All About Orange Wine!

Today we’re talking all about one of Suzanne’s absolute favorites…orange wine! Haven’t heard of them or tried them? Don’t worry, you’re in the majority. While orange wines have been around since the beginnings of wine they are relatively rare, hard to find and just starting to gain in popularity and distribution. So, what exactly are orange wines? Check out our video below with Jenny Eagleton of The Punchdown Natural Wine Bar & Kitchen in Oakland, CA to learn all about them and hear great tips on how to learn more and find some you’ll love.

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Still not sure if orange wines are for you? Well, if you love red wines and are always looking for something a little more weighty and complex than white wines during the summer heat then we’d encourage you to give them a try. Or, if you tend to have a slightly funkier palate (ahem – like funk-master Suzanne) and enjoy Spanish ciders, sour beers and natural wines then we’re confident you should be diving into Orange wines with us this summer!

Interested in the specific bottles we were trying in the video? We’ve provided the details so you can hunt them down yourself…click the photos for one option to buy online (current at of time of posting). And remember to leverage the specialty wine bars we shared (minute 9:47 in the video) if you’re having a hard time tracking them down. You can also check out a few natural wine importers from our natural wine video (minute 7:30).

Graupert Grauburgunder from Meinklang

Close up of bottle of Graupert Grauburgunder 2016 from MeinklangPinot Gris from a fully holistic farm and wild vineyard (read no pruning, leaf plucking or yield control) in  Burgenland, Austria. In fact. “graupert” is a local expression meaning unkempt or scruffy person as a nod to their wild vines.

Bright floral, ripe stone-fruit and sweet honeyed notes. Gasoline essence on the nose. Strong acidity and minerality with sharp, underripe peach and maybe even pineapple on the palette with a nice subtle hit of tannins.

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Qué Pasa Blanc from Domaine Léonine

Que Pasa Orange Wine Bottle from Domaine LeonineBlend of Grenache Gris, Grenache Blanc and Macabeo. From the Languedoc region in France. Domaine Léonine’s dedication to natural wines, at times, even extends to using a draught horse to plow his soil!

Soft, floral…field of flowers with some stone fruit on the nose. Dry with minimal acidity and tannins. Really nice, clean example of an orange wine…perfect for those of you afraid that orange wine will be too funky for your palate.

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Dinavolino ‘Vino Bianco’ from Denavolo

Close up of label of Dinavolino from DanavoloMalvasia di Candia Aromatica, Marsanne & Ortrugo grapes. From a biodynamically farmed vineyard with 28 year old vines in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Ripe citrus fruit and floral notes with some hay and horsey notes. A bit funkier on the palette than the other two orange wines with a slight honey finish. This is the wine that transported Suzanne to a barn, sitting on a hay bale with some horses (and maybe a bit of poo!) off in the corner with lilies hanging from the rafters. It’s a rare wine that has this ability to transport you to a specific yet imaginary place in your mind!

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