Rum Tasting & Cocktail Class

Rum Tasting & Cocktail Class

SipScout Craft Alcohol Membership Club – August, 2023

Join Evan and Suzanne at this month’s SipScout party for an exciting Rum Tasting & Cocktail Class event! Bring the essence of summer vacation to your home. Whether you’ve received this month’s kit or not, come discover the world of rum with us. Don’t limit rum to just sweet tropical drinks or mixing with cola – it’s a captivating and remarkable spirit. Craft rum’s resurgence in the States adds to its allure. So, grab your SipScout kit or any rum you have nearby, and dive into a night of history, education, deliciousness, and fun! Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!


Join us for our SipScout Rum Tasting & Cocktail Class…


SipScout members, here’s what we’ll be tasting:

1. Pusser’s Blue Label
2. Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof
3. Pusser’s Aged 15 Years
4. Painkiller Cocktail

About Your Hosts

The Crafty Cask celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers through engaging consumer content, events, virtual tastings, and online education. We help craft enthusiasts drink better and craft makers market their brands better to build thriving small businesses that keep #TipplerNation drinking well!

Your hosts for this event, alongside the featured maker, are Suzanne Henricksen, Founder of The Crafty Cask and Evan Rothrock, sommelier, certified cider professional, mixologist, and bespoke wine tour guide.

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Read the transcript

00:00:05,520 –> 00:00:08,428
Hello hello everyone…

00:00:08,429 –> 00:00:11,560
Welcome to a.. will not a Thursday SipScout party

00:00:11,656 –> 00:00:14,321
That’s right! were on Friday. Its Friday!. were primetime tonight

00:00:14,321 –> 00:00:16,654
Yes ended. alright! and that’s the weekend here.

00:00:16,654 –> 00:00:20,821
Thank you for joining. We have quite a few people here. Hi everyone. Welcome!

00:00:21,090 –> 00:00:22,151
For those

00:00:22,151 –> 00:00:26,693
who have been here before welcome Zach 
Jay, Michael those of you who are new to us  

00:00:26,760 –> 00:00:32,040
let’s see I have to see a few other names Phyllis 
Kathy welcome we are so thrilled that you’re here  

00:00:33,120 –> 00:00:37,200
um yeah we’re gonna go on a little vacation 
today with you today and talk about rum and make  

00:00:37,200 –> 00:00:43,260
a delicious cocktail uh Suzanne thought this would 
be an appropriate way to invite you to the weekend  

00:00:43,260 –> 00:00:50,100
and I wholeheartedly agree yeah um a dog days of 
summer right during the dog days of summer we live  

00:00:50,100 –> 00:00:54,360
in Arizona for those of you who don’t know so if 
you think you’re in the dog days at summer we’re  

00:00:54,360 –> 00:00:59,340
really in some days of summer although I have to 
say growing up in Massachusetts humidity is is  

00:00:59,340 –> 00:01:04,500
worse yeah that’s not enough then I I would rather 
be in 105 degree Drive deep than in 85 degrees  

00:01:05,520 –> 00:01:10,860
soon season season here in Arizona it’s yeah also 
humid yeah all right I can’t wear the hat for the  

00:01:10,860 –> 00:01:17,460
whole show I’m sorry I can’t do it best of welcome 
everyone I’m gonna get too hot too hot all right  

00:01:17,460 –> 00:01:22,800
let’s get this started here so for those of you 
who are new and for those of you who’ve been here  

00:01:22,800 –> 00:01:27,480
before it’s always nice to have a little reminder 
of how we roll um I’m Suzanne I’m the founder of  

00:01:27,480 –> 00:01:32,880
The Crafty Cask where we are all about celebrating 
and supporting craft alcohol maker like today  

00:01:32,880 –> 00:01:39,720
yes and my name is Evan I’m a certified 
sommelier certified cider professional uh  

00:01:40,260 –> 00:01:45,900
Spirits Enthusiast and your mixologist for the day 
he is your boozy boozy expert he knows more about  

00:01:45,900 –> 00:01:52,020
booze and I know quite a bit about who’s myself 
these days um than anyone I know and you know well  

00:01:52,020 –> 00:01:58,740
he also has his W set three certification which is 
a spirits and wine certification so he knows a lot  

00:01:58,740 –> 00:02:05,040
about spirits rum included um so we will be your 
hosts for this evening we’re excited to have you  

00:02:05,040 –> 00:02:10,140
here the way we’re going to do this is the first 
I don’t know 45 minutes or so hour depending on  

00:02:10,140 –> 00:02:15,180
how much information we have to share and how 
many questions you have for us yeah please use  

00:02:15,180 –> 00:02:19,800
the chat as you say that make sure to use the 
chat and um you know right now if you want to  

00:02:19,800 –> 00:02:23,220
throw in the chat where you’re calling from and if 
it’s feeling like the dog days of summer for you  

00:02:23,760 –> 00:02:28,680
um or if you have any fun vacation plans coming up 
or just got back on vacation room yeah absolutely  

00:02:29,280 –> 00:02:33,120
um throw them in the chat so everyone can get to 
know each other a little bit see who’s here but  

00:02:33,120 –> 00:02:37,080
we’re going to start off in this webinar format 
where we will be doing the tasting teaching you  

00:02:37,080 –> 00:02:42,480
a little bit about rum getting you excited about 
you know rum and then we’ll be making a cocktail  

00:02:42,480 –> 00:02:47,700
a delicious cocktail one of my favorites for 
tropical vacations in summer um and so Evan will  

00:02:47,700 –> 00:02:55,500
walk you through how to make that and um then 
Romero will open it up and collect people see  

00:02:55,500 –> 00:03:01,320
their cameras turn on their webinars show us your 
pretty cocktails yeah absolutely and kind of see  

00:03:01,320 –> 00:03:06,540
see everyone’s faces yeah and get to kind of do 
a happy hour style after that I guess now that we  

00:03:06,540 –> 00:03:11,940
had a little booze enough so we get to socialize 
and hang out um looks like Jay is in he’s in  

00:03:11,940 –> 00:03:16,140
the cold and he’s in a hoodie Phyllis is from 
Durham North Carolina so it’s probably a little  

00:03:16,140 –> 00:03:20,700
humid there I would imagine um that’s true yeah I 
really I really love Durham I love that whole area  

00:03:21,600 –> 00:03:28,320
um great awesome so let’s get started here 
shall we if you have your SipScout kit  

00:03:29,040 –> 00:03:33,060
um you have the SipScout kit to pick up the show 
if you have a SipScout kit if you’re one of our  

00:03:33,060 –> 00:03:37,140
members thank you for being a member I hope you 
enjoyed this kit that you got this month so grab  

00:03:37,140 –> 00:03:42,240
your kit get your three smaller bottles of rum 
out and we’re gonna start with our rum tasting  

00:03:42,240 –> 00:03:47,220
and talk a little bit about how rum is made the 
history of rum and the tasty delicious rums so  

00:03:47,220 –> 00:03:52,200
let’s get these poured into our glasses we’ll 
start with the blue label um and then we will  

00:03:52,200 –> 00:03:56,820
I did we say we’ll do the gunpowder proof second 
I think that’s what we’re gonna do and then we’ll  

00:03:56,820 –> 00:04:02,520
do the age to 15 years last um so that’s the order 
that we’ll be pasting in and if you don’t have the  

00:04:02,520 –> 00:04:06,840
kit and you’re sipping on a different rum go ahead 
and throw it in the chat and let us know what  

00:04:06,840 –> 00:04:13,320
you’re sipping on yeah yeah be curious what other 
runs you are uh fans of out there yeah absolutely  

00:04:13,320 –> 00:04:18,480
it’s a exciting growing category obviously it’s 
been around for a very long time but as far as  

00:04:18,480 –> 00:04:24,540
the interest in something uh that can be dipped 
on the way that many people have been enjoying  

00:04:24,540 –> 00:04:30,180
bourbon for the last gosh it feels like 20 years 
now that bourbon’s been popular yeah for sure  

00:04:30,180 –> 00:04:35,580
and then as we’re going through here a little 
bit oh Jay’s sipping on Hampton rum excellent  

00:04:36,840 –> 00:04:42,720
do I know Jay has the kit as well so we’ll have 
to do a little comparison over there and as we’re  

00:04:42,720 –> 00:04:46,380
going through we’re also going to because we like 
to try to keep this interactive we’ll be from some  

00:04:46,380 –> 00:04:53,100
polls up as we go along um just to get your juices 
flowing about rum so there’s pepper talk about  

00:04:53,100 –> 00:04:56,880
this one you know where the first sugar cane based 
Spirit was distilled you can go ahead and put your  

00:04:56,880 –> 00:05:03,660
guesses in there but from is a sugar cane based 
spirit that is distinguishing or one of the yeah  

00:05:03,660 –> 00:05:09,300
one of the distinguishing factors whereas whiskey 
is made from grain Brandy is made from fruit Pike  

00:05:09,300 –> 00:05:15,000
is made from anything that has an incrementable 
sugar yeah absolutely um sake is made from rice  

00:05:15,000 –> 00:05:20,340
beer is made from grain right so that’s the 
source material is what defines categories  

00:05:20,340 –> 00:05:24,600
very often or at least one of the components 
and so rum does have to be made from sugarcane  

00:05:25,620 –> 00:05:30,840
um and but any form of sugarcane yeah so it 
could be sugar cane fresh sugar cane sugar  

00:05:30,840 –> 00:05:37,380
cane juice sugar cane syrup um sugar that’s made 
from cane does it have to be sugar made from cane  

00:05:37,380 –> 00:05:42,300
it does so yeah that’s an often often people 
get a little confused about this so a lot of  

00:05:42,300 –> 00:05:46,980
there is beet sugar which is very common um 
so if something was made if I something was  

00:05:46,980 –> 00:05:51,180
distilled from beet sugar that would not be 
considered wrong it does have to be sugarcane  

00:05:52,680 –> 00:05:56,520
um let’s see we have some guesses 
here Barbados good guess good guess  

00:05:57,480 –> 00:06:01,560
yeah do most of you I think most of us think 
of when we’re thinking about rum we think of  

00:06:01,560 –> 00:06:06,480
the Caribbean right we’re thinking about the you 
know British Virgin Islands and things of that  

00:06:06,480 –> 00:06:11,160
nature and that is very that’s because that’s 
where a lot of the rum comes from and that is  

00:06:11,160 –> 00:06:16,740
where a lot of the history of rum began um but 
surprisingly the first sugarcane-based spirit  

00:06:16,740 –> 00:06:24,720
this build was in Brazil and it was actually 
kashaka um so it was not rum and it was gosh  

00:06:24,720 –> 00:06:32,580
back in I’m trying to remember I think 1500 
was the first distilled um and so koshaka is  

00:06:32,580 –> 00:06:38,760
different than rum it’s a little bit more closely 
aligned to agricol Rum and so an agricult rum is  

00:06:38,760 –> 00:06:44,100
made from fresh sugar cane and then kashasa 
can be made from anything that’s sugar cane  

00:06:44,100 –> 00:06:51,180
based but is I believe that they’re just so fresh 
single distillation yeah so it is also it is also  

00:06:51,180 –> 00:06:54,960
um fresh sugar cane is required I believe so it 
can’t be made from molasses or anything like that  

00:06:55,800 –> 00:06:59,760
um but it can only be distilled once 
whereas rum can be distilled multiple times  

00:07:00,300 –> 00:07:04,740
um to get out kind of more impurities and things 
of that nature so which is why you’ve ever had  

00:07:04,740 –> 00:07:11,220
it does have a little bit more of like a raw 
and refined raw uh maybe almost even unclean  

00:07:11,220 –> 00:07:15,900
yeah character to it but agricultural rum often 
does as well and so agricultural rum I wanted  

00:07:15,900 –> 00:07:21,900
to talk about that momentarily because that is 
like in my mind the purest purest form of rum  

00:07:21,900 –> 00:07:26,880
almost yeah giving headed sugar right because 
right if you’re thinking that anything rum can  

00:07:26,880 –> 00:07:32,220
be made of has to start with sugar cane agricole 
rum is actually made from the sugar cane itself  

00:07:32,220 –> 00:07:36,480
so they actually take the sugar cane they put it 
directly through kind of wood chippers essentially  

00:07:36,480 –> 00:07:42,420
juicers these big and they have to do this in 
the field um and so they and the reason they  

00:07:42,420 –> 00:07:45,780
have to do it in the field is because sugar cane 
is very I don’t know if the right word is for it  

00:07:45,780 –> 00:07:51,600
unstable or that just degrades quickly yeah 
I think grades very quickly and so as soon as  

00:07:52,380 –> 00:07:56,880
you chop it down essentially you start to lose 
some of the sucrose that’s in it and I think  

00:07:56,880 –> 00:08:01,500
there’s some Stout that says within 24 hours 
of cutting down sugar cane third earth like  

00:08:01,500 –> 00:08:06,720
three percent of the sucrose is gone immediately 
and so you either have to refine it and turn it  

00:08:06,720 –> 00:08:11,580
into something very quickly or you have to right 
right reduce sugar like molasses something like a  

00:08:11,580 –> 00:08:17,520
byproduct of that or you have to really put it in 
that sugar right in the field bring it straight in  

00:08:17,520 –> 00:08:22,560
distill it or ferment it and distill it right away 
um and so really you can only get agricultural  

00:08:22,560 –> 00:08:27,480
rum where sugar cane is grown and so that is 
where most agricult rums are coming from from  

00:08:27,480 –> 00:08:33,720
the British Virgin Islands in French I think the 
French um colonized Caribbean is actually where  

00:08:33,720 –> 00:08:39,660
most of the alcohol rums come from that’s my great 
question as well yeah so side note on average goal  

00:08:39,660 –> 00:08:46,140
but now let’s get into let’s have a sip of our 
first round this is the posters blue label and  

00:08:46,140 –> 00:08:51,240
um who’s gonna cheers to everyone yeah cheers 
everyone thank you for joining happy Friday

00:08:53,400 –> 00:09:01,860
so one of the things that kind of distinguish 
distinguishes pushers and other I guess English  

00:09:01,860 –> 00:09:10,680
style runs um is this kind of really bold depth 
of character and spiciness that you find and these  

00:09:10,680 –> 00:09:16,320
are made from molasses um Suzanne was talking 
about agricole and that kind of Purity that you  

00:09:16,320 –> 00:09:23,460
find I feel like those often exhibit a lot more 
kind of grassy and herbaceous and like Olive notes  

00:09:23,460 –> 00:09:27,360
they are my favorite for Daiquiris instead of 
just using a light rum and we can talk about the  

00:09:27,360 –> 00:09:33,900
difference between white rum and alcohol later um 
but an agriculture is really grassy and herbaceous  

00:09:35,160 –> 00:09:41,280
and I think yeah right off the bat uh that that 
spice characters that those like low earthy notes  

00:09:41,280 –> 00:09:46,320
you really can kind of straight smell the Molasses 
that this is you know the source material is from  

00:09:47,520 –> 00:09:52,260
um and uh Phyllis makes a great 
point this is coming originally from  

00:09:52,260 –> 00:09:57,900
the Demerara Valley uh in I always 
pronounced this wrong Diana Guiana

00:10:01,320 –> 00:10:05,700
um that has been known for sugar production 
for years and years and years at one point  

00:10:05,700 –> 00:10:10,920
there were over 300 sugarcane Estates in 
the Demerara Valley and each one of them  

00:10:10,920 –> 00:10:19,740
had a Distillery associated with it that’s where 
Pussers got its start and it’s been kind of moved  

00:10:19,740 –> 00:10:25,320
and reincorporated and kind of recreated over 
the years into the British Virgin Islands and  

00:10:25,320 –> 00:10:30,840
even in North Carolina as Phyllis you might very 
well know I believe that’s the U.S headquarters  

00:10:32,040 –> 00:10:38,160
um and the sugar quality uh that you 
find here is distinguish the students  

00:10:38,160 –> 00:10:44,880
distinguishable enough that they named a sugar 
after it there’s you know turbinado sugar and  

00:10:44,880 –> 00:10:50,040
Demerara is another sugar that you can find 
that is actually named and labeled as such

00:10:52,080 –> 00:10:57,060
um yeah and I think this really just 
shines through in this first blue label  

00:10:57,060 –> 00:11:02,280
yeah and the blue label is really their Flagship 
this is the OG that’s been kind of around forever  

00:11:03,120 –> 00:11:07,140
um and put there’s a very very 
old very traditional brand  

00:11:08,280 –> 00:11:13,620
um and so this is kind of where you want to start 
with them to really get to know what they’re all  

00:11:13,620 –> 00:11:18,540
about yeah and you know the the historical 
components and the traditional components of  

00:11:18,540 –> 00:11:23,520
clusters are really quite fascinating they had 
a lot of close ties to the British royal Navy  

00:11:24,600 –> 00:11:28,620
um I want to make sure I’m not giving away 
anything in the polls that are coming up  

00:11:28,620 –> 00:11:31,440
you certainly will but that’s 
okay who are paying attention

00:11:34,380 –> 00:11:41,520
yeah and so sort of is considered the British 
Royal Navy’s wrong now not anymore to this  

00:11:41,520 –> 00:11:47,340
day and we’ll talk about that a little bit um but 
they started gosh I want to say back in the 1600s  

00:11:48,120 –> 00:11:53,400
um is when they really started so the British 
royal Navy they would give rations at the time  

00:11:53,400 –> 00:11:58,560
of beer through their to their Navy and so I’ve 
only get a ration of beer and after a while they  

00:11:58,560 –> 00:12:04,320
started to learn that fear went bad on these long 
voyages it did not hold very well you know and  

00:12:04,320 –> 00:12:08,820
then you know the discovery of Pop the map kind 
of helps that situation but that wasn’t what was  

00:12:08,820 –> 00:12:14,220
going on quite yet so then they started to kind 
of have some Brandy on the ships that was kind  

00:12:14,220 –> 00:12:22,740
of common but then the French and the British had 
some issues they didn’t want to have French French  

00:12:22,740 –> 00:12:28,200
products on their British royal Navy ships um the 
Dutch had gin but they also had some issues with  

00:12:28,200 –> 00:12:33,060
the Dutch um back then you know so there was all 
this colonization and all these these great big  

00:12:33,060 –> 00:12:38,220
countries who were kind of fighting over the 
world and and so they really have to go head  

00:12:38,220 –> 00:12:41,340
forward right exactly so they were trying these 
different things and they really wanted their  

00:12:41,340 –> 00:12:45,840
Sailors to have a ration every day essentially is 
the idea of it and you know if you were thinking  

00:12:45,840 –> 00:12:50,760
about what it was like to be a sailor back then 
versus what it might be like to be a sailor now  

00:12:50,760 –> 00:12:55,860
not to say if there’s any sale or fear but 
it’s easy to be a sailor now but you know the  

00:12:55,860 –> 00:13:00,660
labor intensive of like I don’t even know what 
the right words are for canons and putting the  

00:13:00,660 –> 00:13:06,060
cannons in the camera the sales and hugging online 
and like tossing the anchor in right pulling the  

00:13:06,060 –> 00:13:09,780
anchor back up right there were no buttons to 
bring that paper in right like it was really  

00:13:09,780 –> 00:13:14,340
heavy duty and the way that they fought battles 
back then too were really like eye to eye right  

00:13:14,340 –> 00:13:19,140
like you’re right in each other’s face and so 
there was this feeling that you know you needed  

00:13:19,140 –> 00:13:24,660
a little bit of liquid courage part of it and also 
a little bit of relief after a hard day work sure  

00:13:24,660 –> 00:13:31,740
they were it was decreed by the Royal Navy that 
every sailor gets a ration of alcohol every day  

00:13:32,460 –> 00:13:38,520
um and so when they started discovering kind of 
the Caribbean area and all of that and discovering  

00:13:38,520 –> 00:13:44,760
sugar cane and how that was all gone rum became 
the choice um really and so everyone got a daily  

00:13:44,760 –> 00:13:51,780
ration of rum starting in the 1600s a daily 
ration of rum for like 300 Years traditions  

00:13:51,780 –> 00:13:57,900
in any kind of quote-unquote modern establishment 
absolutely institutions yeah and plus there’s one

00:13:57,900 –> 00:14:06,180
that this was going on so they basically had a 
monopoly on like the British royal Navy and the  

00:14:06,180 –> 00:14:12,420
rum um and in one of the reasons they’re called 
clickers is you know this better than I do is  

00:14:12,420 –> 00:14:17,940
because it’s closer the Purser exactly so the 
Purser is the officer on board that’s in charge  

00:14:17,940 –> 00:14:22,620
of accounts and they make sure that everything 
that they need to put on the boat when they’re in  

00:14:22,620 –> 00:14:29,400
at dock it gets on the boat and everything has to 
get off gets taken off and then everybody you know  

00:14:29,400 –> 00:14:34,920
who has a responsibility does it and then they 
get their ration and all of that stuff is taken  

00:14:34,920 –> 00:14:41,100
care of by the person and cursor is what kind of 
evolved into Pusser over the years so the posters  

00:14:41,100 –> 00:14:46,980
the Poster’s rum was the top of whiskey sorry I’m 
sorry the top of rum yeah that you would get each  

00:14:46,980 –> 00:14:55,500
day as a jolly Jack tar I’m gonna stay on the high 
seas yeah and I don’t know the news on this this  

00:14:55,500 –> 00:14:59,820
and it’s kind of fun to think of that history 
isn’t it that like this is what the sailors  

00:14:59,820 –> 00:15:04,680
were drinking back in the 1700s like a very very 
I mean you know probably isn’t exactly the same  

00:15:04,680 –> 00:15:09,540
but very similar to this because they do still 
say that they follow the same recipe that they  

00:15:09,540 –> 00:15:14,400
followed way back then and that it’s still aged a 
minimum of three years it’s still made in wooden  

00:15:14,400 –> 00:15:20,280
top still the original admiralty run and the 
Admiral had specification for what he would allow  

00:15:21,300 –> 00:15:27,240
rum and it still made those specifications today 
so it’s really it’s a little sip of History you  

00:15:27,240 –> 00:15:31,980
know that like that that helps discover this 
world and definitely has some dark sides to it  

00:15:32,700 –> 00:15:36,720
um but you it smells it does have some like earthy  

00:15:38,100 –> 00:15:42,300
dirty is the wrong word because I I mean it’s not 
it’s kind of what I’m thinking but it’s like that  

00:15:43,020 –> 00:15:50,340
moldy dirty like deliciousness to it this is a 
weird thing to say I know and I feel like in no  

00:15:50,340 –> 00:15:56,820
small part of due to you know one of the unique 
features of poster drum and the uh essentially  

00:15:56,820 –> 00:16:03,060
the recipe that the Admiral had in place for the 
production of Rome for the sailors uh which is  

00:16:03,060 –> 00:16:11,640
that this is distilled in wooden pops which is 
very uncommon it’s very very uncommon I mean we  

00:16:11,640 –> 00:16:14,940
we taught we’ve been to a million distilleries 
we’ve talked to a lot of the fillers and even  

00:16:14,940 –> 00:16:19,680
when we were you know preparing to put together 
this kit they were like what is hot you know  

00:16:19,680 –> 00:16:24,360
I can’t even imagine like what that looks like 
and what that like because you’re thinking like  

00:16:24,360 –> 00:16:28,680
barrels are made out of wood that’s very common 
but for where it’s actually being made to be  

00:16:28,680 –> 00:16:33,480
made out of wood yeah and so one of the things 
they they attribute their depth of flavor to in  

00:16:33,480 –> 00:16:38,700
this versus other rottens and that little bit of 
like kind of funkiness that’s going on in there is  

00:16:38,700 –> 00:16:45,480
that for centuries yeah the centuries literally 
they didn’t have it’s wooden barrels has been  

00:16:46,140 –> 00:16:51,000
distilling and making fermenting congeners 
and Esters and things like that in and out  

00:16:51,780 –> 00:16:57,180
um yeah and so those layers of flavor over the 
years just and the wood too is kind of unique  

00:16:57,180 –> 00:17:00,900
um I believe it’s a South American 
hardwood which would make sense  

00:17:01,680 –> 00:17:08,220
um called green heart and some of these days have 
been around and been refurbished and refinished  

00:17:09,120 –> 00:17:16,140
or like a hundred plus years maybe even more 
simply because they wanted to keep the same  

00:17:16,140 –> 00:17:21,000
characteristics going again and again and again 
with each new distillation part of the reason that  

00:17:21,000 –> 00:17:29,640
this distillation method is incredibly uncommon 
um is well by contrast a continuous column still  

00:17:29,640 –> 00:17:36,540
which is another way of distilling has something 
in the neighborhood of like a 99 98 deficiency  

00:17:36,540 –> 00:17:40,860
which means that you’re not losing products that 
you don’t intentionally lose you’ll make the cuts  

00:17:40,860 –> 00:17:44,760
and describe the hearts I’m sorry discard 
the heads and the Tails and keep the hearts  

00:17:45,660 –> 00:17:52,140
but with with a wooden pot distillation simply 
by virtue of the fact that it’s going into a pot  

00:17:52,140 –> 00:17:58,320
that has to be open and then the pot itself is 
not fully peeling off from the you know the heat  

00:17:58,320 –> 00:18:04,200
that’s being produced um which is causing more and 
more of evaporation you’re gonna get maybe a 60  

00:18:04,200 –> 00:18:09,840
efficiency with something like a wooden possible 
yeah yeah um yeah and I think they say you know  

00:18:09,840 –> 00:18:15,000
their fermentation the loss leader well they say 
that their fermentation is not taking place in  

00:18:15,000 –> 00:18:19,500
days or or their distillation sorry it’s 
not being placed in date in hours it’s  

00:18:19,500 –> 00:18:25,680
taking place in days and weeks right so it 
is a much slower kind of art Artful process

00:18:27,960 –> 00:18:31,560
what do you guys think of this person on 
those of you who are sipping on it I really  

00:18:33,060 –> 00:18:36,840
I can’t wait till like when we all we 
can all talk when we get on happy hour  

00:18:36,840 –> 00:18:40,860
style but like if you haven’t really drink 
rum Street before because a lot of people  

00:18:40,860 –> 00:18:44,700
have it a lot of people think of rum and 
they think of you know these super fruity  

00:18:44,700 –> 00:18:50,460
drinks and buy the pool and rum and cokes and 
that’s like all that rum means to them and  

00:18:52,020 –> 00:18:56,760
dipping around the street for the first time 
really I remember when I remember very differently  

00:18:56,760 –> 00:19:02,340
when I did it yeah very like oh my gosh why 
haven’t I been sipping on this street all along  

00:19:03,480 –> 00:19:10,080
um so yeah I’m fascinated to to 
hear what everyone thinking here  

00:19:10,620 –> 00:19:20,400
uh give answers to our poll there sure um 
guess what you guys are all right because  

00:19:20,400 –> 00:19:24,960
because none of you none of you voted for the 
wrong answer there so originates were crazy 900  

00:19:24,960 –> 00:19:29,100
South America that does not have to be true all 
three of the others do have to be true though  

00:19:29,100 –> 00:19:33,540
so this was a multiple choice so if anyone 
gets all three then you’re there’s champions

00:19:38,760 –> 00:19:44,460
um that is around that originates somewhere 
other than the Caribbean or South America  

00:19:45,480 –> 00:19:50,580
this is kind of a fun lead-in to 
another component of rum’s History  

00:19:51,540 –> 00:19:59,580
so while many people attribute the beginning 
of the Revolutionary War to attack on TV  

00:20:00,780 –> 00:20:07,260
um a lot of historians would contend that in 
fact it was in fact on molasses which was used  

00:20:07,260 –> 00:20:14,760
to make from here the 13 original colonies 
yeah and uh Suzanne loves this story she’s  

00:20:14,760 –> 00:20:22,140
from Massachusetts and um what was the number 
like some outrageous number of rum distilleries  

00:20:22,140 –> 00:20:28,620
that is that is it full so okay but it is it’s 
crazy like if you think about you know back in  

00:20:28,620 –> 00:20:36,000
the day New England was the heart of rum making 
in this country and it was part of our founding  

00:20:36,000 –> 00:20:40,020
like it was before whiskey before we were making 
whiskey in this country they were making rum and  

00:20:40,020 –> 00:20:44,880
they were bringing molasses in from the Caribbean 
islands as part of you know the slaves trade route  

00:20:45,840 –> 00:20:52,020
um and it became very big in New England and 
it’s really fun so if any of you Evac I know  

00:20:52,020 –> 00:20:56,700
you’re out in that this neck of the woods there 
is a big Resurgence in New England right now of  

00:20:56,700 –> 00:21:01,440
craft wrong actually I think we have at least 
one we can break through all of them but Mad  

00:21:01,440 –> 00:21:08,460
River look at this you guys all of all of our 
rum bottles are like completely the dreads that  

00:21:08,460 –> 00:21:14,820
one’s from New Mexico that was from Mexico that 
was New Mexico Mexico New England Hawaii Hawaii  

00:21:16,620 –> 00:21:22,320
Florida we have um but so mad river is up 
in Vermont and they make one but there’s  

00:21:22,320 –> 00:21:29,040
a lot of distilleries that are really 
trying to get back to the roots of rum um

00:21:29,040 –> 00:21:36,840
it’s one of it’s in there somewhere but the great 
molasses blood in Boston that is a really fun  

00:21:36,840 –> 00:21:42,180
crazy story it was something like yeah the Boston 
Tea Party is not even all that crazy like they’re  

00:21:42,180 –> 00:21:48,480
mad and they throw some tea in the in the bay 
but like some molasses like a mistake that wasn’t  

00:21:48,480 –> 00:21:53,520
related to the revolution no I know but like but 
yeah stories of Boston in that time period how did  

00:21:53,520 –> 00:22:00,420
I not ever learn that yeah but basically the uh 
England started to tax molasses they said you know  

00:22:01,140 –> 00:22:07,740
um anything coming from a French colonized Island 
we’re going to place an import tax on it because  

00:22:07,740 –> 00:22:11,820
we don’t want the colonies buying stuff from 
France we want the colonies buying stuff from us  

00:22:12,840 –> 00:22:18,840
um and you know that did not go over super well 
that’s actually wear the start of the no taxation  

00:22:18,840 –> 00:22:23,520
without representation that we all learned in 
grade school came from they all talk about the  

00:22:23,520 –> 00:22:27,420
Boston Tea Party maybe I don’t know maybe because 
they don’t want to be talking to kids about rum  

00:22:27,420 –> 00:22:32,100
and alcohol maybe that’s why this part gets left 
out of our history lesson um but it really did  

00:22:32,100 –> 00:22:37,440
start with rum before the Boston Tea Party that 
the natives were getting restless and he’s not  

00:22:37,440 –> 00:22:44,460
the native stuff the Invaders yeah the Invaders 
um sidebar kind of a funny thing that I’ve always  

00:22:44,460 –> 00:22:52,860
been tickled by if you’ve ever been to DC you 
might know that DC license plate there the term  

00:22:52,860 –> 00:22:58,620
taxation without representation right there on 
every single license plate I think that’s just  

00:22:58,620 –> 00:23:08,460
hilarious they don’t get to vote they don’t have 
Senators they will have Representatives yeah um  

00:23:08,460 –> 00:23:14,160
all right Zach says he does not have the vocab to 
describe it his girlfriend says it’s aggressive  

00:23:14,160 –> 00:23:18,180
if this is drinking a little aggressive to you and 
this goes with any Spirit if anything is drinking  

00:23:18,180 –> 00:23:24,420
we tend to call it hot where it feels like the 
alcohol punch is overtaking the flavors add a drop  

00:23:24,420 –> 00:23:30,840
or two of water to it and we actually normally 
have a rubber that we don’t have with us um but  

00:23:30,840 –> 00:23:34,440
we usually do a dropper and yeah you could just do 
it Evan just did and you don’t want to put a lot  

00:23:34,440 –> 00:23:39,300
in because you can always add more but you can’t 
take it out um but that really starts to kind of  

00:23:40,080 –> 00:23:44,880
dilute it a little bit you just wanted to leave it 
a little bit at a time because you it can get to  

00:23:44,880 –> 00:23:48,960
a certain point where it will start drinking more 
like water with a little bit of rum in it rather  

00:23:48,960 –> 00:23:54,600
than a rum with a little bit of water in it it’ll 
also help to break the surface tension right here  

00:23:54,600 –> 00:24:00,480
so that the Aromas can kind of separate a little 
bit more and you’ll get a broader spectrum and  

00:24:00,480 –> 00:24:07,320
maybe be able to pull out some of the Impressions 
a little bit more readily yeah if you’re having  

00:24:07,320 –> 00:24:12,960
like I always think of it as if I’m ever having a 
hard time finding the Aromas finding the flavors  

00:24:12,960 –> 00:24:18,120
and I’m just like I’m drinking alcohol that’s 
when you want to add a little water or an ice cube  

00:24:18,660 –> 00:24:22,080
um our suggestion if you want to add an ice cube 
because some people that’s the temperature of it  

00:24:22,080 –> 00:24:25,920
too some people really like it to be a little 
bit cooler to enjoy it um but what we would  

00:24:25,920 –> 00:24:31,080
suggest with an ice cube is adding an ice cube 
in giving it a swirl and then fishing that ice  

00:24:31,080 –> 00:24:35,340
cube out don’t leave the whole Ice Cube in there 
in a fully milk because that will give you that  

00:24:35,340 –> 00:24:41,640
little bit of water and cooling temperature but it 
won’t dilute it yeah after doing a couple of drops  

00:24:42,540 –> 00:24:47,640
um I do feel like that’s kind of expanded a little 
bit more allowing me to pick out a few more things  

00:24:47,640 –> 00:24:53,340
for some reason can’t figure it out but I I think 
I’m smelling I think I’m smelling some banana  

00:24:53,940 –> 00:25:00,960
because we’re wearing bananas I do smell a little 
banana it’s almost like rotten banana though I  

00:25:00,960 –> 00:25:06,840
agree yeah it’s like banana peel that you left in 
the car yeah I also got a tiny bit of olive okay  

00:25:07,680 –> 00:25:13,980
and definitely brown sugar or yeah no like 
black olives and definitely brown sugar and  

00:25:13,980 –> 00:25:20,340
caramel like caramelized banana maybe a little 
bit delicious yum yum we go on to our yeah  

00:25:20,340 –> 00:25:27,120
the second one let’s move on to the gunpowder 
proof that’s what we’re gonna drink next and um  

00:25:28,860 –> 00:25:36,060
as the name suggests this one will also 
probably taste and hit a little a little sauce

00:25:38,340 –> 00:25:42,300
although on the nose it doesn’t know 
punch me anything like it right in the  

00:25:42,300 –> 00:25:46,860
nose as much as uh well Evan’s getting 
acquainted with our second tasting here  

00:25:47,760 –> 00:25:53,280
um 1655 is when the British Royal Navy’s daily 
ration of beer was replaced with rum but damn  

00:25:53,280 –> 00:25:58,500
long time ago yeah a long time crazy if you 
think of that so yeah back in 1655 is when  

00:25:58,500 –> 00:26:06,900
rum became the official daily reactions 
Plymouth Rock Massachusetts Massachusetts

00:26:16,380 –> 00:26:20,160
I don’t I actually don’t know what the appropriate 
proper name is to call someone from Massachusetts  

00:26:21,600 –> 00:26:28,560
um I think I take pride in my mouthfulness I’m 
not I’m not offended um I’m not sure when Plymouth  

00:26:28,560 –> 00:26:33,240
Rock I mean we all know he’s around then well we 
all know 1492 Columbus actually blue but I’m not  

00:26:33,240 –> 00:26:39,900
sure what the in the first horrible Massachusetts 
or what if we’re calling me I don’t know that that  

00:26:39,900 –> 00:26:45,540
was that was a big field trip when we were kids 
we’d all go to Plymouth Rock near Thanksgiving

00:26:48,780 –> 00:26:55,620
so um yeah this definitely has a lot of the 
same heavy Aromas and I think that they’re  

00:26:55,620 –> 00:27:00,840
even accentuated more so because this is high 
proof and I don’t know if you can read that I  

00:27:00,840 –> 00:27:10,140
know the print is kind of small but this 
is 54.5 ABV as opposed to I believe 40.  

00:27:11,220 –> 00:27:18,420
42 for the blue label uh which I mean it 
packs a lot more punch in the addition  

00:27:18,420 –> 00:27:23,700
of like that higher proof in the alcohol 
tends to lend to a higher perception of  

00:27:23,700 –> 00:27:28,140
sweetness as well as spice so both of those 
things should be more pronounced in this

00:27:36,060 –> 00:27:43,680
and it follows through these roads there’s pepper 
there’s a lot of baking spices and there’s plenty  

00:27:43,680 –> 00:27:50,940
of those sweet sugar you know sugary characters 
yeah brown sugar caramel molasses well if you  

00:27:50,940 –> 00:27:55,980
also get some of those spice characteristics 
that are hitting on the side of your palate

00:27:58,020 –> 00:28:05,580
I feel like that really is a really fun kind of 
combination with the spice and the sweetness so  

00:28:05,580 –> 00:28:14,160
the gunpowder proof uh rum was something that 
was developed kind of as a dismissal of the  

00:28:14,160 –> 00:28:20,520
claims that the rations the top of rum that were 
being issued the soldiers were being watered down  

00:28:21,840 –> 00:28:27,960
you know when they moved from beer to Rum 
they definitely noticed the impact that the  

00:28:27,960 –> 00:28:36,600
high-proof product had on the characteristics 
and the behavior of the sailors many of them  

00:28:36,600 –> 00:28:44,040
would take their half pint and just throw the 
whole thing right down um which led to death in  

00:28:44,040 –> 00:28:53,940
some cases but also belligerence and Antics and uh 
tomfoolery you know Shenanigans all the uh all the  

00:28:53,940 –> 00:29:02,220
magic things and as a result there was certainly 
probably in many instances where the captain of  

00:29:02,220 –> 00:29:08,760
the ship would decide hey I’m I’m not going to 
give them like the straight bullproof stuff uh  

00:29:08,760 –> 00:29:12,540
let’s let’s cut it a little bit boys can’t handle 
that they can’t handle their straight moves  

00:29:13,560 –> 00:29:20,040
um and the sale is very suspicious over time and 
so one of the ways that they were able to prove to  

00:29:20,040 –> 00:29:27,240
this video is that they were in fact getting the 
the full strength stuff was at a certain proof  

00:29:28,020 –> 00:29:35,280
essentially when the run is flammable on its 
own it won’t prevent the ignition of gunpowder  

00:29:35,280 –> 00:29:42,540
and hence the term gunpowder proof and so a 
splash of watered-down rum on a little pile  

00:29:42,540 –> 00:29:50,580
of gunpowder when you would go to ignite it it 
wouldn’t ignite it and so the the high strength  

00:29:50,580 –> 00:29:55,200
stuff would still allow the gunpowder to ignite 
indicating to the sailors that it wasn’t backed  

00:29:55,200 –> 00:30:00,960
what they expected at the full proof um It’s 
actually kind of the origin of the term proof  

00:30:01,500 –> 00:30:04,920
right proof that this is actually Spirits right  

00:30:04,920 –> 00:30:11,160
um there’s a way to to verify something you know 
in this case prior to the hydrometer and during  

00:30:11,160 –> 00:30:16,140
the days of like prohibition here in the United 
States when the ptd wasn’t testing the Moonshine  

00:30:16,140 –> 00:30:20,820
that you were making out in the shed that was 
one of the ways that you could prove it to your  

00:30:20,820 –> 00:30:26,280
neighbor who might want to buy some of your 
Hooch that it wasn’t in fact the real deal um

00:30:28,440 –> 00:30:33,000
yeah that’s it’s still lingering 
yeah it’s quite delicious

00:30:36,300 –> 00:30:40,500
you know the Jet Pilot cocktail so it’s a thing 
this would be perfect for the Jet Pilot cocktail  

00:30:40,500 –> 00:30:48,540
or maybe the I know the Jet Plane uh-huh is the 
Jet Pilot essentially rum in place of whiskey  

00:30:48,540 –> 00:30:52,260
in the Jet Plane no it looks very it looks 
like there’s three different rooms in it I  

00:30:52,260 –> 00:30:56,640
just looked it up because I wasn’t familiar with 
it either it’s overproof Jamaican rum the mirror  

00:30:56,640 –> 00:31:04,020
Demerara rum gold rum grapefruit juice lime 
juice cinnamon syrup Salerno absence Angus  

00:31:04,020 –> 00:31:09,120
parabitters and a cherry as a garnish 
there’s a lot going on in our cocktails  

00:31:10,980 –> 00:31:19,080
I’m curious about this so this is this a cocktail 
that you enjoy recommended I haven’t had this yeah  

00:31:19,080 –> 00:31:26,760
it says it also said it’s a bin on a testify 
with uh cocktails another thing in Jet Plane  

00:31:26,760 –> 00:31:32,040
yes pilot right but pilot test check yeah 
okay cool we’re gonna have to play around  

00:31:32,040 –> 00:31:37,080
with that later and I don’t know if we have any 
plans I don’t think we do we can get some yeah

00:31:39,600 –> 00:31:47,820
originated at the luau in 1950. yeah it sounds 
like one will do yeah you can share it it’s  

00:31:47,820 –> 00:31:54,240
perfect I love it historically common nickname 
for rum rum bullion Kill Devil and rambustion  

00:31:54,240 –> 00:31:58,740
are all historically common names for rum 
and actually what they called rum before  

00:31:58,740 –> 00:32:03,240
they called it rum it was kind of shortened 
just to Rama over time Red Rum is the only  

00:32:04,020 –> 00:32:08,340
red herring in there yeah the 
red herring red rum Red Rum yeah

00:32:10,740 –> 00:32:11,240

00:32:13,260 –> 00:32:21,180
all right I actually wanted to see if I can 
find it I just wanted to this is a fabulous  

00:32:21,180 –> 00:32:29,580
look if you’re curious about Ramadan yeah it’s 
fabulous and I just wanted to read the opening  

00:32:29,580 –> 00:32:36,720
to the forward because it’s really it’s just 
so Martin Kate who is um one of the founder and  

00:32:36,720 –> 00:32:41,880
owners of Smuggler Cove in San Francisco which is 
an amazing rum bar if you’re ever in San Francisco  

00:32:41,880 –> 00:32:46,980
God they have what like 500 rums or something they 
have three different bars across three different  

00:32:46,980 –> 00:32:53,880
floors they have a rum club actually where if 
you try I think it’s every room they have maybe  

00:32:53,880 –> 00:32:58,800
right if you try every rum they have and not in a 
certain period of time or anything like that and  

00:32:58,800 –> 00:33:05,040
actually probably not allowed to be too short of a 
period um but do it all tonight but if you do that  

00:33:05,040 –> 00:33:10,560
and they have a ways to keep track you and they 
actually take you on a trip to like one of the  

00:33:10,560 –> 00:33:15,840
rum making regions or islands and everyone who’s 
done that in the last year gets to go on a trip  

00:33:15,840 –> 00:33:20,820
I think you get like a jacket that has like the 
name of their Club on it that was the Riddler uh  

00:33:20,820 –> 00:33:24,960
oh the jacket was the Riddler yeah and I was like 
wait you get to go on a trip to the Caribbean if  

00:33:24,960 –> 00:33:30,600
you do it here and yeah at this place you only 
get a jacket yeah so the forward to this is by  

00:33:30,600 –> 00:33:35,700
the owner of this um bar which is amazing but it 
says it’s hard to underestimate the importance of  

00:33:35,700 –> 00:33:40,620
rum indeed there has scarcely been a moment in 
the last three centuries when Rome hasn’t been  

00:33:40,620 –> 00:33:48,180
at the center of Commerce nation building Wars 
at sea or Wars in court no other Spirit can tell  

00:33:48,180 –> 00:33:53,280
so many tales of Triumph and tragedy on his long 
journey alongside the development of the new world  

00:33:53,280 –> 00:33:58,980
it has transformed itself to match Regional taste 
consumer demand and Commercial pressures often it  

00:33:58,980 –> 00:34:05,820
has soared at times it has fallen it has enslaved 
and liberated it has been a hero a villain and a  

00:34:05,820 –> 00:34:11,520
scapegoat but the story of RAM godan like it 
just it gives me goosebumps because it’s just  

00:34:11,520 –> 00:34:15,540
so many people you know when we’re drinking we’re 
just drinking for effect and we’re like I thought  

00:34:15,540 –> 00:34:20,700
a hard day I want to have a drink and get drunk 
but like if you stop to think a little bit about  

00:34:21,540 –> 00:34:27,780
where this comes from and everything it’s been 
a part of in our history and you know in a lot  

00:34:27,780 –> 00:34:31,980
of spirit comedy is histories tequila is another 
great example of like a lot of historical pieces  

00:34:31,980 –> 00:34:37,860
to it um but it really just for me for us 
and this is why I found at the graphic ass  

00:34:38,940 –> 00:34:43,380
um just transports you while you’re drinking 
makes you have an appreciation makes you slow  

00:34:43,380 –> 00:34:47,700
down and savor it a little bit more makes you 
feel more connected to other people in the world  

00:34:48,540 –> 00:34:52,980
um and I just feel like rum is like 
the darling child of that yeah I mean  

00:34:52,980 –> 00:34:58,500
really there are a few things out there 
that are associated with as much [Music]  

00:34:58,500 –> 00:35:06,120
um life and death as rum I mean maybe 
like the Gutenberg Press yeah yeah  

00:35:08,100 –> 00:35:16,500
and you know to talk a little bit about the 
dark history of rum it was very very closely  

00:35:16,500 –> 00:35:23,400
intricated with the slave trade yeah um very 
much so and one of the reasons for that is it’s  

00:35:24,120 –> 00:35:30,180
sugarcane is very water intensive to grow but 
it’s also very labor intensive to grow and  

00:35:30,180 –> 00:35:36,300
harvest like very labor intensive um and while as 
you know these explorers were discovering these  

00:35:36,300 –> 00:35:41,160
Caribbean islands they saw that stuff was 
growing and the water intensivity was there  

00:35:41,160 –> 00:35:45,420
there’s plenty of water in Caribbean islands they 
had the water to grow it they did not have the  

00:35:45,420 –> 00:35:50,880
labor to really grow it in Harvest it and turn it 
into a commercial kind of trading and at the time  

00:35:50,880 –> 00:35:56,340
you know sugar was as valuable as spices so the 
spice trade right sugar was as valuable as that  

00:35:56,340 –> 00:36:00,840
and so it was opportunistic for these explorers 
to figure out how to get more sugar how to plant  

00:36:00,840 –> 00:36:06,060
more sugar cane how to get more out of this and 
as they did this you know and they realized how  

00:36:06,060 –> 00:36:10,980
much labor they needed the slaves were already 
on their shifts was an obvious answer and then  

00:36:10,980 –> 00:36:16,440
starting to bring more slaves over just to work 
the sugar cane fields and then it became even  

00:36:16,440 –> 00:36:23,100
more deeply kind of in this because the 
byproduct of making sugar with molasses  

00:36:23,100 –> 00:36:27,420
and what happened and really kind of part of 
where you know the rum popularity came from is  

00:36:28,140 –> 00:36:33,180
some molasses was sitting on the side someone 
added a little water to it some native yeast from  

00:36:33,180 –> 00:36:39,780
the air got into it it fermented and they started 
to distill it you know someone smartly came over  

00:36:39,780 –> 00:36:45,540
and said let’s kind of turn this into and then 
this was you know at the beginning it was actually  

00:36:45,540 –> 00:36:51,720
kind of a slave alcohol like it was cheap it was a 
byproduct of sugar the explorers and the colonists  

00:36:51,720 –> 00:36:55,860
weren’t really interested in it because that’s not 
what they were selling and so the slaves started  

00:36:55,860 –> 00:37:00,600
to kind of make this for themselves and then all 
of a sudden the slave Traders wanted some and then  

00:37:00,600 –> 00:37:05,100
all of a sudden the colonists wanted some and 
now all of a sudden you needed more slaves to  

00:37:05,100 –> 00:37:11,400
make this but the slaves also had demand for 
it and so it was this really vicious cycle of  

00:37:12,000 –> 00:37:19,140
you know supporting a horrific part of our history 
where rum really came from and that’s really how  

00:37:19,140 –> 00:37:25,260
it got up into New England as well as you know New 
England was a very key part of the Sleep trade and  

00:37:25,260 –> 00:37:28,920
um as you know things were coming up there 
and they’d get some rum they’d bring rum up  

00:37:28,920 –> 00:37:32,760
and they’d sell rum to the new englanders and 
the new englanders very quickly realized like  

00:37:32,760 –> 00:37:37,140
hey why are we buying rum from them why don’t 
we buy molasses from them they have all this  

00:37:37,140 –> 00:37:41,940
molasses like can we buy the Molasses for cheap 
bring it up here and we’ll distill it ourselves  

00:37:42,720 –> 00:37:45,780
um and so that’s really how rum became 
so prominent in New England as well  

00:37:46,980 –> 00:37:52,800
um so it does have a dark and stormy history dark 
and stormy is also a delicious cocktail that you  

00:37:52,800 –> 00:37:59,100
can make with Rome it’s sad that there’s so many 
connections like that too yeah um but yeah but  

00:37:59,100 –> 00:38:06,900
it is a beautiful drink that that we are very 
grateful is is here for us to enjoy and yeah

00:38:09,240 –> 00:38:14,040
raising a glass to the 
hardships that helps create this

00:38:18,000 –> 00:38:27,180
uh so moving on to our last spirit this 
is the Aged 15 year so if there’s room and  

00:38:28,320 –> 00:38:38,640
by contrast to aged Spirits in more Northerly 
latitudes like bourbon in Kentucky or uh scotch  

00:38:38,640 –> 00:38:46,200
in Scotland when you’re aging spirited in a 
private the tropical climate the intense heat  

00:38:46,200 –> 00:38:53,100
that you really don’t get much of an abatement 
from accelerates this process tremendously the  

00:38:53,100 –> 00:38:59,460
blue label is simply aged for I think three years 
and the development of flavor in this I think  

00:38:59,460 –> 00:39:07,680
you’ll all agree is pretty like remarkable um and 
they do say that in um because it’s so humid and  

00:39:07,680 –> 00:39:13,860
it’s so hot in the regions where they’re making 
rum and Asian rum that like a three-year rum is  

00:39:13,860 –> 00:39:18,540
kind of equivalent to maybe like a five or six 
year age with teeth or that the aging process is  

00:39:18,540 –> 00:39:27,420
faster right this 15 year by extension is like a 
30 year old Dodge perhaps I think Forbes magazine  

00:39:27,420 –> 00:39:35,040
or orbs is actually called this the single Malta 
runs okay I wouldn’t be surprised yeah yeah  

00:39:35,820 –> 00:39:40,200
um and the other reason why I think these have 
such a depth of flavor is those wooden pot Stills  

00:39:41,040 –> 00:39:43,980
um you know versus ones that are being 
made in column Stills that don’t have  

00:39:43,980 –> 00:39:49,620
that Advantage so for a younger rum it’s 
still really drinks well beyond its weight

00:40:04,440 –> 00:40:09,900
yeah that’s like the best of both worlds you’ve 
got the sweetness and the spice and the intensity  

00:40:10,620 –> 00:40:16,740
but you’ve also got a lot of roundness because 
it’s not as high proof as the gunpowder

00:40:21,000 –> 00:40:22,740
what do you think

00:40:27,420 –> 00:40:33,060
dried apricot coffee um there’s almost like

00:40:35,940 –> 00:40:36,940
um [Music]

00:40:40,260 –> 00:40:45,840
you’ll have to remember Evan’s a trained sommelier 
so he has a palette and sometimes I have to we’ll  

00:40:45,840 –> 00:40:48,960
be sitting there having some wine and I’m like 
have you piece of this yet it’s been like 20  

00:40:48,960 –> 00:40:54,540
minutes and so but it’s fun to hear him what he’s 
smelling what he’s tasting and just because he’s a  

00:40:54,540 –> 00:41:01,080
transmelier does not mean he’s right sorry honey 
but um it just means that he has more practice  

00:41:01,080 –> 00:41:07,440
identifying things like this and it’s really fun 
actually once he says something to just go see if  

00:41:07,440 –> 00:41:11,100
you can find it and you might not be able to and 
part of the reason you might not be able to find  

00:41:11,100 –> 00:41:15,000
it is because you’re not familiar with it right 
like if you don’t eat dried apricots you’re not  

00:41:15,000 –> 00:41:19,560
going to find dried apricots in here um so but it 
is it can be a fun Challenge and that’s actually  

00:41:19,560 –> 00:41:25,560
one of the ways that my palette has improved over 
the years that I’ve known him is I listen to what  

00:41:25,560 –> 00:41:29,580
he’s saying and then I go challenge my brain to 
be like can you find that can you identify that  

00:41:29,580 –> 00:41:33,420
and then the next time I do it myself when 
he’s not around all of a sudden I can find  

00:41:33,420 –> 00:41:38,640
some of those things um so it’s it’s really 
fun to hear what he’s doing and you know I  

00:41:38,640 –> 00:41:44,040
feel like a lot of the same notes that we’ve 
been discussing in the first few are present  

00:41:44,040 –> 00:41:51,360
here it’s just there’s a measure of integration 
that I’m finding that is not surprising given the  

00:41:51,360 –> 00:41:57,120
amount of time it’s aged and I feel like that’s 
one of the reasons that you age a spirit is the  

00:41:57,120 –> 00:42:05,340
flavor of profiles become less disjointed and 
allowed for a smoother rounder kind of experience  

00:42:06,420 –> 00:42:13,320
um which by you know contrast about something 
more difficult to pick out the individual players  

00:42:13,320 –> 00:42:19,080
yeah for sure yeah and they look like Jen agrees 
this is the first one that’s not too large and  

00:42:19,080 –> 00:42:27,060
yeah and it is it’s much smoother um for me it 
almost like Falls a little slap in comparison to  

00:42:27,060 –> 00:42:31,920
these two just because it is so well integrated 
and it is so smooth I like a little bit of like  

00:42:31,920 –> 00:42:39,120
the prominence of the flavor profiles and 
Aromas and the first two um but it is very  

00:42:40,860 –> 00:42:46,320
very nice oh Phyllis gets Oak and spice 
and vanilla a lot of that is from the  

00:42:46,320 –> 00:42:51,240
barrel aging that’s great yep and then orange 
orange zest nice let me see if I can find that

00:42:54,720 –> 00:42:58,080
yeah I can kind of see that that oiliness

00:43:03,840 –> 00:43:09,600
I do get a little like citrusy I can see where 
you’re you’re going with that that’s really fun  

00:43:09,600 –> 00:43:13,440
and that’s a really fun thing to do too like in 
your tasting Spirit whenever you’re gonna make a  

00:43:13,440 –> 00:43:18,840
cocktail if you haven’t tasted the spirit on its 
own before you make the cocktail always taste the  

00:43:18,840 –> 00:43:23,280
spirit first because that right there finding 
like oh there’s a little orange zestiness and  

00:43:23,280 –> 00:43:28,860
it can inspire you to garnish it differently to 
maybe use a different like liqueur with it than  

00:43:28,860 –> 00:43:32,280
you were planning on using it’s just like cooking 
you wouldn’t cook with it you didn’t know what  

00:43:32,280 –> 00:43:37,260
they tasted like same thing goes for Spirits 
so it’s really important to kind of do that

00:43:39,600 –> 00:43:46,920
is a Navy rum how did we do here yes it is not 
any rum that is provided by the Navy good job  

00:43:46,920 –> 00:43:51,600
no one picks that one um it is actually 
the technical like definition that leads  

00:43:51,600 –> 00:43:55,860
according to Pusser’s Rama is that it’s a rum 
that is distilled in wooden box builds that that  

00:43:55,860 –> 00:44:01,440
is the designation there however I have read 
in other places that being at least 57 proof  

00:44:01,440 –> 00:44:07,380
makes it one I don’t know if that’s true because 
this isn’t 57 proof um and I do feel like you’ll  

00:44:07,380 –> 00:44:13,500
also find rums that are navy style rum and so 
that’s one of the things that might delineate  

00:44:14,640 –> 00:44:20,520
um whether it’s actually just built in 
a wooden pot still right a Navy rather  

00:44:20,520 –> 00:44:24,540
than a Navy style room right yeah and 
then you also see Navy straight from

00:44:26,880 –> 00:44:32,640
right and that’s usually really just talking about 
the fruit um and you find Navy experience gyms too  

00:44:32,640 –> 00:44:37,200
I believe sometimes yeah I think your spirit 
works next month um and the one that’s maybe  

00:44:37,200 –> 00:44:41,580
Admiral specifications but through drum was made 
for the Admiral specifications since the Admiral  

00:44:41,580 –> 00:44:47,040
does not specify anything anymore that is no 
longer part of it um but yeah still it is it’s  

00:44:47,040 –> 00:44:52,020
in a blender drama I believe that it is I believe 
all of the third drums are blanket runs I actually  

00:44:52,020 –> 00:44:58,980
think they have five different um rums spills 
essentially making rums and they’re all Blended  

00:44:58,980 –> 00:45:08,220
from yeah yeah they have spills in Diana in BVI 
and perhaps also even in North Carolina I’m not  

00:45:08,220 –> 00:45:11,640
sure if they have the bills in North Carolina why 
do you think so oh that’s where their headquarters  

00:45:11,640 –> 00:45:17,940
I don’t think they do I think all of the ram 
is made and distilled in the Caribbean yeah

00:45:20,400 –> 00:45:21,420
yeah for sure

00:45:25,320 –> 00:45:34,140
these are delicious yeah I I do agree 
though that there’s a challenge about  

00:45:34,140 –> 00:45:42,180
really appreciating something that has this kind 
of Polish and finish to it because while it’s a  

00:45:42,180 –> 00:45:50,640
little bit more walkable maybe there’s not quite 
as much uh curiosity inspiring components sure

00:45:53,880 –> 00:45:56,820
I’m just going to say something I totally 
lost my parents out what did you start  

00:45:56,820 –> 00:46:03,900
saying in the beginning someone’s smelling 
something good polish I don’t remember it  

00:46:03,900 –> 00:46:06,180
was when I was going to talk a little 
bit of our tasting technique some one  

00:46:06,180 –> 00:46:10,020
of our tasting techniques I think 
I was going to mention uh um yeah

00:46:13,320 –> 00:46:19,020
should we make our cocktails I think so is 
it cocktail making yeah so and for those  

00:46:19,020 –> 00:46:24,900
of you who do not have um the kit where you got 
everything that you needed to kind of make this  

00:46:25,920 –> 00:46:29,880
um if you want to play along and you happen 
to have these ingredients at home I know I  

00:46:29,880 –> 00:46:35,400
emailed it out earlier as well and it was on 
our events page and things of that nature but  

00:46:35,400 –> 00:46:39,600
um you need pineapple juice you need 
coconut cream which is different than  

00:46:39,600 –> 00:46:43,080
coconut milk although you could probably use 
coconut milk if that’s what you have at home  

00:46:44,280 –> 00:46:47,760
um maybe I just wouldn’t stir the coconut 
milk and just take a little bit of that creamy  

00:46:48,480 –> 00:46:56,160
creamiest like top part that you know coagulates 
um so coconut cream pineapple juice orange juice  

00:46:56,160 –> 00:47:03,000
and um rum and Nutmeg and if you have some 
cocktail cherries that would be great too or  

00:47:03,000 –> 00:47:09,300
a slice of pineapple but that’s kind of everything 
you need to do this if you have your kit um grab  

00:47:09,300 –> 00:47:13,560
your coconut cream and start shaking it for an 
hour you’re going to want to do this shake it up  

00:47:13,560 –> 00:47:21,300
for a little bit and then you’ll also need a can 
opener um or one of those I always call them Hi-C  

00:47:21,300 –> 00:47:25,440
the heisty thing I found when I was a kid they 
would always my mom would puncture of a high c  

00:47:26,880 –> 00:47:31,020
um what does it mean when 
someone says place the main brace  

00:47:32,940 –> 00:47:37,440
it actually means all of these things um today it 
means let’s have a drink so if someone says today  

00:47:37,440 –> 00:47:42,600
probably in England I would imagine probably not 
going to hear this in the States but if someone  

00:47:42,600 –> 00:47:47,520
says you hey slice the main brace and he’s like 
let’s go get a drink but it did you it technically  

00:47:47,520 –> 00:47:54,180
means in seafaring terms to trim the largest and 
heaviest sale on the ship but then the people who  

00:47:54,180 –> 00:47:59,580
were doing that in those days were given a double 
issue of rum for a job well done because they had  

00:47:59,580 –> 00:48:04,920
a very hard job um so you would say you know it’s 
like the brace and they’d get two two rations of  

00:48:04,920 –> 00:48:10,500
Rome all right so first off we are gonna squeeze 
some orange in here I’m just looking for an  

00:48:10,500 –> 00:48:20,460
ounce of this um my Citrus press does not quite 
fit a full half of an orange so I’m gonna just  

00:48:20,460 –> 00:48:26,100
gently do this by hand you’ve got a four candies 
sometimes that’ll be a helpful way to uh yeah

00:48:28,980 –> 00:48:29,820
squeeze it out

00:48:36,180 –> 00:48:41,640
I guess you could put a quarter of the orange 
to put it yeah but actually you know what  

00:48:42,660 –> 00:48:46,080
am I grabbing that I’m just gonna 
record this because this is slow going  

00:48:47,280 –> 00:48:54,180
and squeezed hand squeeze is a little slow 
going well I’m trying to be too precise and  

00:48:54,180 –> 00:48:59,280
not make a mess and just get it all 
right in the in the shot glass here

00:49:11,940 –> 00:49:16,680
it didn’t give me nearly as much juice around so 
I would call it those the painkiller cocktail is  

00:49:16,680 –> 00:49:21,120
an interesting cocktail um if they trademarked 
cocktail there aren’t very many of these in the  

00:49:21,120 –> 00:49:27,000
world there are a few um and so Mrs Rome has 
actually trademarked this cocktail and what  

00:49:27,000 –> 00:49:32,100
that means is if you are making money off 
of this cocktail if you are you have it on  

00:49:32,100 –> 00:49:37,860
a bar restaurant or a restaurant menu a bar menu 
anywhere like that it has to be made to put those  

00:49:37,860 –> 00:49:43,200
rocks you cannot make it with any other world 
they can come and sue you and take your house yeah  

00:49:44,100 –> 00:49:47,640
um if you’re making a painkiller at home of 
course you can make it with whatever room you want  

00:49:48,540 –> 00:49:54,600
um but it is really it is a putzer’s rum cocktail 
um and I didn’t know that when I first started  

00:49:54,600 –> 00:50:00,000
drinking them I just started you know seeing them 
on menus and ordering them out and I I’ve been  

00:50:00,000 –> 00:50:05,100
referring to it for a very long time as like the 
grown-up pina colada and the reason I feel that  

00:50:05,100 –> 00:50:11,580
way is not because I think kids should drink pina 
coladas um but I feel like you know when you’re  

00:50:11,580 –> 00:50:17,400
in your call in college and in your 20s you know 
you’re not worrying about things like calories or  

00:50:17,400 –> 00:50:23,400
you know sweetness or anything like that and so I 
would drink pina coladas all the time and I would  

00:50:23,400 –> 00:50:30,840
just be this big Frozen like decadent dessert 
essentially you know um and as I got older I  

00:50:30,840 –> 00:50:35,220
really wanted pina coladas but I couldn’t you know 
I’d have one and maybe I wanted more than that and  

00:50:35,220 –> 00:50:40,560
it just felt like a dessert it felt very heavy 
it felt very like a lot um and so what I love  

00:50:40,560 –> 00:50:48,180
about the painkiller is it’s kind of just like 
a thinner lighter like less caloric you know and  

00:50:48,180 –> 00:50:52,680
it’s funny that I’m saying that because I don’t 
know is I am not I don’t diet like I’m not I’m not  

00:50:52,680 –> 00:50:57,960
one of those people I am very comfortable eating 
things and drinking things that I want to but you  

00:50:57,960 –> 00:51:01,620
know I like to have a couple of drinks when I’m 
sitting by the pool and I can have a couple of  

00:51:01,620 –> 00:51:06,120
painkillers I can’t have a couple of pina coladas 
they just like fill my belly and make me feel  

00:51:06,120 –> 00:51:12,420
gross after a while because there’s so much kind 
of thickness yeah going on there so I really like  

00:51:12,420 –> 00:51:18,360
these because they give me that same vacationy 
Vibe of a pina colada but a little bit later um  

00:51:18,360 –> 00:51:24,420
the story behind the origination of this cocktail 
seemed like grabbing the strainer there thank you

00:51:27,240 –> 00:51:35,940
comes from the British Virgin Islands and 
and the owner of posters at the time had  

00:51:35,940 –> 00:51:43,020
learned of this cocktail being made by the 
owner of a bar called the Soggy Dollar Bar  

00:51:43,680 –> 00:51:52,080
and the Soggy Dollar Bar is located on Joe’s 
Van Dyke Island uh on the white Bay Park  

00:51:52,860 –> 00:51:57,000
but there’s no doc on Joe’s Van Dyke 
and so the only way to get to the bar  

00:51:57,600 –> 00:52:03,540
was to dive in the water and swim up making 
your dollars foggy hence the name of the bar  

00:52:04,860 –> 00:52:09,480
um and he came to visit her and told her 
you know love what you’re doing what I love  

00:52:09,480 –> 00:52:15,240
that you’re making this uh cocktail that you’re 
locally famous for in this or in the painkillers  

00:52:15,900 –> 00:52:20,340
and um because you know he 
had invested time and money  

00:52:22,140 –> 00:52:27,600
in the posters and making this you know beautiful 
representation of the British Royal Navy’s uh  

00:52:27,600 –> 00:52:32,880
famous famous rum he wanted to know what was 
in it and she refused them and refused them and  

00:52:32,880 –> 00:52:41,100
refused them and then one day after they’ve become 
friends and uh he had been visiting time and in  

00:52:41,100 –> 00:52:48,960
time again he finally got our cocktail over the 
surf and out to his boat and brought it home and  

00:52:49,560 –> 00:52:55,260
started to essentially reverse into the reverse 
engineering and he figured out a recipe that he  

00:52:55,260 –> 00:53:02,460
felt was pretty close and uh brought it in to 
the bar the next day and shared it with her  

00:53:03,060 –> 00:53:08,520
and um then shared it with the rest of the 
bar patrons and they all actually liked  

00:53:08,520 –> 00:53:14,160
his recipe a little bit more oh damn um and 
that’s what this recipe eventually came into  

00:53:14,160 –> 00:53:21,480
uh I do understand that he’s always given her 
credit for this her name was Daphne Henderson  

00:53:22,920 –> 00:53:30,840
um and so I feel like that’s kind of you know 
that’s cute that despite all the trouble that  

00:53:30,840 –> 00:53:36,480
she gave him about finding what this or what this 
recipe was going to be he’s still giving her the  

00:53:36,480 –> 00:53:42,780
credit that you do yeah um so I just added 
after the ounce of orange juice I added an  

00:53:42,780 –> 00:53:49,500
ounce of the coconut cream and now I’m 
gonna add an ounce of pineapple juice

00:53:51,660 –> 00:53:55,200
oh I’m sorry four ounces of the pound yeah 
four ounces of pineapple is my mistake  

00:53:55,800 –> 00:54:01,560
for one cocktail and normally you can make two 
cocktails in one Shaker but because this is a  

00:54:01,560 –> 00:54:05,700
sizeable a sizable cocktail the four ounces of 
pineapple juice you would recommend if you’re  

00:54:05,700 –> 00:54:10,140
making both of them to make them in two separate 
shakers or make them one after another yeah  

00:54:10,140 –> 00:54:15,660
um it’s going to be a little full otherwise um 
how many rooms distilleries were there in New  

00:54:15,660 –> 00:54:22,800
England by the mid 1700s 100 rum distilleries in 
New England in the 1700s I don’t know if there’s  

00:54:22,800 –> 00:54:26,940
a hundred distilleries in New England today like 
I mean there probably are but it’s like really  

00:54:26,940 –> 00:54:33,300
and at the time the 13 colonies the population 
at that time was 1.5 million so that means there  

00:54:33,300 –> 00:54:40,560
was one Distillery for every 15 000 people is 
that crazy that’s smart like like it was like  

00:54:40,560 –> 00:54:47,820
New England was a rum hotbed like people don’t 
people don’t know this crazy so after the four  

00:54:47,820 –> 00:54:52,200
ounces of pineapple juice I just added two ounces 
of a Pusser’s blue label you could probably make  

00:54:52,200 –> 00:54:59,400
this with the gunpowder or the 15 year but uh 
the traditional recipe calls for the blue label  

00:54:59,940 –> 00:55:06,300
and then I’m gonna prepare my glassware because 
you always want to make sure your glassware is  

00:55:06,300 –> 00:55:11,880
all set to go before you add ice and start 
diluting your beverage yeah it’s over here

00:55:13,980 –> 00:55:17,700
yeah oh yeah I threw it was in there

00:55:20,520 –> 00:55:24,960
um but you know what I don’t 
have a suitable thank you

00:55:35,760 –> 00:55:38,460
and our little maraschino cherries

00:55:41,760 –> 00:55:43,800
these are made by filthy I believe

00:55:45,900 –> 00:55:52,260
I believe not marriage yeah they really yeah 
the color the colors yeah we are not fans of  

00:55:52,260 –> 00:55:57,120
maraschino cherries maraschino cherries are 
for Shirley temples um there are much better  

00:55:57,120 –> 00:56:00,900
cocktail cherries out there nowadays and 
actually we have looked artery here because  

00:56:02,160 –> 00:56:07,200
um use one of those so I’m gonna make 
basically a flag but with a pineapple  

00:56:07,200 –> 00:56:13,980
instead of an orange which is essentially 
just wrapping the pineapple around the Cherry  

00:56:14,760 –> 00:56:20,700
and then sticking that right 
through there and he’s gonna

00:56:25,800 –> 00:56:33,300
put a little wedge here to put it on the side 
of the glass give it a hole and now that I got  

00:56:33,300 –> 00:56:38,640
my garnished it’s time to share with you the 
other fun part of a true painkiller which is  

00:56:39,660 –> 00:56:47,460
crush ice um they make these handy dandy little 
burlap canvas Stacks that you can then fillify  

00:56:47,460 –> 00:56:53,100
and take a mallet smash the heck out of it 
I already did that because it would make a  

00:56:53,100 –> 00:56:58,500
racket if you want to do this at home you can 
use a Ziploc bag you can put a towel around it  

00:56:58,500 –> 00:57:02,760
though because the plastic can get kind of holes 
in it you can use a small cast iron pan or small  

00:57:02,760 –> 00:57:06,360
pan to whale away at it it’s a nice way to get 
a little aggression out at the end of your week  

00:57:07,140 –> 00:57:13,440
um to crush up some ice and you’ll see he 
is really kind of it’s a lot of whenever  

00:57:13,440 –> 00:57:17,460
you use crushed ice you’re really filling 
the glass completely with crushed ice um

00:57:20,220 –> 00:57:30,180
and then we’ll fill our sacred twins you guys all 
got this whole thing right England loving attacks  

00:57:30,180 –> 00:57:35,220
on molasses you’re paying attention hey all right 
yeah we did kind of give that one away huh oh wait  

00:57:35,220 –> 00:57:41,640
I did that was all right that’s okay now Phyllis 
says the Soggy dollar Beach Bar BVI has a live  

00:57:41,640 –> 00:57:46,560
webcam I do feel like I’ve know that I feel like 
I’ve heard something about that before that they  

00:57:46,560 –> 00:57:54,240
have a live webcam there that’s kind of funny all 
right now I’ve got my garnish on my iced goblet  

00:57:55,500 –> 00:57:58,320
and I added my ice and now 
you shake the heck out of it

00:58:03,300 –> 00:58:09,300
so another thing he’s thinking he’s not just 
going like this he’s kind of moving around and  

00:58:09,300 –> 00:58:13,200
so the idea when you’re shaking the cocktail is 
you actually really want to create chaos in there  

00:58:13,200 –> 00:58:18,660
so you don’t want the ice just going from top to 
bottom from top to bottom you want it hitting the  

00:58:18,660 –> 00:58:23,220
sides and pinging all around and so finding using 
your wrists a little bit and really getting your  

00:58:23,220 –> 00:58:28,560
arms in there is important for proper cocktail 
shaking and you don’t ever want a cocktail Shake  

00:58:28,560 –> 00:58:34,260
over the side like feel quiet and trying to be 
like don’t anyone watch me uncut like you want  

00:58:34,260 –> 00:58:37,740
to make a party out of it because when people hear 
that noise that’s where the party is so you want  

00:58:37,740 –> 00:58:42,840
to find your cocktail shaking Groove and smile and 
have a little dance and yeah get into it have a  

00:58:42,840 –> 00:58:49,260
good time that pitter patter of ice and the Shaker 
chain is like the most appetizing sound out there  

00:58:51,060 –> 00:58:59,280
look at that yeah well I think 
that’s yours first lady my lady

00:59:04,080 –> 00:59:09,840
cheers everyone I hope you made a nice little 
a beautiful cocktail for yourself as well

00:59:10,920 –> 00:59:15,600
let me turn our cameras on we 
can see what what’s going on  

00:59:16,860 –> 00:59:22,740
well since you’ve got a cocktail I’ll 
cheers you with the age 15. yeah cheers

00:59:31,800 –> 00:59:34,920
now I’m on vacation and it’s 
funny because we actually are  

00:59:34,920 –> 00:59:39,060
going on vacation next week this is 
perfect starting our vacation off

00:59:43,320 –> 00:59:49,860
hey great job yes new immigrants from grain 
growing regions yes that is the reason why um rum  

00:59:49,860 –> 00:59:55,140
kind of lost on popularity the rum shortage caused 
by wartime use of molasses also was a thing for  

00:59:55,140 –> 01:00:02,040
sure but that kind of happened you know a little 
bit a little bit earlier than that um the great  

01:00:02,040 –> 01:00:05,460
molasses blood in Boston had nothing to do with 
it but I just had to squeeze that in somewhere

01:00:07,560 –> 01:00:09,600
they ran out of a loungers no

01:00:12,720 –> 01:00:15,480
all right now we’re ready to go happy hour time

01:00:17,580 –> 01:00:25,680
yeah anybody that would like to just chat with 
us yeah get on video to be an analyst and then  

01:00:25,680 –> 01:00:29,280
you can turn your camera on and unmute 
yourself and yeah and I’ll just I’m gonna  

01:00:29,280 –> 01:00:33,300
invite everyone to be a panelist and if you 
get invited and you don’t want to turn your  

01:00:33,300 –> 01:00:37,860
camera on and you just want to stay the way you 
are and keep listening that’s totally fine too  

01:00:38,820 –> 01:00:42,660
um and if you missed the 
invitation we’ll come around again  

01:00:43,200 –> 01:00:48,240
just you know let me know just say hey I missed 
it can you make me can you invite me today

01:00:51,240 –> 01:00:53,820
gotta gotta finder where I 
can do this first here we go

01:01:09,740 –> 01:01:10,740

01:01:10,740 –> 01:01:13,620
yeah there’s more left than I thought lucky news

01:01:22,080 –> 01:01:29,340
okay hey compadre what’s up guys Cheers Cheers  

01:01:29,940 –> 01:01:41,460
cheers oh what am I what am I drinking out of 
my uh Glenn Karen cool nice love it hey Zach  

01:01:42,900 –> 01:01:50,940
hey there I’m getting set up still a little bit 
no worries Jay did you try all three of these  

01:01:52,200 –> 01:01:58,140
um I’m gonna try uh after I’m done with the gun 
smoke I’m gonna hit the 15th well so I’m trying  

01:01:58,140 –> 01:02:05,520
to enjoy this at uh Max you know I like I like 
sipping that slow and I just slide it over right  

01:02:06,600 –> 01:02:12,600
yeah for sure and then to get into that 
15 and really uh enjoy it with y’all  

01:02:13,680 –> 01:02:18,240
again I’m glad that the Aged one 
was uh a little bit more tear-liking  

01:02:19,320 –> 01:02:26,460
yeah um did it help to add um water into the 
first two at all Jen did you like them a little  

01:02:26,460 –> 01:02:32,880
more when you did that uh yeah I think I think 
too I haven’t drank like straight liquor in so  

01:02:32,880 –> 01:02:39,660
long yeah it smacked me in the face a little 
bit but uh the third one was a lot smoother I  

01:02:39,660 –> 01:02:46,320
did end up adding a little water I also ended 
up a little Coke Zero too okay Ramen Cokes are  

01:02:46,320 –> 01:02:51,180
delicious they sure are I really like I like the 
dark and stormys with ginger beer yeah my favorite  

01:02:52,800 –> 01:02:59,580
how do I feel like there’s a similar story 
about dark and stormy being proprietary too  

01:03:00,360 –> 01:03:05,220
maybe I’m not sure if it’s trademarked but I 
do feel like there’s a very strong sentiment  

01:03:05,220 –> 01:03:15,780
that that has to be um goslings is that right 
maybe it is Gosling that does sound familiar and  

01:03:15,780 –> 01:03:20,640
now that you’re saying it intended to be yes 
yeah anyway that does kind of sound familiar  

01:03:20,640 –> 01:03:23,820
wait do you remember do you 
remember your joke for Zach

01:03:25,860 –> 01:03:30,600
remember last but we last month at the disco 
party we were like wait we have a rum joke  

01:03:30,600 –> 01:03:35,940
for Zach but we’re not going to tell you until 
next I kind of remember it but I don’t remember

01:03:39,300 –> 01:03:46,200
oh yeah oh I don’t remember how it like yeah 
we’re building it up too much it’s not that good  

01:03:46,200 –> 01:03:50,280
don’t forget about it it’s not that bad though 
either you’re building it up we’re building it  

01:03:50,280 –> 01:03:57,540
up he’s gonna look it up all right sounds good I’m 
sure it’ll be worth the wait [Music] how are you  

01:03:57,540 –> 01:04:01,860
guys doing do you have any fun summer vacations 
taking any summer vacations what’s everyone up to

01:04:04,260 –> 01:04:11,520
uh no nothing over eating over here for for us 
we’re being boring just suffering through the  

01:04:11,520 –> 01:04:17,520
humid Summers of Massachusetts today was actually 
the first nice day we’ve had in a while it has  

01:04:17,520 –> 01:04:25,440
rained if like it feels like we were in Knoxville 
we uh we went to a Sox game last night and sat in  

01:04:25,440 –> 01:04:31,800
the rain the whole time ah but we were the fourth 
row away like fourth row off of Home Base so  

01:04:33,780 –> 01:04:39,000
yeah yeah I don’t know what works in in the summer 
in Massachusetts I’m like would I rather sit in  

01:04:39,000 –> 01:04:44,580
the rain or would I rather fit into like hot humid 
grossness without the rain like I don’t know like  

01:04:44,580 –> 01:04:51,660
yeah I guess it gets a little old being wet after 
a little while though yes because it’s not for  

01:04:51,660 –> 01:04:55,320
a little while because they keep taking a break 
and taking a break and you’re just sitting there  

01:04:55,320 –> 01:05:00,960
getting rained on now and they’re all inside like 
hanging out waiting for the rain to stop you know  

01:05:00,960 –> 01:05:07,020
well luckily we didn’t have any rain delays 
but uh yeah yeah I was surprised though it  

01:05:07,020 –> 01:05:14,220
came down kind of heavy a couple times yeah 
oh are you doing read chat yeah so everyone  

01:05:14,220 –> 01:05:20,820
because the spelling is pretty important 
component of it oh so if you want to spell  

01:05:20,820 –> 01:05:29,280
your name that way from now on yes definitely 
I’ll do that at like Starbucks or something  

01:05:29,280 –> 01:05:38,040
that that carry like the drink sorry what 
yeah like the drink I need to name your son  

01:05:38,040 –> 01:05:43,560
that spelling of Zachary yeah you can have 
a juice factory Junior not a junior oh yeah  

01:05:45,000 –> 01:05:52,380
so it’s about spelled the same 10 technically no 
but you know worry about it explaining that to his  

01:05:52,380 –> 01:06:02,160
classmates in like eighth grade well my son yeah 
he works at Chippendales oh gosh horrible horrible  

01:06:02,160 –> 01:06:09,000
no that’s why we didn’t learn about like the 
Boston the Molasses blood and stuff because they  

01:06:09,000 –> 01:06:13,560
just like don’t know how to talk to kids about 
about alcohol yeah and so they’re just like yeah  

01:06:13,560 –> 01:06:18,300
yeah the Tea Party yeah that just they’re like 
molasses a lot they put it under pancakes you  

01:06:18,300 –> 01:06:24,180
know when I found out about like how big rum was 
in Massachusetts and I was like how like I lived  

01:06:24,180 –> 01:06:28,500
there my whole life how did I not know that 
like rum was a Massachusetts thing like yeah

01:06:29,340 –> 01:06:36,720
it was kind of like it flowed the other way with 
the great Molasses Flood because the reason that  

01:06:36,720 –> 01:06:44,220
happened was a combination of I think it was a 
combination of prohibition was about to drop and  

01:06:44,220 –> 01:06:51,300
um they needed it as a to make something for 
Munitions for World War One because that was  

01:06:51,300 –> 01:06:57,720
like all artillery War right and that was part 
of it is it was propellant or an explosive or  

01:06:57,720 –> 01:07:05,040
something like that where they were distilling 
down the um molasses into I think ethanol  

01:07:05,040 –> 01:07:12,240
for the Weaponry instead of foreign alcohol 
instead of just for consumption yeah literally  

01:07:13,740 –> 01:07:18,780
yeah yeah that would be surprising I want to do 
a quick PSA because I forgot just in case some  

01:07:18,780 –> 01:07:24,180
of the others aren’t on video need to leave 
at some point sure um upcoming sixth Scout  

01:07:24,180 –> 01:07:30,360
kids stuff coming up next month is Oktoberfest 
which is always a really fun one because Evan  

01:07:30,360 –> 01:07:36,420
and I put on our journal and Lederhosen we don’t 
like to be cheesy at all that’s not what we do  

01:07:37,260 –> 01:07:41,100
um but that’s a fun one so there’s going to be 
four different American craft beers with our  

01:07:41,100 –> 01:07:44,940
oktoberfestyle beers and some pretzels and some 
Koozies and all sorts of stuff so that will be  

01:07:44,940 –> 01:07:52,440
kind of a fun festive one yes and then in October 
we’re doing an American single malt exploration  

01:07:52,440 –> 01:07:57,720
which is so exciting because American single malt 
is a recent designation it was just made in 2021  

01:07:57,720 –> 01:08:01,920
like what officially an American single malt 
is and there is Makers we’re starting to get  

01:08:01,920 –> 01:08:06,600
into this and so we have six different American 
single malts and they’re hard to find there’s  

01:08:06,600 –> 01:08:10,500
not a lot of American single males that have great 
distribution yet they’re more premium they’re more  

01:08:10,500 –> 01:08:14,940
expensive so it’s hard to really get into this 
new kind of burgeoning slowly growing category  

01:08:14,940 –> 01:08:18,900
so we’re really really excited um and we already 
have three of the makers locked down and some  

01:08:18,900 –> 01:08:22,800
of the makers are going to join us but because 
they’re excited to talk to people and really get  

01:08:22,800 –> 01:08:29,280
to talk about American single malts and growing 
industry category yeah um and then November is  

01:08:29,280 –> 01:08:34,500
wine November’s wine and then and then there’ll be 
some theme related to it we haven’t figured that  

01:08:34,500 –> 01:08:39,960
out yet yeah I haven’t done the job yet and um 
and then in December we’ll do our holiday Mixology  

01:08:39,960 –> 01:08:45,840
party which is always also very fun we’ll make 
three different holiday cocktails and you can bash  

01:08:45,840 –> 01:08:50,880
them and make them for your uh holiday parties 
yeah yeah so we have some exciting stuff coming  

01:08:50,880 –> 01:08:58,020
up we’re very very excited for the future to close 
out this year we’re in the Lederhosen reminds me  

01:08:58,020 –> 01:09:05,040
that you did this last year which makes me think 
as SipScout been going on for a year now it has  

01:09:05,040 –> 01:09:15,360
been yeah okay all right yeah September was our 
first one uh and that was was the first one no we  

01:09:15,360 –> 01:09:20,040
didn’t do October Fest in September we didn’t know 
in October right we did kibble thought wines for  

01:09:20,040 –> 01:09:24,900
the first one that’s right yeah yeah yeah I know 
it’s crazy it’s been a year I can’t believe it’s  

01:09:24,900 –> 01:09:29,760
been we’ve had some good good kits under our belts 
yeah we’re keeping the Oktoberfest on every year  

01:09:30,420 –> 01:09:35,160
um and the holiday Mixology every year because 
we feel like those are forgotten and those are  

01:09:35,160 –> 01:09:40,980
just you know and we like getting to see the new 
Oktoberfest beers each year is as more and more  

01:09:40,980 –> 01:09:48,420
American you know Brewers are starting to make 
those yeah because we really like those styles  

01:09:48,420 –> 01:09:54,240
of beers and we want them to continue making 
them what kind of pretzel are you going to put  

01:09:54,240 –> 01:09:59,040
in the package boy I don’t know it’s hard to beat 
the those ones we had last year yeah we really  

01:09:59,040 –> 01:10:04,020
love those those are really good yeah they’re 
made in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and they’re  

01:10:04,020 –> 01:10:10,920
hard pretzels and they’re just searches I don’t 
know what it is really a hard pretzel person I’m  

01:10:10,920 –> 01:10:15,840
definitely more of a soft pretzel person if we get 
ambitious maybe we’ll uh make soft pretzels make

01:10:16,380 –> 01:10:29,640
so if we get uh ambitious we’ll have 
to we’ll have to Loop you in maybe  

01:10:29,640 –> 01:10:36,360
next year oh I my advice is don’t 
do it I remember the tribulation

01:10:38,640 –> 01:10:45,240
hey you asked about vacations and um one of the 
vacations I took uh nearly 10 years ago probably  

01:10:45,240 –> 01:10:51,960
even more now was to the British Virgin Islands 
where we went to the Pusser’s Distillery you did  

01:10:51,960 –> 01:11:00,840
oh yeah tell us about it that’s cool um so we’re 
we’re out and about like sailing we’re literally  

01:11:00,840 –> 01:11:07,800
sailing around the British Virgin Islands and 
someone says um hey you know like every bar that  

01:11:07,800 –> 01:11:15,600
you go up to uh procedures rum is the rum that 
everyone is using to make uh the rum drinks and  

01:11:15,600 –> 01:11:21,120
then we find out oh the The Distillery is out here 
why don’t we look it up and so we sailed to the  

01:11:21,120 –> 01:11:28,920
island that had it and then we uh went to it took 
a just like a little uh tour not not an in-depth  

01:11:28,920 –> 01:11:36,660
tour had a cocktail outside the uh Distillery and 
then uh we went back to sailing but it was the  

01:11:36,660 –> 01:11:42,120
craziest day it was like a neighborhood like hey 
let’s just go to the brewery that’s over there on  

01:11:42,120 –> 01:11:48,300
that island so we sail to the island it’s just 
yeah so nice that’s lovely we’re we’re trying  

01:11:48,300 –> 01:11:52,440
to get away to go to the crew the Creator this 
fall I don’t know if it’s gonna happen this year  

01:11:52,440 –> 01:11:57,600
but we have a time share actually that we’re 
doing we get the property to shop around and  

01:11:57,600 –> 01:12:01,620
check out new places and so we he’s never been 
to the Caribbean and I’ve only been once yeah  

01:12:02,160 –> 01:12:07,800
um but yeah we’d like to get out there and 
try some rums and hang out on the beach we’ll  

01:12:07,800 –> 01:12:12,420
see yeah Beach vacation is going up on the in 
the in the western part of the country where  

01:12:13,020 –> 01:12:18,000
you know Mexico or Hawaii because you could do it 
in one flight and you never went to Hawaii because  

01:12:18,000 –> 01:12:26,160
your parents weren’t yeah as an adult I did but 
yeah yeah but even when I was in my 20s it just  

01:12:26,160 –> 01:12:32,340
seemed like so much more of a pain to fly all the 
way to you know Miami and then fly somewhere went  

01:12:32,340 –> 01:12:40,320
in yeah yeah I feel like the Caribbean and Hawaii 
are the two Coastal like Beach Island things for  

01:12:40,320 –> 01:12:46,740
the different coasts yeah for sure but it looks 
cool and I’d like to go to some rum distillers  

01:12:46,740 –> 01:12:52,920
yeah me too oh yeah if we come out to go to the 
Caribbean are you guys familiar with the Big East  

01:12:54,000 –> 01:13:02,820
in Western Mass I’ve heard of it oh no you 
haven’t been you have to go oh what is this  

01:13:02,820 –> 01:13:10,080
it’s it’s the eastern states Exposition and 
so it’s like a huge bear and it’s literally  

01:13:10,080 –> 01:13:15,900
all five New England states participate and 
like people come from internationally to go  

01:13:15,900 –> 01:13:19,920
to this like people fly in from like Europe to 
go to the Big East coming in trophy for just a  

01:13:19,920 –> 01:13:25,620
second so she tells this story I’ve heard 
this story and nevertheless not a single  

01:13:25,620 –> 01:13:32,580
person that I know or that she knows that isn’t 
from Western Mass has ever heard of it not true

01:13:32,580 –> 01:13:40,140
but the coolest thing is they have these permanent 
structures these permanent buildings like there’s  

01:13:40,140 –> 01:13:44,280
a Vermont building there’s the main building 
there’s a New Hampshire building and it’s like all  

01:13:44,280 –> 01:13:50,040
the things that make those States the states like 
the foods and the like trades and the like so you  

01:13:50,040 –> 01:13:54,060
go to the main building and you get like a main 
baked potato and you go to the Vermont building  

01:13:54,060 –> 01:14:00,120
and you get apple pie with cheddar cheese you and 
they have great music acts and it’s just awesome  

01:14:01,260 –> 01:14:05,100
it’s the best so but he’s never been and he 
teases me about it all the time so we gotta  

01:14:05,100 –> 01:14:09,840
go not all the time if we come home and 
go to it we’ll let you know you can drive  

01:14:09,840 –> 01:14:15,960
down and meet actually yeah I’ll do some 
good drinking yeah well probably not at  

01:14:15,960 –> 01:14:19,200
the Big E I don’t know whether they have 
yeah they’re good craft stuff at a fair  

01:14:19,200 –> 01:14:25,500
that seems more like a eating Adventure which 
I’m okay with yeah deep fried everything yeah  

01:14:26,580 –> 01:14:35,280
uh I’m sure they’ll be what is it um apple cider 
donut yeah apple cider donuts oh it’s almost time

01:14:35,280 –> 01:14:43,980
that was like one of the ways we got into 
Massachusetts culture was by like you know  

01:14:43,980 –> 01:14:48,960
researching online it’s like all right we gotta 
go find like try all these donut places we’ve  

01:14:48,960 –> 01:14:54,120
been to a dozen by now in our five years 
up here and all the little farm stands  

01:14:54,120 –> 01:14:59,100
and stuff like that so those are great it’s 
always the farm stands that are the best ones

01:15:02,520 –> 01:15:11,520
that’s not like you know it’s just good sugar 
donuts yeah the ones that we got at that one  

01:15:11,520 –> 01:15:22,320
place [Laughter] thank you those were okay 
and those are the ones I grew up with but  

01:15:22,320 –> 01:15:26,880
I agree going back I was a little bit like man 
they’re not quite happily enough but whatever  

01:15:27,600 –> 01:15:34,920
apple cider donuts with rum would be oh 
yeah like a rum glaze over the top yeah  

01:15:36,060 –> 01:15:44,880
yeah do you guys do hot buttered rum in the winter 
no man we have a recipe on our website it’s like  

01:15:44,880 –> 01:15:49,260
it’s the best hot buttered rum I’ve ever had 
and so basically you make like a batter and  

01:15:49,260 –> 01:15:53,160
you just keep it in your freezer all season 
long and then whenever you want it you just  

01:15:53,160 –> 01:15:57,780
put you know two ounces of rum in your glass 
put two like tablespoons of a batter in fill  

01:15:57,780 –> 01:16:04,560
it with hot water and mix it up and you have 
this like creamy delicious amazingness all  

01:16:04,560 –> 01:16:10,920
winter long especially in snowy areas it’s the 
batter is essentially consists of real healthy  

01:16:10,920 –> 01:16:19,680
vanilla ice cream butter are you moving on to 
the Aged nice excellent vanilla ice cream butter  

01:16:21,240 –> 01:16:30,060
um oh he’s pouring it over ice cube fancy day 
cinnamon nutmeg and I think that’s it isn’t  

01:16:30,060 –> 01:16:36,780
that whipped cream basically the real butter beer 
yeah it’s even butterier than butter it’s so good  

01:16:36,780 –> 01:16:41,760
cream in it too it’s so good though and if you 
keep it you would have a batch in your freezer  

01:16:41,760 –> 01:16:45,120
like you know around the holidays people just 
kind of show up or like you have people over  

01:16:45,120 –> 01:16:48,960
and it’s like such an easy like hosting thing 
to be like who wants hot buttered butter to them  

01:16:48,960 –> 01:16:53,460
and you just like go in your freezer and like get 
them some whip it together yeah it’s very sneaky  

01:16:53,460 –> 01:16:59,220
oh no see the other weekend I had 
some extra time on my hands and  

01:16:59,880 –> 01:17:09,000
um had found some discounted Cod at the grocery 
store and made fish and chips from scratch but  

01:17:09,000 –> 01:17:13,260
but it’s worth it it’s really good but the 
problem is now she knows I can make french  

01:17:13,260 –> 01:17:19,920
fries you know speaking of like whipping something 
out yeah every heavy stuff and so it’s like oh no  

01:17:21,000 –> 01:17:28,140
a little bit it’s it’s Auto blurry 
yeah maybe put it where your face is  

01:17:29,460 –> 01:17:35,460
yeah we’re doing it for a moment 
but we’ll we’ll work on it but yeah  

01:17:36,780 –> 01:17:43,200
that’s that’s a feat well done fish and 
chips thank you and told me coleslaw too  

01:17:43,200 –> 01:17:52,020
oh and the target deep fry or air fry or 
what was the Dutch oven with peanut oil  

01:17:52,680 –> 01:18:00,660
drop those suckers in uh all credit goes to uh 
Jay Kenji Lopez alt and Sirius eats because that’s  

01:18:00,660 –> 01:18:11,100
where I got yeah lovely lovely place um are you 
familiar with the existence of malt vinegar powder  

01:18:12,360 –> 01:18:15,780
I’ve heard of vinegar powder I had 
not heard of malt vinegar powder  

01:18:15,780 –> 01:18:22,440
so it is fantastic with fish and chips 
because it doesn’t get everything soggy

01:18:25,800 –> 01:18:33,720
yeah definitely oh beautiful beautiful look 
at that crisp on that fish yeah well done wow  

01:18:35,340 –> 01:18:41,940
yum but yeah a good feeling if we went to you 
know got hot buttered rum it would be about  

01:18:41,940 –> 01:18:48,120
the same like oh now we know we can do this thing 
and this is dangerous dangerous knowledge to have

01:18:57,000 –> 01:19:03,720
oh gosh and it’s lost all winter yeah so it’s 
perfect I don’t have as much of an excuse here  

01:19:03,720 –> 01:19:10,860
in Arizona but when it’s snowing right here 
yeah uh one one of the things that has happened  

01:19:10,860 –> 01:19:19,020
uh since uh I started Living in San Francisco I 
don’t live there anymore um but rum and rum bars  

01:19:19,020 –> 01:19:25,440
became a thing and it was amazing that that by 
the end of my tenure there there was there were  

01:19:25,440 –> 01:19:31,380
a good handful of rum bars that were making some 
of the most delicious rum cocktails that you could  

01:19:31,380 –> 01:19:39,240
find in the world yeah and and when I got back 
from that um that British Virgin Islands trip  

01:19:40,440 –> 01:19:49,380
um Smuggler’s Cove I went to Smuggler’s Cove with 
brand new eyes and and Zach um what Smuggler’s  

01:19:49,380 –> 01:19:54,540
Cove had done and I didn’t really know it is 
they took a signature drink from the Caribbean  

01:19:54,540 –> 01:20:00,960
and they made it there at that bar by professional 
mixologists and so I would have a painkiller I was  

01:20:00,960 –> 01:20:05,940
drinking painkillers in the British Virgin Islands 
like there was no tomorrow and then I went to San  

01:20:05,940 –> 01:20:11,640
Francisco and I went to Smuggler’s Cove and they 
did it with such precision and Artistry I was like  

01:20:11,640 –> 01:20:18,120
this is a brand new uh painkiller wow and then 
I looked up all their drinks and it’s like yeah  

01:20:18,120 –> 01:20:24,840
that that’s the drink from Trinidad that’s the 
drink from Jamaica that’s not oh that’s really  

01:20:24,840 –> 01:20:29,820
impressive when they can take something that 
like already exists and just dial it to 11 and  

01:20:29,820 –> 01:20:35,460
you’re like it’s like unlocking a new level you’re 
like this is a new thing yeah but it was it was  

01:20:35,460 –> 01:20:42,420
a hidden uh luxury that I didn’t even know that 
I was privy to when I would go to that bar yeah  

01:20:43,020 –> 01:20:49,980
you don’t realize what you have till you 
miss it yeah [Music] the bar itself too was  

01:20:51,060 –> 01:20:56,820
um basically invisible from the outside yeah 
that’s one of those places you can walk right by  

01:20:56,820 –> 01:21:01,440
and you don’t even realize like the coolest thing 
ever is in there the only indication that there  

01:21:01,440 –> 01:21:11,700
was something there where there was a green light 
and a red light indicating port and starboard and  

01:21:11,700 –> 01:21:17,340
then when you go inside you enter the ship on the 
main deck and then there’s like an eagle’s nest  

01:21:17,340 –> 01:21:23,160
and then you go down underneath into the hold 
of the ship no and so a whole thing felt like  

01:21:23,160 –> 01:21:30,180
a ship and the three stories wow yeah and and 
and that’s the other thing about San Francisco  

01:21:30,180 –> 01:21:39,480
rum bars is they are all uh thematically tiki 
bars and uh Evan I don’t know if you went to  

01:21:40,560 –> 01:21:48,240
um last rights did you ever go there 
I did that was down like in the Castro  

01:21:48,960 –> 01:21:55,380
area right Castro the ghost triangle yeah yeah 
yeah yeah and again it’s one of those places that  

01:21:55,380 –> 01:22:00,360
are trying to compete with all the other rum bars 
that are you know dramatically Tiki I love the  

01:22:00,360 –> 01:22:07,800
rumors that happen in San Francisco well in Trader 
fans in on Clement is one of the oldest it is the  

01:22:07,800 –> 01:22:13,560
oldest TP bar in the country actually it was like 
in the 50s that they opened and it’s still there  

01:22:13,560 –> 01:22:17,820
and operational and so you can go to Trader fans 
and it feels like it’s been there since the 50s  

01:22:17,820 –> 01:22:26,160
it smells like it up in there there’s history on 
the walls like um but they make great cocktails  

01:22:26,160 –> 01:22:32,160
and they they really were part of the bringing 
the tiki culture into the United States movement  

01:22:33,060 –> 01:22:39,420
um who was the one in the fight I did when 
it opened at five o’clock just the front part  

01:22:39,420 –> 01:22:44,700
which was again themed like you were in a boat 
in a ship in the hold of the ship to the point  

01:22:44,700 –> 01:22:52,140
that they even had like portholes and then there 
would be like either I can’t remember if it was  

01:22:52,140 –> 01:22:59,280
actual aquariums or just the TV screen with an 
aquarium and then they would set sail and for  

01:22:59,280 –> 01:23:04,860
the first half an hour or hour that was the only 
part that was open and then they would arrive at  

01:23:04,860 –> 01:23:08,940
the destination at the island and then they’d 
open the back part and you’d walk back there  

01:23:08,940 –> 01:23:15,960
and there would be like thatched Hut like roofs 
and like twinkling stars in the sky and like  

01:23:15,960 –> 01:23:22,320
little sand like I sounded really cheesy but 
it was done really well it was like it was yeah

01:23:22,320 –> 01:23:30,900
that’s not what you would think of in San 
Francisco but I do feel like it kind of  

01:23:30,900 –> 01:23:39,660
came around with the sailors coming back from 
you know the Pacific arena in World War II and  

01:23:39,660 –> 01:23:46,080
having become familiarized with like and 
appreciating like Island culture yeah uh  

01:23:46,080 –> 01:23:50,520
interesting like southeast Asia or maybe it was 
more around the return from people from Vietnam  

01:23:50,520 –> 01:23:54,780
yeah because a lot of them of course came in 
and out of the country through San Francisco

01:23:55,920 –> 01:24:02,160
would have come on because she has all this 
like deep knowledge of Like These Bars and  

01:24:02,160 –> 01:24:07,980
these people and I’m just like wait what what are 
you cool Nelson what no like both of the cocktails  

01:24:07,980 –> 01:24:13,860
she was brought up tonight I’m like I’ve never 
heard of them yeah cool I’ll try that one too  

01:24:15,600 –> 01:24:19,380
I was in this building that’s 100 
years old and we have a whole bunch  

01:24:19,380 –> 01:24:22,980
of historic pictures in the hallways 
and stuff and when the picture shows  

01:24:22,980 –> 01:24:31,020
the 1960s uh Tiki Bar that used to be at 
the corner of this building oh cool yeah

01:24:34,140 –> 01:24:37,800
um you know did we mention oh we did 
it was in the poll of a black hot day  

01:24:38,760 –> 01:24:43,620
because yeah we didn’t we didn’t that was the 
end of last week so I don’t think we did okay  

01:24:44,160 –> 01:24:54,060
edification blacktop day is a day that um marked 
the end of the 300 plus year history of the top  

01:24:54,060 –> 01:25:06,480
rations the sailors um a day that was a sad day 
for many sailors I’m sure yeah it was 1970. but  

01:25:06,480 –> 01:25:11,940
it was just at the end of last month July 31st 
yeah yeah but it yeah so from the 1600s until  

01:25:11,940 –> 01:25:20,940
1970 they maybe always got a ration of rum every 
single day crazy Donuts you imagine like the  

01:25:20,940 –> 01:25:26,460
withdrawals come and then like it’s low level but 
still like get out of the Navy it’s like oh oh no  

01:25:26,460 –> 01:25:34,860
oh no one of the reasons they say they ended it 
actually was like the advancements in Warfare  

01:25:34,860 –> 01:25:40,200
and what Sailors have to do like you actually 
need your brain to be more sharp rather than  

01:25:40,200 –> 01:25:45,600
just like your arms and your body to be like and 
your courage and your courage like you know you’re  

01:25:45,600 –> 01:25:49,080
like pushing buttons and actually thinking and 
looking at screens and doing so they were like  

01:25:49,080 –> 01:25:53,400
we need their brains to be a little more sharp 
we can’t be giving them things they don’t have  

01:25:53,400 –> 01:25:58,440
to haul up the anchor anymore they just yeah 
hit the winch yeah yeah I I just assumed that  

01:25:58,440 –> 01:26:04,320
they were all alcoholics in the uh daily ration 
was just to get them at normal yeah exactly yeah

01:26:06,480 –> 01:26:10,680
you know the more you all talk about this and 
just how involved it was I think back to like  

01:26:11,220 –> 01:26:18,060
uh when prior to the Caribbean the movie 
first came out right every everyone wears  

01:26:18,060 –> 01:26:22,440
all the rum gone you know everybody was 
throwing that around as like a funny joke  

01:26:22,440 –> 01:26:27,720
and stuff it’s like no that that like really 
was a a big deal a concern a problem right  

01:26:28,620 –> 01:26:35,460
because if everybody was going through 
withdrawals from a pint of rum every day

01:26:36,120 –> 01:26:46,800
eight ounces of rum and most 
people are just like yeah  

01:26:48,120 –> 01:26:54,600
guys I mean that would be like one more of 
these drinking all of these yeah every day  

01:26:54,600 –> 01:26:59,340
like and just throwing it back or two of the 
big ones I guess yeah just a lot all at once  

01:26:59,340 –> 01:27:09,540
that’s a lot like imagine drinking two of 
these every day in like two swallows but

01:27:09,540 –> 01:27:10,680
oh gosh

01:27:12,600 –> 01:27:19,740
she was like oh I’m just like I’m an ICU 
nurse so I’m just trying to think of that  

01:27:19,740 –> 01:27:27,420
and do it yeah sure any job that like 
part of your job is you get some booze

01:27:27,420 –> 01:27:36,300
I mean if I go to walk out of the hospital 
and they gave me like some Romanos I was  

01:27:36,300 –> 01:27:39,900
leaving I would be like yeah this is 
a great deal like yeah right yeah at  

01:27:39,900 –> 01:27:44,880
the end of your day yeah and then you 
can just hook up the IV yourself yeah  

01:27:44,880 –> 01:27:48,720
rehydrate for tomorrow in the morning 
and be like okay I’m ready to go again

01:27:51,120 –> 01:27:57,360
you know you had talked about vacations and like 
vacations surrounding booze and stuff and one of  

01:27:57,360 –> 01:28:02,460
the things that I did over the last month is I 
went to the Grand Tetons and I went to Glacier  

01:28:02,460 –> 01:28:07,020
National Park and while I was out there I 
was going to drink as the Romans too and I  

01:28:07,020 –> 01:28:13,140
got a bottle of Yellowstone Yellowstone whiskey 
and never had Yellowstone before and um it’s a  

01:28:13,140 –> 01:28:21,060
cheap whiskey however uh value for Taste is pretty 
good in my area yeah I’ve had it I haven’t either  

01:28:22,080 –> 01:28:26,160
um I recommend it I mean it’s it’s 45 
or something like that and so you’re  

01:28:26,160 –> 01:28:31,080
not going to make a mistake um but as far as 
you know my collection goes I was like this  

01:28:31,080 –> 01:28:37,080
is a pretty good dollar for Taste whiskey 
and so we were around the campfire passing  

01:28:37,080 –> 01:28:43,380
around you know a nice little metal cup of 
Yellowstone whiskey and set the batter yeah  

01:28:44,220 –> 01:28:48,240
yeah we’re going next week we are going with 
some friends they have a houseboat on Lake  

01:28:48,240 –> 01:28:54,900
Powell and so we’re going to be on a houseboat 
for seven days with family friends of his we  

01:28:54,900 –> 01:28:57,900
like kind of grew up with and their parents 
are like kind of like second parents to him  

01:28:57,900 –> 01:29:03,300
and so we’ll have zero service for seven days and 
just bringing everything with us that we need and

01:29:08,400 –> 01:29:13,680
so one of those uh one of the funny stories 
from my British Virgin Island story that I had  

01:29:13,680 –> 01:29:19,320
told earlier is that for I don’t know 10 days or 
something I didn’t wear shoes because we were on  

01:29:19,320 –> 01:29:24,360
the boat we were going to Islands doing all this 
and so you put on some flippy floppies I was never  

01:29:24,360 –> 01:29:31,320
never had my foot in a shoe and so after after 
10 days of being out there on out in the water  

01:29:32,640 –> 01:29:39,180
um I get back to the land and I go to put 
on my shoes and I can’t because my feet had  

01:29:39,180 –> 01:29:45,060
swelled in size because I didn’t have a shoe 
constantly compressing my foot pressing them  

01:29:45,060 –> 01:29:50,160
or whatever I was doing as I was going out there 
and you know going on the beach and stuff and so  

01:29:50,160 –> 01:29:58,320
my foot had gotten bigger and so Evan while you’re 
on vacation I dare you to not put on shoes and and  

01:29:58,320 –> 01:30:05,400
see if after 10 days your foot had gotten bigger 
I think that the salt water probably played a role  

01:30:05,400 –> 01:30:14,160
oh probably the salt maybe but I um I accept your 
challenge put any shoes on while we’re living on a  

01:30:14,160 –> 01:30:19,260
boat I can’t imagine we will but the funny thing 
is so we’re you got a lid on the boat for the  

01:30:19,260 –> 01:30:23,220
seven days and then as soon as we get off the boat 
we’re driving to Vegas because I’m speaking at a  

01:30:23,220 –> 01:30:27,600
conference and he’s coming to a conference with me 
a distilling conference and so we’re gonna have to  

01:30:27,600 –> 01:30:34,740
like I’m gonna immediately have to go from that to 
like heels and like proper like business attire so  

01:30:34,740 –> 01:30:39,240
it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a hard transition it’s 
gonna be a little much so if my feet swell I’ll  

01:30:39,240 –> 01:30:45,600
probably matter be in big trouble go shoe shopping 
in Vegas right that’s right we’ll see we’ll report  

01:30:45,600 –> 01:30:51,600
back we’ll let you know how it goes well we are 
oh listen to this speaking of Rama oh yeah so  

01:30:51,600 –> 01:30:57,780
also our six year anniversary is while we’re in 
Vegas and so there’s this Distillery called Lost  

01:30:57,780 –> 01:31:03,000
Spirits Distillery they started in La they had 
this like honestly I’ve been following them for a  

01:31:03,000 –> 01:31:09,960
long time it was almost look like like mini golf 
gone wild like Distillery style like just like  

01:31:09,960 –> 01:31:16,380
very themed very like it’s experiential but it 
kind of looks a little it’s like cheesy honestly  

01:31:17,100 –> 01:31:20,040
um but so they were doing that in La 
for a while and it’s a rum Distillery  

01:31:20,700 –> 01:31:26,160
and during the pandemic apparently they closed 
that down and they opened a new distillery in  

01:31:26,160 –> 01:31:30,120
Vegas but I don’t know where the heck they’re 
getting their money from I can’t wait to like  

01:31:30,120 –> 01:31:37,980
figure all this out but so they’ve opened this 
distillery in Vegas that is walking space wise as  

01:31:37,980 –> 01:31:43,620
big as a football field and it has like a Cirque 
du Soleil show that’s part of the experience but  

01:31:43,620 –> 01:31:47,760
it’s like a walk through Cirque du Soleil show 
so there’s things going on in all the corners  

01:31:47,760 –> 01:31:52,740
and there’s like acrobats and everything and your 
tasting Ram as you’re going through there’s like a  

01:31:52,740 –> 01:32:00,300
lounge with like music but then you can also buy 
like this 16 course pasting pairing menu where  

01:32:00,300 –> 01:32:06,600
some of the courses actually have rum in them and 
they they have on their website they’re like we  

01:32:06,600 –> 01:32:12,180
cannot make this non-alcoholic there is rum in the 
food like this whole and it’s it’s 20 000 Leagues  

01:32:12,180 –> 01:32:18,120
Under the Sea is like the theme of it and it like 
it’s blowing my mind that we’re going to this it’s  

01:32:18,120 –> 01:32:32,520
oh you’re showing it yeah wow look at this what oh 
my gosh and it’s only 16 people per seating oh wow

01:32:34,800 –> 01:32:41,280
yeah that is that’s it oh this dish right here 
this plate apparently like if you pick it up and  

01:32:41,280 –> 01:32:45,660
you kiss the dish to get the uni into your 
mouth like they don’t give you any utensils  

01:32:45,660 –> 01:32:51,540
or anything yeah make out with the dish so 
I guess it would be in your mouth that is  

01:32:51,540 –> 01:32:59,460
some high high concept stuff yeah I’m like 
who are these people at this but like yeah  

01:33:00,540 –> 01:33:06,120
we’re very we’re we’re pretty we’re pretty 
freaking excited I got I’m not gonna lie I  

01:33:06,120 –> 01:33:12,720
mean I guess Vegas is where this should be yeah 
for sure yeah where else would it be honestly yeah  

01:33:12,720 –> 01:33:22,020
maybe like Singapore or no because that’s they 
don’t they don’t like sin well yeah and people  

01:33:22,020 –> 01:33:30,780
would leave there and all get arrested Bangkok 
that’s where it should be [Music] but I’m excited

01:33:33,000 –> 01:33:38,340
yeah I’m fascinated to see how this 
all turned out but we’ll report back  

01:33:38,340 –> 01:33:41,940
yeah that’s one of our one of our experiences 
while we’re in Vegas besides the conference  

01:33:43,500 –> 01:33:47,160
yeah after watching season two of 
the bear that place looks like a  

01:33:47,160 –> 01:33:53,340
place to really enjoy mayor isn’t 
the bear so good but it’s so awful

01:33:57,540 –> 01:34:02,460
are we watching this this is so stressful we’ve 
been wanting to make that omelette in the last  

01:34:02,460 –> 01:34:10,200
episode of the last season oh yeah with the 
chips on top yeah yeah apparently the actress  

01:34:10,200 –> 01:34:18,720
made like the the Consulting chef helped her 
taught her but during the shoot the actress  

01:34:18,720 –> 01:34:26,400
actually made that dish very cool oh and she’s 
from Dorchester too oh she is that’s fine yeah  

01:34:28,020 –> 01:34:32,640
the one who plays literature her name is Bianca um

01:34:32,640 –> 01:34:43,080
I remember that was such a great show that’s 
a great show yeah and what’s his face lives  

01:34:43,080 –> 01:34:50,580
on a boat while he’s getting his training 
right that’s right yeah in Copenhagen right  

01:34:52,140 –> 01:35:00,900
the invisible cat the invisible cat yeah 
sounds great did you guys see the movie  

01:35:00,900 –> 01:35:06,780
what’s the movie The Menu the menu oh I want 
to watch it but I don’t like scary movies  

01:35:07,680 –> 01:35:14,760
I’m not the biggest fan of scary movies either 
it’s more suspense I’d say than yeah there’s  

01:35:14,760 –> 01:35:19,500
some Shock value to it for sure but I wouldn’t 
say it’s not like a horror movie at all yeah is  

01:35:19,500 –> 01:35:27,600
it like jumpy like some stuff there’s a couple 
of things that are that’s the shock value but  

01:35:27,600 –> 01:35:33,780
it’s not like jumping out at you it’s just like 
you’re like what did what what just happened yeah  

01:35:33,780 –> 01:35:41,700
oh okay like that yeah it’s about craft food and 
it treats the audience as if they eat crab food  

01:35:42,660 –> 01:35:50,040
I craft mac and cheese but Artistry food right 
High pollutants yeah like you have definitely have  

01:35:50,040 –> 01:35:57,540
to be familiar with the like creepy kind of menus 
and like that Vibes in that world a little bit you  

01:35:57,540 –> 01:36:04,980
know well do you hear about the scam pulled a few 
years ago about um it was a a restaurant that was  

01:36:04,980 –> 01:36:15,000
number one in London that never served a single 
item of food yeah you’ve seen that and he just  

01:36:15,000 –> 01:36:21,240
like went as ridiculous as he could so for for 
anybody who hasn’t heard of it right this guy like  

01:36:21,240 –> 01:36:28,260
Yelp is BS and I’m gonna prove it and he opened 
a restaurant on Yelp and then set up a phone line  

01:36:28,260 –> 01:36:31,260
and everything and when people would call he’d 
just be like I’m sorry we’re already booked for  

01:36:31,260 –> 01:36:37,440
months and months and months and had a few like 
people write fake reviews and all of a sudden it  

01:36:37,440 –> 01:36:43,320
was like called the shed and it was a picture of 
his literal shed in his backyard that’s amazing  

01:36:43,320 –> 01:36:50,040
yeah he was eventually there was enough five-star 
reviews that were like completely fabricated of  

01:36:50,040 –> 01:36:56,700
other people that pretended they had been there 
essentially right yeah for Prestige I think yeah

01:36:59,040 –> 01:37:02,520
and it became the number one 
restaurant in London that’s so crazy

01:37:05,100 –> 01:37:05,600

01:37:07,740 –> 01:37:13,440
I think one of the things he did just to make 
it extra ridiculous is he did hire like he had  

01:37:13,440 –> 01:37:19,860
one food critic come in and hired all these 
extras to be like other diners and stuff like  

01:37:19,860 –> 01:37:26,580
that and server and the server would come 
up and be like speaking of like crazy menus  

01:37:26,580 –> 01:37:30,300
is kind of how I connected the two you come 
up and the server would be like so we don’t  

01:37:30,300 –> 01:37:39,240
um actually have a menu what we do is I will 
ask you a few questions get your general Aura  

01:37:39,240 –> 01:37:46,860
and Vibe and I will recommend our dishes 
based on emotion and what you’re feeling  

01:37:47,760 –> 01:37:54,420
yeah totally pretentious it’s like 
yes no no it’s like the have a nice

01:37:57,960 –> 01:38:02,460
have a nice sunrise and there’s 
that’s amazing there’s a spot in  

01:38:02,460 –> 01:38:09,120
San Francisco that actually does serve food 
but their their menu is literally a poem Oh

01:38:09,780 –> 01:38:15,420
and it’s like so you have no idea what the 
actual food is or what the and then it comes  

01:38:15,420 –> 01:38:20,760
out and just obscurements out and it’s like 
a bonsai tree with like things underneath it  

01:38:20,760 –> 01:38:25,080
that look like mushrooms but they’re actually 
some other food that’s turned into like and you  

01:38:25,080 –> 01:38:29,640
just eat it and you’re like so what was that 
like what like yeah it was one of those like  

01:38:29,640 –> 01:38:33,900
fish here with no eyes yeah it was one of those 
like Michelin star places that like when I like  

01:38:33,900 –> 01:38:39,960
I mean it was beautiful it was delicious but then 
I left and I was like are we going to get pizza or  

01:38:39,960 –> 01:38:46,620
like what do we do in here that was wonderful and 
that was an experience but I’m still like hungry

01:38:46,620 –> 01:38:50,220
oh gosh

01:38:52,560 –> 01:38:59,940
we went to Sierra Nevada a few years back in North 
Carolina I haven’t been to that new facility it’s  

01:38:59,940 –> 01:39:07,200
wonderful we call it the Disneyland yeah um but 
they definitely it’s not quite as highfalutin  

01:39:07,200 –> 01:39:11,640
or anything of course it’s still Asheville North 
Carolina but it was definitely like little plates  

01:39:11,640 –> 01:39:16,740
and like a bite of this and a bite of that so 
like you’ve been drinking and you’re like I’m  

01:39:16,740 –> 01:39:24,360
so hungry I’m gonna eat everything you’re still 
in college too and so we oh yeah food there and  

01:39:24,360 –> 01:39:29,160
like you know we’re like we paid the check and 
you know barely made the Tiff and all this stuff  

01:39:29,160 –> 01:39:35,220
and we leave and then we like went to a Wendy’s 
across the street and just like all this stuff  

01:39:35,220 –> 01:39:39,840
yeah like I thought I was ordering a Philly 
cheesesteak and it was like this big yeah yeah

01:39:41,460 –> 01:39:49,260
I wouldn’t expect that at like a brewery like that 
is that’s a weird choice I mean they have like  

01:39:49,260 –> 01:39:57,720
truffle you know it was like truffle fries with 
like this they leaned into Farm to Table very hard  

01:39:57,720 –> 01:40:04,260
yeah I remember they were dragging pretty hard and 
it was very good about this local strain of rice  

01:40:04,260 –> 01:40:09,960
that at one point was thought lost oh the Carolina 
gold the Carolina gold rice and this and that  

01:40:09,960 –> 01:40:15,300
and the other you know all that sort of stuff and 
then they give you like a quarter cup of this rice  

01:40:16,200 –> 01:40:21,600
I mean everything was very delicious it’s just 
when you’ve been drinking more of it yeah yeah  

01:40:23,160 –> 01:40:33,900
for sure interesting have you ever been to Toro in 
Boston yeah yes yeah yeah yeah I love that place  

01:40:34,620 –> 01:40:37,080
um I don’t know why that made me think 
of it because they’re not pretentious  

01:40:37,080 –> 01:40:40,380
or anything but small boys yeah small 
place I guess because that’s the place  

01:40:40,380 –> 01:40:47,700
you tried to take me when we were there I 
think so maybe now now that place is great

01:40:49,920 –> 01:40:56,940
yeah there’s a place in this not far away from 
it now opened called Ilona and it’s Georgian  

01:40:56,940 –> 01:41:03,780
as in the country not the state yeah yeah it’s 
really good it’s it’s pretty it’s similar in that  

01:41:03,780 –> 01:41:11,520
like a lot of it it’s small plates uh but with a 
very different bit yeah I mean that was my first

01:41:17,760 –> 01:41:23,280
enjoyed all like we like we were it was like 9 30 
at night we had just got and we were starving but  

01:41:23,280 –> 01:41:26,880
we were like all right it’s New York like things 
are open like we have to be able to get food and  

01:41:26,880 –> 01:41:30,480
so we were in the back seat like brainstorming and 
looking at our maps and trying to figure out where  

01:41:30,480 –> 01:41:35,940
we’re gonna go and our caddy all of a sudden like 
piped up but either way I don’t think so I think  

01:41:35,940 –> 01:41:41,160
he was it’s like do you guys like all types of 
food and like we were like yeah sure and he was  

01:41:41,160 –> 01:41:46,920
like there’s this great Georgian place like right 
near your hotel and we were like oh really like  

01:41:46,920 –> 01:41:50,880
we’ve never had Georgian food what’s that like and 
he’s like actually I’m from Georgia and like like  

01:41:50,880 –> 01:41:55,380
so he started to tell us about like his culture 
and his like you know he was really excited to  

01:41:55,380 –> 01:42:00,120
share it with us and did you have the bread 
thing with the cheese in it and then the eggs  

01:42:00,120 –> 01:42:08,760
and swirled into it I did and it was they called 
it a cheese boat that was right that would sell it  

01:42:08,760 –> 01:42:14,760
we would have bought it if we were only speaking 
English and didn’t have a fancy language next to  

01:42:14,760 –> 01:42:20,160
it but man that was good everything that I found 
like the Georgian food to be so good we were so  

01:42:20,160 –> 01:42:25,440
impressed I was like why isn’t this a thing why 
don’t people talk about Jordan food more like it’s  

01:42:25,440 –> 01:42:31,080
really quite delicious and it was one of those 
places that we got there and they were like oh  

01:42:31,080 –> 01:42:35,580
we’re closing in a half an hour like you know and 
there was a little like oh [ __ ] they’re gonna be  

01:42:35,580 –> 01:42:39,780
like rushing up out the door but once they saw how 
much we were like enjoying the food and ordering  

01:42:39,780 –> 01:42:44,880
all this wine and like really getting into it 
they were like all right like let’s do this yeah

01:42:46,560 –> 01:42:52,320
we ingratiated ourselves as we do with 
all of our our food and bees enthusiasm  

01:42:53,460 –> 01:43:01,020
have you guys uh discovered a way to sort of 
crush ice that’s um you know you guys were  

01:43:01,020 –> 01:43:05,640
like actually crushing it but is there a nice 
way to make say it sort of like a chipped ice  

01:43:06,780 –> 01:43:15,360
um in a different way I I’ve got a um I’ve got 
a ninja and sometimes I’ll put some ice cubes  

01:43:15,360 –> 01:43:20,220
in a ninja and I’ll make a daiquiri uh and 
and it’s just like it’s but it’s very very  

01:43:20,220 –> 01:43:27,840
very icy yeah it’s more like slushy rather 
than right yeah I don’t I don’t feel like  

01:43:28,740 –> 01:43:35,640
I mess around with crushed ice too much 
and since we have this burlap stack thing  

01:43:36,900 –> 01:43:41,220
um and I kind of like whacking it like a 
whack-a-mole yeah getting a little aggression  

01:43:41,220 –> 01:43:47,760
I do think they sell um silicone ice things that 
are really tiny ones that like then you can pop  

01:43:47,760 –> 01:43:55,080
out and it’s kind of like crushed ice these 
are so small you know um but yeah rolling pin  

01:43:55,860 –> 01:44:00,840
maybe there’s an attachment for the uh 
Cuisinart the KitchenAid KitchenAid I’m  

01:44:00,840 –> 01:44:09,120
just I’m just so worried about in my apartment 
just like whack it and ice at 2 A.M 3 A.M 4 A.M

01:44:12,180 –> 01:44:13,740
just make sure you have a

01:44:16,320 –> 01:44:21,420
kitchen towel underneath you’re fine good 
night bye it’s all good trying to make a  

01:44:21,420 –> 01:44:29,940
rum drink [ __ ] off neighbors yeah officer it’s 
a delicious cocktail I don’t think all that many  

01:44:29,940 –> 01:44:34,320
cocktails call for crushed ice that’s why we don’t 
yeah have a good solution for it because there’s  

01:44:34,320 –> 01:44:42,900
a few but yeah I mean other than this one and 
like smashes um and and maybe like um what is it

01:44:54,180 –> 01:44:57,960
and there’s the reason that they don’t the crushed 
ice doesn’t melt because you know we’re always  

01:44:57,960 –> 01:45:02,280
talking about bigger ice cubes they’re better 
more slowly but as the reason why it doesn’t  

01:45:02,280 –> 01:45:07,260
melt is because there’s so much of this Crush 
base in it that it almost so cold it causes the  

01:45:07,260 –> 01:45:12,960
drink down and keeps it as cold as it was yeah 
very effectively are you making our second our  

01:45:12,960 –> 01:45:17,400
second thing yeah because there wasn’t enough 
room in there for the first one so Evan I don’t  

01:45:17,400 –> 01:45:24,180
know if you remember this but um bunch of years 
ago I took a pineapple and I jigsawed the top of  

01:45:24,180 –> 01:45:30,900
it off and I kept the husk and then I put that 
Husk in the refrigerator and I used it as a cup  

01:45:31,560 –> 01:45:40,080
and what I had found is that coconut was the best 
insulator of cold I’ve ever had better than any  

01:45:40,080 –> 01:45:46,500
of the you know metal cups that you could buy uh 
coconut or pineapple coconut oh I think it’s a  

01:45:46,500 –> 01:45:52,740
pineapple upper did I say fine okay I’m cracking 
I meant coconut and it’s just like the coconut  

01:45:52,740 –> 01:46:01,440
had the right sort of like uh moisture to pulp 
where it it held the moisture and it just I I  

01:46:01,440 –> 01:46:08,280
couldn’t put beer in it it was so cold because it 
would Frost over no oh yes oh a hundred percent  

01:46:08,280 –> 01:46:14,040
wait is there still meat in the Coconut yes yeah 
yeah they were still pulp there it was completely  

01:46:14,040 –> 01:46:22,740
natural uh coconut um and so I I give it a go just 
jigsaw the top off get all that [ __ ] off put  

01:46:22,740 –> 01:46:29,700
it in the freeze put a beer in it regret that and 
then put some hard alcohol in it interesting next

01:46:32,520 –> 01:46:41,700
have you Jay have you ever heard of pie crate 
no what’s that man hikeri was this uh crazy  

01:46:41,700 –> 01:46:51,180
idea where they took a wood pulp or other products 
like that um made a slurry with water and froze it  

01:46:51,180 –> 01:46:54,780
and somebody had the bright idea in World War II 
that we were they were gonna make a ship out of it  

01:46:56,040 –> 01:47:03,780
and it was the the idea was it’s this combination 
of wood fibers overlapping in water and ice  

01:47:04,800 –> 01:47:10,680
and the North Atlantic Star is so cold uh and 
I I wonder if the coconut is very similar in  

01:47:10,680 –> 01:47:15,720
that it’s very pulpy very fibrous but with a 
lot of water and one of the demonstrate the  

01:47:15,720 –> 01:47:21,120
reason the crazy idea got as far as it did is 
and this is a true story I’ve looked it up this  

01:47:21,120 –> 01:47:27,120
is not some like apocryphal thing they brought 
a chunk of it into a room with all these like  

01:47:27,120 –> 01:47:35,520
generals and Admirals and stuff like that pulled 
out a revolver and shot it and the Ricochet like  

01:47:35,520 –> 01:47:40,080
they forgot about the Ricochet and it pinged 
around the room hit someone relatively  

01:47:40,080 –> 01:47:47,040
harmlessly thank God but like barely made a 
dent in this stuff and it would have stayed  

01:47:47,040 –> 01:47:53,340
frozen even in you know in the North Atlantic 
just fine there’s a MythBusters episode where  

01:47:53,340 –> 01:47:58,860
they replicate it and actually make a boat that 
they go around in for a while uh in something

01:48:02,160 –> 01:48:03,660
it’s pretty neat

01:48:06,540 –> 01:48:14,160
maybe maybe that’s what’s it we need to make 
some sort of like wood pulpey uh slurry put  

01:48:14,160 –> 01:48:19,860
it in some sort of fancy cup as the insulator 
and you can sell that at your uh restaurant bar  

01:48:19,860 –> 01:48:29,640
there we go there we go maybe that’s what uh the 
Nautilus in Captain uh Captain Nemo’s ship in 20  

01:48:29,640 –> 01:48:34,020
000 Leagues Under this knee was 
made out of hey we’ll find out here

01:48:38,820 –> 01:48:42,840
we’re just realizing Evan forgot the 
nutmeg garnish on the painkiller earlier  

01:48:42,840 –> 01:48:47,040
and it’s a very critical component 
because the aroma of all your  

01:48:47,040 –> 01:48:51,060
drinking it really sucks at a bar so sorry 
sorry if you didn’t figure it out back on  

01:48:51,060 –> 01:48:54,480
your painkiller put your nutmeg on 
your neck painkiller yeah for sure

01:48:56,820 –> 01:49:01,200
um yeah we think we have to we’re 
gonna do the audiobook for 20  

01:49:01,200 –> 01:49:05,580
000 leads under the sea while we’re 
on vacation just on the drive up  

01:49:05,580 –> 01:49:08,520
because friends the book’s only 
prepare for our dinner pages long

01:49:10,860 –> 01:49:15,480
because it’s been a long time I’ve 
never I’ve never read it did you see  

01:49:15,480 –> 01:49:19,500
the terrible movie made by 
Disney from the 1950s nope

01:49:21,600 –> 01:49:27,540
hey speaking of books made into uh 
series or movies did you watch wool or  

01:49:27,540 –> 01:49:35,700
um Silo Silo we’re currently walking time though 
it’s so good it’s so good and I and I never read  

01:49:35,700 –> 01:49:39,900
the book I don’t like that’s not my genre like I 
don’t care about that [ __ ] at all and I’m more  

01:49:39,900 –> 01:49:44,520
with him I’m like when are we watching title again 
come on we gotta Watch Milo like it’s so good  

01:49:45,540 –> 01:49:50,460
yeah speaking of we have to watch style 
everything I’m not done with it yet  

01:49:50,460 –> 01:49:54,900
yeah we have to finish that before we go on the 
globe because yeah I don’t know what we’re gonna  

01:49:54,900 –> 01:50:00,660
do otherwise did you you read the book Jay yeah 
I did the audiobook um when I moved out here to  

01:50:00,660 –> 01:50:07,260
Seattle and then whatever the few years go 
by and now they have The Silo uh series and  

01:50:07,260 –> 01:50:11,820
we we watched it and then we hit we got up to 
the point where we had to watch it every week  

01:50:11,820 –> 01:50:19,020
because it was being released every week sure uh 
and we got to episode nine I guess and like me  

01:50:19,020 –> 01:50:24,000
and the guy I was watching it with we were just 
so disappointed because we were like oh they’re  

01:50:24,000 –> 01:50:30,220
not gonna wrap up the story and then we realized 
that there was another final episode [Laughter]  

01:50:31,920 –> 01:50:37,320
and then we’re like oh okay so we were mad and 
then we were so happy like all within the span  

01:50:37,320 –> 01:50:42,180
of 10 minutes it’s hard when you think like you 
have more to go and then you realize you’re near  

01:50:42,180 –> 01:50:48,480
the end or vice versa that’s a challenging 
situation for sure so something kind of fun I  

01:50:48,480 –> 01:50:57,780
don’t know if you guys know this about Silo and 
that that novel series um the novels wool and  

01:50:58,800 –> 01:51:08,100
rust rust and shift were not released and novel 
they were released as a blog posts for free

01:51:09,060 –> 01:51:17,100
like chapter after chapter after chapter whenever 
he was finished with them and maybe he could  

01:51:17,100 –> 01:51:22,560
release like three chapters in a row or maybe it 
was just one but that’s how the books were written  

01:51:22,560 –> 01:51:30,720
and published they self-published them on like 
WordPress wow wow yeah that’s insane so why are we  

01:51:31,560 –> 01:51:40,200
I think Andy Weir for the Martian did something 
similar and he one of the reasons why the Martian  

01:51:40,200 –> 01:51:46,980
is so accurate or at least plausible is because 
he would like release a chapter and then like he  

01:51:46,980 –> 01:51:52,260
would have if not real rocket scientists at least 
amateur rocket scientists reading it and be like  

01:51:52,260 –> 01:51:57,240
dude you know you’re close but like you need to 
change this or that or the other yeah exactly  

01:51:58,500 –> 01:52:03,120
yeah I didn’t know other people did that too 
though that’s awesome and that’s a whole series  

01:52:03,120 –> 01:52:08,880
that’s right easy yeah that was he didn’t even 
get to a point where it was so popular where  

01:52:08,880 –> 01:52:12,600
he was like all right I can make some money 
off no yeah eventually he did okay sold the  

01:52:12,600 –> 01:52:16,500
you know sold the rights to got it published for 
real pulled it off the internet and then started  

01:52:16,500 –> 01:52:23,700
making money off of it but initially like he had 
prove positive numbers to the Publishers like  

01:52:23,700 –> 01:52:29,640
people like this yeah and with a little 
bit of money behind it um we can both  

01:52:29,640 –> 01:52:38,160
make money and now they’re both making a lot 
of money thanks Apple yeah it is quite good

01:52:40,680 –> 01:52:50,100
I’m so excited for you to for the next season like 
it’s a fascinating beginning and then it just goes  

01:52:50,100 –> 01:52:55,440
and then it goes see I feel like the whole 
season I’ve been like wait we’re already like  

01:52:55,440 –> 01:52:58,860
I feel like it’s moving very fast and I’m like 
I feel like they could have scratched all of  

01:52:58,860 –> 01:53:04,740
these storylines out so much further so I’m I’m 
interested to see where it goes because I feel  

01:53:04,740 –> 01:53:11,040
like they’re moving very fast through story lines 
um Evan correct me if I’m wrong uh but I’m pretty  

01:53:11,040 –> 01:53:16,980
sure that in the book the elevator by the time 
the story is happening the elevators are broken  

01:53:17,640 –> 01:53:22,800
and so they have to rely on the stairs 
and the carriers to get stuff going  

01:53:24,360 –> 01:53:30,000
any elevators right now on the show right 
right not and that’s the presentation that  

01:53:30,000 –> 01:53:34,740
I think you’re asking about and I’m now that you 
say that like when that when that was mentioned  

01:53:34,740 –> 01:53:43,860
in the show part of me pause and I was like were 
there never any elevators or were they just like  

01:53:44,460 –> 01:53:51,660
disallowed at some point or taken offline or maybe 
actually literally broke and I I can’t confirm or  

01:53:51,660 –> 01:53:56,760
deny because I remember in the world building you 
know they’re in The Silo and The Silo has been  

01:53:56,760 –> 01:54:03,900
around for what is presumed to be maybe a hundred 
years maybe more and so if they’re living in a  

01:54:03,900 –> 01:54:11,640
world of uh hand-me-downs right and and breaking 
down and so you see that in the show she has to  

01:54:11,640 –> 01:54:18,300
sort of like fix the engine recycling yeah right 
and the recycling and you not really know like how  

01:54:18,300 –> 01:54:22,620
many generations of people had worn the clothes 
and stuff and I could have swore that in the  

01:54:22,620 –> 01:54:28,740
book they have to use the stairs just because the 
elevators were worn out and so and so like life  

01:54:28,740 –> 01:54:38,100
has sort of like evolved around using the stairs 
I mean that that kind of rings true but I I cannot  

01:54:38,100 –> 01:54:46,440
recall if they took them offline as a measure of 
control they broke or they never existed but I do  

01:54:46,440 –> 01:54:51,120
kind of think it would be really weird to build 
something like that and not build elevator when  

01:54:51,120 –> 01:54:55,140
you have the technology to drill something down 
like that you obviously have the technology to  

01:54:55,140 –> 01:54:59,280
build an elevator but I definitely don’t think 
they’ve made any indication on the show of like  

01:54:59,280 –> 01:55:04,440
there used to be elevators right they’ve just 
kind of made an indication of like it’s theirs  

01:55:06,120 –> 01:55:11,220
right I I just I really enjoy World building 
especially sci-fi World building and that  

01:55:11,220 –> 01:55:16,020
was one of those things that I really 
I remember from the books that I really  

01:55:16,020 –> 01:55:22,260
enjoyed was just the idea that you’ve 
cultivated a culture around hand-me-downs  

01:55:22,260 –> 01:55:32,100
and a broken Society of things that used to work 
yeah um it’s kind of a why a book but it has a  

01:55:32,100 –> 01:55:38,100
really good World building there’s a book called 
the captain’s daughter it’s written by uh Peter F  

01:55:38,100 –> 01:55:46,920
Hamilton who’s I think written some of the best 
sci-fi in the last 20 years um and it’s about a

01:55:49,020 –> 01:55:54,900
I guess basically a Noah’s Ark an arc 
ship going off to find a new planet  

01:55:54,900 –> 01:56:01,800
because the Earth is broken um and the 
the world that you’re presented and are  

01:56:01,800 –> 01:56:09,780
introduced to going on inside 
the arc ship is fascinating um  

01:56:10,920 –> 01:56:18,060
it has some similar like elements to Silo and this 
idea of like hand-me-downs and you can’t make more  

01:56:19,260 –> 01:56:25,980
Etc um yeah the captain’s daughter there you’re 
gonna tell them about our glitter sci-fi book  

01:56:27,420 –> 01:56:31,980
so bad it’s not bad it’s 
just pretty bad not as good

01:56:34,500 –> 01:56:40,260
I feel like Evan tried to get me into like 
a Sci-Fi audiobook and he picked it wasn’t  

01:56:40,260 –> 01:56:44,760
I hadn’t read it before so I didn’t know 
if it’s gonna work or what’s it called the  

01:56:44,760 –> 01:56:52,140
battle of the linguist Mages but it’s all like 
sparkle Dungeons and like glitter dragons and  

01:56:52,140 –> 01:56:56,040
I’m just like what do you like because I’m 
a woman I need to be Sparkle and glitter  

01:56:56,040 –> 01:57:01,320
like what is this I didn’t pick it based on 
that I know it was kind of ridiculous yeah

01:57:04,200 –> 01:57:11,880
all right I’ve got a uh rooftop party that I have 
to go to because a uh military surgeon is moving  

01:57:11,880 –> 01:57:19,260
to Georgia because they need him over there and so 
um Georgia the country or Georgia the state okay  

01:57:19,260 –> 01:57:24,900
that would have been very coincidental so 
I’m gonna go up on the roof and have some  

01:57:24,900 –> 01:57:30,480
rum all right yeah we’re gonna share the 
room make some dinner and watch Silo yeah

01:57:30,480 –> 01:57:36,120
thank you for joining us we hope to 
see you next month for Oktoberfest  

01:57:36,900 –> 01:57:40,451
all right yeah bye

Until next time… Drink craft and drink the world. Cheers!

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