Hopped Whiskey Hot Chocolate with Charbay Whiskey

The Crafty Cask Channel: Hopped Whiskey Hot Chocolate with Charbay Whiskey

This time of year, when there’s a distinct chill in the air, warm beverages definitely have major appeal. While a boozy Hot Toddy or some Hot Buttered Rum may not be everyone’s cup of tea (though we honestly can’t understand why), who can say no to a steamy mug of hot chocolate?! Well, today we’ll do you one better: rich and delicious hot cocoa with a (generous) splash of whiskey for our hopped whiskey hot chocolate.

And not just any whiskey, but hopped whiskey from one of favorite craft distillers and clients, Charbay!  Charbay takes delicious, finished beer, often from Bear Republic Brewing, and turns it into amazingly complex and smooth whiskey. And while I wouldn’t have thought of pairing hops and hot chocolate together myself a happy accident at a freezing baseball game created this new favorite hopped whiskey hot chocolate winter warmer that we can’t seem to put down.

Take a peek at this short video for the full story along with how to make the best mug of hot chocolate yourself…hopped whiskey hot chocolate, that is!

Watch for our Hopped Whiskey Hot Chocolate Recipe

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