Santa Fe Spirits

Road Trip!

Santa Fe Spirits – Santa Fe, NM

On today’s Road Trip feature, we are stopping in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

We pulled in to hang out and try some delicious craft spirits with Colin Keegan, the founder, owner, and brains behind Santa Fe Spirits, as well as distiller Natalie Dale. Join us as we taste through their Southwestern inspired spirits, catch some behind-the-scenes glimpses of the distillery, and then taste through some of their specialty cocktails and ready-to-drink beverages at their nearby tasting room in downtown Santa Fe.

Their “Wheeler’s Gin” highlights some uniquely southwest botanicals and reminded Evan of the Arizona desert after a monsoon storm. They also produce a single malt whiskey that incorporates the essence of the Southwest. To provide the smoked elements that align it with the most common expression of single malt whiskey, Scotch whisky, they utilize mesquite in place of peat moss. Come join us and learn all about Santa Fe Spirits!

Santa Fe Spirits was founded by Colin Keegan in 2010 with the goal of becoming the Southwest’s pre-eminent artisan distillery. With products ranging from silver whisky to barrel-aged apple brandy, Santa Fe Spirits is a relatively small distillery proud to be producing exceptional spirits designed to capture and accentuate the essence of the Southwest. Please stop by the distillery for a visit and we will be happy to show you what making world-class spirits are all about.

Santa Fe Spirits

Santa Fe Spirits Highlights

00:03 – Video Intro
00:37 – Distillery intro
01:41 – Tasting Begins: Santa Fe Apple Brandy/ Background story
03:01 – Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey
04:03 – Santa Fe Wheeler’s Gin
06:19 – Santa Fe Atapiño Liqueur
07:44 – Santa Fe Silver Coyote
08:34 – Santa Fe Colkegan Single Malt
11:00 – Tour begins
12:42 – Tasting from a Still!
13:21 – Going to the Downtown Tasting room
13:50 – Interview with the mixologist
14:37 – Tasking Santa Fe Spirits Cocktails
16:13 – Closing out
17:00 – Outro

About Your Hosts

The Crafty Cask celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers through engaging consumer content, events, virtual tastings, and online education. We help craft enthusiasts drink better and craft makers market their brands better to build thriving small businesses that keep #TipplerNation drinking well!

Your hosts for this event, alongside the featured maker, are Suzanne Henricksen, Founder of The Crafty Cask and Evan Rothrock, sommelier, certified cider professional, mixologist, and bespoke wine tour guide.

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Until next time… Drink craft and drink the world. Cheers!

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