Turning Wine into Vodka with Re:Find Distillery

The Crafty Cask Channel: Featuring Re:Find Distillery (Video)

Turning water into wine…so passé. Let’s take it up a notch and turn wine into vodka! While you’ve likely heard of making vodka from grapes, making vodka from wine is pretty uncommon. Why? Well if you’re making wine you’re usually selling it as wine. And if you’re making vodka you’re often trying to keep costs and time down and would prefer to go straight from grapes to vodka. Our feature producer today, however…is not one for the common. They’re one for the bold and innovative! They strive for high quality while also finding a re-use for otherwise unused ingredients. Meet Alex & Monica of Re:Find Handcrafted Spirits

Watch Our Exclusive, Behind-The-Scenes Video at Re:Find Distillery

Could they have made Rosé out of the unused juice (saignée) like many wine producers do? Sure. To be perfectly honest though, many wine aficionados consider saignée method rose the least refined. You see, it’s a by-product of red wine production and doesn’t truly put the rosé quality first. Whereas the maceration or vin gris methods are approaches where the only intent is to make rosé (read a nice overview of Rose styles and approaches from our friends at Wine Folly here).  Being the high quality sticklers that Alex and Monica are, making a rosé from the saignée wasn’t an option…vodka it is!

Making a spirit, versus wine,  out of this unused juice is a different animal entirely. Instead of this by-product sacrificing the quality of the spirit it’s actually enhancing the quality since making a vodka out of great wine is a much more refined starting point than the simple grapes alone. And if you’re starting with a better ingredient, you can bet you’re ending up with a higher quality product. A complex, smooth, incredibly sip-able vodka. Which then serves as a base for many of Re:Find’s other amazing spirits.

The Craft Vodka Revolution

Alex and Monica’s bold approach to making vodka and spirits by finding a re-use for ingredients (kumquat liqueur anyone?!) is innovative and impressive. They are part of the craft vodka revolution…where producers are starting to put more care and focus on this all-important base spirit. So much so that we think the increase in vodka quality, from craft producers like Re:Find Distillery, is going to lead to a resurgence of drinking vodka straight. You heard it here first, but don’t take our word for it…go try some for yourself!

Where do you fall on the vodka spectrum? Are you excited to find higher quality vodkas that allow you to enjoy them on their own? Or are you an all-cocktails all the time kind of vodka drinker? Even if you are the latter these more nuanced vodkas make cocktail making a blast…more delicious as well! Share your thoughts…and if you’re already a Re:Find Spirits fan we’d love to hear about that too.

As always, thank for reading and watching. We love being a part of your life and introducing you to new craft producers and innovations. Drink craft and drink local…cheers!

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