery 
that’s kind of down the road from them who make  

01:25:39,360 –> 01:25:44,280
they’re very well known in California people love 
their beers um ourselves included and they partner  

01:25:44,280 –> 01:25:49,800
with them and they buy kegs of their finished beer 
and probably bigger than kegs at that point and  

01:25:49,800 –> 01:25:56,940
they distill them and they turn them into whiskey 
and Marco’s whole philosophy is you know junk in  

01:25:56,940 –> 01:26:01,260
junk out delicious in delicious out right and 
he’s like why would you make a whiskey from  

01:26:01,260 –> 01:26:05,160
a beer you wouldn’t drink why not make a whiskey 
from a beer or you want to drink and you do drink  

01:26:05,940 –> 01:26:09,840
um and it’s really fun because then you actually 
get a little bit of the Hop characteristic  

01:26:09,840 –> 01:26:13,860
in there a little bit of the barrel aging 
characteristic in there and it just creates  

01:26:13,860 –> 01:26:19,320
some really unique profiles and flavors very 
a compelling and so they’re doubled in Twisted  

01:26:19,320 –> 01:26:27,180
whiskey in particular is a blend of a malt whiskey 
a stout whiskey a Pilsner yeah no I think in just  

01:26:27,180 –> 01:26:31,860
the racer five I think it’s just those three um so 
the racer five IP the Big Bear Stout and so it’s a  

01:26:31,860 –> 01:26:39,360
blend of those three and it is magical it’s like 
chocolatey and it makes such a good old-fashioned  

01:26:39,360 –> 01:26:44,760
it scrumptious and the good news is is when you 
get your SipScout kit you’ll be able to get full  

01:26:44,760 –> 01:26:48,660
bottles online too we’ll have that all set up for 
you so if you fall in love with it the way I do  

01:26:48,660 –> 01:26:53,700
or any of the other ones you’ll be able to order 
full bottles online so we’re very excited there’s  

01:26:53,700 –> 01:26:59,100
only going to be 100 of those kits available um 
because it is a special 40th anniversary where  

01:26:59,100 –> 01:27:03,420
they’re pulling from their Reserve seller 
um but yeah we’re excited for that one

01:27:11,220 –> 01:27:17,640
nice little quiet dog versus our cat I’m surprised 
our cat is a meowing up she’s she’s been very  

01:27:17,640 –> 01:27:22,320
vocal since we’ve been here in San Francisco 
for some reason where are you guys right now  

01:27:23,220 –> 01:27:28,440
we’re back at our place in San Francisco um 
we our tenant moved out and so we rented out  

01:27:28,440 –> 01:27:32,520
furnished intentionally so that we can do this 
so whenever a tenant moves out we can come back  

01:27:32,520 –> 01:27:37,740
for a couple of weeks and hang out while we find 
a new tenant so yeah it’s kind of good to be home  

01:27:38,760 –> 01:27:44,160
yeah just a few more days left here 
it’s been uh it’s been a whirlwind yeah  

01:27:44,160 –> 01:27:47,880
for sure other wine questions we know we’re

01:27:50,220 –> 01:27:55,920
to drop off please feel free we thank you for 
being here we hope you enjoyed these wines oh  

01:27:55,920 –> 01:28:01,440
are we out of wine we are out of wine it’s 
okay but you can’t cheers yeah that’s true  

01:28:01,440 –> 01:28:06,000
very true thank you yeah you can’t cheers 
with an empty glass people just bad luck  

01:28:06,000 –> 01:28:12,720
so we thank you for coming if you need to drop off 
please feel free but we’ll hang out and chit chat  

01:28:12,720 –> 01:28:17,400
a little while longer if anyone wants to join 
and we hope to see you next month yeah yeah for  

01:28:17,400 –> 01:28:23,880
our beer tasting and if you are kind enough 
to leave us a review thank you very much oh


Until next time… Drink craft and drink the world. Cheers!

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