Break Out The Sweet Potato Liqueur…It’s Sippin’ Season!

This time last year we had just discovered the amazing Sweet Potato Liqueur from Corbin Cash Spirits in Atwater, California. And what a discovery it was! Literally every person we’ve had try it since then has fallen in love with it. Given fall is upon us and we’re already dreaming of Thanksgiving we figured it was about time to introduce those of you who may have missed it last year. Some people think that fall is PSL (pumpkin spice latte) season, well here at The Crafty Cask we think they have their acronym all wrong. It’s SPL (sweet potato liqueur) season! Let’s get sippin’!

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Original 2017 article…

Innovation. It’s the heart of this great big world we all live in. And David Souza, founder of Corbin Cash Spirits, is most certainly an innovator. You see when you grow up in a family that has been farming sweet potatoes for almost 100 years you kind of have your path cut out for you. You, my friend, are a sweet potato farmer! And while David would proudly call himself that he also saw an opportunity to do more with sweet potatoes and their Rye cover crop. Particularly since, let’s be honest, David really likes to entertain and have a good time. But how many sweet potato dinner parties can one host?! Ha ha, no seriously…he figured that they make vodka with white potatoes, why not make vodka with sweet potatoes? And why not make Rye Whiskey with that cover crop when they were done with it? Genius, we say!

Particularly genius and bold since at the time of this idea no one else was making sweet potato vodka. That’s right we’re all pretty sure that Corbin Cash Spirits was the first sweet potato vodka to ever hit the market back in 2011 (branded as Corbin Cash in 2013). So why was that? Well, according to David the farming of sweet potatoes is much more labor intensive and costly than that of white potatoes. In fact it takes 10 lbs and 100 hands to make every bottle of sweet potato spirits! Now that’s what we call a labor of love.

“It takes 10 pounds and 100 hands to make every bottle of sweet potato spirits!”

Speaking of love…could you tell one of the other reasons we’re enamored with this story is because it resulted in the creation of Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Liqueur. TO. DIE. FOR. We know, we know. Liqueur? Sweet Potato? That has to be sickly sweet! Try the Sweet Potato Liqueur. Trust us. As you heard in the video, it only has 3% sugar, whereas most liqueurs are up around 20%. It’s also barrel aged for 3-4 years, which gives it it’s beautiful caramel color naturally and balances out the hints of baking spices and brown sugar that make it oh so delicious. This is one hundred percent the whiskey drinker’s liqueur and it is perfect around a campfire, on a random Tuesday or at home for the holidays (ahem, which are right around the corner. See if they sell near you here and if not join our mailing list or shoot us a note to let us know you’re interested when we figure out our plan to start selling sampler boxes for all of you to try these incredible craft alcohols we’re always talking about!).

“This is one hundred percent the whiskey drinker’s liqueur”

So what did you think?! Let us know in the comments below, we’d love some feedback since this is the first video (of many!) like this we’re sharing with all of you. And of course, thank you for watching…we love introducing you to incredible hidden gems like Corbin Cash. If you are now as infatuated with them as we are make sure to ask your local bars and bottle shops to carry Corbin Cash so we can help support them and their fantastic products.

Until next time, drink craft and drink local…cheers!

If you’re a craft producer and you’d like us to consider you for our next video or discuss other collaboration opportunities please feel free to reach out!

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