Oktoberfest Beer Tasting

Oktoberfest Beer Tasting

SipScout Craft Alcohol Membership Club – September, 2023

It’s that time of year again…Oktoberfest Beer Tasting! Join in on the celebration The Crafty Cask way where we’ll be featuring American craft beers that are paying homage to the classic Oktoberfest styles of Germany. We’ll dive deep into this boozy tradition with trivia, costumes, music, snacks and more.

So, get out your dirndl and lederhosen and get ready for a party alongside our delicious American Oktoberfest Beer Tasting. Prost!


Join us for our SipScout Oktoberfest Beer Tasting…


SipScout members, here’s what we’ll be tasting:

1. Smog City Brewing Co. | Smogtoberfest (CA)

2. Fair State | Festbier (MN)

3. Half Acre | Lager Town Octoberfest (IL)

4. Fort George x Stoup Brewing | Half Liter Fest Beer (OR)

5. 4 Pennsylvania Dutch Handmade Pretzels

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The Crafty Cask celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers through engaging consumer content, events, virtual tastings, and online education. We help craft enthusiasts drink better and craft makers market their brands better to build thriving small businesses that keep #TipplerNation drinking well!

Your hosts for this event, alongside the featured maker, are Suzanne Henricksen, Founder of The Crafty Cask and Evan Rothrock, sommelier, certified cider professional, mixologist, and bespoke wine tour guide.

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Read the transcript

00:00:05,645 –> 00:00:08,921
Hello hello everyone…

00:00:11,220 –> 00:00:18,600
yep we’re live streaming we are live streaming
to Facebook very exciting hello everyone we are

00:00:18,600 –> 00:00:26,400
thrilled to be here with you on this Oktoberfest
season 2023. yeah excited to share some of these

00:00:26,400 –> 00:00:31,620
beautiful Oktoberfest beers uh we’re probably not
gonna drink all of these tonight simply because

00:00:31,620 –> 00:00:39,660
well there’s a lot um and there’s a reason for
that you might notice there are maybe a few more

00:00:39,660 –> 00:00:48,180
that arrived in your kits free um and the reason
for that is because a few of our members were

00:00:48,180 –> 00:00:53,820
delivered by one specific carrier who shall remain
nameless and they did some funky weird stuff and

00:00:53,820 –> 00:00:58,560
just held all their packages for a little while
for a reason still kind of unbeknownst to us

00:00:59,520 –> 00:01:05,220
um so they did not get their SipScout packages in
time but our lovely beer vendor craft Jack who

00:01:05,220 –> 00:01:11,460
we love um helped us out and very quickly
ship them for different Oktoberfest beers

00:01:11,460 –> 00:01:16,020
because they were all out of the ones that we
already had linked to them some delicious ones

00:01:16,020 –> 00:01:20,700
problems but I guess the consensus was there
but these looked to be a pretty unable to from

00:01:20,700 –> 00:01:24,540
what we’ve come to understand about the
replacement ones absolutely so we have

00:01:24,540 –> 00:01:28,620
them ship us the replacement ones as well so
that those of you on the call today who have

00:01:28,620 –> 00:01:33,840
this set versus those of you who have our tips
together steps we can drink along with all of

00:01:33,840 –> 00:01:39,720
you although we are not going to open eight years
because that would be a little ridiculous um so

00:01:40,980 –> 00:01:46,680
for those of you who don’t know us I’m
Suzanne I’m the founder of The Crafty

00:01:46,680 –> 00:01:50,100
Cask where we are all about celebrating
and supporting craft alcohol makers

00:01:50,100 –> 00:01:54,360
they’re like these amazing seven craft
breweries that we have with us here today

00:01:54,360 –> 00:01:58,560
indeed my name is Evan I’m a certified
sommelier sort of a cider professional

00:01:59,280 –> 00:02:07,560
um and I guess visual opportunity uh Beer Drinker
and Enthusiast as well absolutely he is your boozy

00:02:07,560 –> 00:02:14,220
expert for the evening as am I to some degree but
not merely the degree is so yeah so if you have

00:02:14,220 –> 00:02:18,480
any questions at all make sure to use the chat
the chat is open so feel free to use the chat

00:02:19,080 –> 00:02:24,120
um and we will turn this on at the end of
you know maybe a half hour in 45 minutes in

00:02:24,120 –> 00:02:29,700
depending on how long we talk around all of
our Oktoberfest beers and tasting techniques

00:02:30,360 –> 00:02:34,500
um but we’ll invite all of you to kind of turn
your cameras on get on here and chit chat with

00:02:34,500 –> 00:02:42,600
us all that good stuff if you would like um all
right so Oktoberfest let’s go get us started with

00:02:44,100 –> 00:02:53,820
our quiz one of our course uh oh failed to launch
full uh oh there we go all right having all sorts

00:02:53,820 –> 00:02:57,780
of technical difficulties and carrier difficulties
and all sorts of weird stuff this month

00:02:58,500 –> 00:03:02,580
um all right what month does Oktoberfest start
we’re starting you off a little easy here maybe

00:03:02,580 –> 00:03:08,160
this should have been the last question after
you’ve already had a lot of prayers yeah what

00:03:08,160 –> 00:03:14,280
month does Oktoberfest start is it September Is it
October or is it all year round and it never ends

00:03:14,280 –> 00:03:20,280
um so bad answer yeah um so yeah we’ll be
popping up a few poll questions throughout

00:03:20,280 –> 00:03:27,660
as we go so that you can learn a little bit about
Oktoberfest and feel like you’re in Germany um you

00:03:27,660 –> 00:03:32,400
have to help make sure that I don’t reveal any
of the quiz answers you might so that also means

00:03:32,400 –> 00:03:36,720
just pay attention because maybe you’ll get a quiz
quiz answer right because of something that Evan

00:03:38,100 –> 00:03:43,500
um before we jump into our Oktoberfest
celebrations I did want to just quickly mention

00:03:44,280 –> 00:03:50,640
are up and coming oh yeah we’ve got an exciting
kit coming up just to get not very excited is

00:03:50,640 –> 00:03:57,540
it super exciting especially because look at
these fancy does yeah um so um because I know

00:03:57,540 –> 00:04:01,860
we have some people who aren’t currently
members here so next month SipScout kit

00:04:02,940 –> 00:04:14,280
a new designation category or category rather
um recognized by the U.S government by the TTV

00:04:14,280 –> 00:04:21,000
uh we’re going to be doing American Single Malt
so more well known from their Scottish counterpart

00:04:21,000 –> 00:04:25,500
uh these are some beautiful representations of
we have to grab a couple of those bottles right

00:04:25,500 –> 00:04:30,000
there so we can show you a couple of the makers
that are going to be in it um so American Single

00:04:30,000 –> 00:04:34,260
Malt is brand new like Evan said um well it’s not
brand new people have been making American Single

00:04:34,260 –> 00:04:39,960
Malt for a while but it’s officially recognized
now as a style um and so we have Dampfwerk we

00:04:39,960 –> 00:04:45,480
have Colkegan from Santa Fe Spirits we have
Jettywave over there Boulder Spirits a lot of

00:04:45,480 –> 00:04:51,960
really fun American Single Malt and statistics well if you’re
a 10th Street oh I’m spacing at the moment as well

00:04:51,960 –> 00:05:01,680
I’ll think of it momentarily you just made all
the labels I know um but yeah so American Single

00:05:01,680 –> 00:05:06,180
Malt are super exciting um because you know
we’ve all been into whiskey for a while most

00:05:06,180 –> 00:05:10,740
of us have been you probably know bourbon pretty
well you probably dabbled in a little bit of Rye

00:05:10,740 –> 00:05:15,600
maybe and American Single Malt is up and coming and
it’s new and honestly we were just at a conference

00:05:15,600 –> 00:05:20,700
for craft distillers in Vegas it’s about I
don’t know three weeks ago a month ago and

00:05:20,700 –> 00:05:26,340
all the distillers were talking about like move
over bourbon like American Single Malt is going

00:05:26,340 –> 00:05:32,640
to be is going to be America’s whiskey like they
really believe this is going to be true and that

00:05:32,640 –> 00:05:36,540
um It’s Gonna Change the landscape completely
and so for people who really like Scotch to

00:05:36,540 –> 00:05:40,140
really kind of play with American Single Malts
and learn about those it’s a very exciting kit

00:05:40,140 –> 00:05:45,240
it even if you’re a member if you have someone
you know who you know loves whiskey let them

00:05:45,240 –> 00:05:51,060
know about this because this is gonna be really
fun and and most exciting of all at least four of

00:05:51,060 –> 00:05:54,840
the distillers are going to be joining us at our
monthly subscout party next week because they’re

00:05:54,840 –> 00:05:59,820
so excited to connect with people like you who are
interested in whiskey and they want to talk to you

00:05:59,820 –> 00:06:03,960
about this new category and what they’re doing so
that’s gonna be really exciting you’re not going

00:06:03,960 –> 00:06:09,240
to hear as much from us you’ll finally get a break
from Skipper jaberin and um and you’ll get to hear

00:06:09,240 –> 00:06:13,920
from the distillers themselves so it’s going to be
a really kind of collaborative fun fun event yeah

00:06:13,920 –> 00:06:22,560
some creative Innovative distillers join us for
sure all right but back to Oktoberfest should we

00:06:22,560 –> 00:06:29,760
crack into our beers so if you got your SipScout
kit in time crack open this one here the Fort

00:06:29,760 –> 00:06:38,580
George half liter and if you got uh the backup
or I guess I should say maybe replacement extra

00:06:39,240 –> 00:06:46,620
um go ahead and bust open the Occidental Fest
beer here uh now the fun things about this

00:06:48,360 –> 00:06:55,800
is so most most beers of this size are 16 ounces
hey what do you know one pint yeah 500 and I’m

00:06:55,800 –> 00:07:03,780
sorry 473 milliliters so not quite a half a
liter exactly and so Fort George decided to

00:07:03,780 –> 00:07:11,820
make this one in exactly a half liter so it’s
16.9 ounces this can instead of the normal 16

00:07:11,820 –> 00:07:18,180
ounce can um because and this is why I’m using
this glass here they really wanted it to fit

00:07:18,780 –> 00:07:24,960
perfectly in one of these mugs here
my head’s may be a little small

00:07:25,980 –> 00:07:31,920
is that right at the line right at the line right
at the line so yeah so this is our first beer that

00:07:31,920 –> 00:07:38,760
we will be enjoying and we’ll be pouring into
this because things appropriate yeah um cheers

00:07:40,260 –> 00:07:48,240
toast cheers to all of you um so one of the
fun things that kicks off our Oktoberfest

00:07:48,240 –> 00:07:55,440
every year in uh the Town Square I’m sorry
in the city Square in Munich Teresa Vine

00:07:56,520 –> 00:08:02,940
um which is one of the namesakes or the
people that the festival began for the

00:08:02,940 –> 00:08:08,820
mayor of Munich cracks the first tap or
cracks the first keg caps the first keg

00:08:08,820 –> 00:08:17,820
and as he does so says hope Falls uh and is
that so that means it’s open and uh time to

00:08:17,820 –> 00:08:22,200
drink yeah so everyone’s standing around
waiting for the mayor to say that and then

00:08:23,640 –> 00:08:26,100
it’s open let’s go

00:08:31,320 –> 00:08:38,580
young Diggity yeah so tell us a little bit about
oktoberfestyle beers because I’m sure all of you

00:08:38,580 –> 00:08:43,440
you know as you’re shopping around this time of
year there’s all sorts of Fest beers everywhere

00:08:43,440 –> 00:08:50,640
right and you see Oktoberfest you see Fest beer
um and then you also see American is another

00:08:50,640 –> 00:08:54,660
kind of thing that you know maybe you don’t see a
whole year long that all of a sudden you’re seeing

00:08:54,660 –> 00:08:59,280
right now so tell us a little bit about these
different styles certainly so uh essentially

00:09:00,300 –> 00:09:09,120
um Oktoberfest beer you know the beer that
is consumed in Munich for Oktoberfest um has

00:09:09,120 –> 00:09:16,140
historically been a beer like Madison and Madison
is a beer that is actually probably a little bit

00:09:16,140 –> 00:09:21,240
closer in style to this one and the color and the
richness is one of the main things that delineates

00:09:21,240 –> 00:09:29,040
Madison from Fest beer that is more representative
of the half liter that Suzanne is enjoying and

00:09:37,920 –> 00:09:43,020
um but you know Madison has gotten a little
bit deeper amber color uh it’s a little bit more

00:09:43,020 –> 00:09:50,520
full-bodied and richer than Fest beers and that
style of beer shifted towards this uh Fest beer

00:09:50,520 –> 00:09:57,960
style in the 1990s is kind of when uh that really
began to take home to take hold I believe that it

00:09:57,960 –> 00:10:04,320
was first developed by polliner which is one of
the sixth beers or six breweries rather that is

00:10:04,320 –> 00:10:11,580
permitted to be served in the actual Oktoberfest
uh beer tents uh throughout the 100 acres that is

00:10:11,580 –> 00:10:16,140
yeah so if you didn’t know that there are only
right in in the actual Oktoberfest grounds the

00:10:16,140 –> 00:10:19,980
official ones because there’s festivals going
on all over Germany right but the official

00:10:19,980 –> 00:10:27,840
Oktoberfest grounds only six breweries are allowed
to make and serve their beers yeah right they’re

00:10:27,840 –> 00:10:33,300
like designated by the country and they’re the
six breweries that are in Munich um so those

00:10:33,300 –> 00:10:38,580
six breweries are the ones that are permitted to
be there um and yeah pollinator is one of them

00:10:38,580 –> 00:10:43,740
they they made this style essentially to offer
something that’s a little bit lighter bodied

00:10:44,340 –> 00:10:50,100
um something that is a little more poundable
if you will uh you know for day drinking day

00:10:50,100 –> 00:10:55,020
drinking Oktoberfest yeah they’re often drinking
drinkability is kind of the main reason that

00:10:55,020 –> 00:11:00,960
they shifted to something that’s a little
less um rich and intense like American beers

00:11:01,800 –> 00:11:08,580
um because yeah you know it’s a 16 day long
festival and people are there it’s free too

00:11:08,580 –> 00:11:13,620
so people that are local you know the majority
of people that are there are residents of Munich

00:11:14,160 –> 00:11:19,380
um and just around the areas of course uh and
so they’re there every day drinking and you

00:11:19,380 –> 00:11:27,420
know that uh so for sure yeah and so um back
to our poll question yay we tricked one person

00:11:27,420 –> 00:11:32,220
or actually the name of it tricked one person
um Oktoberfest actually starts in September

00:11:32,220 –> 00:11:37,980
so it’s a it’s a common kind of misnomer and it
actually only goes until like the first few days

00:11:37,980 –> 00:11:42,600
of October typically are into like the first
weekend of October so it’s mostly in September

00:11:43,380 –> 00:11:48,720
um and it didn’t shift way back when I think
it did yeah I think it used to be most fully

00:11:48,720 –> 00:11:54,840
in October correct yeah historians are unsure as
to when it shifted um but the original Oktoberfest

00:11:54,840 –> 00:12:02,700
uh was a celebration of the wedding between uh
Therese and hence Therese fine is the you know the

00:12:02,700 –> 00:12:09,180
grounds there and Prince Ludwig who later became
the king um and their wedding day was I believe

00:12:09,180 –> 00:12:17,940
October 12th in 19 or 1810 so this Festival
has been going on for a very long time um and

00:12:19,560 –> 00:12:23,280
the festival began I’m probably giving
away so many full questions aren’t there

00:12:24,900 –> 00:12:28,200
maybe maybe that’s good yep sure enough

00:12:30,480 –> 00:12:38,160
to go we’ll see if everyone was listening uh and
so we’re testing you too because there’s a lot of

00:12:38,160 –> 00:12:43,380
information on Oktoberfest so maybe you could have
said like 1815 you know who else maybe you’re not

00:12:43,380 –> 00:12:51,780
right the uh wedding coincided you know there’s
a big parade at the end of the festival in this

00:12:51,780 –> 00:12:56,520
in this big Garden uh in the middle of Munich
but the primary reason everyone was there was

00:12:56,520 –> 00:13:00,840
that it’s like Royal Wedding precisely it was a
festival that was thrown for the wedding right

00:13:00,840 –> 00:13:06,660
and it basically what happened uh there was a
horse race uh there it was like agricultural

00:13:06,660 –> 00:13:15,420
prizes for the biggest pumpkin uh things like
that um and the festival you know was held every

00:13:15,420 –> 00:13:23,820
year uh after that um adding food halls and and
drinks I think around the 18 or 20 maybe eight I

00:13:23,820 –> 00:13:29,580
think maybe 18 17 or 1818 was when they first had
food and beverages that were offered there and of

00:13:29,580 –> 00:13:33,660
course that’s now one of the biggest things
and biggest draws right uh for this Festival

00:13:34,560 –> 00:13:42,300
um but October the weather is questionable you
know and even in September uh they’re not being

00:13:42,300 –> 00:13:47,820
able to confidently say yeah come and wear your
shorts uh because they want everyone wearing their

00:13:47,820 –> 00:13:53,400
cute outfits yeah um but his historians don’t
really know specifically when it was moved back

00:13:54,180 –> 00:14:02,100
um but sometime in the last 200 plus years it
shifted from uh the early part of October to

00:14:02,100 –> 00:14:06,780
the mid part of September yeah uh just going
into the early part of October so you get to

00:14:06,780 –> 00:14:11,040
start celebrating in September like we are this
year yeah last year we did this in October and we

00:14:11,040 –> 00:14:18,600
were like technically we’re late we are late this
year it’s all going on right now yeah so a few

00:14:18,600 –> 00:14:25,980
um details about Oktoberfest so annual
attendance over 6 million people can

00:14:25,980 –> 00:14:30,360
you imagine six million people are going for
this over the course of 16 days it’s crazy off

00:14:30,960 –> 00:14:35,940
um and it’s coming from 55 different countries
over a few weeks period so like it’s very it’s a

00:14:35,940 –> 00:14:41,700
big draw we have not been yet we can’t wait to go
we have to that’s like on our list but there’s a

00:14:41,700 –> 00:14:48,480
lot of a lot of drinking things on our list yeah
um they go through seven million liters of beer

00:14:49,680 –> 00:14:55,080
seven million liters of the earth anyone you
want to guess roughly how much that is in a

00:14:55,080 –> 00:15:04,080
way that you can rapidly interaction so how many
Olympic-sized swimming pools is there eight Lanes

00:15:04,080 –> 00:15:11,760
seven feet wide each and six feet deep you’ve
seen an Olympic swimming pool if you’ve ever

00:15:11,760 –> 00:15:16,260
watched the Olympics because swimming is the
whole freaking time and this is a half liter

00:15:16,260 –> 00:15:22,140
so how many liter how many double of this yeah wow
that’s seven million of these double of these how

00:15:22,140 –> 00:15:28,320
many pools is it it’s roughly four Olympic-sized
swimming pools nothing smaller than I would think

00:15:28,320 –> 00:15:34,080
swimming pool is about a half a million gallon I’m
sorry yeah this is gallons I’ve been talking about

00:15:34,080 –> 00:15:39,120
uh you were you mentioned the centimeters seven
million liters it’s about two million gallons uh

00:15:39,120 –> 00:15:44,100
it’s memory serves or that approximation that’s a
lot of beer yeah CJ was dead one cool I’m thinking

00:15:44,100 –> 00:15:48,720
four pools I’m like I was thinking I was gonna be
like 30 pools or something like this I mean yeah

00:15:49,680 –> 00:15:56,160
like taking one sip out of the Olympic High School
and how much does it go down yeah negligible like

00:15:56,160 –> 00:16:00,240
yeah and then the also thing to know is that
in Germany the beer drinking age is actually

00:16:00,240 –> 00:16:06,720
16. so experience and wine you can drink starting
at 18 but you can drink beer at 16. and if you do

00:16:06,720 –> 00:16:11,280
go to Oktoberfest lucky you um if anyone’s been
to Oktoberfest who’s here throw it in the chat

00:16:11,280 –> 00:16:20,220
because we’ve got um Professor it is cash only
so bring your cash with you um yeah and you know

00:16:20,220 –> 00:16:27,360
in Germany they do have this how do you pronounce
it the beer law right the right skill board right

00:16:28,620 –> 00:16:33,180
um that it’s a 500 year old law that
basically mandates that deer can only

00:16:33,180 –> 00:16:37,380
be made from the four ingredients that
there should also be made for really

00:16:38,040 –> 00:16:42,000
um water hot beef and malt so you can’t add
anything else to it yeah you don’t see any

00:16:42,000 –> 00:16:48,000
fruit flavored beers there or anything like that
just just the basic orange greetings and actually

00:16:48,000 –> 00:16:53,100
the the rates about it was the German Purity
law was I believe the first law pertaining to

00:16:53,100 –> 00:16:58,680
the production of alcohol anywhere in the world or
any purpose interesting yeah I mean 500 years ago

00:16:59,400 –> 00:17:03,600
who is regulating alcohol production it was
mostly the church that was making it to begin

00:17:03,600 –> 00:17:07,980
with what about gothas aren’t those don’t those
often have fruit in them do they not put fruit

00:17:07,980 –> 00:17:11,280
in them in Germany that’s just the thing we
do I think that they do but I don’t think

00:17:11,280 –> 00:17:18,120
that those qualify under the rice kabad okay
or what could be you know labeled as a beer

00:17:18,120 –> 00:17:26,640
got it I didn’t even labeled that way I think
okay cool yeah but you’re right and also um um

00:17:28,560 –> 00:17:33,480
what’s the other one that they add
fruit to like when they serve it um

00:17:38,640 –> 00:17:41,100
yep you know it’ll come to us yeah

00:17:43,740 –> 00:17:49,080
um yeah but this first year that we’re drinking
over here is Fort George and they are from Astoria

00:17:49,080 –> 00:17:56,580
Oregon um and you know their Astoria actually used
to be called Fort George um back in the day when

00:17:56,580 –> 00:18:04,740
King George um was overseeing Britain and it was
a kind of under British control um so the place

00:18:04,740 –> 00:18:09,480
that is Astoria now was called Port George which
is where the name of their Brewery comes from or

00:18:09,480 –> 00:18:15,060
kind of hearkening back to the history in the past
and that area was devastated by fire a few times

00:18:15,060 –> 00:18:21,240
the building that the Fort George Brewery is in is
actually it was built in 1921 and like the whole

00:18:21,240 –> 00:18:26,280
area in city was devastated by fire in 1922 and
this building is like still there and they kind

00:18:26,280 –> 00:18:31,860
of brought it back and now there’s a brewery and
I think a bakery in there um but they really you

00:18:31,860 –> 00:18:37,980
know Pride themselves on using local ingredients
as much as they can and really you know leaning

00:18:37,980 –> 00:18:42,720
into making delicious beers like this one and
this is one that I just went in collaboration with

00:18:42,720 –> 00:18:52,260
that’s right and um actually let me pull it up
I have it right here I know exactly what you’re

00:18:52,260 –> 00:18:59,520
thinking we reached out to the uh to the had the
Brewer there at Fort George and asked them about

00:18:59,520 –> 00:19:04,080
the nature of the collaboration um right because
it said that it was a collaboration between them

00:19:04,080 –> 00:19:10,860
and she’s Brewing or or yeah and but it didn’t
say anything about the collaboration right it just

00:19:10,860 –> 00:19:14,820
said like this Brewery in this bird and we were
like well what does that mean like how did you

00:19:14,820 –> 00:19:19,500
collaborate what was the collaboration and so what
he sends us back I just want to read it to you

00:19:19,500 –> 00:19:24,060
because it’s it just gives you an appreciation for
you know we all drink beer all the time we take

00:19:24,060 –> 00:19:28,800
steps of it it seems like one of the most kind of
simple alcohols out there right like it seems It’s

00:19:28,800 –> 00:19:35,460
like crushable easy to drink and his response
about what that meant collaboration I was just

00:19:35,460 –> 00:19:41,880
like man that makes you appreciate what goes into
a single beer so much more so this is what he said

00:19:42,540 –> 00:19:47,880
this collaboration was a collaboration throughout
the whole process we chatted on what we would

00:19:47,880 –> 00:19:53,160
first like to see in a Fest here and Dove
down into each ingredient to make that happen

00:19:54,180 –> 00:20:01,560
we use rarer pills our ahr Rara pills since it
has quite a bready profile and then backed it up

00:20:01,560 –> 00:20:07,440
with some Wireman specialty Mall we used wiremen
for those since we believe that they have a lot

00:20:07,440 –> 00:20:12,540
more character than the American malt of the
same variety Brad really liked using Hercules

00:20:12,540 –> 00:20:17,700
for bittering loggers and we wanted a little
fruity character so we added in some texts and

00:20:17,700 –> 00:20:24,480
some feathers appears I think we decided to get
we decided to use Augustine or Yeast since it is

00:20:24,480 –> 00:20:29,400
our house water used it before and it plays
very well with many of the styles of lager

00:20:29,400 –> 00:20:33,900
fermentation profile is decided based upon
our history with the yeast and what we were

00:20:33,900 –> 00:20:38,820
trying to get out of it we fermented it on the
colder side of the E strain to keep the profile

00:20:38,820 –> 00:20:43,260
clean and then ramp it up at the tail end to
clean up the sulfur that the seeds can throw

00:20:45,060 –> 00:20:50,400
what like you’re like wait it’s just
beer though right like it just it really

00:20:51,240 –> 00:20:56,040
makes your appreciation for especially you know
when you’re drinking beers you’re like wow this

00:20:56,040 –> 00:21:01,860
is really good like how much thought really goes
into it when you’re deciding how to make a certain

00:21:01,860 –> 00:21:05,940
flavor profile how to bring this to life what
you want it to taste like smell like look like

00:21:06,840 –> 00:21:10,500
um you know and he wrote lost more after that
but we just thought that was a really like

00:21:10,500 –> 00:21:17,160
enlightening you know what tell me about the beer
yeah I just didn’t kind of decipher that a little

00:21:17,160 –> 00:21:24,480
bit um as it does kind of pertain very nicely
to the flavor profile of this uh first off there

00:21:25,200 –> 00:21:30,900
uh the Wireman malt that he was talking about
generally the mold characteristic that you’re

00:21:30,900 –> 00:21:37,020
using to make best beers include Munich malts
and a pilgrim mold and they’re usually about

00:21:37,020 –> 00:21:43,380
half and half I’m totally about 80 and then
five ten percent of other richer malts to

00:21:43,380 –> 00:21:49,320
give a little bit more backbone which you know
this is not quite as light as a straight pilsner

00:21:49,920 –> 00:21:53,940
um and you’re getting some of the color from those
richer malts that make up that other 20 percent

00:21:54,720 –> 00:22:01,020
and then the aroma that you get from this
is pretty standard for this Carlos Beer

00:22:01,020 –> 00:22:04,260
I think this is a really good
representation of a best smear

00:22:05,040 –> 00:22:14,100
um it’s got you know a fair bit of malt profiles I
think that’s definitely what leads here but the mo

00:22:14,100 –> 00:22:19,140
the Hop profile is present you know there’s
there’s some floral characteristics to it

00:22:19,140 –> 00:22:29,160
um the aromatics are quite bright uh lots of kind
of doughy um co-speed flower uh like biscuit type

00:22:29,160 –> 00:22:35,580
Aromas but there is a little bit of like kind of
a hint of what you might guess to be like a sweet

00:22:35,580 –> 00:22:41,400
white wine almost doesn’t always like that floral
kind of a little bit almost pretty but fruit is

00:22:41,400 –> 00:22:48,540
not something that I feel like I’m getting much in
this at all um and that’s really the kind of the

00:22:48,540 –> 00:22:53,400
focus of having something that’s very flavorful
but you can still drink a lot of it because it’s

00:22:53,400 –> 00:23:01,680
not super dense it’s really a delicious beer yeah
very well balanced it has like a smoothness on the

00:23:01,680 –> 00:23:06,660
sides of my tongue a little bit because it’s
like refreshing almost yeah it’s really quite

00:23:06,660 –> 00:23:11,700
lovely uh and then one other fun thing to note
about that you know and part of the reason that

00:23:12,480 –> 00:23:16,860
um I agree that you should share it is while
the yeast characteristic isn’t something that

00:23:16,860 –> 00:23:21,420
you recognize a lot in the flavor profile youth
is obviously very important that’s what makes all

00:23:21,420 –> 00:23:27,960
alcohol possible right um and the specific meat
that they chose to use is Augustine Augustina is

00:23:27,960 –> 00:23:34,980
one of the six breweries that exist in Munich and
you can enjoy it the Oktoberfest uh Festival there

00:23:35,520 –> 00:23:41,700
seriously though it’s the only one that is
not exported so and unless you go there you

00:23:41,700 –> 00:23:46,260
don’t get an opportunity to try it I’d like
to think that this is a sound representation

00:23:47,040 –> 00:23:52,380
uh you know hopefully what I get the energy
for it and did I give away another yeah

00:23:52,380 –> 00:24:00,120
it reminded me to keep filming with the
polls um and I think Augustina is the one

00:24:00,120 –> 00:24:05,700
that is pretty unanimously agreed
is the best one at October that’s

00:24:05,700 –> 00:24:12,240
the rumor right yeah and not surprisingly most
countries keep the best stuff for them so yeah

00:24:13,080 –> 00:24:18,540
um so I remember when I went to Argentina to go
to Malbec region I was like I like meldek I drink

00:24:18,540 –> 00:24:24,900
it here um I enjoy it but it’s not like wow and
I went to Argentina and I was bringing like 15

00:24:24,900 –> 00:24:30,120
bottles of Malbec and I was just like oh my God
this is amazing and I was like you guys keep all

00:24:30,120 –> 00:24:34,500
the good stuff for yourself so it’s the same idea
they don’t export it and apparently it’s the best

00:24:34,500 –> 00:24:40,020
so I guess we all gotta make a little sip Scout
group trip to October that would be fun that would

00:24:40,020 –> 00:24:46,020
be so fun yeah essentially does the same thing
with their wine sorry their chocolate yeah I mean

00:24:54,420 –> 00:24:59,640
um and then the the hot profile um you know
there’s there’s two kind of primary categories

00:24:59,640 –> 00:25:08,640
delineations within pops and uh they’re either
bittering cops or aromatic hop um and you know

00:25:08,640 –> 00:25:12,900
he mentioned that there was a little bit of the
bittering Hops that Hercules hop but most of what

00:25:12,900 –> 00:25:22,200
they’re using were uh traditional Noble hop um
uh he mentioned pet ninja and then uh throughout

00:25:22,200 –> 00:25:29,940
the collection of these guys you’re going to
see a lot of uh hops like Falls and uh holler

00:25:29,940 –> 00:25:36,720
towel and Hershberger these are all hops that
categorize and are categorized as aromatic hops

00:25:36,720 –> 00:25:40,980
they’re not going to get like that same kind of
bitterness that you see in a lot of American ipas

00:25:41,880 –> 00:25:49,440
um in these in these beers the Hops are mainly
used to retain freshness and give a little bit of

00:25:49,440 –> 00:25:57,180
kind of that bright aromatic profile um speaking
of freshness and this is probably going to be

00:25:57,180 –> 00:26:02,100
another good bowl that I’m going to give away I
don’t know I don’t know where are you going um

00:26:04,140 –> 00:26:14,640
the term or the name Merton oh yeah uh anybody
know what that uh what that translates to um

00:26:18,180 –> 00:26:24,060
let’s see March nice now so why
are we drinking a beer named for

00:26:25,260 –> 00:26:31,320
March at October October so it’s kind of
weird the first time someone asked me that

00:26:31,320 –> 00:26:34,260
I was like I don’t know because there’s
a parade and they’re like is there March

00:26:34,260 –> 00:26:38,820
8th I guess that’s a good guess I don’t
know I just thought it was feasible yeah

00:26:39,600 –> 00:26:48,300
um well the beer Tom’s on it yep before
Refrigeration you know before you know electricity

00:26:49,320 –> 00:26:56,040
um vloggers can only be made in the cooler times
of the year and so they would make the logger in

00:26:56,040 –> 00:27:00,300
March that was the latest that they could make
it and then it would Age until it was time for

00:27:00,300 –> 00:27:06,840
Oktoberfest they’d crack that beer open yeah um
goat bladder is not the translation of America

00:27:06,840 –> 00:27:12,960
out of a group ladder but they did
help us out earlier and if this is

00:27:12,960 –> 00:27:14,940
what you were actually thinking of
and I said I couldn’t think of it

00:27:14,940 –> 00:27:17,760
I’m gonna like die laughing were
you thinking of half of I said

00:27:17,760 –> 00:27:31,740
coriander orange kind of a flavor profile
customizing and it’s sour it’s a sour wheat

00:27:31,740 –> 00:27:36,840
beer they notice here interesting we’re gonna
have to we’re gonna have to look it up figure

00:27:36,840 –> 00:27:42,420
it out driving me crazy um The One Brewery you
will not find at Oktoberfest is actually a younger

00:27:43,260 –> 00:27:47,940
um so that is the one you will find spotting
and Augustina as we mentioned and love and

00:27:47,940 –> 00:27:54,600
browser and shocker uh shocker shocker tour
that one I have a hard time help me do not

00:27:54,600 –> 00:28:03,600
look at me for soccer or lowenbrow Hofbrau
Satan uh polymer and August wiener all right

00:28:05,100 –> 00:28:10,440
one of those was a recent Edition have any
of you tried your pretzels yet they were

00:28:10,440 –> 00:28:13,860
gone they look so they look so basic
they look like all right they sent

00:28:13,860 –> 00:28:19,320
me some hearts like we don’t know why we are
obsessed with these pretzels we love them um

00:28:21,900 –> 00:28:28,260
this is pretty common food at uh
Oktoberfest um one of the most

00:28:28,260 –> 00:28:32,640
heavily eating things though
there is uh well strangely anybody

00:28:34,020 –> 00:28:39,540
roast chicken roast chicken Big Crush roast
chicken I actually think I have a stat on that

00:28:40,320 –> 00:28:47,220
then yeah Zach pretzels are in the original kit
when you get your kit you’ll get them for sure

00:28:48,480 –> 00:28:51,720
um sorry you don’t have them now they’re
really they’re really freaking delicious

00:28:51,720 –> 00:28:56,280
you will enjoy them with the beers that you
get in your kit when it gets to you so bonus

00:28:57,360 –> 00:29:05,220
um during Oktoberfest they eat 500 000 roast
chickens 500 000 Russian chickens crazy

00:29:05,880 –> 00:29:09,300
yeah they really looks like an
Olympic-sized swimming pool full of chicken

00:29:11,220 –> 00:29:18,480
not so funnier visual that’s a hilarious
visual um um seriously enough this year

00:29:19,140 –> 00:29:25,440
there’s controversy at Oktoberfest oh my nervous
yeah trying to share this with you so there’s

00:29:25,440 –> 00:29:31,080
a lot of controversy in October guys this year
because there has been an effort to kind of make

00:29:31,080 –> 00:29:37,980
Oktoberfest a little bit more sustainable um in
various ways and some of them have impacted it uh

00:29:38,640 –> 00:29:44,340
as far as the guests experience to lesser
degrees but apparently they moved to make

00:29:44,340 –> 00:29:49,980
all of the roast chicken there organic this year
oh interesting and it’s caused the cost of the

00:29:49,980 –> 00:29:55,620
chicken to rise right about 50 wow so people that
would otherwise come in there and enjoy chicken

00:29:56,880 –> 00:30:02,640
um our opting to just have bratwurst and pretzels
and you know cheese bread and sauerkraut and

00:30:02,640 –> 00:30:06,120
stuff like that instead of what they would have
otherwise been drinking which is the roast chicken

00:30:06,960 –> 00:30:12,720
um it’s interesting that they would address
the chicken before like I don’t know the

00:30:12,720 –> 00:30:19,080
grains that they’re making the beer with no
although yeah I guess organic greens might be

00:30:20,460 –> 00:30:27,480
um a bigger ask Ed so this Occidental is
not American because it really looks and

00:30:27,480 –> 00:30:30,780
kind of drives like one I believe it
is I believe it is they just aren’t

00:30:30,780 –> 00:30:34,860
I think that leaving it properly I think
that the use of the term best beer there

00:30:36,120 –> 00:30:42,660
might be questionable yeah yeah I feel
like we thought this was going to be

00:30:43,260 –> 00:30:49,140
um an Oktoberfest yle the orfest beer um
but it does seem like it’s a miracle to me

00:30:49,140 –> 00:30:55,200
for sure and it is 6.3 abvs I feel like this
but look at that cuteness of the can one kid

00:31:00,000 –> 00:31:02,880
um so I looked up a little about Occidental
Brewing today since this is a last minute

00:31:02,880 –> 00:31:09,720
ad and they’re kind of interesting so they’re
in Portland Oregon and they were founded with

00:31:09,720 –> 00:31:16,500
the goal of making what they call well-balanced
Continental style beers and so they found a niche

00:31:16,500 –> 00:31:21,720
with beer drinkers who basically they were founded
in 2011 and by doing these like well-balanced

00:31:21,720 –> 00:31:26,400
Continental style beers they basically found a
niche with beer drinkers who were just getting

00:31:26,400 –> 00:31:33,240
sick of the like hops arms race with ipas they
felt like every Brewery was going IPA crazy and

00:31:33,240 –> 00:31:38,040
there were like ipas everywhere and Hot Tops Hot
Tops and so they decided to start a brewery that

00:31:38,040 –> 00:31:43,800
was kind of the antithesis book but I can’t say
that word answers antithesis of that thank you

00:31:44,460 –> 00:31:49,500
um and really we’re focusing on a lot
of German style beers primarily kosh’s

00:31:49,500 –> 00:31:53,640
you know things of that nature so this is
you know this is kind of their bread and

00:31:53,640 –> 00:31:58,620
butter this is their wheelhouse and you know
Oktoberfest they kind of shine but they did

00:31:59,340 –> 00:32:04,560
um they did actually act after covid which is
kind of interesting they launched a new brand

00:32:04,560 –> 00:32:09,060
called further beer and this gives their
Brewers kind of freedom to experiment with

00:32:09,060 –> 00:32:14,880
new ingredients and kind of play with different
styles that don’t fit in that category namely ipas

00:32:17,100 –> 00:32:20,700
um so you know everyone folds eventually
I know I know it’s too lucrative everyone

00:32:20,700 –> 00:32:25,380
tries to avoid the IPA poll and eventually
they’re like well we’ll do a few ideas

00:32:25,380 –> 00:32:29,040
but but they launched a different but we’re
going to put it under a different brand right

00:32:29,580 –> 00:32:33,540
um to do that and they do other experimental
things as well not just ipas but some experimental

00:32:33,540 –> 00:32:39,060
things so their Brewers can basically kind of play
and not only make German style beers they’re kind

00:32:39,060 –> 00:32:45,300
of a cool spot in Portland to check out for
sure what are we moving on to next year well

00:32:46,320 –> 00:32:52,680
since this was America was not in fact the best
beer style that I thought it was going to be

00:32:52,680 –> 00:32:56,400
yeah we should probably wonder if we should
be because we want those of you who got these

00:32:56,400 –> 00:33:03,120
supplemental beers to try a traditional Fest beer
or this one I think is Emerson this one as well

00:33:05,160 –> 00:33:12,960
oh maybe not October it is hard because yeah
it does say Madison starlocker yeah the the

00:33:12,960 –> 00:33:21,120
confusion often lies in that true Oktoberfest
beer all one word is really only produced by those

00:33:21,120 –> 00:33:28,560
six breweries in Munich um Oktoberfest style
beer or just something that says Oktoberfest

00:33:29,400 –> 00:33:34,980
uh it could kind of be I could kind of be
either the true like best beer style or it

00:33:34,980 –> 00:33:41,220
could be more of the historic precedent which
was the American yeah um and unfortunately

00:33:41,220 –> 00:33:45,480
naming conventions are not very well established
here in the United States for things like this

00:33:45,480 –> 00:33:51,960
the way that they are in Germany yeah so for
those of you we’re not going to open this Bob

00:33:51,960 –> 00:33:59,580
beer mostly because Evan’s dad is named Bob
and he’s German and he loves it it’s called

00:33:59,580 –> 00:34:07,140
bobtoberfest I don’t even know if he’s going to
open it yeah he will yeah no your dad likes beer

00:34:07,680 –> 00:34:13,440
um so we’re gonna save this to open with Bob
here with us but if any of you who have this kit

00:34:13,440 –> 00:34:18,360
want to open this one up and let us know if you
think it’s an oktoberfestyle beer or a medicine

00:34:19,260 –> 00:34:24,240
um you would be interested we would be interested
to know that because it’s yeah I I would imagine

00:34:24,240 –> 00:34:30,420
it’s an October has styled here based on it just
says Oktoberfest lager but as opposed to faster I

00:34:30,420 –> 00:34:36,660
thought this one was going to be as well right
so we will see we will find out oh we’re split

00:34:36,660 –> 00:34:40,680
on this question we don’t we don’t know the
answer to this one we’re all split yeah this

00:34:40,680 –> 00:34:46,500
is a seasonal favorite traditional Oktoberfest
Forum oh I think I think this one is its best

00:34:46,500 –> 00:34:49,620
beer that’s why I was thinking that this one
was going to be more similar to the half acre

00:34:49,620 –> 00:34:54,420
all right so do you tie it on the right on your
left in the middle or on the back oh no you don’t

00:34:54,420 –> 00:35:00,000
have to stand up that’s what I want Evan wants
to drop his whole costume so it’s not a costume

00:35:00,000 –> 00:35:06,600
it’s an outfit sorry I’m sorry sorry so since I
am taken it is on your right that is where you

00:35:06,600 –> 00:35:13,740
you had a little a little hint if you checked
out my bundle um and you know our relationships

00:35:15,360 –> 00:35:19,860
breaking news we’re together

00:35:22,560 –> 00:35:29,700
um all right so what do you wanna let’s do this
from Oktoberfest because everyone has the smog

00:35:29,700 –> 00:35:34,500
soberfest all right and that is American and
so for those of you who joined us in opening

00:35:34,500 –> 00:35:39,660
the half leader first um this is your typical
kind of Fest beer and then this one will be

00:35:39,660 –> 00:35:45,440
the Merson and you can kind of compare and
contrast the two of them together foreign

00:35:45,440 –> 00:35:46,440

00:35:46,440 –> 00:36:01,140
Town smog city is from who I know Los Angeles
wait am I right yeah Torrance Torrance California

00:36:02,640 –> 00:36:10,380
it’s the same smog pile yeah so they’re
interesting they um oh and this is later

00:36:12,300 –> 00:36:19,740
yeah interesting certainly lighter certainly
lighter than the other one yeah it’s pretty

00:36:19,740 –> 00:36:24,000
close to that it’s pretty close to that no see
they’re all confusing us but they’re they’re

00:36:24,000 –> 00:36:27,540
labeling here it is it is challenging
this time of year but usually it will

00:36:27,540 –> 00:36:32,400
say somewhere on the back label Emerson
specifically if it is awesome awesome

00:36:33,120 –> 00:36:39,900
and this one says Festival lager yeah and they
just don’t want to make it easy for anything see

00:36:39,900 –> 00:36:43,620
this is why these laws that they have in Germany
and other places are so helpful because it really

00:36:43,620 –> 00:36:47,940
like locks down what what you’re drinking
and what you’re doing and how you’re labeling

00:36:49,020 –> 00:36:54,660
so one of the fun tips and techniques that
we like to share when you’re drinking beer

00:36:54,660 –> 00:37:02,160
and tasting beer um or a little bit and as it
Foams up like that just before it gets to the top

00:37:05,940 –> 00:37:12,540
carefully maybe when it’s not up over More Level
yeah put your hand on the top and kind of let the

00:37:12,540 –> 00:37:17,940
bubbles do their work and release some Aromas and
then it’s going to trap to him trap yeah trap them

00:37:17,940 –> 00:37:22,500
in there and then stick your nose in there and
take a whiff as a way to kind of really evaluate

00:37:22,500 –> 00:37:27,180
concentrate the Aromas yeah and really smell it
a little more and we and we love we actually so

00:37:27,180 –> 00:37:31,440
these little tasting glasses you might think we
only use them for these events we use them all

00:37:31,440 –> 00:37:36,060
the time like at home like we split a beer pretty
much everything we both want to try whatever beer

00:37:36,060 –> 00:37:41,340
we’re drinking um and so we just split them
in here and that way the whole time you’re

00:37:41,340 –> 00:37:44,700
drinking it’s cold we’ll put the rest of the can
in the fridge before you know and then re-pour

00:37:44,700 –> 00:37:48,840
it because if you do open some of these and you
want to save it for a little later if you put it

00:37:48,840 –> 00:37:52,440
in the fridge it will keep the carbonation a
lot better we have a little cooler down here

00:37:52,440 –> 00:37:55,860
actually you might see us reaching down here
occasionally so we’re keeping ours kind of cold

00:37:56,880 –> 00:38:01,140
um and trying to keep them cold because it does
keep the carbonation it keeps that alive a little

00:38:01,140 –> 00:38:06,480
longer if it’s already open but we love these for
splitting beers with someone else in the house or

00:38:06,480 –> 00:38:09,840
just honestly I even when I’m home alone when I
pour it in this and put the rest of the can in

00:38:09,840 –> 00:38:14,760
there keep a cold and then go refill it afterwards
I really enjoy it and we pretty much never drink

00:38:14,760 –> 00:38:20,400
out of the cans because you’re totally missing
this whole Aroma piece when you drink it out

00:38:20,400 –> 00:38:25,260
of the can and if you’ve ever been sick before
and you know your partner orders a pizza when

00:38:25,260 –> 00:38:29,880
you’re sick and you’re all excited thinking like
that’s good and it tastes like cardboard nothing

00:38:29,880 –> 00:38:34,500
because your nose is stuffed and you’re sick like
if you can’t smell what you’re eating or drinking

00:38:34,500 –> 00:38:40,020
you’re missing out on like 80 of the flavors as
well um so it’s really important to be able to

00:38:40,860 –> 00:38:49,200
one of the things that helped that leads nicely
into Jay’s question uh what temperature should I

00:38:49,200 –> 00:38:57,000
be drinking is that and generally dark loggers and
Amber loggers are intended to be consumed a little

00:38:57,000 –> 00:39:04,560
bit warmer than fridge temperature essentially
you certainly don’t want to have them on ice but

00:39:04,560 –> 00:39:11,580
around 40 to 45 degrees is usually pretty optimal
for a darker lager like for medicine and even the

00:39:11,580 –> 00:39:18,060
Amber one even the Fest beer I would say uh it
probably is best served a little bit out of the

00:39:18,060 –> 00:39:22,920
out of the fridge for five minutes or something
like that yeah they’ll warm up as you open it and

00:39:22,920 –> 00:39:29,040
drink it too yeah we often we often joke there’s
a reason why you drink Coors Light and Bud Light

00:39:29,040 –> 00:39:36,060
ice ice ice ice cold right like if there’s really
delicious flavors and Aromas and things going on

00:39:36,060 –> 00:39:39,720
in there you want it a little bit warmer because
that helps you be able to smell them and taste

00:39:39,720 –> 00:39:44,580
them but if it’s really you’re drinking for effect
and it doesn’t have a lot of flavor or Aroma the

00:39:44,580 –> 00:39:50,100
colder it is the more muted it tastes and so even
you know when we go out to eat and we get started

00:39:50,100 –> 00:39:54,780
with white wine at a restaurant oftentimes they’re
pulling it straight out of the fridge and pouring

00:39:54,780 –> 00:39:58,980
it in my glass and I sit there with my hands on
the bowl of the glass warming it up for a minute

00:39:58,980 –> 00:40:02,820
because I can’t smell it I can’t taste it it’s
just like kind of kills all of that when it’s

00:40:02,820 –> 00:40:09,120
too cold yeah I mean in some bars they keep the
white wine in a nice bucket with beer it just

00:40:09,120 –> 00:40:14,820
depends on the plate but no no no no no yeah not
our recommendation move what you want drink it

00:40:14,820 –> 00:40:20,640
the way you want but drink it out you enjoy it for
sure yeah but most most of America serves red wine

00:40:20,640 –> 00:40:26,640
to warm and white wine too cold and if you bring
them and towards them I mean I feel like it kind

00:40:26,640 –> 00:40:35,160
of applies to beer too most beer is served at like
34 degrees you keep them you know glycol lines to

00:40:35,160 –> 00:40:40,860
keep the lines cold and they are served as cold
as they can get them before they start to breathe

00:40:40,860 –> 00:40:46,980
yeah so here’s a fun little fact about Oktoberfest
that I always like to share so there is a beer

00:40:46,980 –> 00:40:53,340
police Squad at Oktoberfest and you might think
that the beer police squad is there in case of the

00:40:53,340 –> 00:41:01,800
unruly who it is under control but the beer police
squad is actually there to make sure that the beer

00:41:01,800 –> 00:41:07,920
in your fees and their full leaders are called
mosques and it’s like M what is this that weird

00:41:07,920 –> 00:41:13,920
backwards V thing that looks like a b but it’s two
s’s yeah um so a full leader the glass is called

00:41:13,920 –> 00:41:19,320
a moth and so the beer in your mouth is supposed
to come up to that line on the glass which equals

00:41:19,320 –> 00:41:26,940
a full leader and sometimes you may got a glass
that’s a tiny bit not as full and the beer police

00:41:26,940 –> 00:41:32,220
squad is there to enforce that is that amazing so
they have a whole team of Phillies going around

00:41:32,220 –> 00:41:36,960
it’s like eyeballing where they’re pouring and
being like no no no no you shorted them a few

00:41:36,960 –> 00:41:43,260
sips there like they take it very seriously I’m
glad they’re there on our side yeah they they does

00:41:43,260 –> 00:41:47,520
say that it rarely happens and that the people
who are pouring the beers Oktoberfest are masters

00:41:47,520 –> 00:41:53,520
of their crafts and know how to dislike time it
without even thinking if anything they’re overporn

00:41:54,180 –> 00:42:04,560
yeah it’s very easy to hit that and still get
a nice head without being concerned about yeah

00:42:04,560 –> 00:42:12,420
for sure yeah Ma is the German word describing the
amount of beer in a regulation mug regulation mug

00:42:13,620 –> 00:42:22,380
in modern times exactly one liter moth
is also like common um oh did you already

00:42:22,380 –> 00:42:28,200
pour me one of these yeah that was darn
now we have three I have too many beers

00:42:30,060 –> 00:42:36,840
um yeah I think is the official missile official
name for it it’s funny I really want to go to

00:42:36,840 –> 00:42:41,160
Oktoberfest but like with every passing year I
get a little more and more nervous about it like

00:42:41,160 –> 00:42:45,420
I’m just not sure if it’s going to be like
this wild rager of like college party like

00:42:45,420 –> 00:42:51,300
this like oh man this is like too much for me or
if it’s gonna be really like a culturally like

00:42:52,020 –> 00:42:56,640
you know like or if it’s somewhere in between like
it does feel very overwhelming and I have heard

00:42:56,640 –> 00:43:00,960
it’s kind of similar to Burning Man for those
of you who are familiar with Burning Man where

00:43:00,960 –> 00:43:06,660
it’s like you really want to go with people who
have been before and people who like no because

00:43:06,660 –> 00:43:12,300
they’re I think there’s a lot of like get your
tickets for these tents at a certain time there’s

00:43:12,300 –> 00:43:16,440
these activities there’s these like if you want
to go to restaurants the week you’re there like

00:43:16,440 –> 00:43:21,360
that’s a whole ordeal like I think there’s a lot
of like logistical to maximize your experience

00:43:21,360 –> 00:43:25,920
you got to kind of know what you’re doing a
little bit yeah I mean as many people as there

00:43:26,640 –> 00:43:33,420
and I do understand that the beer Halls um
it’s not like reservations for the beer Halls

00:43:33,420 –> 00:43:38,100
go on sale at the same time for
all the beer Halls each beer hall

00:43:39,420 –> 00:43:43,440
um run by each of these people are
right six breweries yeah I think there’s

00:43:45,600 –> 00:43:51,360
there’s more than just the sticks in terms of
halls there are other Halls that also do food

00:43:51,360 –> 00:43:55,020
and random things like that it’s just that those
six beers are going with better schools there

00:43:56,160 –> 00:44:05,700
um and when each one of them puts their
reservations up for you know for grabs at

00:44:05,700 –> 00:44:10,560
different times and with different stipulations
yeah minimum of eight people minimum of 10 people

00:44:10,560 –> 00:44:14,460
yeah that’s the other reason it’d be nice to go
to other people that have been before because you

00:44:14,460 –> 00:44:21,240
need a lot of people uh you know get a get a table
maybe raise reservation maybe we’ll have to we’ll

00:44:21,240 –> 00:44:25,260
expense it and we’ll go scope it out for all of
you and we’ll like figure it out and then we’ll

00:44:25,260 –> 00:44:30,660
plan a trip for all of us I do feel like I know a
few people have gone and they they have said it’s

00:44:30,660 –> 00:44:36,180
like yeah it’s very helpful to do that yeah Jay
I agree six million from around the world does

00:44:36,180 –> 00:44:44,880
sound more like fast yeah that’s right but at
the same time it’s a family friendly event you

00:44:44,880 –> 00:44:51,780
know there at least until like the early evening
kids as young as as infants are there I think

00:44:51,780 –> 00:44:58,320
after like you know seven or eight or something
like that anyone under the age of six has to go

00:44:59,340 –> 00:45:03,720
but still that means that there’s you know
12 year olds hanging out until the festival

00:45:03,720 –> 00:45:07,320
closes we’re on a legal drinking age of 16
so they’re 16 year olds there the whole time

00:45:08,760 –> 00:45:13,800
um so I feel like in that regard it’s probably
you know there’s probably some people that get

00:45:13,800 –> 00:45:20,460
drunk but I don’t think it’s like the Americans
I don’t know okay that’s probably part of my

00:45:20,460 –> 00:45:25,260
thing is like when I’ve gone to America in
Oktoberfest things they’re just like [ __ ]

00:45:25,260 –> 00:45:33,420
shows and culturally I do feel like while Germans
are like excited and um passionate about something

00:45:35,040 –> 00:45:44,100
[ __ ] maybe they’re not a particularly exuberant
yeah that’s true uh people at least my dad’s side

00:45:44,100 –> 00:45:51,540
of his family isn’t yeah a little more restrained
where in Munich does Oktoberfest take place oh

00:45:51,540 –> 00:45:55,920
whoever entered the Watson is very close it’s
just a different spelling down there the Bison

00:45:57,180 –> 00:46:05,700
um so this bison it’s basically is Teresa’s
green Teresa was the uh the bride from was it

00:46:06,420 –> 00:46:11,040
Saxony hilbertsville Paxton Hill
Grant uh you know Grant burger

00:46:11,040 –> 00:46:15,060
that married the princess uh

00:46:15,060 –> 00:46:23,460
yeah yeah what do you think of this small
silver Fest I feel like it’s so fun because

00:46:23,460 –> 00:46:28,080
like we always we love Oktoberfest we love
this event we love doing this every year but

00:46:28,080 –> 00:46:32,700
the the style is one style of beer you know
or two styles of beer really and so sometimes

00:46:32,700 –> 00:46:36,900
it can be a little bit like people kind of
tastes the same but I feel like these three

00:46:36,900 –> 00:46:42,960
that we’ve tasted so far are very unique actually
considering they’re very similar in style I agree

00:46:43,620 –> 00:46:47,340
comparing this one to the half acre um

00:46:49,800 –> 00:46:52,200
I would say this one has a little bit more like

00:46:52,980 –> 00:46:58,080
Maybe nuttiness and almost like a
little bit of like white chocolate

00:46:59,340 –> 00:47:04,380
it definitely has a sweetness to it maybe or
on the nose in particular like a roast beef

00:47:06,660 –> 00:47:14,640
almost like chocolate covered almond yeah and
chocolate like or like cashew cashew butter

00:47:15,300 –> 00:47:16,380
I think it’s gonna go delicious

00:47:21,320 –> 00:47:22,320

00:47:22,320 –> 00:47:29,580
there you go which of these will
you not find at Oktoberfest hmm

00:47:31,920 –> 00:47:37,140
wow see you just killed that one too I feel
like Elementary School school field trips

00:47:37,140 –> 00:47:40,800
I probably would have guessed but it is
true there are a lot of families there um

00:47:42,900 –> 00:47:50,520
religious math there’s definitely a crossbow
seating range for sure um I know that much and

00:47:50,520 –> 00:47:57,960
then the religious Mass yeah there’s a crossbow
shooting tent actually you can go into a tent

00:47:57,960 –> 00:48:02,640
there’s like practice your crossbow today
which would be bad I don’t know about that but

00:48:03,480 –> 00:48:08,160
um and then there’s a traditional Oktoberfest
church service that takes place every year in

00:48:08,160 –> 00:48:13,320
one of the tents so there is actually a religious
Mass there um and it’s mostly for the employees

00:48:13,320 –> 00:48:21,120
actually of Oktoberfest but anyone can go in and
attend if they want to interesting um and there

00:48:21,120 –> 00:48:25,260
are School sponsored field trips so you know
the schools bring the kids there to teach them

00:48:25,260 –> 00:48:31,080
all about the culture and teach them all about
you know Oktoberfest and history um and there

00:48:31,080 –> 00:48:35,880
are a lot of horses at Oktoberfest especially
because there was you know originally I think

00:48:38,160 –> 00:48:42,420
um but apparently writing the horses is
very much prompt upon so no pony rides

00:48:45,420 –> 00:48:49,920
yeah I believe that while the horse
races kind of disappeared by the end

00:48:49,920 –> 00:48:54,900
of the 19th century uh my recollection
is that they brought them back on the

00:48:54,900 –> 00:49:00,660
bicentennials and uh 2010 and
did a horse race again yeah

00:49:03,180 –> 00:49:03,840

00:49:13,020 –> 00:49:17,460
ooh that’s a good question yeah
we’re actually I’m bringing um

00:49:19,080 –> 00:49:24,360
I think maybe we talked about this last
last month maybe um we’re going home

00:49:24,360 –> 00:49:27,660
there’s my parents in a week and they live
in Massachusetts and there’s a big Festival

00:49:28,500 –> 00:49:33,720
um there called the baby that we are going to be
going to and there’s a it’s a Fairground and there

00:49:33,720 –> 00:49:37,560
are six permanent buildings on the fairground
there are all they’re they’re modeled after the

00:49:37,560 –> 00:49:41,880
state buildings of east of the New England states
and so there’s a Massachusetts State Building and

00:49:41,880 –> 00:49:45,960
a New Hampshire State Building and they’re
permanent and part of the fairgrounds that

00:49:45,960 –> 00:49:49,860
are there year round and they can do for other
things and so that always makes me think of it

00:49:49,860 –> 00:49:54,240
but yeah it’s permanent Fairgrounds that that
kind of stumps me because I would guess that

00:49:54,240 –> 00:50:02,940
they that they are at October 5th just because
they’re massive I can’t imagine that that you

00:50:02,940 –> 00:50:07,560
know Municipal Park is do you think you could
use them for other things you know like have

00:50:07,560 –> 00:50:12,900
other events there have service to lay there all
right let’s see it all right the answer is the

00:50:12,900 –> 00:50:19,500
big reveal false yeah okay each year the whole
October Fest is constructed from scrap and I’m

00:50:19,500 –> 00:50:25,620
taking down afterwards so construction begins in
June so they start building it in June um and but

00:50:25,620 –> 00:50:31,320
the planning for it starts like in March and then
it’s all broken down and put away but it takes 3

00:50:31,320 –> 00:50:36,900
000 workers 10 weeks to construct Oktoberfest
and then it takes five weeks to take it all down

00:50:37,920 –> 00:50:43,920
yeah that’s not sustainable yeah six days of the
same thing that does not sound sustainable before

00:50:43,920 –> 00:50:47,520
they cared about the kids well I mean I guess
they’re giving some people some jobs I wonder

00:50:47,520 –> 00:50:52,440
if they deconstruct it and then reconstruct
it using the same material area because it’s

00:50:52,440 –> 00:50:57,720
like I would think I would hope so I would
think that they’re not like from scratch I

00:50:57,720 –> 00:51:01,020
would hope I mean that that should be part of
our sustainability initiative I would imagine

00:51:03,480 –> 00:51:06,720
Aaron I’m going to breathe this through
some of these um yeah yeah while you’re

00:51:06,720 –> 00:51:12,180
doing that but I was also thinking when
you said three thousand workers 10 weeks

00:51:13,380 –> 00:51:20,460
six million people some of these tents so the
biggest tens I think holds 12 000 people so

00:51:20,460 –> 00:51:29,160
it’s like uh you know a college basketball arena
um and even even like the small ones still fit a

00:51:29,160 –> 00:51:38,220
thousand people yeah I mean that that’s huge yeah
that’s so big now it’s a lot of work for sure

00:51:40,860 –> 00:51:44,100
oh you know this when you said this at the
beginning of the session no that’s right it

00:51:44,100 –> 00:51:49,740
did and a couple of you remembered but I also
said the other one that people are remembering

00:51:49,740 –> 00:51:57,360
yeah so the how do you say the first one that’s
the law the German Purity law about how to make

00:51:57,360 –> 00:52:06,180
it here and the oh yeses is what they say
to say yeah to kick off Oktoberfest for sure

00:52:10,200 –> 00:52:13,200
back did you open up the Bob toberfest

00:52:15,480 –> 00:52:19,140
I’m curious if you’re thinking
it posted to American or if it’s

00:52:19,140 –> 00:52:24,180
American or if it’s you say it
said it on the bathroom okay

00:52:27,060 –> 00:52:30,900
all right we want to open one more

00:52:33,600 –> 00:52:39,780
um which one are you uh serious about I’m kind
of curious about this one well I don’t know

00:52:41,700 –> 00:52:49,500
half anchor or I I really like half acre’s
Instagram feed I’m gonna I’m gonna pick the

00:52:49,500 –> 00:52:55,200
scenes I like there I mean because it’s got
pretzels I do like this I’m leaning towards

00:52:55,200 –> 00:52:58,860
this one first because I feel like this this
can keep catching my eye like it’s very in

00:52:58,860 –> 00:53:03,240
this morning that was so funny I had no idea
that was pretzels until you just said that oh

00:53:03,240 –> 00:53:10,320
I have I’ve had this pan sitting on my desk for
like ever and I just saw it as like yellow design

00:53:11,520 –> 00:53:17,820
um that’s so cute really cute really yeah it
is really fun to see the different Canon art

00:53:17,820 –> 00:53:22,260
um do you guys remember when like all craft
beer was in bottles that like you know one

00:53:22,260 –> 00:53:28,740
for craftier in cans and everyone was like no
no no like that’s like we will repeat that yeah

00:53:28,740 –> 00:53:34,140
it’s so fun to see all the creativity and how
they partner and collab with these like local

00:53:34,140 –> 00:53:40,080
resident artists to create their specialty like
hands it’s really quite a big fun part of the

00:53:40,080 –> 00:53:46,200
beer culture now I think that would have never
existed a lot harder to do it with bottles I think

00:53:48,600 –> 00:53:57,420
yeah for sure I particularly like this
one because of the way I like noise

00:54:03,780 –> 00:54:09,120
yeah I mean I feel like these two with
the pretzel and the beer and then this

00:54:09,120 –> 00:54:13,860
one these are like you’re all set for
your October yeah you have your pretzels

00:54:13,860 –> 00:54:18,780
all right ready to go

00:54:21,060 –> 00:54:28,440
um so this one is bear State Co-Op and this
was only the third co-op Brewery in the country

00:54:29,580 –> 00:54:34,980
um and they actually it was a group of friends
who played rugby together and had this idea that

00:54:34,980 –> 00:54:43,440
they wanted to like start a brewery and they were
in Austin I believe and they went to what was the

00:54:43,440 –> 00:54:50,940
name of the other written down somewhere here
Black Star Co-op in Austin so Black Star Co-op

00:54:50,940 –> 00:54:55,680
is a brewery out there in Austin and they went
there together and they were like oh interesting

00:54:55,680 –> 00:55:01,500
a co-op Brewery um that really because they were
homebrewers already and they really felt like

00:55:02,220 –> 00:55:05,700
you know when you’re home brewing you’re in
all the details and you understand the whole

00:55:05,700 –> 00:55:10,620
process and you’re really like in it all but then
when you work at a brewery there’s so much that’s

00:55:10,620 –> 00:55:15,240
like behind closed doors and like you’re not you
don’t have access if you’re not the person who

00:55:15,240 –> 00:55:20,400
does that and so they really felt like this idea
of a co-op Brewery would kind of like make working

00:55:20,400 –> 00:55:25,680
at a brewery a little bit more transparent and
that everyone would be a part of it and so they

00:55:25,680 –> 00:55:32,460
started the third only the third in the Country
Co-op Brewery um and they have 2 000 members today

00:55:33,420 –> 00:55:37,380
um that’s really cool and yeah and so
they’re really very big about community

00:55:37,380 –> 00:55:40,920
and giving back to the community and having
the community be really a part of their process

00:55:42,600 –> 00:55:47,640
so again well the same style
I would say is the half acre

00:55:48,780 –> 00:55:57,360
um and this mocktoberfest this one has a pretty
distinct aromatic profile the departure wants more

00:55:57,360 –> 00:56:05,880
yeah Freckle exist does have a little bit more of
the bittering Hops that are maybe non-traditional

00:56:17,940 –> 00:56:25,500
yeah comparing these two so the interesting Zach
when you get your um Disco gift because the fears

00:56:25,500 –> 00:56:34,620
that you gotten replacement can are they all
Americans I guess they are yeah Americans I think

00:56:34,620 –> 00:56:39,000
they’re all American there’s more of a factor
oh we thought that one was going to be easier

00:56:40,380 –> 00:56:46,920
um but then these three are all best years so
you’ll get the other end of the spectrum with that

00:56:51,540 –> 00:56:57,720
uh that’s a good point yeah doing candy machines
that says what’s expensive is very expensive and

00:56:57,720 –> 00:57:03,480
they didn’t have like multiplication yeah and
I mean anytime you’re already doing something

00:57:03,480 –> 00:57:07,320
one way and then you want to do it a different
way that’s an investment to kind of get started

00:57:07,320 –> 00:57:12,120
with that and if you’re familiar with you know
bottling that’s something that you can very easily

00:57:12,120 –> 00:57:19,260
do at home with just a simple simple device to
charge the crown cast on all right what is New

00:57:19,260 –> 00:57:24,840
Girls could be very good word for Tears no a kind
of bratwurst well now that just makes me hungry

00:57:25,980 –> 00:57:31,080
um leftover beer it is left over beer and so
that is what it is called when you have just

00:57:31,080 –> 00:57:37,440
like a little bit of beer left in your glass and
apparently on Oktoberfest it is a big No-No to

00:57:38,220 –> 00:57:43,440
for the leftovers from this one in
your new year before you finish this

00:57:43,440 –> 00:57:46,920
big no no like you’re just supposed to discard
that little bit of error that’s at the bottom

00:57:48,180 –> 00:57:53,640
why would you just finish it well you can do that
I suppose but apparently they have a whole name

00:57:53,640 –> 00:57:57,300
for it because it’s like just dump that little
bit out like don’t drink that it’s been in your

00:57:57,300 –> 00:58:02,160
cup to last too long it’s probably a little warm
it’s probably a little bit like that’s not what

00:58:02,160 –> 00:58:06,720
you want to do okay so if you’re seeing kind
of Being Greedy with your beard like popping

00:58:06,720 –> 00:58:11,640
off your old one with your new one they’re just
gonna come over and be like no no yeah that’s

00:58:11,640 –> 00:58:16,020
interesting I always think that that would
be that wouldn’t be a word for it because

00:58:16,980 –> 00:58:22,920
the inappropriate thing to do is to lead
leftover beer in your glass like how come

00:58:22,920 –> 00:58:26,640
you didn’t finish that before you went and got
another one but I get it like it’s a meter so

00:58:26,640 –> 00:58:31,860
it’s going to get warm it’s going to get flat yeah
unless you’re really going after it right right

00:58:36,600 –> 00:58:41,040
yeah it’s interesting the the sweetness of
that one following that with this one is

00:58:41,820 –> 00:58:46,620
it’s a little challenging to go into this most
bitter and relatively into the other direction

00:58:46,620 –> 00:58:51,000
the sweeter one yeah

00:58:56,160 –> 00:59:00,300
and Oakland is like a lot more roasted instead of

00:59:00,300 –> 00:59:03,480
because it’s kind of a little
bit and that’s not that drying

00:59:04,320 –> 00:59:08,940
bitterness kind of in in the middle of my tongue
well and that was the original order we were going

00:59:08,940 –> 00:59:13,140
to go in with this we’re gonna be the second but
with people having different fears all about them

00:59:17,520 –> 00:59:21,480
all right we have a few poll questions left and
then everyone get ready if you want to get on

00:59:21,480 –> 00:59:27,840
camera and hang out with us and talk to us for
for doing that next as long as you have your

00:59:27,840 –> 00:59:34,620
uh the appropriate attire no it’s okay although
if you have that for the Tyrone brownie points

00:59:34,620 –> 00:59:40,260
for you uh one of the answers in the also was the
bavarians barrel hat but what is this actually I

00:59:40,260 –> 00:59:46,200
can’t remember I feel like we knew last year and I
don’t think I have a full question for that either

00:59:47,340 –> 00:59:53,040
um this is a fun one what does what is what do
the giant Cupids at Oktoberfest going forward

00:59:53,040 –> 00:59:58,860
the first question is like why are there stupid
but apparently and I’ve seen pictures of this

00:59:58,860 –> 01:00:08,580
they’re like Giant on top of like full stupid
like kind of all over the place um and so the

01:00:08,580 –> 01:00:13,980
exits of the crossbow Street and range the
first aid stations were above the bathroom oh

01:00:16,920 –> 01:00:24,480
your guess what’s your guess I I hope it’s
about 30. it is all right in the bathroom

01:00:24,480 –> 01:00:29,580
that’s great which I know it is great like
what kind of thing like you these are maybe

01:00:29,580 –> 01:00:34,440
the exits you know but like when you’re
drinking a lot of beer you urgently to be

01:00:34,440 –> 01:00:38,160
like of course they have some kind of visual
of like how do I get to the closest bathroom

01:00:38,940 –> 01:00:54,120
that makes sense because uh chiral
is the northern part of Italy

01:00:55,140 –> 01:01:00,660
that butts up against the southern part of
like Germany Austria I’m not sure if the

01:01:00,660 –> 01:01:06,060
throne border there Austin we’re there okay
and bavarianism in southern part of Germany

01:01:14,640 –> 01:01:18,060

01:01:29,580 –> 01:01:33,540
I feel like 99 hopefully you hear that

01:01:37,020 –> 01:01:41,460
um I’m kind of like why would you hear the
Chicken Dance YMCA or Take Me Home Country

01:01:41,460 –> 01:01:49,300
Road Oktoberfest because those are all like songs
that you know a brass band can even play [Music]

01:01:50,880 –> 01:01:58,440
because well if you’ve ever been to an Oktoberfest
in America the chicken dance is very prevalent

01:01:59,100 –> 01:02:05,220
very prevalent I don’t know what it is about
Oktoberfest and the chicken dance but if well

01:02:05,220 –> 01:02:09,720
maybe you can see so many roast chicken yeah
I mean that’s you know yeah but apparently in

01:02:09,720 –> 01:02:14,880
Germany you are not going to hear the chicken
dance at all but apparently you are going to

01:02:14,880 –> 01:02:21,660
hear taking a Home Country Roads a lot like like
they really like that song and so they’re playing

01:02:21,660 –> 01:02:27,900
that a lot and they’re also playing the YMCA I
think that you do a chicken dance there or it’s

01:02:27,900 –> 01:02:32,880
like a chicken dance hat or something maybe
not a chicken dance maybe there’s a chicken

01:02:32,880 –> 01:02:38,160
hat like the feather like you see some of these
have and they’ve got these these feathers that

01:02:38,160 –> 01:02:45,720
are like you know they look like you’re the the
marching guy in the front of the parade that they

01:02:48,060 –> 01:02:52,380
differ great great I love it

01:02:53,400 –> 01:02:59,160
um one more we’ll be done a few we could
move on say the quiz oh no the quiz is done

01:02:59,880 –> 01:03:04,620
um and before we have turn it over and let
everyone who wants to turn their cameras on I

01:03:04,620 –> 01:03:11,640
know we’ve had a few more people join us while we
got started here and so I just want to mention one

01:03:11,640 –> 01:03:15,840
more time for those of you who are interested
in next month’s tip Scout kit we have a very

01:03:15,840 –> 01:03:22,440
exciting American single malt kit next month and
it is epic and yes you’re gonna get some little

01:03:22,440 –> 01:03:29,640
tasting glasses along with it and um next month
our horror at least four of the distillers still

01:03:29,640 –> 01:03:33,480
waiting to hear from a couple of them are going
to be joining us to talk all about American single

01:03:33,480 –> 01:03:37,980
models and there’s amazing gardening category of
whiskey that we are really really excited about

01:03:37,980 –> 01:03:43,200
there like some of these listings California
we have one from Minnesota we have one from

01:04:00,900 –> 01:04:05,340
um yeah so it’s gonna be an exciting one next
month and we are very happy to have the distillers

01:04:05,340 –> 01:04:10,140
with us and hope that all of you will join because
we don’t get to get the makers on all that often

01:04:10,140 –> 01:04:14,460
they’re very busy making a solicit boots um so
we’re thrilled that they’re going to be joining us

01:04:14,460 –> 01:04:18,540
and we hope you’ll be here too and we’ll probably
we’ll um you know we’ll let them talk for a little

01:04:18,540 –> 01:04:22,020
while but we’ll definitely let it open up so you
guys can get on camera and ask your questions

01:04:22,020 –> 01:04:27,060
and do that make sure we have enough time to do
that um like we like we typically do so get your

01:04:27,060 –> 01:04:30,480
questions ready about what you want to learn
about American single house and what you want

01:04:30,480 –> 01:04:35,400
to you know be there otherwise I’m going to hog
their empire attention we have lots of questions

01:04:36,000 –> 01:04:41,340
actually one of the American single malts that
we discovered um to add to the kids was at the

01:04:41,340 –> 01:04:47,700
distillers conference so we were at the filler
conference and someone who actually embarrassingly

01:04:47,700 –> 01:04:52,020
like recognize me from it from Instagram and
social media and I was like oh we call you you

01:04:52,020 –> 01:04:55,800
know so she came up to us and was talking to us
and I mentioned that we were doing an American

01:04:55,800 –> 01:04:59,580
single Mall kid and she said oh my God we just
launching one and I have it in my pot in my purse

01:04:59,580 –> 01:05:04,500
you want to taste it and so we tasted it and Evan
tasted it and he actually does it mean when he

01:05:04,500 –> 01:05:09,060
needs it he’s like I feel like that might be my
favorite single malt I’ve hated in like all the

01:05:09,060 –> 01:05:13,200
American single multitation so far and they just
launched it um and they’re pretty neat Distillery

01:05:13,200 –> 01:05:16,980
as well so it’s really exciting to be able to
support them and get that out there to you guys

01:05:16,980 –> 01:05:21,900
so you can you can check it out too yeah that was
called Getty ways yeah sometimes it was it yeah

01:05:21,900 –> 01:05:28,920
that’s very exciting um all right I’m going to
press the button to Grand Marshal thank you yeah

01:05:33,240 –> 01:05:33,740

01:05:34,980 –> 01:05:42,480
all right so you’ll get a little notification
pop up on your screen if you would like to

01:05:43,140 –> 01:05:47,520
be panelists so you can turn your camera and video
on if you don’t want to that’s okay you can stay

01:05:47,520 –> 01:05:52,320
completely hidden and keep just chatting with us
um and for those of you if you do need to leave

01:05:52,320 –> 01:05:57,120
we totally understand it’s a Thursday night
and gosh we had a lot of beer in front of us

01:05:57,120 –> 01:06:03,420
but if you do have to leave and you can’t stick
around thank you so much for joining us for

01:06:03,420 –> 01:06:08,340
Oktoberfest I really enjoyed having you here and
we hope you enjoy these beers and these delicious

01:06:08,340 –> 01:06:15,480
pretzels reminder for all of you if you like these
beers or if you like beer at all shoot me an email

01:06:15,480 –> 01:06:21,120
I have 25 gift cards for craft shop and craft shop
is really amazing because you can build your own

01:06:21,120 –> 01:06:27,960
6 12 18 24 packs so you can budget by singles of
everything and compile it around and it’s mostly

01:06:27,960 –> 01:06:34,260
craft also craft beer they have Spirits as well
um and so I have tons of promo codes for 25 off

01:06:35,280 –> 01:06:41,460
um I think 30 or more fifty dollars I don’t know
but it basically equates to free shipping so you

01:06:41,460 –> 01:06:45,540
can get a 12 pack and get free shipping on it so
it’s basically like you’re buying it at the store

01:06:46,380 –> 01:06:50,040
um so shoot me an email whenever you want
because I have so many of these promo codes

01:06:50,820 –> 01:06:55,200
um and just say hey can I get one of those promo
codes to get some beer and I’ll spend one for you

01:06:55,200 –> 01:06:59,100
you can use it for people for Christmas gifts
you can use it you know it’s a nice way to try

01:06:59,100 –> 01:07:03,420
craft beers and get more of these especially
if you like these if you want to get more of

01:07:03,420 –> 01:07:09,060
these make sure to go do that quickly or sell
out fast and so some of these they might not

01:07:09,060 –> 01:07:14,040
even have I think these three I believe they
don’t have anymore so it’s going to be valuable

01:07:14,040 –> 01:07:18,600
they might be getting more of the main things
that is still the season but but they only you

01:07:18,600 –> 01:07:24,840
know they only make them once a year yeah so once
they’re done with what they made that year you’d

01:07:24,840 –> 01:07:30,840
probably commit and usually they’re released in
August so by the time you know October actually

01:07:30,840 –> 01:07:35,340
hits uh they’re released in August but they’re
really hard to find until about mid-september

01:07:35,340 –> 01:07:40,380
you know like like at the brewery you can find
them Anonymous but in stores and so that’s also

01:07:40,380 –> 01:07:44,820
why we love doing Oktoberfest every year we
don’t do many receive events and zip scalp

01:07:44,820 –> 01:07:49,140
but we do Octoberfest every year because it’s
fun to get to try these from breweries all over

01:07:49,140 –> 01:07:54,480
the country when there are limited time kind of
release every time um the new one you know yeah

01:07:54,480 –> 01:08:01,800
all right you like them as much as we do all
right dude some of you probably got that from

01:08:01,800 –> 01:08:06,060
panelists thing if you missed it and I
already sent it over to you and you want

01:08:06,060 –> 01:08:10,800
to me to send it again so you can turn it
on just let me know otherwise for those of

01:08:10,800 –> 01:08:14,760
you who had to leave see you again for
joining we really appreciate you cheers

01:08:18,180 –> 01:08:28,620
we need some uh traditional like German folk music
now we do maybe hi there hey hey good to see you

01:08:30,960 –> 01:08:32,760
I think you’re muted oh there you go

01:08:34,860 –> 01:08:37,920
we were oh day left and said he’ll be right back

01:08:37,920 –> 01:08:41,880
all right we’ll keep an eye out
for him can I hear you hold on

01:08:45,240 –> 01:08:50,640
making suggestions no I don’t
think I can hear anything no hello

01:08:53,640 –> 01:08:58,440
connected to anything oh background
and effects my volumes up

01:09:01,440 –> 01:09:04,020
I believe you hello

01:09:08,820 –> 01:09:09,480

01:09:13,280 –> 01:09:23,580
[Music] did I it’s over there hmm

01:09:27,180 –> 01:09:30,900
what does it mean oh wait hold on
we figured it out I think it’s out

01:09:31,980 –> 01:09:44,220
uh how about now hello yeah hey there we go
technology they’re like what the heck I’m doing

01:09:44,220 –> 01:09:51,300
everything right over here how you guys doing
oh we’re doing good yeah you enjoy your viewers

01:09:52,020 –> 01:10:00,360
yes yes we really liked the the smog City quite
a bit yeah it’s pretty good yeah wait do you know

01:10:00,360 –> 01:10:06,240
what’s what’s in our glasses now and I don’t know
this is the best beer from Occidental this is this

01:10:06,240 –> 01:10:12,300
that’s clear and then the half anchorism here
what are these two um this is my smart silver

01:10:12,300 –> 01:10:17,580
pad so if you want to look at the colors here
what do I have in front of me what’s happening

01:10:17,580 –> 01:10:21,540
yeah I like the fox number facts a lot too hot too
really like this half acres I mean you guys get

01:10:21,540 –> 01:10:27,720
this one I’ll be seriously I like this one a lot I
wonder if I like this one so I wonder if there’s a

01:10:27,720 –> 01:10:34,080
um what’s it called a bunch of things because I’m
drinking it out of like a half clear Thing versus

01:10:34,080 –> 01:10:40,500
this right I would say that there is no chance
there’s that newly Lincoln that just means you

01:10:40,500 –> 01:10:49,140
got to drink them all out of the yeah we need
another couple of these nice signs I actually

01:10:49,140 –> 01:10:56,280
have one of those like the big boy Steins that
I when I was in my 20s I stole out of a bar in

01:10:56,280 –> 01:11:02,520
like this teeny tiny purse I’m like my friend
and I were in the bar and I was like handing I

01:11:02,520 –> 01:11:07,860
was emptying out my purse under the table to her
and I just shoved this style and then and just

01:11:09,120 –> 01:11:17,520
for a little bit I had one of the full
white leader-sized ones uh years and

01:11:17,520 –> 01:11:26,820
years ago that a friend of mine made for our
group of friends and not the glass but like

01:11:28,500 –> 01:11:34,680
I was like whoa that would be really cool um they
were you know traditional ones but he’s an artist

01:11:34,680 –> 01:11:40,080
and so he got him and like painted with like a
whatever non-toxic kind of like acrylic paint

01:11:40,080 –> 01:11:46,260
they could go through the dishwasher um you
know different like imagery on each one that

01:11:46,260 –> 01:11:51,660
pertain to that particular person like things
that they liked or were known for nicknames

01:11:52,320 –> 01:11:56,760
stuff like that uh and engage them
all to it one year for Oktoberfest

01:11:58,080 –> 01:12:05,280
um and tragically it broke ten years ago but
then you have fond memories of that Corbin

01:12:05,280 –> 01:12:12,120
still has his oh yeah that’s fun yeah Evan’s
friend Zach um who actually usually joins us

01:12:12,120 –> 01:12:20,340
for Oktoberfest and is our our beard beer the
throne he’s a beer judge makes his own beer hey

01:12:20,340 –> 01:12:25,080
nice yeah he makes some of the best beer I’ve
ever hated honestly like like even compared to

01:12:25,080 –> 01:12:28,980
life I think next year because he always makes an
Oktoberfest beard so we can get them to make it

01:12:30,240 –> 01:12:35,220
that would be really cool but he has an
Oktoberfest party every year too and I

01:12:35,220 –> 01:12:40,320
miss it every year I’m never here for some
reason but they all do the thing in two weeks

01:12:40,320 –> 01:12:44,460
two weeks or something yeah and he’ll have
his October Festival there which is great

01:12:45,540 –> 01:12:57,000
yeah Tom had two different Oktoberfest ears
yeah so cool great name yeah cryptographic

01:12:59,460 –> 01:13:04,200

01:13:04,200 –> 01:13:13,740
oh God that’s the funniest thing is like I’ve been
over there only for a very short amount of time

01:13:13,740 –> 01:13:19,920
went there for a conference but I was in Cologne
and it was like okay where are the beers and like

01:13:20,940 –> 01:13:26,760
this is our beer the culture you’re like okay
cool but like we’re the other one where the other

01:13:26,760 –> 01:13:36,240
ones were like go to another city I’m like no
literally Kohl’s is for cologne for calm you want

01:13:36,240 –> 01:13:42,000
a different beard you go to a different city those
are the rules here it’s like what that’s wild

01:13:42,000 –> 01:13:46,560
yeah there really is something else did you go to
stores at all are the stores they only have like

01:13:46,560 –> 01:13:53,760
that too or do the stores at least yes I was
there for conference and funny thing was like

01:13:54,840 –> 01:14:01,500
it was a student business conference like uh
business student sort of thing and they would

01:14:01,500 –> 01:14:08,100
like freaking play us with rice dwarf every
night like they would have music going till

01:14:08,100 –> 01:14:14,580
2am if you wanted to be there and unlimited
beer in the bottle just like ah here you go

01:14:14,580 –> 01:14:21,960
uh you know whatever it’s a beard no one cares
you know don’t and uh so no I never really got

01:14:21,960 –> 01:14:26,400
into the stores I so I don’t know maybe you could
get them in the stores there but at least in like

01:14:26,400 –> 01:14:31,440
went to a couple weeks you can get free
beer until two in the morning yeah why

01:14:34,080 –> 01:14:37,020
I think Tom’s got some experience here

01:14:39,960 –> 01:14:47,940
uh yeah and that made sense because the local
beers are on draft and the bars they’re going

01:14:47,940 –> 01:14:55,080
throughout here like I feel like that’s probably
less common to feed bottled beer in Walmart yeah

01:14:55,080 –> 01:14:58,740
I guess that makes sense

01:15:02,520 –> 01:15:06,480
yeah you also had a comment earlier in
the the night where you said something

01:15:06,480 –> 01:15:09,600
about like oh you’re talking about the
different e strains and that sort of thing

01:15:10,740 –> 01:15:15,780
um your your beer friend uh might be interested in
doing something like this where the the Beer Club

01:15:17,400 –> 01:15:21,780
um back in my hometown in East Tennessee
they would do this thing every year

01:15:23,280 –> 01:15:27,300
um where the guy who had the biggest Brewing kid I

01:15:27,300 –> 01:15:31,680
think he had like a half barrel set
up or something like that wood Brew

01:15:33,780 –> 01:15:37,560
um I think 15 Gallons 10 gallons
something like that and then they

01:15:37,560 –> 01:15:42,360
would divide it up five six seven
people the wart the finished wart

01:15:42,960 –> 01:15:49,260
pass it off to a bunch of different people and
each person would use a different strain of yeast

01:15:49,260 –> 01:15:58,140
and it all get back together and you know a month
or so after it brewed and try the differences and

01:15:58,140 –> 01:16:04,980
it’s really incredible it’s just like the malt’s
the same the water everything else is the same

01:16:04,980 –> 01:16:09,540
admittedly different fermenting conditions but
they all try to keep similar as possible but

01:16:10,680 –> 01:16:16,740
it’s a fun experiment if you want to try it man
the market researcher in the I go in my back in

01:16:16,740 –> 01:16:21,000
my corporate days I was a market researcher for
a long time and that’s like a fascinating market

01:16:21,000 –> 01:16:24,720
research study you know where it’s like people
all the variables the same and then changes one

01:16:24,720 –> 01:16:28,860
and then do it again but just change the salon
and like I love that kind of stuff that’s so fun

01:16:29,640 –> 01:16:37,560
so like when I read that you know from the Brewers
like well how much difference does these make how

01:16:37,560 –> 01:16:41,280
much difference does them all take and like you
don’t really know that unless you do that kind of

01:16:41,280 –> 01:16:47,280
like single Focus experimentation you know that’s
why I love when they do that with wine sometimes

01:16:47,280 –> 01:16:53,940
too where like um there’s that place that would
have the exact same line the same Vineyard source

01:16:53,940 –> 01:16:59,820
that they year or the same you know process but
then they would put one in like French Oak and

01:16:59,820 –> 01:17:04,980
one in American Oak and then you would get to
like pry them side by side and it was like oh

01:17:04,980 –> 01:17:09,960
like you know like we all know they’re French
Open Eric nope and that’s open like but it’s so

01:17:09,960 –> 01:17:14,160
fascinating to be able to I mean they did a bunch
of little like side-by-side variables like that

01:17:14,940 –> 01:17:17,520
um it’s not one of your favorite
wineries I know that but they do

01:17:17,520 –> 01:17:21,840
cool stuff like that but it’s
kind of here it is Tom knows it

01:17:22,620 –> 01:17:33,180
those of us in the industry we often refer to
it as Del blado um because they they really

01:17:33,180 –> 01:17:38,400
like they they have very big boards they
have very big and like the people there yeah

01:17:41,520 –> 01:17:46,260
um Tom I’m guessing that you’ve been there
because I don’t feel like they yeah sell their

01:17:46,260 –> 01:17:51,420
wine and Stores um and I guess it’s more about the
customers that go there than the winery because

01:17:51,420 –> 01:17:56,460
the people who go there often go there later in
the day and because they’re open later too yeah I

01:17:56,460 –> 01:18:03,960
mean they’re open a little bit later yeah um when
we would go there we would always go there at the

01:18:03,960 –> 01:18:09,660
end of the day simply because our guests were
capable of going to another Winery yet so they

01:18:09,660 –> 01:18:15,900
left Delgado yeah because of the amount of wine
that they stated before and so which is really

01:18:15,900 –> 01:18:19,380
awesome if you’re there and you’re you know and
you’re like I get to try all these experiments

01:18:19,380 –> 01:18:24,780
and try all these things but it is you know
you have to be like you have to be very uh

01:18:24,780 –> 01:18:31,920
self-controlled do not actually consume everything
since you’re not tasting out of you know at a

01:18:31,920 –> 01:18:34,860
table most of the time where there’s a
place to dump out where you don’t want to

01:18:34,860 –> 01:18:41,820
finishing everything and you don’t really know
how much you’re drinking because it’s just like

01:18:41,820 –> 01:18:47,400
a little little dose of this one because it’s
also in the barrel and it’s super cool but yeah

01:18:47,400 –> 01:18:52,800
they they definitely had a reputation
among the other wineries in Napa Valley

01:18:54,120 –> 01:18:58,620
um basically the joke was that they didn’t
charge your credit card until the next day

01:18:58,620 –> 01:19:02,580
because they got so many chargebacks from
people that woke up the next morning or like

01:19:03,600 –> 01:19:11,640
I just bought three cases of wine that cost me
eight thousand dollars [Music] oh no no no no no

01:19:11,640 –> 01:19:18,540
no no no no no no oh gosh but they’re what they’re
wiser their wives are very good yeah um but that

01:19:18,540 –> 01:19:24,360
was that was an interesting refutation yeah well
and I also think like if you know what you’re

01:19:24,360 –> 01:19:28,800
doing and you’re in a cave you’re very comfortable
sitting on the ground and you know that that’s

01:19:28,800 –> 01:19:34,080
okay you know there’s there’s the drain right
exactly the greens right there and like so but a

01:19:34,080 –> 01:19:38,220
lot of people who like are just like visiting and
not come like they’re just like oh I guess they

01:19:38,220 –> 01:19:43,320
better drink all this and they like feel like
they have to drink it all you know so the name

01:19:43,320 –> 01:19:51,120
might ring a bell and maybe Tom since he’s been
there you you know the the main thing Dave Delgado

01:19:52,800 –> 01:20:04,020
um used to be seen on late night television in
between shows commercials how to make money buying

01:20:04,020 –> 01:20:11,280
and selling real estate with me Dave Delgado and
he was wearing a Blazer that had dollar symbols on

01:20:11,280 –> 01:20:17,220
it it was a bright green Blazer do you remember
this right now how to make money selling buying

01:20:17,220 –> 01:20:22,620
and selling real estate with Dave Delgado and he
made a lot more money selling those manuals than

01:20:22,620 –> 01:20:27,180
he ever did buying and selling real estate well
I mean whatever he did he did right because he

01:20:27,180 –> 01:20:34,320
did rewind the results yeah they the application
then there’s the original one in Atlas P or down

01:20:34,320 –> 01:20:41,880
uh by the road up to Atlas Pete um but yeah I’ve
only been here I’ve only met the original one uh

01:20:41,880 –> 01:20:47,340
someone kind of one next to West yeah and I really
like that one yeah and what sounds great as well

01:20:48,120 –> 01:20:52,260
yeah so funny I mean I love those market
research experiments though I think that’s

01:20:52,260 –> 01:20:56,460
the best way to learn and I imagine like
if you’re a brewer or you’re a winemaker

01:20:56,460 –> 01:21:02,040
you almost have to kind of do those things to
learn what the influence of all the elements are

01:21:04,260 –> 01:21:04,760

01:21:07,320 –> 01:21:12,960
it’s really good I like that one
October hey will you promote me

01:21:12,960 –> 01:21:21,540
I don’t know you don’t want to share
this picture of Dave Delgado oh

01:21:28,200 –> 01:21:34,200
excited to see this wait wait I gotta
find one and find the right one where

01:21:34,200 –> 01:21:38,340
he’s got his his money making jacket
that’s not Dave Delgado that’s gay

01:21:44,520 –> 01:21:48,960
um all right am I promoted yeah so

01:21:58,560 –> 01:22:01,740
I want to go to Germany though Evan
I haven’t been to Eastern Europe at

01:22:01,740 –> 01:22:07,680
all I’ve only been to Western Europe yeah I
think going to Munich would be a lot of fun

01:22:10,800 –> 01:22:21,480
I want to tell you ah Thomas throw your camera
will return on ah wait are you sure try again

01:22:24,660 –> 01:22:32,340
double check oh I hate that I
used to have a dirndl but it broke

01:22:34,140 –> 01:22:39,960
you’re just wearing it too much huh you did
oh I worked out of Knoxville I helped open

01:22:39,960 –> 01:22:47,580
a German Brewery um but we wore and it
was cheap off of eBay so it it Twitter

01:22:47,580 –> 01:22:53,760
pieces she says German she she really does mean
literally German like the guy owners were from

01:22:54,660 –> 01:23:01,320
somewhere in Germany we’re in Germany and his
parents were coming like came over too and they

01:23:01,320 –> 01:23:09,600
spoke not a whole lot of English oh wow it was
yeah they were yeah actually one of the I think

01:23:09,600 –> 01:23:19,020
the Urban Chestnut Brewery is from Germany as
well yeah all right here we go everyone you ready

01:23:25,020 –> 01:23:31,020
from the beautiful Outrigger Waikiki Beach
Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii we forget to join John

01:23:31,800 –> 01:23:33,660
John and his special guests

01:23:41,100 –> 01:23:45,660
all right that’s probably enough of that
but that’s not what you were looking

01:23:45,660 –> 01:23:50,520
for it’s not quite the one I was looking
for Mr hugs and that looks great oh nice

01:23:51,780 –> 01:24:01,500
oh yours looks pretty authentico yeah that
those are great that looks like my dad yeah

01:24:01,500 –> 01:24:05,340
it looks like kind of like a little like almost
like leatherish true leather well that’s that’s

01:24:05,340 –> 01:24:11,400
that’s the the translation technically yeah it’s
real leather it’s it’s very very warm for Dallas

01:24:11,400 –> 01:24:18,660
this time of year yeah it’s a little warm in
Arizona as well as well yeah that’s awesome thank

01:24:18,660 –> 01:24:26,160
you for dressing up that’s great um yeah Evan I’m
surprised you actually because you often wear your

01:24:26,760 –> 01:24:32,280
your dad but I guess not for on so like this
is your cheaper one but he has his father

01:24:32,280 –> 01:24:39,420
from Germany is it looks very similar to that
actually um well the last time I wore it uh the

01:24:40,320 –> 01:24:47,460
uh suspender disconnected uh yeah I have to I have
to attach that six steps back together better do

01:24:47,460 –> 01:24:53,100
that before your big October party the buttons
are like actual deer horn yeah oh cool yeah look

01:24:53,100 –> 01:25:00,060
at that yeah so my buttons my buttons uh the
actual button Loop kind of like ripped through

01:25:00,660 –> 01:25:04,380
where you are seeing it happen so I
have to figure out a way to reattach it

01:25:06,540 –> 01:25:08,400
I love it

01:25:12,600 –> 01:25:16,380
you know well I mean I guess at least just Dave

01:25:16,380 –> 01:25:19,920
Delgado is telling everyone how to make
nothing but money and like literally he

01:25:19,920 –> 01:25:23,880
hasn’t figured out he has to rewind
he’s one of the names of his books

01:25:28,860 –> 01:25:33,720
maybe we should all follow the lead I mean
yeah the wineries are pretty enough that

01:25:33,720 –> 01:25:39,900
maybe uh maybe he’s on to something I think
it’s interesting that that’s like kind of come

01:25:40,980 –> 01:25:45,960
there’s like a thing among people who come into
money it’s like oh yes let’s get into alcohol or

01:25:45,960 –> 01:25:50,340
Spirits like you’re kind of seeing that with
celebrities now or they’re all I’m sure these

01:25:50,340 –> 01:25:56,940
were like fully formed companies beforehand sort
like or is it or yeah yeah yeah it’s more like a

01:25:56,940 –> 01:26:04,020
marketing play than anything but it’s like oh yeah
theater gin and what Ryan Reynolds and yeah yeah

01:26:04,860 –> 01:26:11,580
what was the recent one that we were
uh last excited bummed about the B2B

01:26:12,600 –> 01:26:20,280
brown sugar bourbon is incredible and save me
box is now involved in it that’s right but he

01:26:20,280 –> 01:26:23,880
didn’t buy it he didn’t buy it he’s like an
investor in it and it sounds it sounds like

01:26:23,880 –> 01:26:28,740
something true it’s kind of like Hands-On and
really like trying to help support the brand

01:26:28,740 –> 01:26:38,700
so far but I can kind of see it to an extent
with famous celebrity type that are famous for

01:26:38,700 –> 01:26:46,140
their art because it is you know depending on
your level of involvement there is an art form

01:26:47,040 –> 01:26:51,240
uh that that goes into of course
distillation or fermentation

01:26:52,680 –> 01:26:57,600
um I feel like Francis Ford Coppola is a good
example yeah has done a very good job of like

01:26:58,380 –> 01:27:05,040
recognizing the virtues and putting the right
people in the front seat of the wine making

01:27:05,040 –> 01:27:10,920
but still wanting to be involved and part
of it um because of the passion you know

01:27:10,920 –> 01:27:20,400
it’s another version another expression of
their artistic side um but the one the you

01:27:20,400 –> 01:27:25,140
know the celebrities that are just like like
it’s a Kardashians bottom brand oh that is

01:27:28,380 –> 01:27:37,620
oh no boy I freaking put that on
a t-ball stick for you didn’t I

01:27:39,600 –> 01:27:46,020
think I’ll admit it is one of my guilty
pleasures when Evan’s not home it is Matthew

01:27:46,020 –> 01:27:49,380
for just having it be a guilty pleasure
when I’m not home yeah no I know because

01:27:49,380 –> 01:27:52,260
we’ll give you otherwise you make so much
fun of me it’s not even enjoyable anymore

01:27:56,640 –> 01:28:01,560
oh you bought that crap uh they’re
very inspiring I have to say

01:28:05,040 –> 01:28:11,880
Jay what do you think of those pretzels
yeah oh I’m I’m eating a bagel just read

01:28:11,880 –> 01:28:17,220
it we’re eating a bagel wait till
you get your pretzels you agree

01:28:18,180 –> 01:28:27,240
I love my pretzel aren’t they so good uh I kind
of I tapped into the case before our session today

01:28:28,260 –> 01:28:32,400
because I I wanted to have one of those pretzels
because I was going to eat one of those pretzels

01:28:32,400 –> 01:28:38,280
I said to myself might as well have one of the
beers of course yeah you’re gonna have a pretzel

01:28:38,280 –> 01:28:42,900
you have to have a beer with it yeah now last year
we only gave everyone two pretzels and this year

01:28:42,900 –> 01:28:47,160
we realized how good they were like no they need
a pretzels over here you know like this is let’s

01:28:47,160 –> 01:28:55,020
not be eaten great touch great touch yeah they’re
from um Amish Country right yeah no Pennsylvania

01:28:55,020 –> 01:29:02,100
Dutch Pennsylvania Dutch Country yeah I guess
Quakers are the more prominent religion and my

01:29:02,100 –> 01:29:07,320
popcorn they’re from Amish country but there’s
a lot of Amish in Pennsylvania in general just

01:29:07,320 –> 01:29:11,760
it’s more I think it’s more in the western part
yeah but I think I think the family’s been making

01:29:11,760 –> 01:29:16,920
these are pretzels since like the early 1900s or
something like it’s a German family and yeah yeah

01:29:19,080 –> 01:29:26,400
um you were talking about you know going
out to uh Germany to do Oktoberfest so I

01:29:26,400 –> 01:29:32,820
was looking around here in Washington state
and there is a German Village in Leavenworth

01:29:32,820 –> 01:29:40,440
a Bavarian Village and uh while you were talking
I looked it up and uh their Oktoberfest is in I

01:29:40,440 –> 01:29:46,260
think two weeks and so who knows maybe I’ll
go go do a little Burberry yeah you should

01:29:46,920 –> 01:29:51,780
yeah and then like they have they have it all
decked out and stuff and that’s sort of like part

01:29:51,780 –> 01:29:56,760
of the tourism of this town out here well yeah
I bet it’s also very pretty at Christmas time

01:29:57,360 –> 01:30:05,820
I bet they do it up for Christmas too yeah does
um I guess you’re not particularly close to Hill

01:30:05,820 –> 01:30:13,560
Country Tom but this Fredericksburg do because
that’s kind of like a Bavarian theme type place

01:30:13,560 –> 01:30:19,620
right yes especially in Dallas a lot of the local
areas have their own Oktoberfest that are all

01:30:19,620 –> 01:30:25,920
going on right now okay okay so the town I live in
is Garland it’s one of the Dallas suburbs and we

01:30:25,920 –> 01:30:32,040
have what we call the Garland guzzler which will
be on Saturday it’s a 0.5 K race around the square

01:30:34,140 –> 01:30:41,400
and you stop for donuts halfway and then you get
a a pint of beer at the end and you guzzle it at

01:30:41,400 –> 01:30:46,860
the end so it’s a lot of fun this is your kind
of race that’s what the turkey thought was I

01:30:46,860 –> 01:30:51,780
did the Turkey Trot it was just like I mean you
can it’s right it’s the morning of Thanksgiving

01:30:52,440 –> 01:30:56,040
yeah you know there’s obviously a
drinking theme and they don’t even

01:30:56,040 –> 01:31:02,460
call it a race they call it Trot right
yeah that’s great same same that’s great

01:31:03,360 –> 01:31:07,800
uh I feel like Clarkdale here normally does a
little Octoberfest thing but yeah that’s true

01:31:08,400 –> 01:31:13,560
and it’s not that fear nothing nothing to write
home about the biggest one in the United States

01:31:13,560 –> 01:31:21,300
is in Cincinnati Oktoberfest is enzymati is
what they refer to it as 70 000 people why

01:31:21,300 –> 01:31:24,360
do they call it Oktoberfest it doesn’t matter
I don’t know that sounds like a Zen Festival

01:31:30,300 –> 01:31:35,940
and then I think the biggest one outside of
Munich is not even in Germany it’s in uh in Canada

01:31:37,620 –> 01:31:46,080
um I think in Edmonton no that’s probably too cold
does Cincinnati have a lot of Germans population I

01:31:46,080 –> 01:31:51,480
mean I think Ohio and like Pennsylvania I love
Pennsylvania have a lot of Germans yeah yeah

01:31:52,740 –> 01:32:00,720
yeah interesting Michigan yeah like that North
like Northern western or northern eastern yeah

01:32:01,800 –> 01:32:07,680
Americans are also really good at co-opting other
holidays I mean yeah absolutely of course ding

01:32:07,680 –> 01:32:13,800
ding ding ding ding the largest one in the country
I would hope there’s also an easy population

01:32:13,800 –> 01:32:24,120
yeah yeah I think I think I have that record
it’s like Miami the biggest Oktoberfest yeah

01:32:25,140 –> 01:32:30,600
interesting we have we have medieval a
big Medieval Festival here that’s what

01:32:30,600 –> 01:32:35,340
Phoenix is known for yeah massive
renaissance fair I don’t know why

01:32:35,340 –> 01:32:39,900
that is in Phoenix Arizona yeah there’s
a lot of Renaissance stuff Happening Here

01:32:41,520 –> 01:32:50,940
I found lots of fun and full you know Iron steel
you know plate armor running around or leather you

01:32:50,940 –> 01:32:56,160
know leopard gherkins and gauntlets and well
you all have the original London Bridge right

01:32:56,820 –> 01:33:04,860
we do lose deconstructed and moved all
the way to uh yeah it’s kind of on the way

01:33:07,500 –> 01:33:15,720
it’s kind of on the way to uh New Mexico
um uh but I can we haven’t driven by itself

01:33:16,920 –> 01:33:23,220
um we have not no um interesting I can’t
remember the lake that it sits across

01:33:24,120 –> 01:33:30,780
I don’t know because they’re weird they’re like
yeah we’ll take it you guys don’t want it anymore

01:33:30,780 –> 01:33:39,840
sure does it look like the current London Bridge
no oh no I mean kind of but the scale is cool yeah

01:33:41,280 –> 01:33:46,680
um new tourist attraction for me to go check
out apparently it’s a it’s a hefty Drive

01:33:47,460 –> 01:33:50,820
and once you get there and you see it you’re
like all right now I have to drive back

01:33:54,660 –> 01:34:00,000
I guess I’d have to be on the way to something
which is the problem is that it’s not really

01:34:00,000 –> 01:34:06,780
on the way to anything that yeah we’ll see maybe
there’s something we can figure out that’s kind

01:34:06,780 –> 01:34:13,380
of on the way sounds like a solution in search
of a problem like yeah like Havasu okay that

01:34:13,380 –> 01:34:21,780
makes sense Havasu that’s right that’s the lake
we were just on a houseboat for a week on Lake

01:34:21,780 –> 01:34:27,480
um Lake Powell oh yeah okay so we’re not really
because it doesn’t have the towers no it doesn’t

01:34:27,480 –> 01:34:30,360
have the towers that’s not it’s not really
that process I don’t need to go see that

01:34:30,360 –> 01:34:37,860
Right audience flagstaffs in Sedona and the Grand
Canyon in a couple weeks oh no kidding very cool

01:34:40,080 –> 01:34:44,700
let us know when you’re here if you want to go
get a group some more yeah we’re we’re out 20

01:34:44,700 –> 01:34:50,160
minutes yeah I’ve been working since Sedona at
a restaurant sometimes okay well we may do that

01:34:51,000 –> 01:34:54,420
yeah yeah we can we can go get a drink somewhere

01:34:56,880 –> 01:35:03,060
um don’t go to Oak Creek Brewery okay all
right sorry sorry I’ll break all the all

01:35:03,060 –> 01:35:10,740
the other breweries in the area I feel like are
worth your time and effort yeah is good no um

01:35:10,740 –> 01:35:19,320
mother Road and Flagstaff is good dark sky and
Flagstaff are good yeah what’s the sister one

01:35:19,320 –> 01:35:24,540
of Oak Creek that’s also in Flagstaff all right
another sister one oh oh that one’s not all that

01:35:24,540 –> 01:35:28,680
great either lumber yard lumber yard yeah they’re
basically the same beers with different names

01:35:28,680 –> 01:35:35,340
on them I thought that was sister or a brewery
yeah yeah there’s a great Distillery here well

01:35:35,940 –> 01:35:50,400
is totally worth checking out it’s called red
wall Distillery and they have just like this

01:35:50,400 –> 01:35:54,420
sitting area and there’s just like Red Rocks
all right there and you can taste through

01:35:54,420 –> 01:36:00,660
their spirits and get a cocktail and like it’s
really it’s quite striking and it’s certainly um

01:36:00,660 –> 01:36:05,220
does a good service that’s right for good
to the spirits yeah they’re they are good

01:36:05,760 –> 01:36:12,000
um yeah I feel the same way but we were
happy with all of them but none of them

01:36:12,000 –> 01:36:15,600
we didn’t have a cocktail though so I’m
not sure about their cocktails but I bet

01:36:15,600 –> 01:36:21,000
their cocktails are done but it’s a local
Eye Doctor Who apparently is very wealthy

01:36:21,000 –> 01:36:26,820
because he like he just builds up this beautiful
Distillery and then I saw on Instagram the other

01:36:26,820 –> 01:36:31,680
day last weekend for football it was just like
come to red wall Distillery the owners buying

01:36:31,680 –> 01:36:37,380
Mexican for everyone until it runs out and
I was just like what like you’re just gonna

01:36:37,380 –> 01:36:41,040
give them free food like all like it’s not
even Tuesday and there’s tacos for everyone

01:36:43,080 –> 01:36:50,760
so yeah it’s a it feels a little sheeshy but
it’s pretty pretty nice yeah yeah you guys are

01:36:50,760 –> 01:36:54,840
gonna have a great time this is a really perfect
time of the year to come visit what are you guys

01:36:54,840 –> 01:37:02,280
coming out here for just Vacation Fun um so
we got on the lottery to go into Havasu Falls

01:37:03,000 –> 01:37:09,060
like four years ago and then the pandemic so
we kept getting rescheduled and rescheduled

01:37:09,060 –> 01:37:13,020
so we finally get to go wow that’s
great that’s gonna be a fun trip yeah

01:37:15,420 –> 01:37:20,940
I haven’t done that yet and I want to do that
it’s right we’ve done it before it’s really cool

01:37:22,200 –> 01:37:24,720
I feel like it’s one of those
things that like once you once

01:37:24,720 –> 01:37:28,380
you’ve been there you’re like oh this is
a place that I want to come back to yeah

01:37:29,880 –> 01:37:36,960
the canyon side before you know when we did
a rafting trip but hiking it from the top is

01:37:36,960 –> 01:37:45,720
totally different yeah there’s a bit of uh there’s
a bit of a descent that yeah you’re familiar yeah

01:37:45,720 –> 01:37:51,660
the first mile and a half is just zigzagging down
the cliff face but then it’s like six miles and

01:37:51,660 –> 01:37:56,820
uh of just nothing yeah but then at the Falls
yeah you’ve got to climb down ladders and ropes

01:37:56,820 –> 01:38:02,700
and stuff yeah oh that’s about a story they were
telling everyone some girl got like Frozen on it

01:38:02,700 –> 01:38:07,140
and wouldn’t move up or down and like no one could
no one could do anything yeah oh you gotta just

01:38:07,140 –> 01:38:12,480
throw a rock cider and make her go I don’t it’s
almost like they were the point that they got to

01:38:12,480 –> 01:38:17,700
like after like 20 minutes and she was just like
Frozen in fear and refusing and like no one could

01:38:17,700 –> 01:38:22,500
do anything and they were all just like oh what do
we do we have friends who were guides for it yeah

01:38:23,460 –> 01:38:30,120
yeah I’ve never done either I was gonna go
in like the mid-2000s late 2000s and there

01:38:30,120 –> 01:38:35,460
was a flash flood that like destroyed all the
travertine pool and so now I don’t want to go

01:38:35,460 –> 01:38:43,440
it was all brown instead of the the the blue
color yeah right I understand that they’ve

01:38:43,440 –> 01:38:50,040
uh like not I mean not fully artificially
but they did stuff to like allow the pools

01:38:50,040 –> 01:38:55,440
to rebuild like maybe like did they put like
chicken wire down so that the calcification

01:38:55,440 –> 01:38:59,820
could kind of build up on it I’m not quite
sure I I know that that did work after

01:38:59,820 –> 01:39:05,520
those big floods so I I guess I’ll see in a
couple weeks yeah well please report it back

01:39:06,720 –> 01:39:12,480
that’s great yeah we should do that in the spring
well we don’t have to get on like a yeah like

01:39:12,480 –> 01:39:18,540
you’ve got a bid for a lottery spot like a year in
advance it’s the same as getting River records but

01:39:18,540 –> 01:39:24,780
the thing is is that there it’s a lot easier for
us to get a cancellation last minute we’re here

01:39:24,780 –> 01:39:29,880
because you’re right there yeah as opposed to a
cancellation on a river you have to like have all

01:39:29,880 –> 01:39:37,140
that crap ready to go yeah it makes sense so wait
Tom do I understand that you uh you got to wrap

01:39:37,140 –> 01:39:43,560
down the Grand Canyon you go from the Riverside
yeah so we did it all the way from like me to Lake

01:39:43,560 –> 01:39:49,620
Powell or Lake Powell Lake Mead whatever yeah
all the way down yeah wow that’s fun that’s uh

01:39:49,620 –> 01:39:55,920
yeah that’s one of the more memorable experiences
of of my life that was was doing that that’s cool

01:39:57,780 –> 01:40:07,560
you’ve done it right yeah my parents were like
Rafters before I was born I grew up in a family

01:40:07,560 –> 01:40:14,340
with like all my parents friends are rash buddies
and as parents were teachers so all summer long

01:40:14,340 –> 01:40:18,780
they didn’t have to work and so they would just
like wrapped all summer and Camp all summer and

01:40:19,320 –> 01:40:23,640
be outdoorsy fun all summer play play in the
outdoors sounds like a pretty great way to grow

01:40:23,640 –> 01:40:28,200
up yeah although according to Evan’s parents he
would refuse to take his nose out of a book and

01:40:28,200 –> 01:40:34,980
be like whatever I don’t want to look out the
window I’m reading my hearty boys [Music] you

01:40:34,980 –> 01:40:39,900
know reading a book out my idea of fishing is
sitting next to water and reading a book right

01:40:41,700 –> 01:40:47,820
teaching men to fish right the amount of fish
eats per day teacher man the fish he sits in

01:40:47,820 –> 01:40:57,840
a boat and drinks beer all day [Music] ah that’s
good you know speaking of um things from foreign

01:40:57,840 –> 01:41:05,100
lands and resurrected in America I went to
Detroit not too long ago and I went to the

01:41:05,100 –> 01:41:15,060
Ford Museum and Ford had a obsession with Edison
and so Ford took all these workshops that Edison

01:41:15,060 –> 01:41:23,160
had in England and had them recreate it Brick
by Brick in a playland outside the Ford factory

01:41:24,660 –> 01:41:34,620
and so Ford you know how um you know
our dads or something they may have a

01:41:34,620 –> 01:41:43,080
little train set well Ford had built himself
a village with actual buildings of importance

01:41:43,740 –> 01:41:51,600
and he had them shipped over from Europe and
so on the Ford campus there’s a little village

01:41:51,600 –> 01:41:58,380
called like Green Village or something like that
and you can take a train an actual train around

01:41:58,380 –> 01:42:07,260
the village and see all these famous Hudson
houses and places of note it’s amazing that

01:42:07,260 –> 01:42:14,400
sounds really cool wow yeah right and you went
there so you get to see a billionaires train set

01:42:17,940 –> 01:42:24,300
right yeah and so if you ever find yourself
in the Detroit area you have to go to the Ford

01:42:24,300 –> 01:42:31,320
Museum and you get there early and and there’s
the Museum Part which is in a enclosed space and

01:42:31,320 –> 01:42:39,600
then you have the village of houses of note and
it’s just amazing to see what he spent money on

01:42:39,600 –> 01:42:46,440
and like way back in the day uh he was a very
very wealthy man and he built this this like

01:42:46,440 –> 01:42:53,880
compound of houses that were colonial to I
think rival White House the White House in

01:42:53,880 –> 01:42:59,220
Washington DC and so imagine everything that
you’ve ever seen in Washington DC but a guy

01:42:59,220 –> 01:43:06,720
with a lot more money making them more Grand well
and then a train going all between them yeah yeah

01:43:07,680 –> 01:43:12,720
and and so he had he had his village and
then in the museum he has all of his toys

01:43:13,740 –> 01:43:20,040
and he he collected the the strangest
kind of adjacent thing and he he

01:43:20,880 –> 01:43:29,760
um he collected steam engine machines and
one of the most fascinating machines that

01:43:29,760 –> 01:43:37,920
get collected was a Gothic themed steam
machine yeah like literally steampunk

01:43:39,240 –> 01:43:48,780
um it was goth Punk but it was a steam
engine so Scott steampunk yeah yeah yeah

01:43:49,500 –> 01:43:57,060
and so it was great to see what an eccentric
billionaire had done cool that sounds awesome yeah

01:43:58,380 –> 01:44:05,040
over the top ridiculous things we went
to a rum Distillery wow in Las Vegas

01:44:06,540 –> 01:44:12,120
um when we were at this conference and it happened
also be our anniversary we learned a little and

01:44:12,120 –> 01:44:18,360
did the full thing there’s this rum Distillery
there that they used to be in La they moved over

01:44:18,360 –> 01:44:24,000
to Las Vegas and basically the whole truth of
humanity which is one of the Cirque du Soleil

01:44:24,000 –> 01:44:29,700
shows zumanity closed and this rum distiller
this owner of this rum Distillery was like

01:44:30,240 –> 01:44:34,740
I’ll hire the whole cast of humanity
the show closed bring them over here

01:44:35,280 –> 01:44:42,060
and he’s created this Distillery experience so
it’s in it’s in this area called area 50 Area 15

01:44:43,020 –> 01:44:47,160
um in Vegas and if you’re familiar with what meow
wolf is if you’ve heard of meow wolf there’s one

01:44:47,160 –> 01:44:52,620
in Santa Fe one in Vegas but it’s basically
all these like football field size warehouses

01:44:52,620 –> 01:44:58,800
essentially that each one is like an experiential
something or other and so this one is a rum

01:44:58,800 –> 01:45:05,460
Distillery and he’s themed it as 20 000 Leagues
Under the Sea and he brought in this incredible

01:45:05,460 –> 01:45:13,020
chef and so they do this like 16 course pairing
menu with rum tastings and rum cocktails and rum

01:45:13,020 –> 01:45:17,400
cooked into the food rum cooked into the food
like they literally say on their menu like we

01:45:17,400 –> 01:45:21,960
cannot make the food non-alcoholic we’re sorry
like so if you’re not great like also you’re

01:45:21,960 –> 01:45:31,440
gonna get attacked yeah yeah and don’t Thrive yeah
it was incredible and like each so the the menus

01:45:31,440 –> 01:45:37,620
of four courses for the 16 courses were divided
into four parts and each one was uh in reference

01:45:37,620 –> 01:45:44,520
to a certain part of the novel yeah so there was
like a few days ashore and like through the like

01:45:44,520 –> 01:45:50,700
underwater like Titans uh but when you when you
get there you like check in and they bring you

01:45:50,700 –> 01:45:55,980
into like the waiting room and you walk in and
it feels like you’re in the submarine but like

01:45:56,700 –> 01:46:01,800
like a Titanic Decor kind of Summer you like you
know it’s like decorated with like couches but

01:46:01,800 –> 01:46:08,280
also steampunk and steampunk which is what made
me think of it right um but when you go down

01:46:08,280 –> 01:46:14,400
there all the chandeliers that are hanging are
just like slightly over the way and so you like

01:46:14,400 –> 01:46:18,660
feel like you’re underwater and then there’s like
these mechanical like kind of fish that are going

01:46:18,660 –> 01:46:23,820
with the outside like the windows kind of support
that’s like a porthole and so you sit there and

01:46:23,820 –> 01:46:27,240
they bring you a little rum cocktail while you’re
sitting there and you’re just like what is going

01:46:27,240 –> 01:46:36,000
on and it was the food was incredible there was
those the rum is good um the rum they’re using

01:46:36,000 –> 01:46:41,340
an accelerated aging technique to make the rum and
well like I feel like accelerated aging techniques

01:46:41,340 –> 01:46:46,620
are really getting a lot better than they used
to be and so but they’re I feel like you could

01:46:46,620 –> 01:46:52,020
still tell like there’s a little bit of like
there’s a little a little weird little off but

01:46:52,020 –> 01:46:57,240
it was still delicious and the the cocktails were
really great and the cot and like but every time

01:46:57,240 –> 01:47:02,160
they bring out another course and the courses were
like a bite or three you know it just 16 courses

01:47:02,940 –> 01:47:08,400
um but the service staff they would it was almost
like it felt like a little eyes wide shutty to me

01:47:08,400 –> 01:47:14,340
like where like the service staff would all there
was like one person for two guests and they it was

01:47:14,340 –> 01:47:19,380
a communal table so it’s 16 people at a communal
table and the service staff all comes out in

01:47:19,380 –> 01:47:24,480
unison like marching out with their Edition they
pause and stop behind the people and they wait

01:47:24,480 –> 01:47:29,040
until everyone’s in their position and someone not
and then they place it down in front of you and

01:47:29,040 –> 01:47:34,320
then they wait and then like it’s orchestrating in
like theatrical and there’s a different song with

01:47:34,320 –> 01:47:39,480
every course so like the the song is part of like
the song would start before they started walking

01:47:39,480 –> 01:47:45,360
in with the dishes and yeah very formal despite
the fact that it was very non-standard uh like

01:47:45,360 –> 01:47:50,760
there wasn’t silverware right the presentation
of the dishes being very formal by like the

01:47:50,760 –> 01:47:57,180
choreographed delivery but then uh what do I eat
this with and like that would be some weird thing

01:47:57,180 –> 01:48:03,300
like yeah and then you know one of the cocktails
like garish like parrot tropical cocktail thing

01:48:03,300 –> 01:48:07,680
with like a whole half pineapple sticking out of
it like it was really cool then when you’re done

01:48:07,680 –> 01:48:13,140
with dinner you get to walk around the rest of the
space and he has all these Humanity performers in

01:48:13,140 –> 01:48:21,600
there doing like a dance shows you get to go find
different rum tastings throughout this experience

01:48:21,600 –> 01:48:27,120
and get more rum tastings and like watch these
like up close personal Cirque du Soleil like shows

01:48:27,120 –> 01:48:31,920
highly recommended y’all crazy way weird but it
was really cool it was great I mean you’re there

01:48:31,920 –> 01:48:38,580
for like four hours like it was crazy it was a
really yeah lost spirit is what it’s called Lots

01:48:38,580 –> 01:48:45,420
there tell them about the weirdest dish oh yeah
so one we’re just gonna talk about one of them um

01:48:47,460 –> 01:48:54,780
I didn’t know where to start with this so this
dish in this particular instance was caviar

01:48:54,780 –> 01:49:04,860
sometimes it’s uh sea urchin uni um but the
the crazy part is simply how it serves and it

01:49:04,860 –> 01:49:18,480
is served on a plate that is made from the mold of
the chef’s mouth to the chat made a face like this

01:49:21,060 –> 01:49:26,700
and then they made a mold of her face and then
they made the mold into a plate and then they

01:49:26,700 –> 01:49:31,560
put the caviar on it and she said all right so
pick up the plate and turn your head to the to

01:49:31,560 –> 01:49:39,840
the right because that’s what I like and then
make out with me and you just like lick all the

01:49:39,840 –> 01:49:46,860
caviar out from between her teeth and between her
lips it’s been weird upper tongue yeah it was wild

01:49:48,240 –> 01:49:55,020
taking sensual may be a little too far
yeah and the idea that you knew it was

01:49:55,020 –> 01:49:58,500
her mouth and she said and turn your head
to the right because that’s what I like

01:49:59,580 –> 01:50:05,400
it’s not just a mouth in a plate with the tongue
sticking out that they serve it on it’s her mouth

01:50:05,400 –> 01:50:13,980
yeah pretty freaky have you pulled up the picture
because that that one yeah it’s a little bit

01:50:16,680 –> 01:50:22,200
so like that’s the plate after I ate
off of it but so like all the caviar

01:50:22,200 –> 01:50:25,140
is just like around the tongue and
in the mouth and you’re just like

01:50:25,140 –> 01:50:30,000
licking all around it trying to get the
caviar out like it’s kind of it’s pretty

01:50:30,000 –> 01:50:34,320
ridiculous you wanted it with the food
on it I don’t know if I do all right

01:50:36,360 –> 01:50:41,040
but yeah anyway and then they brought a whole
Pig’s head out and she like butchered the pig’s

01:50:41,040 –> 01:50:46,080
head right there and then like but then there’s
another Chef like kind of you know making these

01:50:46,080 –> 01:50:50,160
types of tweezers making it look make it look
beautiful and then bringing like one little

01:50:50,160 –> 01:50:55,500
bite to you off of this giant Pig’s head like it
was yeah it was pretty insane highly recommend

01:50:55,500 –> 01:51:00,720
for like it’s like a dinner and a show kind
of experience all-in-one yeah you can skip

01:51:00,720 –> 01:51:04,800
the money for Cirque du Soleil tickets and just
do this well especially because they’re like up

01:51:04,800 –> 01:51:08,220
close and personal like stages right here and
they’re like the foot coming in front of your

01:51:08,220 –> 01:51:14,520
feet and you’re just like whoa like it was really
cool yep Suzanne got scared because you thought

01:51:14,520 –> 01:51:20,220
there was going to be an actual live snake on the
dance they made they wanted you to think that they

01:51:20,220 –> 01:51:24,720
did they’re not the only one who sell for that
I mean you’re the only one that moved behind me

01:51:27,780 –> 01:51:34,140
I don’t need a fixed real nature Evan’s always
I got you Evan’s always trying to teach me about

01:51:34,140 –> 01:51:37,380
the snakes in Arizona because he’s like if you
ever get bit by a snake you need to know what

01:51:37,380 –> 01:51:43,800
kind of snake bit and I’m just like all snakes
are bad like I just like no snakes like but

01:51:44,400 –> 01:51:53,220
at least be able to guess confidently that it was
or was not venomous because like I’m ever going to

01:51:53,220 –> 01:51:57,360
remember that in a moment of panic like I’m just
gonna have to remember what the snake looks like

01:51:57,360 –> 01:52:01,980
and be able to explain it to someone right and
that’s what I’m saying is that like being look

01:52:01,980 –> 01:52:07,080
at it and look at the part of it that is going
to indicate probably venomous I’ll take a picture

01:52:07,080 –> 01:52:16,860
please do no like if you get bit do your like
with anything if you get bit by a snake a spider

01:52:16,860 –> 01:52:24,420
a scorpion take effect try to take a picture
uh because living in Arizona is like a bird

01:52:27,420 –> 01:52:32,700
she really wants to move out there I’m gonna
try to apply to grad school out there nice

01:52:34,080 –> 01:52:43,620
what what grad school uh CRNA programs certified
registered nurse anesthetist okay all right most

01:52:43,620 –> 01:52:49,380
of the schools are applying to in Phoenix
or um there’s a program I think it’s a

01:52:51,180 –> 01:52:58,560
I think it’s a University of Arizona maybe uh-huh
yeah yeah they have a lot of uh they have a lot of

01:52:58,560 –> 01:53:04,740
I think their medical program is pretty robust
yeah and I I mean I used to have a friend that

01:53:04,740 –> 01:53:10,020
lived out there and I really loved visiting out
there um it doesn’t really so much cooperate

01:53:10,020 –> 01:53:17,100
with Zach as much with him being redheaded
but um I liked it well at least now there’s

01:53:17,100 –> 01:53:22,500
Bell phones so if you do get bit by something
you can take a picture yeah you know back in

01:53:22,500 –> 01:53:29,820
the day back in the day no I do like living in
Arizona you have to get it get sketch Arts out

01:53:31,500 –> 01:53:36,960
I do like living here I I don’t like all the birds
and or all the bugs and all the stuff as much but

01:53:36,960 –> 01:53:43,500
okay because of it and I also feel like that’s
pretty much because we’re not in Phoenix like if

01:53:43,500 –> 01:53:50,820
we were in Metro Phoenix there wouldn’t be as much
as yeah Nate and but if we were in Metro Phoenix

01:53:50,820 –> 01:53:57,840
it’d be 99 degrees at four in the morning still
yeah this is true yeah Phoenix is Phoenix is hot

01:53:59,040 –> 01:54:04,380
are you all at a higher elevation because I know
New Mexico has like towels that’s pretty high

01:54:06,120 –> 01:54:12,360
yeah well that was 3 500 feet yeah about 3 500
feet in where we are and then you know applied

01:54:12,360 –> 01:54:19,800
staff is 7 000 feet yeah it’s it’s quite temperate
it’s no it snows and Vlogs lots of snow there are

01:54:19,800 –> 01:54:26,580
certain years and it snows here too actually we
get a little snow and Hill forms and yeah I mean

01:54:26,580 –> 01:54:34,560
when it’s like 115 in Phoenix it will be like 105
here you know so it’s it’s significantly so hot

01:54:34,560 –> 01:54:41,340
but but it also cools down at night because like
in Phoenix it’s just concrete everywhere and like

01:54:41,340 –> 01:54:46,380
asphalt and so all day long that’s all absorbing
the Sun and so even though the sun’s not out

01:54:46,380 –> 01:54:53,940
anymore it takes hours for that to radiate back
out yeah so it stays really hot all night long

01:54:53,940 –> 01:55:02,100
whereas up here it’s like it’s since the air is
dry there’s nothing holding moisture yeah so it

01:55:02,100 –> 01:55:06,540
even in the middle of the summer it’s tolerable
outside at night you know but and that makes a

01:55:06,540 –> 01:55:10,680
big difference I feel like when at least at night
you can kind of go outside and enjoy the weather

01:55:11,220 –> 01:55:16,260
yeah open up the windows kind of air up around and
I feel like Tucson is better than Phoenix in terms

01:55:16,260 –> 01:55:26,040
of and Tucson fire over yeah yeah for sure well
good luck in your application process and uh yeah

01:55:27,000 –> 01:55:33,000
yeah I’ll share more scary bugging reptile stories
later we had a friend who called we had a we had

01:55:33,000 –> 01:55:37,140
a good girlfriend who called at like 10 30 at
night the other night we’re both like laying

01:55:37,140 –> 01:55:42,060
in bed getting ready for bed did she calls at 10
30 at night and she’s like I didn’t know how else

01:55:42,060 –> 01:55:46,680
to call it I know the rock rocks are really like
outdoorsy and really like there’s a scorpion in

01:55:46,680 –> 01:55:50,700
my house and I don’t know nothing to do like
he was just like and Evan like tries to like

01:55:50,700 –> 01:55:53,640
talk her through she’s like well you just put
a quick laugh over it and put it you know like

01:55:53,640 –> 01:55:57,840
you get it out and she’s like I can’t leave it I
can’t leave to go get a glass because if I leave

01:55:57,840 –> 01:56:02,700
and I come back and it’s not there anymore like
what do I do you know and so finally at like 10

01:56:02,700 –> 01:56:07,980
45 he’s like do you want me to come over and get
the Scorpion for you yeah she was 20 minutes away

01:56:08,820 –> 01:56:16,080
15 and she’s like yes that’s why I’m calling
you to teach me how to deal with a scorpion

01:56:16,080 –> 01:56:23,700
like please come get the Scorpion I my
friend that lived out there um she I guess

01:56:24,840 –> 01:56:29,400
I know she told me like a separate story that
she was like sitting at her desk in her house

01:56:29,400 –> 01:56:35,880
and then like a scorpion just like fell from the
ceiling and then but then when I went out to see

01:56:35,880 –> 01:56:40,260
her she was just like oh that’s Bob and I’m like
who’s Bob and she was like he’s my pet scorpion

01:56:40,860 –> 01:56:44,580
and she like got a scorpion and
just had it like in a critter keeper

01:56:45,300 –> 01:56:51,120
and she had like that a squirrel that
they found like half dead on the road

01:56:54,180 –> 01:57:03,780
and then like a cat named Stevie and a dog
named spots in her house well ragtag pet

01:57:03,780 –> 01:57:09,840
crew right there I like it I don’t want it
in my house but I like it yeah I hear people

01:57:09,840 –> 01:57:14,280
that had scorpions as pets growing up they
weren’t like the scary little ones Brothers

01:57:15,900 –> 01:57:21,300
smaller they are and the lighter and more
translucent they are the more dangerous things

01:57:22,020 –> 01:57:27,720
I had a friend that had one that was like this big
and it was all black it looked real scary but it

01:57:27,720 –> 01:57:36,720
would feel roughly like an ant bite if it’s on the
animal whereas the little ones won their babies so

01:57:36,720 –> 01:57:42,660
they don’t know how to regulate how much they’re
injecting same good same thing goes for like baby

01:57:42,660 –> 01:57:51,000
rattlesnakes they just inject everything every
time and then they have to replenish however

01:57:51,000 –> 01:57:57,900
orientation to do that and they over time learn
not to do that but when they’re kind of like that

01:57:59,100 –> 01:58:08,340
so we have we have this this giant honking it
was like hairy black scorpions scorpions get

01:58:08,340 –> 01:58:13,140
Harry yeah there’s like little like not hairy
like Shaggy tarantula yeah like tarantula hair

01:58:13,140 –> 01:58:24,540
all over it not for me no thank you oh medieval
it was like prehistoric freaking crazy seems

01:58:24,540 –> 01:58:29,100
like a design flaw there because like the
smallest ones are the hardest ones to find

01:58:31,980 –> 01:58:39,420
you need that UV light oh yeah because they
shine right yeah they they reflect or like

01:58:39,420 –> 01:58:44,520
yeah they’re visible underneath the yeah
that’s what our friend our friend was like

01:58:44,520 –> 01:58:48,600
well now the 14th of my house I guess I have
to go get a UV light and like check for like

01:58:48,600 –> 01:58:52,680
a family and check for a mess and check
for and I was like or you can just move

01:58:52,680 –> 01:59:01,140
just leave the sticks shut the whole house on
fire start over burn it buried in the backyard

01:59:03,180 –> 01:59:10,200
yeah all right friends we gotta go make some
dinner and eat something other than just beer

01:59:10,200 –> 01:59:15,540
what are we gonna have for dinner oh okay now when
you live in Arizona you need a lot of Mexicans

01:59:16,620 –> 01:59:19,800
but it’s like the best Mexican
food you’ve ever had besides Mexico

01:59:23,460 –> 01:59:27,780
thank you for joining us Octoberfest it’s been
a pleasure for those of you who are still here

01:59:27,780 –> 01:59:33,600
and not fully online thank you for joining
as well have a great rest of your night and

01:59:33,600 –> 01:59:37,740
we’ll see you next week or next month for
American single malls it’s such a great

01:59:37,740 –> 01:59:41,040
kit and the distillers are going to be here so
it’s really awesome we’re so excited about it

01:59:42,120 –> 01:59:48,795
all right sounds good have a good night thanks
see y’all bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Until next time… Drink craft and drink the world. Cheers!

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1) Tamar Distillery’s Low Gap Bourbon
2) Kings County Straight Bourbon
3) Sonoma County Distilling Company’s California Bourbon
4) Oregon Spirit Distillers Straight Bourbon
5) Mad River Distillers Burnt Rock Bourbon
6) Savage & Cooke Burning Chair Bourbon

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