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The Crafty Cask Channel: Featuring Live Oak Brewing Company

The foresight and risk it takes to start a brewery entirely focused on classic Eastern European beers way back in the early 90s in the heart of Texas is impressive. Honestly, it’s what supporting craft brewers is all about. Supporting those seemingly crazy craft brewers who have a vision and want to make something they’re passionate about and think you will be too. Founder Chip McElroy is not one to shy away from risk nor is he one to do what everyone else is doing. And thank the stars for that because his foresight has created Live Oak Brewing Company, which makes incredible beer born of his love for the delicious beers of Eastern and Central Europe that he simply couldn’t find being made here in the states. 

Taste of Place

His beers give you a true taste of place that intertwines tradition with innovation. You see, when most people hear the phrase “taste of place” they think of the place they’re currently in while enjoying that taste. But what’s unique about Live Oak’s approach is that they are focused on crafting beers that give you a taste of the place of origin. The place where those beers have originated from. Their dedication to the craftsmanship and ingredients of those regions is palpable. Live Oak is innovative with process to get the best from those authentic ingredients but they never sacrifice on quality or taste for the sake of modern trends.

Sometimes that makes their processes a bit more difficult, but take one taste and you’ll know that Live Oak’s hard work is worth it. Think you’ve had a true authentic Bavarian Hefeweizen? Wait until you taste theirs (rated 2nd in the world by Beer Advocate and it’s the only American Hefe in the top 10!)…you’ll wonder if all of those beers of your past are even worthy of the Hefeweizen name. Think all smoked beers are dark and heavy? Wait until you hear about their Grodziskie which is based on an indigenous Polish beer that is now extinct. But don’t take my word for it…check out the video below and get ready to book your next trip to Austin! 

Watch Our Exclusive, Behind-The-Scenes Video at Live Oak Brewing Company

Excited to check out Live Oak Brewing Company’s beers (and fab beer garden!)? We’re excited for you to get to know your new favorite craft brewer too! While I know it’s a bummer that they’re currently only distributed in Texas we’re staying close in touch with our friends at Live Oak and will make sure to let everyone on our mailing list know as soon as they expand distribution. In the meanwhile, if you’ve had Live Oak’s beer tell us all what you think in the comments below! Suzanne’s favorite is the Schwarzer Rauch and she’ll be loading up her suitcase every time she’s back in Austin!

As always, thank for reading and watching. We love being a part of your life and introducing you to new craft producers and innovations. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more behind-the-scenes producer features. Drink craft and drink local…cheers!

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