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Road Trip!

Heavy Beer Co – Toledo, Ohio

Join us on an impromptu, late night stop on our Summer Road Trip, as we visit craft alcohol makers all across America! In this video, we had the good fortune to meet up with the CEO & President of Heavy Beer Co., Andrew Newby, and taste through some their delicious beers and rocking facility. Sometimes deciding to stop in at one more place right before they close (we were previously upstairs at their sister company, Toledo Spirits) really pays off. We had such a great time with Andrew and loved what we tasted (Suz was especially enamored with the Good Luck Dry Irish Stout and Evan was digging their Better Lager). Follow along as we explore their brewery, chat with Andrew, and sip on delicious craft beers! 

Our serendipitous stop at Heavy Beer Co. is one of our favorite memories from our road trip, and now they have two taprooms! The original HEAVY Underground where we were, and the new HEAVY Wheelhouse. We hope whenever anyone in Tippler Nation is nearby pay a visit and support their journey by bringing home a few cans to build out delicious craft home bar of their own.


Beer + Adventure = LIFE

Ever since HEAVY Beer Company’s inception, a common mantra here is “If you’re HEAVY into it, we’re HEAVY into it”. We want to know what our guests are passionate about, and find ways for people to pursue their passions.

Heavy Beer Co.


00:07 – Intro & Welcome

00:41 – Intro to Heavy with CEO Andrew Newby

00:56 – Tour in the brewery begins

01:53 – Sipping ‘Better’ Lager, while walking thru the brewery

03:23 – Quick chat about ‘Loop’ American Pale Ale

03:50 – Closing & Outro

About Your Hosts

The Crafty Cask celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers through engaging consumer content, events, virtual tastings, and online education. We help craft enthusiasts drink better and craft makers market their brands better to build thriving small businesses that keep #TipplerNation drinking well!

Your hosts for the visits on our Summer Craft Alcohol Road Trip are Suzanne Henricksen, Founder of The Crafty Cask, and Evan Rothrock, certified sommelier and cider professional, mixologist, and bespoke wine tour guide.

For our visit to Big aLICe Brewing, we are also joined by The Crafty Cask’s amazing event host and content creator, Jena Ellenwood, an award-winning bartender, cocktail educator, Cicerone Certified Beer Server, and Executive American Whiskey Steward based in NYC.

Read the transcript

Hi, I’m Suzanne Henricksen, a researcher and 
storyteller by trade, and a world explorer,

drink local enthusiast, by heart. I’m traveling 
the world to celebrate and share the people the

process the stories and the innovations 
behind craft alcohol and I can’t wait to

share our amazing kinds with all of you 
so let’s get drinking Crafty Cask style.

(Upbeat music)

[Andrew] ‘Heavy’ is all about the heavy lifestyle right you

[Andrew] got to like you’re going to improve 
your life what are you doing let’s

[Andrew] get **** off the couch get out there [other] get heavy get up there do something burn some calories

(Rock music)

[Suz] it’s really cool to see these 
smaller vessels, these smaller machines like

[Suz] before you…before you hit it big and go big time, which you clearly will

[Andrew] So we’ve got, we’ve got three tap rooms planned, we’ve got the underground, then we’re opening one in about 2 months

[Andrew] Out at the, at uh…Metro Parks

[Suz] okay
[Andrew] hopefully to connect us to 
the culture out there at the parks

[Andrew] and then the big one is um in 
a neighborhood called uptown

[Andrew] um in Downtown Toledo
[Evan] Kipp was saying 14th and Adams?  [Andrew] yeah yeah so that’s going to be our kind of our

[Andrew] next three year our three year plan is you know here and then the next chapter, and the next chapter

(Rock music continues)

[Suz] I have to say, for 2 months like…seriously
[Evan] Yeah!
[Suz] these beers are…

[Andrew] I’m glad you like ‘Better’

[Evan] we’ve been pounding the pavement and like honking the horn like hey there’s such a thing as like

[Evan] refined delicious lager and the thing is 
Suzanne what was the phrase that you used?

[Suz] what Budweiser would be if they tried a little harder?
[Evan] oh yeah yeah that but also like

[Evan] there’s nothing to hide behind oh yeah

[Suz] Oh yeah! Thats what I would say- you can hide behind the hops, you can hide behind like souring…you can hide behind barrel aging

[Andrew] you can’t hide this
(all speaking at once)

[Evan] this is hard to do
[Suz] it is hard to do

[Evan] to have like subtlety and nuance that’s

[Evan] clean and refined but still expressive and not just like-
[Suz] show your beer to the camera

[Evan] that’s where it’s at!
[Andrew] so the first version that was actually about twice as much flavor, its just like..its not light enough

[Andrew] You still need to bring it down to really fit in that garage beer category without being (inaudible)

[Evan] right yeah you want it to be simple you want to be refreshing you want it to be a beer that

[Evan] you can just hang out with on the couch but if you care to take time and like have a little

[Evan] conversation with it there’s something 
that it’s going to talk to you about
[Suz] yeah it’s really pretty much

[Andrew] So then the other one, it’s got a sister on the lighter side ‘Loop’, that’s a really great sitting on the couch beer

[Andrew] ‘Loop’ is like ‘I just got off the river, I just kayaked 20 miles

[Evan] right something is a little bit 
brighter a little more refreshing

(Rock music continues)

Until next time… Drink craft and drink the world. Cheers!

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