Craft Whiskey Tasting & Exploration Party

Craft Whiskey Tasting 

SipScout Craft Alcohol Membership Club – November, 2022

It’s our monthly SipScout party and this month we’re exploring 6 different styles of whiskey from 6 different craft distillers representing 6 different regions. Whether you’re new to whiskey or an experienced enthusiast this month’s SipScout kit and associated craft whiskey tasting party will get you thinking, drinking, and finding new favorites!


This month our SipScout members are sipping on:

1) Clonakilty Port Cask Finished
2) Boulder Spirits Single Malt
3) Balcones Baby Blue
4) Fort Mosé 1738 Bourbon
5) Charbay Doubled & Twisted Hopped Whiskey
6) Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye “Distiller’s Edition”

Bottles of craft beer, wine, and spirits

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About Your Hosts

The Crafty Cask celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers through engaging consumer content, events, virtual tastings, and online education. We help craft enthusiasts drink better and craft makers market their brands better to build thriving small businesses that keep #TipplerNation drinking well!

Your hosts for this event are Suzanne Henricksen, Founder of The Crafty Cask and Evan Rothrock, sommelier, certified cider professional, mixologist, spirits professional, and bespoke wine tour guide.

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00:00:03,300 –> 00:00:11,880
hello hello everyone Welcome to our November 
SipScout party whiskey time whiskey time yes  

00:00:13,140 –> 00:00:20,280
as you uh settle in there um as you might see 
we’ve got our whiskeys all poured out here  

00:00:21,180 –> 00:00:27,480
um it’s nice to be able to go back and forth 
and taste through these whiskeys kind of at  

00:00:27,480 –> 00:00:32,280
your leisure and if you only have one glass that 
makes a little hard so if you’ve got a few glasses  

00:00:32,280 –> 00:00:36,480
this is what we’d recommend yep and they don’t 
have to be these fancy Glenn Karens if you don’t  

00:00:36,480 –> 00:00:40,620
have them although we do highly recommend them if 
you’re they’re not if you’re into whiskey getting  

00:00:40,620 –> 00:00:46,680
a couple of these is very nice um but if you have 
you know wine glasses actually work quite nice  

00:00:47,520 –> 00:00:53,520
um you know something that has a little bit of 
a shape to it um versus just kind of you know  

00:00:53,520 –> 00:01:00,960
what small water glasses will do as well um we’ve 
also got a little dropper here of distilled water  

00:01:01,920 –> 00:01:07,140
um getting to add a little water while you’re 
trying through these whiskeys can really change  

00:01:07,140 –> 00:01:12,360
the profile of them and maybe illuminate some 
things that you didn’t realize were there before  

00:01:13,560 –> 00:01:17,220
um it can be kind of a revelatory experience so  

00:01:17,880 –> 00:01:23,220
we’ll give people a couple of minutes to 
settle in join and then we’re going to get  

00:01:23,220 –> 00:01:28,560
started I’m going to put our tasting order 
in here so you can get set up like we are

00:01:34,320 –> 00:01:37,920
we’re going to start with 
our pork Cask Irish whiskey  

00:01:39,720 –> 00:01:45,600
oops I’m spelling whiskey wrong I need my glasses 
need my glasses then we’ve got a pretty fun thing  

00:01:45,600 –> 00:01:51,060
that we’re excited to kind of talk with you guys 
tonight about this is the American single malt  

00:01:51,060 –> 00:01:54,940
from Bowling Spirits that’s going to be 
the second one that we’re tasting [Music]  

00:01:56,220 –> 00:02:02,940
um and then we’re going to follow that one up with 
our baby blue good morning this week from Balcones

00:02:06,120 –> 00:02:10,560
and then we will move into Fort Mosaic the bourbon

00:02:13,500 –> 00:02:20,040
I need a little Accent on Port Mosaic they look 
good work it always takes me like three attempts  

00:02:20,040 –> 00:02:25,320
at the asci code where is everyone joining from 
tonight feel free to unmute yourselves chat with  

00:02:25,320 –> 00:02:32,520
us a little bit while we’re getting started 
here and then doubled and twisted thank you

00:02:35,220 –> 00:02:43,620
one last but certainly not least are the round 
Stone Rye from Good Old Catoctin Creek yes  

00:02:45,060 –> 00:02:51,300
so that is the order we will be tasting in tonight 
we would love it if we um if you would chat with  

00:02:51,300 –> 00:02:55,800
us back and you can do that on the chat we’ll 
be keeping an eye on the chat here where I just  

00:02:55,800 –> 00:03:00,960
put the tasting order in there um nice to see the 
SipScout box over there we’re excited for people  

00:03:00,960 –> 00:03:04,620
who have it there may be some people joining 
tonight who don’t have the sub Scout box we  

00:03:04,620 –> 00:03:08,280
had quite a few people register so they may be 
joining a little later and that is totally okay  

00:03:09,240 –> 00:03:13,140
um you know you can pour yourself whatever you 
have on hand as well and join in on the fun and  

00:03:13,140 –> 00:03:17,520
yeah get teased and learn a little bit about what 
we’re drinking here tell your friends just because  

00:03:17,520 –> 00:03:22,680
they don’t have the box doesn’t mean they can’t 
uh tag along with their you know a few fingers  

00:03:22,680 –> 00:03:28,140
of their own favorite whiskey and just chat with 
us about whiskey or next month Mixology holiday  

00:03:28,140 –> 00:03:32,460
Mixology yeah while we’re waiting for people 
to get here next month is a holiday Mixology  

00:03:33,180 –> 00:03:37,620
um class and we are very excited about it we 
actually just got our kit together maybe we’ll  

00:03:37,620 –> 00:03:41,520
give you a little preview later tonight but we’re 
gonna be making three different super festive  

00:03:41,520 –> 00:03:46,260
cocktails and enough for two people to share so 
there’s gonna be two cocktails of each so that’ll  

00:03:46,260 –> 00:03:50,460
be a fun way to kick off the holiday season and 
learn how to make some fun festive cocktails that  

00:03:50,460 –> 00:03:54,060
you can make throughout the rest of the season 
yeah definitely yeah we’re excited about these for  

00:03:54,060 –> 00:03:59,520
sure all right let’s get started I like to reward 
people for being on time and not punish those who  

00:03:59,520 –> 00:04:04,140
are here for waiting for people who are joining 
a little bit later so let’s get started shall we  

00:04:04,140 –> 00:04:09,000
indeed all right what we’re going to do tonight is 
we’re gonna walk us through um Evan’s gonna walk  

00:04:09,000 –> 00:04:14,160
us through some we’re gonna walk us through yes 
but he’s our our professionally trained here I’ve  

00:04:14,160 –> 00:04:18,960
just learned a lot being being part of his life 
um so we’re gonna walk you through some tasting  

00:04:18,960 –> 00:04:24,360
techniques we’re basically going to teach you 
you how to taste whiskey like a pro dare I say  

00:04:25,080 –> 00:04:30,240
um and you know the reason we do this is not to 
necessarily teach you to be a pro to get you to  

00:04:30,240 –> 00:04:34,380
like change careers and go and be a whiskey 
Steward or anything like that but really we  

00:04:34,380 –> 00:04:40,800
do it so that you have better odds of finding and 
discovering whiskeys that you love in the future  

00:04:40,800 –> 00:04:46,980
the better you can taste through things understand 
your own palette explain to someone else what you  

00:04:46,980 –> 00:04:52,080
like about it what you don’t like about it the 
better you’re going to be able to navigate this  

00:04:52,080 –> 00:04:57,360
wide wide world of craft whiskey there are so many 
craft whiskeys out there today and find ones that  

00:04:57,360 –> 00:05:03,000
you love so instead of being someone who simply 
you know says I’m a bourbon Drinker and sticking  

00:05:03,000 –> 00:05:08,280
to Bourbon instead you can say you know I really 
like whiskeys that have notes of kind of cereal  

00:05:08,280 –> 00:05:13,800
and less of the vanilla and like the cinnamon 
and more of the cereal and that’s going to help  

00:05:13,800 –> 00:05:18,660
people who know a lot about whiskey lead you to 
all sorts of different things maybe bourbon maybe  

00:05:18,660 –> 00:05:23,940
not bourbon right so it helps you kind of get out 
of those those not stereotypes that’s not the word  

00:05:23,940 –> 00:05:28,560
I’m looking yeah just kind of repetitive kind of 
natures that we all fall into those those traps  

00:05:28,560 –> 00:05:32,820
of you know this is the whiskey I like this is the 
whiskey I drink and I’m upset I’m good with that  

00:05:32,820 –> 00:05:38,220
and you know the exploration is something that we 
really espouse to be one of the main reasons that  

00:05:38,940 –> 00:05:43,680
um we wanted to start SipScout so that you can 
explore with us because we love doing it and we  

00:05:43,680 –> 00:05:48,120
find that a lot of people might just need a 
little bit of a nudge once in a while um and  

00:05:48,120 –> 00:05:53,160
you know especially with the with something like 
whiskey you know going and tasting through several  

00:05:53,160 –> 00:06:00,120
iterations of kind of the same thing really helps 
to to delve deep um and it helps to eliminate a  

00:06:00,120 –> 00:06:06,000
quote by William Faulkner which is that there’s no 
such thing as a bad whiskey uh just some whiskeys  

00:06:06,000 –> 00:06:12,240
are better than others uh exactly and we always 
like to tell people too you know if there’s anyone  

00:06:12,240 –> 00:06:16,380
on the call today who’s like you know I really 
love bourbon but I don’t like Rye we also like  

00:06:16,380 –> 00:06:21,060
to say you just haven’t found the Rye that you 
like yet so persist persevere keep trying that  

00:06:21,060 –> 00:06:25,380
and keep drinking I promise you there was one out 
there for your palettes um because again the range  

00:06:25,380 –> 00:06:31,620
is wide so with that let’s get started we’ll do a 
little cheers I’m gonna grab this first one here  

00:06:31,620 –> 00:06:36,240
I guess I’ll grab the last one all right we’re 
gonna be a little Cheers Cheers thank you for  

00:06:36,240 –> 00:06:41,040
having us Amazon and joining us there we love that 
cheers to uh all of you thanks for joining yeah  

00:06:42,060 –> 00:06:46,200
and so we’re doing this too to go ahead and Dive 
Right In and just take a sip we’re going to talk a  

00:06:46,200 –> 00:06:49,620
little bit about all the proper steps but we don’t 
want to hold you back from drinking your whiskey  

00:06:49,620 –> 00:06:53,700
sometimes we forget to say that very much so so 
yeah as we go through these tasting techniques  

00:06:54,240 –> 00:06:59,520
don’t feel like you can’t take a sip because 
we haven’t gotten to the SIP step yes yet

00:07:02,640 –> 00:07:04,440
so it might take us a little 
while to get to the ACT  

00:07:05,880 –> 00:07:10,020
while we’re waiting to get there you can 
absolutely be practicing what he’s teaching  

00:07:10,020 –> 00:07:14,340
you and going up and down the line you can take 
sips of all of these you’ve all drank whiskey  

00:07:14,340 –> 00:07:18,600
before you don’t need us to tell you exactly 
what to do try dosing it with a little bit of  

00:07:18,600 –> 00:07:23,940
some distilled water or just tap water if you’ve 
got it if you’ve got any kind of bottled water  

00:07:23,940 –> 00:07:28,620
we would recommend using that if you’re going to 
be yeah it’s still filtered absolutely always try  

00:07:28,620 –> 00:07:33,180
them straight first even if you’re someone who’s 
a die-hard I Like a Rock in it I like water in it  

00:07:33,180 –> 00:07:37,080
we’ll talk a little bit about that but always try 
it straight first that is the way the distiller  

00:07:37,080 –> 00:07:40,620
intended and you don’t know where you want to 
go until you know where you’re starting right  

00:07:41,700 –> 00:07:46,740
um and also one other note before we dive in 
don’t stick your nose real deep into this whiskey  

00:07:46,740 –> 00:07:51,960
glass like you might uh oh just knocked over 
a glass of water move that SipScout box maybe  

00:07:52,680 –> 00:07:56,700
um you don’t want to stick your nose real 
deep into the glass like you do maybe with  

00:07:56,700 –> 00:08:00,300
wine tasting if you’re a little more familiar 
with wine tasting because this is high proof  

00:08:00,300 –> 00:08:07,860
it’s going to really burn out your nose if you do 
that especially as we go through all six so Evan’s  

00:08:07,860 –> 00:08:11,760
going to talk you through the nosing step as we 
get there but just a little preview so we don’t  

00:08:11,760 –> 00:08:18,960
miss you like keep it a little lower and take it 
take it slow all right so um I’m gonna just wiping  

00:08:18,960 –> 00:08:23,100
up a little water that we had a little spill on 
but no big deal luckily no wires were in the way  

00:08:23,940 –> 00:08:30,120
um no sparks no sparks no sparks no outages 
so we’re going to start with this clonakilty  

00:08:30,120 –> 00:08:35,160
pork Cask Irish whiskey and you know it’s 
a little interesting to start off with a  

00:08:35,760 –> 00:08:42,240
finished whiskey so the pork Cask is a finishing 
step so after they make the whiskey after they Age  

00:08:42,240 –> 00:08:48,240
The Whiskey they put it into a used quart Barrel 
essentially to give it a kiss of that pork flavor  

00:08:48,240 –> 00:08:52,740
and so people who know whiskey might be like 
really you’re starting with a pork Cask finish  

00:08:52,740 –> 00:08:58,560
whiskey the reason we’re doing this is because 
Irish whiskeys actually tend to be a little  

00:08:58,560 –> 00:09:05,040
lighter a little easier drinking a little often 
lower ABV this one is lower lower proof as well  

00:09:05,640 –> 00:09:10,980
um and so that’s kind of why we’re starting 
here um and this is an Irish Distillery  

00:09:12,000 –> 00:09:18,000
um and so Irish distilleries often distill some 
of their own but also Source different whiskeys  

00:09:18,000 –> 00:09:22,500
from different distilleries as well and kind of 
blend them together um and so this is kind of  

00:09:22,500 –> 00:09:26,040
an interesting one for us to start with here 
clone a kilty I like saying their names yeah  

00:09:27,540 –> 00:09:33,300
um I believe they’re on the southern coast of of 
uh of Ireland and something that is an interesting  

00:09:33,300 –> 00:09:39,420
kind of element to note when it comes to Coastal 
distilleries and this is a not an uncommon thing  

00:09:39,420 –> 00:09:44,940
at all and Scottish distillers especially the 
ones in ilay and the the outer the outer coastal  

00:09:44,940 –> 00:09:52,380
regions of Scotland um is that they can sometimes 
uh incorporate a little bit of a distinctive Briny  

00:09:52,380 –> 00:09:59,160
characteristic frankly from this the you know the 
sea kind of missed filling Into The Distillery  

00:09:59,160 –> 00:10:03,180
which are you know distillers by and large the 
Rick houses where the barrels are kept are open  

00:10:03,180 –> 00:10:11,580
air and so the Sea Air can get in there and um it 
essentially is going to breathe this Salty Sea Air  

00:10:11,580 –> 00:10:17,340
in and out of the barrels for the course of the 
three four seven twelve years that they’re aging  

00:10:18,120 –> 00:10:24,480
um this one has just a wisp of it I do feel like 
the sweetness of the pork cast that it’s finished  

00:10:24,480 –> 00:10:30,720
in kind of covers it covers it um but there 
is this kind of it’s more it’s more ethereal  

00:10:30,720 –> 00:10:34,440
and then it’s definitely something more I think 
that you catch on the nose it’s not really like  

00:10:34,440 –> 00:10:39,420
you’re tasting salt water yeah um or like 
you know broth or something like that yeah  

00:10:40,080 –> 00:10:45,360
so our tasting techniques to get started 
there our first there’s a little nap flying  

00:10:45,360 –> 00:10:51,960
around here yeah so you know initially when you 
begin to evaluate a a dram of spirit of whiskey  

00:10:52,560 –> 00:10:57,300
um you start with the visual inspection of it um 
and especially if you have these all poured out in  

00:10:57,300 –> 00:11:02,940
front of you you’ll notice that not only is this 
one lighter in color but as we go through these  

00:11:02,940 –> 00:11:08,160
steps as Suzanne was saying it’s also lighter 
in flavor and in mouth feel and and texture  

00:11:09,000 –> 00:11:13,320
um the visual inspection can give you 
a little bit of a clue as to how long  

00:11:13,320 –> 00:11:18,840
it was aged in Wood the longer it spins in Wood 
the more color it’s going to pull from the wood  

00:11:19,620 –> 00:11:25,020
um think of it like brewing a you know a cup 
of tea uh you put the tea bag in there for a  

00:11:25,020 –> 00:11:28,200
minute you get a little color you leave it in 
there for five minutes you get a lot more color  

00:11:29,040 –> 00:11:33,480
um that same process is going on as the whiskey 
sits in the barrel and then additionally you’ll  

00:11:33,480 –> 00:11:39,300
notice in some of these actually you know I feel 
like none of these are particularly I mean cloudy  

00:11:39,300 –> 00:11:46,560
but sometimes you can find like a cloudy opacity 
two whiskeys um which is an indication that they  

00:11:46,560 –> 00:11:51,660
have not been chill filtered now it’s hard 
to say if these have or have not been because  

00:11:51,660 –> 00:11:57,420
generally the cloudiness that you see is only 
visible at a certain temperature yeah absolutely  

00:11:58,380 –> 00:12:03,240
um and we often like to say you know a lot of 
times the cloudiness the unfiltered scares people  

00:12:03,240 –> 00:12:07,140
away so if they’re you know looking at something 
in the store deciding what to buy and they see  

00:12:07,140 –> 00:12:11,100
something that doesn’t look pristine and clear 
that often makes them think maybe it’s not as  

00:12:11,100 –> 00:12:16,260
high of quality to walk away but actually 
now that you’re in the SipScout know here  

00:12:16,260 –> 00:12:20,460
that actually I would say lean in when you see 
something that’s a little cloudy that usually  

00:12:20,460 –> 00:12:25,320
gives you an indicator that they’re filtering 
it less um and when you do when you don’t do  

00:12:25,320 –> 00:12:29,040
chill filtration at all or when you filter 
it fewer times what you’re doing is you’re  

00:12:29,040 –> 00:12:34,260
leaving a lot more of those like heavy Esters in 
there those oils those things that give flavor  

00:12:35,040 –> 00:12:39,540
um and so it’s actually but it’s very hard to 
do um and it’s hard to do well and that’s why  

00:12:39,540 –> 00:12:44,640
it’s something that craft makers do and also you 
know as Americans we’ve been taught to think that  

00:12:44,640 –> 00:12:49,740
pristine Crystal Clear is beautiful and you know 
that’s one of our the American ways and so now you  

00:12:49,740 –> 00:12:54,960
know though lean into those cloudier and if you 
see something that says unfiltered like that’s  

00:12:54,960 –> 00:13:00,420
interesting um that means they’re really standing 
behind the flavor that comes through there and you  

00:13:00,420 –> 00:13:04,740
know and also on the flip side when you see some 
of those vodkas out there that say eight times  

00:13:04,740 –> 00:13:09,780
filter 12 times filtered it’s not a good thing 
right they they trick you because the bigger  

00:13:09,780 –> 00:13:13,620
the number the better is like a common thing that 
we all think but actually that just means they’re  

00:13:13,620 –> 00:13:18,660
stripping out tons of flavor they’re stripping out 
all of that flavor and that’s not what you want  

00:13:20,220 –> 00:13:27,960
um one last thing with the visual inspection you 
can also look at the viscosity and you often hear  

00:13:27,960 –> 00:13:33,240
this talked about a lot more with wine but as 
you kind of roll your your tumbler around your  

00:13:33,240 –> 00:13:38,460
glass around you’ll see the way that the whiskey 
kind of beads up and Cascades on the outside of  

00:13:38,460 –> 00:13:45,000
the glass the legs the legs yes the the legs is um 
probably the most common term for this the tears  

00:13:45,960 –> 00:13:52,140
um Church Windows is kind of a fun one that 
can give you an indication of the overall  

00:13:52,140 –> 00:13:58,500
alcohol percentage and uh as a result you know the 
viscosity so I guess probably switch that around  

00:13:59,340 –> 00:14:04,980
um and the longer that a whiskey is aged 
you know the more that these uh tears will  

00:14:04,980 –> 00:14:08,700
kind of spread and space out in the glass so 
instead of getting like multiple ones right  

00:14:08,700 –> 00:14:13,620
next to each other you’ll get like five or 
six around the entire circular surface area  

00:14:15,060 –> 00:14:22,920
um okay we have a poll up there looks like we 
have a coat Lancers so [Music] um funnily enough  

00:14:22,920 –> 00:14:29,940
you’re all right because this is a hotly debated 
Scotland and Ireland are constantly going Toe to  

00:14:29,940 –> 00:14:36,000
Toe about like who made whiskey first right 
um and so this is one of those hotly debated  

00:14:36,000 –> 00:14:40,680
things that you know has kind of before 
any measure of strongly recorded history  

00:14:41,760 –> 00:14:46,980
um and The gales The gales someone up there 
got it right yeah yeah someone up there got  

00:14:46,980 –> 00:14:51,420
it right for sure um and if you’re not familiar 
you know something I often I think of Ireland  

00:14:51,420 –> 00:14:55,440
with whiskey quite a bit um but Ireland is 
actually really well known for their Gins as  

00:14:55,440 –> 00:15:00,000
well and I didn’t I didn’t actually realize that 
until a couple of years ago um an Irish gin can  

00:15:00,000 –> 00:15:03,780
be quite lovely so if you’re a gin Drinker 
check out some Irish gin as well one of the  

00:15:03,780 –> 00:15:11,460
things that I feel at least you know in my heart 
of hearts leads me to think of Scotland as being

00:15:13,920 –> 00:15:21,120
and this is kind of silly because I’m sure it’s 
the same in in Ireland but just the way it was  

00:15:21,120 –> 00:15:28,140
told to me in Scotland they don’t call it scotch 
they they just they just call it Whiskey right  

00:15:28,140 –> 00:15:31,860
that’s the only kind of whiskey they drink 
in Scotland right anything else would be  

00:15:31,860 –> 00:15:36,780
like oh American whiskey like this is whiskey 
it’s all relative right right where you are  

00:15:36,780 –> 00:15:43,260
what you call the thing right absolutely um so 
the next step there uh and again like you said  

00:15:43,920 –> 00:15:49,500
we’re just doing this with the first one We 
Care through these go back and forth you know  

00:15:49,500 –> 00:15:54,120
bounce back I think one of the best ways to 
kind of train your your nose and your palate  

00:15:54,120 –> 00:15:58,560
when you’re tasting is a comparative thing so 
if you’re just going through in the order that  

00:15:58,560 –> 00:16:04,260
we’re tasting them and not reflecting back you’re 
kind of doing yourself a disservice here and also  

00:16:04,260 –> 00:16:09,360
if you’re just finishing One Whiskey before you 
move on to the second one right that’s also you  

00:16:09,360 –> 00:16:12,060
know you don’t want to do that because you want 
to kind of play around with it a little bit yeah  

00:16:12,840 –> 00:16:18,600
um yeah so as we move on to our second step 
maybe I can tell you a little bit about this  

00:16:18,600 –> 00:16:22,560
um American single malt in case you do 
want to move over to it so this one is from  

00:16:23,100 –> 00:16:27,300
um Vapor Distillery actually is The Distillery 
but it’s called Boulder spirit so the the  

00:16:27,300 –> 00:16:31,440
brand of single maltes is called Boulder 
Spirits they’re in Colorado and Boulder  

00:16:31,980 –> 00:16:37,380
um and actually so this American single 
malt the founder he’s actually from Scotland  

00:16:37,380 –> 00:16:41,820
um and funny a little tidbit about him he 
actually was on Survivor and was kicked off  

00:16:41,820 –> 00:16:50,400
of Survivor he was on Survivor Panama so he’s 
you know he’s a he’s a scotman and he’s low in  

00:16:50,400 –> 00:16:54,900
the wild wilderness and into all that stuff and I 
think he was also part of the royal Navy as well  

00:16:55,860 –> 00:17:01,440
um and so he came over to Colorado fell in love 
with Colorado and really wanted to bring his  

00:17:01,440 –> 00:17:06,540
Heritage of making amazing scotch and bring it 
over to America and give it a little twist and  

00:17:06,540 –> 00:17:10,560
we can talk a little bit about what that twist is 
but why don’t you get on to your second step there  

00:17:11,580 –> 00:17:18,840
um it’s funny I I think of Scotsman that was 
in the Navy and like I just can picture him  

00:17:18,840 –> 00:17:22,500
in Colorado like throwing axes at trees 
I mean you feel like he should have won  

00:17:22,500 –> 00:17:26,100
Survivor right I feel like all of 
Scotland must have just been like

00:17:30,720 –> 00:17:36,360
all right so our second step so the first one is 
site there are they’re all S’s it helps that you  

00:17:36,360 –> 00:17:42,720
remember all of them so see five s’s um so see 
it visually you know your site step and then  

00:17:42,720 –> 00:17:50,520
smelling it um or sniffing it and I generally like 
to remember it with the word sniff simply because  

00:17:50,520 –> 00:17:57,360
it helps me remember to think about smelling 
the way that a dog smells think about how a  

00:17:57,360 –> 00:18:01,800
dog kind of like you know they put their nose in 
the ground like and they kind of move around and  

00:18:01,800 –> 00:18:05,940
do the little like sniffs the reason they’re doing 
that is because they’re sniffing in and sniffing  

00:18:05,940 –> 00:18:11,220
out very quickly um and when they they blow out 
of their nose they’re adding humidity and when you  

00:18:11,220 –> 00:18:16,020
add humidity to something you can see sometimes 
when Evan does this it kind of fogs up his glass  

00:18:17,040 –> 00:18:22,140
um but when you’re when you breathe out you add 
humidity and when things are humid you can smell  

00:18:22,140 –> 00:18:26,940
them more strongly um so you know we live in 
Arizona where it’s very dry versus someone  

00:18:26,940 –> 00:18:31,860
who lives in Florida the smells are very much 
more pungent in that humid air and so adding  

00:18:31,860 –> 00:18:37,560
some humidity as you’re smelling and snipping 
like a dog in out in out and out um helps you  

00:18:37,560 –> 00:18:42,420
helps you find those Aromas that might be hard 
to find kind of a fun brief aside little tidbit  

00:18:43,320 –> 00:18:51,300
um every year that they Proctor the exam to 
become a master of sommelier uh it’s hosted of  

00:18:51,300 –> 00:18:56,880
all places in Houston Texas if you need some 
humidity to assist you in your smelling and  

00:18:56,880 –> 00:19:03,420
evaluating of the glass of wine in front of you 
no better placed in Houston Texas yeah absolutely  

00:19:04,500 –> 00:19:09,420
um so yeah the nosing step is 
probably the one that I get kind of  

00:19:10,200 –> 00:19:15,420
tapped under the table most frequently by Suzanne 
because this is the one that I’ll spend 45 minutes  

00:19:15,420 –> 00:19:20,580
from now we’ll still be talking about smelling 
our whiskey um but it is a pretty fascinating  

00:19:20,580 –> 00:19:28,080
step it’s the one that is the most revelatory in 
the tasting experience um it can tell you the most  

00:19:28,080 –> 00:19:35,880
of all the steps about what might be going on 
in that whiskey um it helps to illuminate The  

00:19:35,880 –> 00:19:40,560
Source material that’s used to make it what 
type of grain is in your whiskey uh you know  

00:19:40,560 –> 00:19:48,120
the Aging technique how long it was aged not only 
but also the barrel types that were used to age it  

00:19:48,900 –> 00:19:53,160
um the proof is something that you’ll begin to 
kind of recognize especially if it’s really hot  

00:19:53,160 –> 00:20:01,980
you’ll get to actually feel that um and moreover 
your sense of smell is unlike the other senses in  

00:20:01,980 –> 00:20:07,920
your body it’s a chemical sense as opposed to a 
physical sensation and as such it accesses your  

00:20:07,920 –> 00:20:13,260
brain in a different way and it actually bypasses 
most of the frontal lobes and goes directly  

00:20:13,260 –> 00:20:21,960
into your memory and so your ability to access 
memories via smells and access smells via memories  

00:20:23,160 –> 00:20:27,600
um kind of goes in both directions and it’s 
pretty remarkable the way that that works  

00:20:27,600 –> 00:20:32,400
yeah we’ve all walked into a restaurant or 
somewhere and you’re like oh that smell it  

00:20:32,400 –> 00:20:37,260
reminds me of EXO and it’s just like it transports 
you yeah you’re back in your your grandmother’s  

00:20:37,260 –> 00:20:43,800
kitchen and she’s whipping up a whatever 
now the thing about smell is it’s one of our  

00:20:43,800 –> 00:20:49,620
um senses that we don’t use actively very often 
we don’t often go around blind smelling something  

00:20:49,620 –> 00:20:54,300
and saying what does that smell like right we 
don’t do that very often um but it can be trained  

00:20:54,300 –> 00:20:58,320
so you can get better at this and I am living 
proof of this when I first met Evan I was like  

00:20:59,040 –> 00:21:05,040
smells like whiskey and now I can really with 
wine with everything but it’s because I have the  

00:21:05,040 –> 00:21:09,900
conversation and I take a little bit of time I’m 
not just drinking and kind of ignoring it I spent  

00:21:09,900 –> 00:21:13,440
some time with my nose in there and I’m kind 
of pushing my brain and I’m paying attention  

00:21:13,440 –> 00:21:18,240
to more of what things smell like outside of when 
I’m doing this right um so if it’s something that  

00:21:18,240 –> 00:21:23,820
and you know we’ve all been sick and you have a 
stuffed nose and you eat something and it tastes  

00:21:23,820 –> 00:21:30,240
like cardboard your nose is such a critical part 
of your palette so if you’re not spending a little  

00:21:30,240 –> 00:21:34,020
bit of time with your nose and your whiskey your 
nose and your wine while you’re drinking it before  

00:21:34,020 –> 00:21:39,300
you’re drinking it you’re actually kind of robbing 
yourself of the full experience flavor-wise as  

00:21:39,300 –> 00:21:43,800
well so we really that’s one of the reasons Evan 
likes to spend a lot of time here because if we  

00:21:43,800 –> 00:21:48,660
can teach you one thing tonight and you walk 
away with one thing have a little like smelling  

00:21:48,660 –> 00:21:54,480
conversation have a conversation with your with 
your drink yeah and frankly that conversation I  

00:21:54,480 –> 00:22:02,160
feel like from maybe a someone who’s just kind of 
getting into this idea the best conversation to  

00:22:02,160 –> 00:22:08,040
have is a focus on three kind of Elemental 
components of what you might be perceiving  

00:22:09,120 –> 00:22:18,600
um with regard to Aromas and they are the primary 
Aromas which are the types of grains that are used  

00:22:18,600 –> 00:22:25,020
in this particular whiskey that is in front of you 
as well as how heavily malted or toasted or cooked  

00:22:25,020 –> 00:22:29,880
they are sometimes it’s not at all sometimes it’s 
very strongly secondary Aromas which are Aromas  

00:22:29,880 –> 00:22:35,220
that come from the fermentation process the type 
of yeast that’s used sometimes that can influence  

00:22:35,220 –> 00:22:42,060
and create some interesting Aromas as well as the 
distillation process where you’re making the cuts  

00:22:42,060 –> 00:22:46,860
and separating the stuff that’s literally going 
to make you blind if you drink it from the really  

00:22:46,860 –> 00:22:52,920
heavy pinus resini tar type Aromas and flavors 
at the end of the distillation there’s a process  

00:22:52,920 –> 00:22:57,060
during distillation where at the beginning 
of the distillation stuff starts to come off  

00:22:57,060 –> 00:23:03,660
the still and eventually you make a cut and you 
remove what are known as the heads and then from  

00:23:03,660 –> 00:23:08,640
this that middle part from that first cut to the 
second cut you capture what’s known as the heart  

00:23:09,180 –> 00:23:14,640
and that’s really the best of the best um and then 
the the remaining part is the Tails that’s where  

00:23:14,640 –> 00:23:21,120
all the kind of heavy kind of stinky off-oder tar 
type smells come from yeah and then last but not  

00:23:21,120 –> 00:23:25,020
least the tertiary Aromas these are Aromas that 
come from the aging process so once it’s done  

00:23:25,020 –> 00:23:30,480
distillation and goes into Barrel um the flavors 
and the Aromas that come from it’s time that spend  

00:23:30,480 –> 00:23:35,280
in the barrel are what you’re going to get in 
the tertiary rooms so just trying to pick out one  

00:23:36,420 –> 00:23:41,460
some one thing distinct that you can kind of 
put your finger on even if it’s not with a  

00:23:41,460 –> 00:23:47,700
lot of confidence in each one of those three 
kind of categories is a very simple starting  

00:23:47,700 –> 00:23:54,360
place to begin that conversation and and like 
have a measure of comfortability in talking  

00:23:54,360 –> 00:24:00,840
about whiskeys and what you like and what you 
don’t like um I’m gonna share just briefly here  

00:24:01,920 –> 00:24:08,280
um something else that’s very helpful 
and this is a whiskey Aroma wheel  

00:24:10,200 –> 00:24:14,400
um and you can find these all over 
Google you just whiskey Aroma wheel  

00:24:15,840 –> 00:24:21,720
um yeah this is very helpful so having something 
like this in front of you um and initially just  

00:24:21,720 –> 00:24:26,580
trying to stay within the center part of the 
circle and just recognizing something that is  

00:24:26,580 –> 00:24:30,240
is that a fruity smell or is that a floral smell 
those are kind of clothes that’s why they’re  

00:24:30,240 –> 00:24:34,020
close together floral is also kind of close to 
grassy that’s why they’re close to each other  

00:24:34,020 –> 00:24:39,420
on the on the circle so kind of go around that 
Circle and find the initial category and then  

00:24:39,420 –> 00:24:45,780
push yourself to make a step into the next outer 
ring and then potentially even into the third ring  

00:24:46,500 –> 00:24:51,360
um so you know starting with something like 
Fruity but then pushing yourself to say well  

00:24:51,900 –> 00:24:57,000
that’s more citrus than perhaps you know 
like a tree fruit like a pear or an apple  

00:24:58,080 –> 00:25:04,200
um and in fact it’s I think it’s more like a 
grapefruit than it is like an orange and then  

00:25:04,200 –> 00:25:10,560
heck see if you can decide whether it’s grapefruit 
zest or grapefruit juice or grapefruit candy or if  

00:25:10,560 –> 00:25:17,220
it’s Ruby Red Grapefruit this is really how you 
get creates me don’t get me wrong so I I always  

00:25:17,220 –> 00:25:21,660
feel like I’m like I’m so proud of myself for 
picking out like oh I get cherries in this and  

00:25:21,660 –> 00:25:27,000
then Evan is like is it stewed cherries or is 
it baked cherries is it ripe Cherry is it is it  

00:25:27,000 –> 00:25:32,460
the like golden cherries or the red cherries is 
it a ludens cough drop and I’m like it Cherry’s  

00:25:32,460 –> 00:25:37,500
enough I’m proud of myself for getting cherries it 
sure is but it is sure but it is like the more you  

00:25:37,500 –> 00:25:43,920
can do that the more you can find things in your 
whiskey and enjoy it and like just understand why  

00:25:43,920 –> 00:25:48,960
you like this whiskey so much versus why you don’t 
like this whiskey um and it’s just it’s really fun  

00:25:48,960 –> 00:25:54,120
um as well so and it helps you slow down and 
enjoy your your booze a little bit more slowly  

00:25:54,900 –> 00:26:01,200
um we’ll put the the link in the chat here so 
that you can download that PDF that includes  

00:26:01,200 –> 00:26:06,600
this whiskey Aroma wheel here as well because 
yeah like I said um it’s something that I find  

00:26:06,600 –> 00:26:12,300
to be quite helpful even though I’ve been 
doing this for a decade plus yeah absolutely  

00:26:12,300 –> 00:26:18,180
um does anyone want to share what their smelling 
in either either of the first couple of whiskeys  

00:26:18,180 –> 00:26:23,940
any any give us some thoughts if you if any 
smells coming to life you can unmute yourself  

00:26:25,560 –> 00:26:30,300
and then and then we’ll play a little 
game called dance monkey dance where we  

00:26:30,300 –> 00:26:32,940
make the certified sommelier tell 
us what he’s smelling in there

00:26:35,640 –> 00:26:36,780
let’s see if I

00:26:39,420 –> 00:26:45,240
if I can yeah so this whiskey spelling while 
we’re seeing if anyone will be brave but it’s  

00:26:45,240 –> 00:26:48,360
not brave because there’s no wrong answer 
like whatever you smell especially with  

00:26:48,360 –> 00:26:51,600
smells it’s tied to your memory if you’ve 
never smelled something before you’re not  

00:26:51,600 –> 00:26:58,560
going to be able to find it in whiskey right oh 
go ahead what you got there first Bob and Gus  

00:27:00,060 –> 00:27:07,740
we um thought that the podcast had a maply 
aftertaste a little secondary Maybelline  

00:27:07,740 –> 00:27:14,580
almost maybe even bordering on honey but there 
was a nice sweet flash you know after swallowing  

00:27:14,580 –> 00:27:20,160
in the backwash you know it’s funny when I stuck 
my nose in it I was when Evan was talking about  

00:27:20,160 –> 00:27:23,940
the smelling steps I was really pushing myself to 
try to find something and I thought Maple too and  

00:27:23,940 –> 00:27:27,900
I thought that was so that’s interesting that we 
both came up with that that must mean we’re right  

00:27:27,900 –> 00:27:36,360
it’s the port overcome his Support over time 
yeah but you know I would also I would also uh  

00:27:36,360 –> 00:27:43,080
say that not only is Irish whiskey relatively 
light and like more floral and less kind of  

00:27:43,080 –> 00:27:48,240
earthy woodsy it does tend to be a little bit 
sweeter to my palette in general as well maybe  

00:27:48,240 –> 00:27:53,220
even without the port Cask influence um I feel 
like when I just think of you know a standard  

00:27:53,760 –> 00:27:59,640
Jameson or or Bushmills or something like that 
those tend to show on the sweeter side for me  

00:28:00,540 –> 00:28:07,140
um I think that the port for me comes in with like 
a little bit of like a almost like a pruniness  

00:28:09,060 –> 00:28:16,020
well I mean don’t they have a wide array of is 
it all light I mean is that oil you know don’t  

00:28:16,020 –> 00:28:21,900
they have some heavy you know Guinness kind of 
whiskeys yeah they do and I would just and and  

00:28:21,900 –> 00:28:27,540
I would just say like generally a character 
as a standard unless you’re getting into you  

00:28:27,540 –> 00:28:32,820
know a Jameson that’s 21 years old or 
a napanog castle that’s 15 years old  

00:28:33,420 –> 00:28:42,240
they tend to show lighter and fresher fresher yeah 
yeah it’s kind of similar to how people often say  

00:28:42,240 –> 00:28:46,560
like bourbon tends to be sweeter Rye tends to be 
spicier like that’s not true of all bourbons and  

00:28:46,560 –> 00:28:54,180
Rise of course but generally yeah and stereotypes 
exist for a reason yeah for better for worse  

00:28:55,800 –> 00:29:00,960
um where is this I’m still looking for the the 
risky all kind of okay don’t worry about it  

00:29:01,800 –> 00:29:07,500
um and then the whiskey spelling yeah this this 
one’s a fun one this is one that I don’t know um  

00:29:07,500 –> 00:29:13,620
so yeah it is actually one person got it right 
there the spelling of the country if it has a  

00:29:13,620 –> 00:29:19,620
name in the E then whiskey has an e if this name 
of the country does not have any in it Japan for  

00:29:19,620 –> 00:29:25,380
example they do not spell whiskey with a need now 
there’s no rule about this it’s not regulated it’s  

00:29:25,380 –> 00:29:30,840
not legislated it just kind of happens to be the 
way the cards have fallen over the years there are  

00:29:30,840 –> 00:29:36,840
some who Buck the trend there’s even one in our 
lineup today if you can find it um that spells it  

00:29:36,840 –> 00:29:42,780
without an e even though United States of America 
has an e in it um and so you know people people  

00:29:43,920 –> 00:29:47,820
go away from it a little bit but that’s a general 
rule of thumb so you know how to spell whiskey  

00:29:47,820 –> 00:29:52,860
depending on where yeah I’m not sure the reasoning 
behind the one in our kit that defies the naming  

00:29:52,860 –> 00:30:03,000
convention but um for example um does not use 
an e in the naming of their whiskey and for  

00:30:03,000 –> 00:30:08,460
their reasoning um the heritage of the founder is 
Scottish Scottish so he goes back to the original  

00:30:08,460 –> 00:30:13,500
it’s spelling of whiskey and it also um changes 
how you spell the plural of whiskey as well  

00:30:13,500 –> 00:30:17,220
which I definitely didn’t know for a long time 
and yeah one of my clients kept yelling at me  

00:30:17,220 –> 00:30:23,220
because I kept spelling it IES instead of e-y-s 
so if it’s with an E it’s e-y-s if it’s without  

00:30:23,220 –> 00:30:31,680
an e it’s i-e-s extra confusing yeah lots of fun 
grammar spelling this is all in Evan’s wheelhouse  

00:30:33,660 –> 00:30:42,180
um so let’s move on here to well I guess yeah I’m 
still talking about the forecast for the tasting  

00:30:42,180 –> 00:30:47,760
steps but we’ve talked about the single malt um 
as a category single malts in the United States  

00:30:47,760 –> 00:30:54,060
are kind of a new burgeoning category for sure 
they actually just got an official designation  

00:30:54,060 –> 00:31:00,480
that’s right um as American single malt now 
has kind of regulations and rules about what an  

00:31:00,480 –> 00:31:06,180
American single malt can be yeah the same way that 
there are governmentally imposed restrictions on  

00:31:06,720 –> 00:31:12,180
the necessary requirements to label your 
whiskey as bourbon whiskey there are now  

00:31:12,180 –> 00:31:18,960
similar requirements uh to label as an as a single 
malt whiskey very similar to the restrictions that  

00:31:18,960 –> 00:31:25,500
I are in existence in Scotland for a single malt 
whiskey um one of the main differences though is  

00:31:25,500 –> 00:31:31,320
the Aging regimen in the United States they don’t 
have the same aging requirements and restrictions  

00:31:31,320 –> 00:31:37,320
that they do in Scotland to be labeled as a single 
malt whiskey and I think it makes for a little  

00:31:37,320 –> 00:31:42,960
bit more of an expansive category and a little 
bit more of an opportunity for the distillers  

00:31:42,960 –> 00:31:49,560
to explore yeah absolutely um how many people 
when they think of scotch or single malts many  

00:31:49,560 –> 00:31:54,360
when you say single malt people think of scotch 
um I guess I can’t see people’s hands but I’d  

00:31:54,360 –> 00:32:01,740
be curious if you your brain goes to pleated or 
smoky when you hear that that’s a good point yeah  

00:32:03,060 –> 00:32:08,760
because I feel like um a lot of people oh is 
there a reason the E rule does not extend to  

00:32:08,760 –> 00:32:14,880
the Texas yeah he finally found it you found it 
you found our exception in the lineup yeah they um  

00:32:14,880 –> 00:32:20,340
we looked into this did they have a rationale or 
was it just like we bucked the trend we’re texting  

00:32:20,340 –> 00:32:26,100
like we do our own thing to my recollection there 
is no Scottish Heritage in the three founders  

00:32:27,240 –> 00:32:33,180
um yeah but you think that there could have 
I think there might have doesn’t recall I  

00:32:33,180 –> 00:32:38,160
think and maybe just because that’s the 
reason that Maker’s Mark uses yeah we  

00:32:38,160 –> 00:32:43,620
um we’ll talk a little bit more about Balcones but 
we we really love them and they they are as Texas  

00:32:45,360 –> 00:32:49,980
um and they really do like to celebrate you know 
Texan and like all that and so our our Theory a  

00:32:49,980 –> 00:32:52,860
little bit is that they just like to Buck the 
trend honestly and they just like to be like  

00:32:52,860 –> 00:32:58,440
we’re doing it our way and and honestly you know 
a lot of the original well I guess not I guess  

00:32:58,440 –> 00:33:02,640
that’s not true because Ireland spells it with an 
E I was gonna say some of the ogs of whiskey that  

00:33:02,640 –> 00:33:08,220
was one of my um yeah so it’s a little bit of 
a mystery but they do buck the trend for sure  

00:33:08,940 –> 00:33:14,220
um you want to talk about how this is Scottish 
in origin this single mall but American in style  

00:33:14,220 –> 00:33:19,020
yeah so I mean Scottish and origin in the extent 
that like you don’t really see a lot of single  

00:33:19,020 –> 00:33:23,580
malt whiskeys being produced in the United States 
most of the whiskeys that you see being produced  

00:33:23,580 –> 00:33:30,300
here by and large uh use a mash bill which is 
you know the the recipe essentially yeah the  

00:33:30,300 –> 00:33:36,180
composition the percentage comparative percentages 
of the grains that are used to make it um to be  

00:33:36,180 –> 00:33:45,480
whiskey it has to be 100 grain based um and for a 
single malt it’s all malted barley barley is just  

00:33:45,480 –> 00:33:51,000
not a very commonly grown grain here in the 
United States so most of our whiskey is using  

00:33:51,000 –> 00:33:57,540
other grains not barley um which is why single 
malts have not been uh additionally a single mold  

00:33:57,540 –> 00:34:07,020
has to be all distilled in one distillery in one 
distillation by one distiller it’s kind of similar  

00:34:07,020 –> 00:34:13,440
to the requirements for something that is labeled 
as bottled in bond in the United States without  

00:34:13,440 –> 00:34:22,260
the proof restrictions and I think the distiller 
restrictions um anyway uh there’s some interesting  

00:34:22,260 –> 00:34:26,640
components about the American single maltes that 
are coming on the scene right now because very  

00:34:26,640 –> 00:34:32,100
few of them are peeded the way that most Scotch 
whiskeys are although a few are especially using  

00:34:32,100 –> 00:34:38,160
um the Pacific Northwest they have some peat bogs 
and some like oh yeah up in Seattle yeah Westland  

00:34:38,160 –> 00:34:43,920
Distillery is one that’s doing an American peated 
whiskey um that is very fun they are sadly no  

00:34:43,920 –> 00:34:48,540
longer craft they just they sold recently to a 
bigger company but um but yeah there are some  

00:34:48,540 –> 00:34:53,280
interesting Boulder Spirits as well holder spirit 
says if he did one as well no you’re right so  

00:34:54,180 –> 00:35:01,440
the influence of peat moss in the production of 
Scotch whiskey is it’s used as a fuel source to  

00:35:01,440 –> 00:35:07,560
toast the barley in the molting process yeah 
the killing of The Barley so that it kind of  

00:35:07,560 –> 00:35:13,380
caramelizes the Grain and actually releases the 
sugars so that it can ferment and become alcoholic  

00:35:14,640 –> 00:35:18,960
um is done using the only fuel source that they 
had in Scotland they don’t have big forests  

00:35:18,960 –> 00:35:24,540
there uh you know the highlands are just rocks 
and Moss and and so they would Harvest these  

00:35:24,540 –> 00:35:31,320
uh these peat bogs and let the moss in the peat 
bogs dry out and then that was their fuel source  

00:35:32,160 –> 00:35:36,420
um smoke from that very distinctive 
especially because the people  

00:35:37,620 –> 00:35:42,240
when they start working within so it kind of 
almost like smokes it’s extra smoking yeah  

00:35:42,780 –> 00:35:48,420
um and so that’s where you can get very smoky 
scotches and single malts and but you cannot can  

00:35:48,420 –> 00:35:53,040
get ones that don’t even really have barely any of 
that kiss of smoke right um and I think this is a  

00:35:53,040 –> 00:35:59,400
great example of really what you get as the green 
characteristic of barley without any influence  

00:35:59,400 –> 00:36:05,340
of other grains and without the influence of 
the quote-unquote ain’t of of peat moss of the  

00:36:05,340 –> 00:36:10,200
smoking process that you see in Scotland and 
for me what comes through a lot here is kind  

00:36:10,200 –> 00:36:19,860
of like a ripe banana characteristic and also 
um really like dark multi-grain bread you know  

00:36:19,860 –> 00:36:26,100
those breads you’d find they have like sprouted 
seeds and lots of you know nuts and whole grains  

00:36:26,940 –> 00:36:32,220
um and I feel like that characteristic 
that like malted barley characteristic  

00:36:32,220 –> 00:36:36,300
is is generally very serially and I feel 
like that’s where the bread part comes from  

00:36:37,140 –> 00:36:43,140
um the banana part I would venture to say 
is probably more about the fermentation and  

00:36:43,140 –> 00:36:50,100
maybe the yeast that they used in the fermentation 
with barley um and then the cool thing about this  

00:36:50,100 –> 00:36:57,900
single malt compared to again uh Scottish examples 
and American examples in general is that lack of  

00:36:57,900 –> 00:37:04,680
restriction with regard to aging so in Scotland 
single malls have to be aged in barrels that are  

00:37:05,220 –> 00:37:13,260
classified as neutral or or used they’ve been 
previously uh used to can you know age Sherry  

00:37:13,260 –> 00:37:18,060
is a very common one another common one though 
is bourbon bourbon yeah so a lot of used bourbon  

00:37:18,060 –> 00:37:22,740
barrels from America got shipped over to Scotland 
and that’s what they’re aging their their scotch  

00:37:22,740 –> 00:37:30,420
in right but they can’t use new Oak barrels right 
and the the the thing with new Oak barrels versus  

00:37:30,420 –> 00:37:39,000
I I call them used but neutral Oak barrels um is 
new Oak gives a very strong flavor like much it’s  

00:37:39,000 –> 00:37:43,920
almost like using a brand new tea bag versus 
using a tea bag a second time around right so  

00:37:43,920 –> 00:37:47,340
if you think of that like makes a very strong 
cup of tea versus like a diluted cup of tea  

00:37:47,340 –> 00:37:51,900
so if you want that like Oaky kind of caramely 
all those flavors that Evan was talking about  

00:37:51,900 –> 00:37:56,640
before that comes from the barrel aging process 
then that new Barrel is what you want to go with  

00:37:56,640 –> 00:38:01,920
sure right but so Scotland has restrictions that 
you cannot use new barrels in Scotland so they  

00:38:01,920 –> 00:38:08,100
have a much lighter Touch of that Barrel aging 
flavor for Scotch whereas an American we don’t  

00:38:08,100 –> 00:38:14,220
have that restriction and so this whiskey in 
particular is using new charred Oak barrels  

00:38:14,220 –> 00:38:19,680
right so it has more of that Barrel aging kick 
on top of the malted barley kind of scotchiness

00:38:23,580 –> 00:38:28,560
yeah that’s really quite nice and I feel 
like the ability or the the freedom to use  

00:38:28,560 –> 00:38:33,840
new Oak uh you know for single malts here 
in the US probably allows distillers to  

00:38:35,160 –> 00:38:39,540
you know get to Market a little bit quicker yeah 
because when you’re aging something in neutral  

00:38:39,540 –> 00:38:46,020
Oak in order to get enough of the oak flavoring in 
it I mean that’s why most scotches you see are 12  

00:38:46,020 –> 00:38:52,020
year old minimum you know glenfiddick Glenn live 
it takes a while to get that flavor that they want  

00:38:52,020 –> 00:38:56,940
out of it and even then they’re usually closer 
in color to the Irish whiskey that we’ve got  

00:38:56,940 –> 00:39:03,900
here than they are to the you know the boulder 
Spirits you know when we kicked off today we  

00:39:03,900 –> 00:39:09,360
didn’t even mention that essentially today this is 
this is a great primer and exploration of whiskey  

00:39:10,200 –> 00:39:15,960
um because we have six different whiskey Styles so 
as we’re going through this first one was an Irish  

00:39:15,960 –> 00:39:20,640
whiskey the second one is an American single malt 
whiskey we’re gonna keep going through this with  

00:39:20,640 –> 00:39:28,980
uh corn whiskey a bourbon a um what about a hopped 
whiskey a blended whiskey and then finally a rye  

00:39:28,980 –> 00:39:34,980
so it’s six different styles from six different 
craft makers also from six different regions um  

00:39:34,980 –> 00:39:41,880
and so it’s really a nice landscape so if anyone 
is you know new to Whiskey in your life this is  

00:39:41,880 –> 00:39:46,560
a really nice primer for them to understand all 
the different styles and like the whiskey umbrella  

00:39:46,560 –> 00:39:52,200
and the different sub segments beneath it which 
uh Direction you’d like to explore further yeah  

00:39:52,200 –> 00:39:57,840
and actually on that note I did want to mention on 
your SipScout report here you have a link at the  

00:39:57,840 –> 00:40:03,060
bottom if you wanted to buy full bottles or if you 
wanted to um do that we actually just today got  

00:40:03,060 –> 00:40:10,140
this whiskey kit up on there so you can buy this 
whiskey kit as one-offs all into the future so  

00:40:10,140 –> 00:40:16,020
um because we felt like this was one yeah it was 
very educational in your life that might enjoy a  

00:40:16,020 –> 00:40:21,900
whiskey box for Christmas yeah absolutely so you 
can you can get this one whiskey kit in perpetuity  

00:40:21,900 –> 00:40:30,960
yeah so our third tasting technique yeah let’s 
get to the fun part right so you’ve got sight  

00:40:30,960 –> 00:40:40,020
and then you’ve got sniff and then you’ve got 
sit um something that we kind of glossed over is  

00:40:41,640 –> 00:40:48,660
marginally helpful with yeah with whiskey um you 
want to be gentle uh but swirling the whiskey  

00:40:48,660 –> 00:40:56,280
around in your glass um can be helpful to 
release some of the more volatile Aromas  

00:40:56,280 –> 00:41:01,500
but in general Spirits are pretty volatile 
already so they don’t need a lot of help to  

00:41:01,500 –> 00:41:05,880
release some of these Aromas and flavors the 
way that you might expect with a wine tasting  

00:41:06,540 –> 00:41:11,520
um but you know simply tilting the glass on 
its side and just rolling it and rotating it  

00:41:11,520 –> 00:41:17,340
in your hand and coating the inside of the glass 
will release some of those more volatile Aromas  

00:41:18,480 –> 00:41:22,980
um that frankly you can get without even sticking 
your nose too close to it you can just kind of  

00:41:22,980 –> 00:41:28,680
like let them waft up and those tend to be the 
lighter brighter Aromas the more floral notes  

00:41:29,760 –> 00:41:34,200
um but yeah the next step when you 
go ahead and dive in to take a sip  

00:41:35,280 –> 00:41:40,200
um you want to make sure that you get 
enough of the whiskey in your mouth  

00:41:40,200 –> 00:41:45,600
that you actually get to taste it just like 
wetting your lips or kind of tipping your  

00:41:45,600 –> 00:41:50,580
tongue in there is generally not sufficient 
but you don’t want to take too big of a swig  

00:41:51,780 –> 00:41:54,780
um so that you don’t have an opportunity 
to taste it because of the alcohol  

00:41:55,980 –> 00:42:03,300
um so something that is really helpful both 
before and during the tasting step is kind of chew  

00:42:04,140 –> 00:42:10,560
and build up some saliva in your mouth that still 
alive is going to help protect the inside of your  

00:42:10,560 –> 00:42:16,320
mouth from the high alcohol that you get when 
you take a sip there’s a reason that when you  

00:42:16,320 –> 00:42:22,920
say buffalo wings a lot of people will salivate 
the spice the heat the you know the actual  

00:42:22,920 –> 00:42:28,920
temperature heat as well as the chilly heat both 
of those things can damage the sensitive tissue in  

00:42:28,920 –> 00:42:36,420
the inside of your mouth and so your body learns 
to salivate in anticipation of taking a bite of  

00:42:36,420 –> 00:42:43,320
buffalo wings taking a bite of lemon any number of 
things like that and so if you don’t have saliva  

00:42:43,320 –> 00:42:49,080
in your mouth when you take a sip it’s going to 
burn a lot more so just kind of chewing like that  

00:42:49,080 –> 00:42:53,220
will kind of activate your salivary glands 
and then when you take a sip you can kind of  

00:42:53,820 –> 00:42:59,640
chew it and wash it around in your mouth and let 
it mix with the saliva saliva is actually a really  

00:42:59,640 –> 00:43:05,520
important conduit for The Taste experience 
it helps to transmit flavors to the you know  

00:43:05,520 –> 00:43:10,200
the taste buds that you have not just on your 
tongue but all over the inside of your mouth  

00:43:10,740 –> 00:43:15,900
they are on your cheeks on your gums underneath 
your tongue on the roof of your mouth so just  

00:43:15,900 –> 00:43:19,860
taking a bite and or I’m sorry just taking 
a sip and letting it wash down the back  

00:43:19,860 –> 00:43:26,580
of your throat kind of denies you of the full 
sensory experience of the taste of the whiskey

00:43:29,700 –> 00:43:32,280
hopefully you guys I have been sipping all along  

00:43:32,280 –> 00:43:35,160
like we said it takes us a little 
while to get into this stuff but

00:43:38,700 –> 00:43:39,960
you want the baby blue now

00:43:44,940 –> 00:43:49,200
so I tend to leave it in my mouth 
for about five to seven seconds  

00:43:50,400 –> 00:43:54,780
um and you can see he was almost like chewing 
it I was in his mouth now you don’t want to  

00:43:54,780 –> 00:43:59,400
do the Listerine swish because that aerates it 
and that will make it burn more actually just  

00:43:59,400 –> 00:44:03,900
take my tongue and push it up into the roof of 
my mouth kind of let it Cascade down my cheeks  

00:44:03,900 –> 00:44:09,060
pull up underneath my tongue and then just 
kind of gently let it wash from either side  

00:44:10,020 –> 00:44:17,520
before swallowing and and the good thing about 
doing that on your first sip is if you do that  

00:44:17,520 –> 00:44:23,100
if you take a sip chew it move it around kind 
of spend a minute with it and then swallow it  

00:44:23,640 –> 00:44:27,660
you’re not gonna really enjoy it that much to 
be honest like you’re you’re not and that’s a  

00:44:27,660 –> 00:44:32,940
good thing because your first sip of anything is 
really supposed to be all about acclimating your  

00:44:32,940 –> 00:44:37,320
mouth especially when we’re talking about high 
proof so high proof Spirits the first time you  

00:44:37,320 –> 00:44:42,000
taste something new even if it’s the next whiskey 
it’s something new but it’s high proof your mouth  

00:44:42,000 –> 00:44:46,800
is just kind of going like whoa that’s a lot 
that’s all that’s happening and so if you’re  

00:44:46,800 –> 00:44:51,480
judging a whiskey on the first sip you’re kind 
of doing it a disservice so by doing what Evan’s  

00:44:51,480 –> 00:44:57,420
talking about they call it the Kentucky chew 
actually uh by do by doing that you’re you’re  

00:44:57,420 –> 00:45:01,620
basically priming your palette like a primer when 
you’re painting right you’re kind of like getting  

00:45:01,620 –> 00:45:06,000
it ready and then your second sift is when you 
want to start to like evaluate now that your mouth  

00:45:06,000 –> 00:45:10,080
is kind of used to what’s coming um that’s when 
you want to start to evaluate so it’s a good good  

00:45:10,080 –> 00:45:15,180
trick to do to like remind yourself not to judge 
something on the first taste like like mom always  

00:45:15,180 –> 00:45:21,480
said you gotta try it two times before you don’t 
eat it at least my mom always said that couldn’t  

00:45:21,480 –> 00:45:25,620
say it like something after just one bite oh you 
couldn’t say you didn’t know that’s what I mean  

00:45:25,620 –> 00:45:29,520
yeah I could say I liked it actually sure I’m 
sure that was totally give me more cake please  

00:45:29,520 –> 00:45:37,140
more carrots yes I love carrots does anyone smell 
anything in this this whiskey I’m always curious  

00:45:37,740 –> 00:45:42,540
um and I’m picking on this whiskey in 
particular for a little bit of a reason I guess

00:45:44,700 –> 00:45:47,820
I guess because I I I just 
hit me in the face with it

00:45:53,460 –> 00:45:57,540
anyone anyone want to share anything or I 
can just tell you when I’m snowing in it

00:46:00,900 –> 00:46:02,040
I see some movement

00:46:06,360 –> 00:46:07,800
I gave you guys a clue

00:46:19,200 –> 00:46:27,060
there’s a little like white grapes all the grapes

00:46:30,060 –> 00:46:39,720
comment on your you know your estimation 
of flavor and over time tones and stuff  

00:46:40,860 –> 00:46:45,900
sorry you’re you’re kind of cutting out there 
I got peed out of that one you got peed out  

00:46:45,900 –> 00:46:51,060
of the baby’s mouth okay no longer grapes 
I’m talking about tape could you comment on  

00:46:51,060 –> 00:46:57,060
your estimation of the different overtones I 
I’m gonna be curious to compare them to mine  

00:46:57,060 –> 00:47:02,640
because I got a PD I got a little PD hit off 
that sweet pete but not like some of the other  

00:47:02,640 –> 00:47:08,520
pvpd stuff I’d drink like yeah this one more 
Angie is like I’m going to repeat in your mouth

00:47:11,760 –> 00:47:17,100
um I said it wrong no not at all Glenn 
morenji is exactly right and I think it  

00:47:17,100 –> 00:47:22,020
is like a p like a sweet peat in your mouth 
it definitely has a sweetness to it and uh  

00:47:22,020 –> 00:47:26,880
that’s why I was that’s why I was working like 
yeah that’s exactly what Glenn orange is like  

00:47:28,260 –> 00:47:36,480
um I don’t get I don’t feel like I get as much 
of the the peakness to it but I also feel like  

00:47:38,220 –> 00:47:47,340
I might have a pretty skewed understanding of 
heat frankly um and the delineating smokiness and  

00:47:47,340 –> 00:47:52,440
pediness and also I don’t really like those kinds 
of whiskeys personally so I don’t find myself  

00:47:52,440 –> 00:48:00,420
drinking them a lot um but I do get Sweetness in 
this and I do get I mean it’s a corn whiskey but  

00:48:00,420 –> 00:48:08,160
my God it smells like corn flakes and so that’s 
kind of a gimme I guess but um yeah like corn  

00:48:08,160 –> 00:48:13,560
flakes that have been sitting in yeah the aroma is 
real sweet like sweetened condensed milk like if  

00:48:13,560 –> 00:48:17,100
you ate your cornflakes with sweetened condensed 
milk that’s what this would smell like to me

00:48:18,240 –> 00:48:30,900
for me is is an aged tequila like a lightly 
aged tequila that’s what I was alluding to

00:48:34,260 –> 00:48:38,820
you guys smell that almost like a 
Reposado yeah I I it always gets  

00:48:38,820 –> 00:48:41,280
me and we’ve had other people at 
some events that we’ve done in the  

00:48:41,280 –> 00:48:45,480
past kind of comment on that as well 
it’s a little sweeter to me tonight

00:48:47,820 –> 00:48:57,240
good one but now I’m back I put a 
little water in mine now I’m back  

00:48:57,240 –> 00:49:01,080
smell wise back to another little 
Sweet Maple Leaf I don’t know

00:49:04,440 –> 00:49:06,480
I have to put a little water in it to get the  

00:49:06,480 –> 00:49:10,020
maple yeah that sweetness 
I think I get the red part

00:49:12,660 –> 00:49:15,300
the bread part in the in the single malt

00:49:17,580 –> 00:49:26,400
oh a bit of egg yeah I like that no really Corn 
Flakes eggnog there you go yeah I forget sweet  

00:49:26,400 –> 00:49:31,980
and condensed milk it’s almost the holiday season 
like let’s have corn flakes and eggnog yeah I’m  

00:49:31,980 –> 00:49:37,560
okay with that no are you Frosted Flakes or 
just regular hardflix just regular you know  

00:49:37,560 –> 00:49:47,040
straight Corn Flakes yeah the balconies is really 
like sacred breakfast yeah there you go exactly  

00:49:47,940 –> 00:49:52,980
that’s right yeah I think I’m gonna have this 
instead of cereal in the morning every day

00:49:55,800 –> 00:50:01,740
so this is actually one of my favorite whiskeys 
it makes beautiful old Fashions um I don’t know  

00:50:01,740 –> 00:50:07,860
why it just it just does it makes really lovely 
old-fashions um and it’s the fun thing about this  

00:50:09,060 –> 00:50:15,840
is it is a corn whiskey it’s actually a 
hundred percent corn but it’s 100 blue corn  

00:50:15,840 –> 00:50:22,500
that’s only grown in Texas it’s a native 
kind of species of corn to Texas and so  

00:50:23,820 –> 00:50:35,940
should I give some bourbon fast Urban territory 
yeah any of you um bourbon fans maybe fans of the  

00:50:35,940 –> 00:50:42,360
bourboner so this is a hundred percent corn 
whiskey um but it’s not called a bourbon and  

00:50:42,360 –> 00:50:48,420
honestly bourbon is so hot and has been so hot for 
so long in our country they would probably sell  

00:50:48,420 –> 00:50:55,200
a lot more of this if they called it bourbon but 
they can’t call it bourbon because they do not use  

00:50:55,200 –> 00:51:00,720
new chard Oak barrels and in order to be called 
bourbon that’s one of the requirements you have  

00:51:00,720 –> 00:51:05,640
to use new charred Oak barrels and the reason 
they don’t use new chart Oak barrels is because  

00:51:05,640 –> 00:51:13,980
they are so proud of this Texan blue corn that is 
native Syria exactly that they want that flavor  

00:51:13,980 –> 00:51:18,360
profile of the source ingredient to shine through 
so when Evan was talking before about the primary  

00:51:18,360 –> 00:51:24,420
and the secondary in the tertiary flavor or Aromas 
and flavors you know they really want it to be  

00:51:24,420 –> 00:51:28,680
that ingredient based the source-based flavors 
and Aromas that come through because they’re  

00:51:28,680 –> 00:51:33,840
really proud of that they don’t want the the 
new charred Oak to really kind of cover that up  

00:51:34,740 –> 00:51:40,560
um and so it’s a really fun kind of contrast to 
Bourbon and you know bourbon is going to be our  

00:51:40,560 –> 00:51:46,320
next whiskey that we move into to think about just 
what that corn base can deliver and what that can  

00:51:46,320 –> 00:51:51,180
give to a whiskey and this I think it just it 
showcases it beautifully yeah it’s a nice kind  

00:51:51,180 –> 00:51:57,300
of follow-up to the American single malt which is 
you know a single grain the same way the corn the  

00:51:57,300 –> 00:52:02,280
corn whiskey the baby blue is a single grain but 
it kind of highlights what the influence of new  

00:52:02,280 –> 00:52:10,080
Oak can do in the single malt and then neutral Oak 
can allow for you know maybe uh with the baby blue  

00:52:10,080 –> 00:52:18,240
and really kind of letting that Suzanne was saying 
the character of this unique and uh I guess in  

00:52:18,240 –> 00:52:25,140
some ways revered by balconies strain of blue corn 
to take Center Stage yeah um if you like this they  

00:52:25,140 –> 00:52:33,660
do make a American Oak influence I’m sorry new Oak 
influence version of this uh it’s called true blue  

00:52:33,660 –> 00:52:38,580
and they do actually label that as a bourbon 
as opposed to a corn whiskey yeah absolutely  

00:52:39,180 –> 00:52:43,620
um you can find those on I’m out that 
site on your subscale report as well  

00:52:44,460 –> 00:52:48,960
um like we said also the American single malt 
there’s a heated version of that Balcones also  

00:52:48,960 –> 00:52:55,260
does something called Brimstone which is a super 
Smoky um is it a bourbon okay I don’t think it’s  

00:52:55,260 –> 00:52:59,580
Suburban I think it’s just an American whiskey 
but so what they do again because they are like  

00:52:59,580 –> 00:53:03,780
very proud to be Texas they want to use as many 
local Texas ingredients as they can instead of  

00:53:03,780 –> 00:53:10,140
using something like peat to smoke their whiskey 
they actually use tumbleweeds Texas tumble beads  

00:53:10,140 –> 00:53:13,980
that are kind of rolling around and they gather 
them all up and they set those on fire and that’s  

00:53:13,980 –> 00:53:19,740
what they do and it’s so funny and if you’re a 
fan of smoky whiskey I am I love peated scotches  

00:53:19,740 –> 00:53:26,640
like I really like that like smoke even for me it 
is Smoky like it’s too much for him um but it’s  

00:53:26,640 –> 00:53:31,200
it’s awesome it’s fun in cocktails for sure but 
it’s a lot but it’s it’s really really fun yeah

00:53:36,120 –> 00:53:45,240
um what’s next I guess we should tie in the Savor 
the corn whiskey to the bourbon yeah yeah uh so  

00:53:45,240 –> 00:53:56,160
the bourbon whiskey uh the next one in the tasting 
there are Fort Mosaic 1738 bourbon is um the one  

00:53:56,160 –> 00:54:01,680
bourbon in our lineup which as we were pulling 
this together and we were like I kind of feel like  

00:54:01,680 –> 00:54:09,900
we need to have more Bourbons but no we’ll do it 
we’ll do a bourbon tasting yeah it’ll be good um  

00:54:09,900 –> 00:54:15,060
but we did want to highlight bourbon because it’s 
a pretty important whiskey in our country right  

00:54:15,060 –> 00:54:20,100
now and honestly when we highlight bourbon in 
most of our kits they’re very rarely from Kentucky  

00:54:21,000 –> 00:54:25,740
funnily enough it is odd that we don’t have more 
of those and I think it’s partially because all  

00:54:25,740 –> 00:54:31,800
the Kentucky Bourbons have been gobbled up by 
big Brands big Brands yeah there are very few you  

00:54:31,800 –> 00:54:36,660
know that it’s it’s probably pretty expensive to 
start a Distillery in Kentucky these days um and  

00:54:36,660 –> 00:54:40,500
so there are very few like still independently 
owned small craft guys I mean there are some  

00:54:41,160 –> 00:54:45,000
um but it also I think a lot of the Kentucky 
Bourbons most of you are likely familiar with  

00:54:45,000 –> 00:54:50,100
whereas we like to find Bourbons from all over 
um and so this one is actually made in Florida  

00:54:50,100 –> 00:55:00,660
yeah this is from West Palm Beach um made at uh 
Palm Beach Distillery and um the name stems from  

00:55:00,660 –> 00:55:10,080
a kind of an interesting part of American History 
yeah for sure um there was a small town in Florida  

00:55:10,980 –> 00:55:19,140
it was in Florida but um oh that’s right this 
small town in Florida is where quite a few  

00:55:20,160 –> 00:55:26,580
um blacks settled after an uprising in I believe 
North Carolina yeah in the Carolinas that’s right  

00:55:26,580 –> 00:55:31,920
yeah they there was a there was a slave upright in 
the uprising in North Carolina or South Carolina  

00:55:31,920 –> 00:55:40,260
and they kind of cast off their masters and they 
were refugees essentially they fled they fled to  

00:55:40,260 –> 00:55:46,140
This Town Fort Mosaic yeah migrated South and 
uh set up shop in in uh in Florida yeah it  

00:55:46,140 –> 00:55:51,360
was actually known I think it’s the known as the 
first free black town in the United States right  

00:55:51,360 –> 00:56:01,080
right by like a a U.S like Congressional decree I 
believe yeah yeah that’s right it was in the mid  

00:56:01,080 –> 00:56:09,300
1700s or early 1700s um and so the the founder of 
this this whiskey is is an African-American um as  

00:56:09,300 –> 00:56:16,260
well and so he it really has strong aspirations to 
be the largest black owned distillery in the world  

00:56:16,260 –> 00:56:21,420
is like he he dreams big you know and so he’s he 
started out and so this is really his first foray  

00:56:21,420 –> 00:56:27,060
into whiskey and he’s partnered up with Palm Beach 
Distillery um and Palm Beach Distillery is female  

00:56:27,060 –> 00:56:32,100
founded female owned they have a whole different 
line of spirits called Lost Harbor spirits and so  

00:56:32,100 –> 00:56:36,360
he’s partnered up with them to kind of work 
together on this and so this is and they’re  

00:56:36,360 –> 00:56:39,060
getting a lot of really they’re winning a lot 
of awards they’re getting a lot of great press  

00:56:39,780 –> 00:56:46,140
um and it’s it’s a lovely yeah it’s a perfectly 
delicious uh basically exactly what I think you  

00:56:46,140 –> 00:56:53,820
would like from uh a go-to whiskey uh it really 
does bourbon um yeah yeah specifically but it  

00:56:53,820 –> 00:56:58,800
does it does kind of check all the marks I like it 
because it’s not like cloyingly sweet I find some  

00:56:58,800 –> 00:57:02,760
Bourbons like they’ve really embraced that whole 
and maybe we should take a step back and make  

00:57:02,760 –> 00:57:08,880
sure everyone’s clear on bourbon versus Rye versus 
whiskey you know but like you know so whiskey is  

00:57:08,880 –> 00:57:13,620
the overarching category there’s Scotch there’s 
Irish whiskey there’s Place based whiskeys but  

00:57:13,620 –> 00:57:21,060
then there’s also green based whiskeys um and so 
bourbon is defined as minimum of 51 corn so it has  

00:57:21,060 –> 00:57:26,700
to have at least 51 corn in its Mash Bill the rest 
of it can be whatever green they want um it has  

00:57:26,700 –> 00:57:33,180
to be aged in new charred Oak barrels as we said 
before it cannot be put in the barrel at anything  

00:57:33,180 –> 00:57:40,860
higher than a hundred and 25 proof I believe and 
it has to be distilled to no more than 160. right  

00:57:41,820 –> 00:57:46,380
um and it has to be made in the United States 
that’s it and so that’s what makes bourbon bourbon  

00:57:46,980 –> 00:57:51,600
um and bourbon is known because corn we just 
saw this with this 100 corn whiskey the baby  

00:57:51,600 –> 00:57:56,880
blue that corn really lends the sweetness you 
know I mean we have so much corn and so many of  

00:57:56,880 –> 00:58:02,040
our things high fructose corn syrup all of this 
right like so corn really lends the sweetness and  

00:58:02,040 –> 00:58:07,980
so that’s where bourbon lovers tend to like it 
because it’s a little bit sweeter yeah whereas  

00:58:07,980 –> 00:58:14,820
Rye has very similar criteria but that 51 has 
to be Rye the grain rye and so if you think of  

00:58:14,820 –> 00:58:20,820
rye bread and that spiciness when you eat some rye 
bread Rye tends to be spicier right and so that’s  

00:58:20,820 –> 00:58:25,740
where that divide between bourbon lovers and Rye 
lovers tends to be like sweet lovers spicy lovers  

00:58:25,740 –> 00:58:29,580
we tend to like both of them we really like 
high Rye bourbon so something that’s called  

00:58:29,580 –> 00:58:37,500
a high Rye bourbon has that minimum 51 corn and 
often it is close to that 51 and then there’s a  

00:58:37,500 –> 00:58:41,820
large percentage of that remaining 49 that’s 
Rye so you get some spice with the sweetness  

00:58:42,720 –> 00:58:48,780
um so yeah there’s lots of different variations 
there uh one last note with regard to tasting  

00:58:48,780 –> 00:58:54,660
techniques since we don’t want to forget 
the last one um the last step after you  

00:58:54,660 –> 00:58:59,100
take your Sip and after you’ve kind of swirled it 
around and switched it and done the Kentucky chew  

00:58:59,760 –> 00:59:06,240
um is the step of savoring after you swallow 
or spit whatever final s word you want to use  

00:59:07,200 –> 00:59:15,060
um the way that the spirit lingers and persists 
in your mouth is a pretty good indicator of the  

00:59:15,060 –> 00:59:22,020
overall balance and balance is one of the best 
ways to make a determination with regard to  

00:59:22,020 –> 00:59:29,160
Quality a well-balanced spirit a well-balanced 
fear a well-balanced glass of wine will have  

00:59:29,160 –> 00:59:35,880
characteristics that are in harmony you know it 
might be highly acidic but it also might be sweet  

00:59:35,880 –> 00:59:40,800
and something that’s acidic and sweet both kind 
of mellow each other out that’s why sweet and  

00:59:40,800 –> 00:59:49,140
sour chicken is such a popular dish at Chinese 
restaurants um and so looking to see how the wit  

00:59:49,140 –> 00:59:53,460
the whiskey after you’ve swallowed it continues 
to taste like it did when it was in your mouth  

00:59:53,460 –> 00:59:59,040
after it no longer is is a really good indicator 
and sometimes you’ll taste whiskeys that you will  

00:59:59,040 –> 01:00:04,740
continue to taste as they were when they were 
in your mouth for 30 seconds a minute a minute  

01:00:04,740 –> 01:00:11,220
and a half is is not an uncommon thing and being 
mindful of that and being attentive and continuing  

01:00:11,220 –> 01:00:18,960
to enjoy the experience of the tasting long after 
you finished the taste um is kind of the final  

01:00:18,960 –> 01:00:24,900
step in evaluating and appreciating whiskeys yeah 
and we always really like to encourage people to  

01:00:24,900 –> 01:00:31,500
you know especially as you get more into whiskey 
wine whatever um you know to differentiate between  

01:00:33,240 –> 01:00:38,580
quality and preference right so a lot of times 
when people are new to things they’ll just be  

01:00:38,580 –> 01:00:42,480
like ah I don’t like that that’s that’s awful 
that’s bad whiskey that’s horrible and that’s  

01:00:42,480 –> 01:00:46,380
not necessarily true right like the two things 
aren’t don’t always go together something can  

01:00:46,380 –> 01:00:52,260
be something you don’t like and is disgusting to 
you and really displeasing to you but it can be a  

01:00:52,260 –> 01:00:57,300
high quality product and it can be made well 
and that’s where this final step of savoring  

01:00:57,300 –> 01:01:01,200
helps you differentiate between that a little bit 
right we’ve all taken a sip of something where you  

01:01:01,200 –> 01:01:05,220
take a sip and it like breaks your neck a little 
bit you’re like oh what what just happened like  

01:01:05,220 –> 01:01:10,080
a minute later that’s usually like something’s 
out of balance the quality is not quite perfectly  

01:01:10,080 –> 01:01:15,240
there right and so differentiating between like a 
high quality product like not for me you can have  

01:01:15,240 –> 01:01:18,840
that conversation with a distiller right you can 
say to a distiller like you know this isn’t for  

01:01:18,840 –> 01:01:22,440
me but I can tell it’s beautifully made like 
thank you for sharing that with me but like my  

01:01:22,440 –> 01:01:26,400
palette I tend it and that’s where what you’re 
learning tonight here will help you I tend to  

01:01:26,400 –> 01:01:30,000
like things that are more like this and like that 
and like this then you can have that conversation  

01:01:30,000 –> 01:01:35,040
without insulting them and just being like I don’t 
like that that’s gross you know and so that’s what  

01:01:35,040 –> 01:01:38,580
we’re always trying to encourage people and 
at the same time you know if you don’t like  

01:01:38,580 –> 01:01:46,500
red wine and someone pours you a glass of wine 
that’s red and it could be a 200 bottle and you  

01:01:46,500 –> 01:01:52,020
know you still might not like it maybe that will 
be the red wine that opens your eyes and opens  

01:01:52,020 –> 01:01:57,180
your mind and your heart and your soul to red 
wine but just because it’s a very high quality  

01:01:57,180 –> 01:02:01,740
example doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to 
like it and vice versa absolutely it’s really kind  

01:02:01,740 –> 01:02:07,020
of delightful finding something that you quite 
like and frankly isn’t that well made because is  

01:02:07,020 –> 01:02:13,680
gosh it’s probably cheaper yeah um yeah there’s a 
nice differentiator there for sure and we always  

01:02:13,680 –> 01:02:17,460
encourage people to play around with that a little 
bit and you know really really think about it  

01:02:18,660 –> 01:02:24,720
um I need to re-up my water do it um another 
kind of corollary there is a lot of people  

01:02:24,720 –> 01:02:30,840
think you know age means quality so one the 
one that everyone’s just talking about price  

01:02:30,840 –> 01:02:33,900
and quality so a lot of people are like 
if this is a 200 bottle of whiskey it  

01:02:33,900 –> 01:02:38,340
must be good that’s not true right that’s 
not necessarily true there are plenty of  

01:02:38,340 –> 01:02:43,560
cult things I mean we’ve all heard of Pappy Van 
Winkle right high quality very well made great  

01:02:44,280 –> 01:02:49,500
I’ve had plenty of whiskeys that I think are much 
more delicious than Happy Van Winkle I am never  

01:02:49,500 –> 01:02:53,640
going to spend that amount of money for that this 
is not for me I don’t understand the like hubbub  

01:02:53,640 –> 01:02:57,960
about it right so it doesn’t necessarily have to 
go hand in hand and the other one especially with  

01:02:57,960 –> 01:03:04,020
whiskey that you hear a lot about is age a lot of 
people think the older the whiskey the better now  

01:03:04,020 –> 01:03:10,980
we’ve talked a lot tonight about new Oak used 
Oak but also the time that it spends in Oak  

01:03:10,980 –> 01:03:15,840
if it spends a really long time in Oak you’re 
going to get a lot more of those like caramel  

01:03:16,920 –> 01:03:23,820
um my sick brain is not working it’ll be on the 
coffee kind of you know flavors vanilla flavors  

01:03:23,820 –> 01:03:30,720
baking spices cinnamon versus the cereal fruity 
grassy things that and so that’s a preference that  

01:03:30,720 –> 01:03:35,820
is a pure preference if you really like things 
that are caramely sure the older the better  

01:03:35,820 –> 01:03:41,760
probably for you if you really like things like 
this baby blue that is fresh and bright and tastes  

01:03:41,760 –> 01:03:47,040
like corn then you don’t want a lot of age on that 
that doesn’t necessarily mean older is better yeah  

01:03:47,040 –> 01:03:51,480
that’s a pretty that’s a pretty great comparison 
too those two in the middle the baby blue and  

01:03:51,480 –> 01:03:56,700
the fort Mosaic going back and forth and if you 
have a preference if you can kind of drill down  

01:03:56,700 –> 01:04:02,340
and realize one way or another if it’s because of 
those uh more prominent baking spices that you’re  

01:04:02,340 –> 01:04:08,220
getting in the actual bourbon that are coming 
from the use of new oak or if you’re in enjoying  

01:04:08,220 –> 01:04:14,940
that kind of more like floral kind of grassy 
cereal grainy characteristic from the baby blue  

01:04:15,780 –> 01:04:20,520
that’s really helpful the next time you’re picking 
on a bottle of whiskey at the local bottle shop  

01:04:21,240 –> 01:04:27,360
yeah absolutely um our last next poll question 
what style of whiskey was America founded on  

01:04:28,260 –> 01:04:33,660
um this is often a lot of people think bourbon 
because bourbon is America’s whiskey now you  

01:04:33,660 –> 01:04:37,680
know America is known for bourbon it has to be 
you have to be made in America to be bourbon  

01:04:38,220 –> 01:04:45,120
um but actually it was Rye so Rye was our original 
yes all right they got it good um yeah Rye is what  

01:04:45,120 –> 01:04:49,740
was predominantly grown especially in New England 
Maryland Virginia those regions that is the grain  

01:04:49,740 –> 01:04:53,640
that was grown primarily there wasn’t a lot 
of corn being grown at the time I mean even  

01:04:53,640 –> 01:04:58,980
at this time even yeah it was in the midwest you 
need yeah you know in a little bit warmer weather  

01:04:58,980 –> 01:05:03,720
for corn and yeah where we first settled in New 
England that wasn’t growing dry flourishes in that  

01:05:03,720 –> 01:05:07,860
colder climate you can grow it there yeah and so 
the interesting thing is you know if you go to a  

01:05:07,860 –> 01:05:12,420
cocktail bar nowadays and order a whiskey cocktail 
80 of those whiskey cocktails are made with  

01:05:12,420 –> 01:05:17,160
bourbon honestly sure um and so people think that 
all of these cocktails are designed for murder but  

01:05:17,160 –> 01:05:23,040
all of the classic cocktails all the old school 
cocktails old-fashions Manhattans sazeracs like  

01:05:23,040 –> 01:05:28,380
all of these things they were designed for Rye 
the recipes were created based on rye whiskey  

01:05:28,380 –> 01:05:33,420
because that is what it was so we encourage you 
to you know Rye will be our last one we’re slowly  

01:05:33,420 –> 01:05:38,280
but surely getting there um but when we get to 
the right you know try cocktails with Rye even  

01:05:38,280 –> 01:05:43,740
if you feel like you’re not a rot a Rye Drinker of 
like sipping whiskey cocktails with Rye are really  

01:05:43,740 –> 01:05:51,120
fun that spice coming through no hi Jay thanks for 
joining glad we’re still here hanging out for you

01:05:54,540 –> 01:05:59,940
um let’s see the so we’ve got the fort 
Jose and the the corn whiskey here is a  

01:05:59,940 –> 01:06:05,340
nice comparison what do you guys think between 
the baby blue and the yeah Jose since they’re  

01:06:05,340 –> 01:06:10,320
technically extended both dancing around 
the bourbon corn Laurel they’re in cornland  

01:06:11,280 –> 01:06:18,600
any preferences hi guys hi Jay hey I was 
drinking a little bit last night I could  

01:06:18,600 –> 01:06:22,740
I couldn’t resist I had to do some prep 
work that’s okay there’s plenty here to  

01:06:22,740 –> 01:06:28,920
yeah to take an advanced uh you know for a 
yeah what did you like what did you dislike  

01:06:30,480 –> 01:06:35,940
dislike um I I did like oh man I’m trying 
to remember which one it was right now  

01:06:36,960 –> 01:06:43,380
um it was a lighter one that actually had a little 
bit of crisp to it we have the pork Cask Irish  

01:06:43,380 –> 01:06:50,040
whiskey is pretty light and probably the baby 
blue yeah it must have been the baby blue then  

01:06:50,580 –> 01:06:56,520
yeah but I had a little sip by each one before I 
because I was looking at it yesterday and I was  

01:06:56,520 –> 01:07:01,920
all ready to do the uh the conference tonight or 
I’m sorry last night and then I was like oh it’s  

01:07:01,920 –> 01:07:08,340
not going on and they looked at the the schedule 
and I’m like oh it’s tomorrow so you know you can  

01:07:08,340 –> 01:07:14,940
you can dive into these boxes you know sometimes 
that’s hard to eat yeah Wesley it’s a it’s a fort  

01:07:14,940 –> 01:07:22,020
Mosaic hands down uh versus the baby blue for you 
huh you need to try them out and do a side by side  

01:07:22,020 –> 01:07:28,080
side by side side by side it’s really remarkable 
how people can like just one or the other of you  

01:07:29,520 –> 01:07:36,120
have you gone over to uh properly going 
in sniffle a whiskey we did we sure did  

01:07:37,560 –> 01:07:43,920
yeah what’s going on over there well did we 
miss a whole um whiskey because we still have  

01:07:43,920 –> 01:07:49,500
the Rye and the Twisted hot whiskey left yeah 
we’re getting to next that’s next doubled it  

01:07:49,500 –> 01:07:54,540
doubled and twisted is next so dive on into that 
note that we missed the round Stone rile together

01:08:04,020 –> 01:08:14,460
um and Terry the the s’s the uh the procedure 
quote unquote um sight this one is optional I  

01:08:14,460 –> 01:08:26,460
would say with with regard to Spirits swirl sniff 
Sip and saver yeah and we would even say the the  

01:08:26,460 –> 01:08:32,580
Sniff and swirl can go in either direction 
a lot of times it’s like I like to sniff it  

01:08:32,580 –> 01:08:39,420
before I swirl it to get a clean like without 
any agitation what do I smell then I swirl and  

01:08:39,420 –> 01:08:43,860
then I sniff again so you can even kind of play in 
there and get seven in there a little bit with but  

01:08:43,860 –> 01:08:49,020
the swirling is a little bit more with wine and 
go back and forth between all five of them the  

01:08:49,020 –> 01:08:55,440
entire trailer tasting yeah frankly so can you 
talk a little bit about the water opening it up  

01:08:55,440 –> 01:09:02,400
I mean I’ve been hearing that for years sure of 
course how much water does it do all whiskeys uh  

01:09:04,080 –> 01:09:11,940
yeah I would say that there’s a reason we 
use a dropper there’s a reason we use a  

01:09:11,940 –> 01:09:19,560
dropper there’s a reason that you want to use 
distilled water if at all possible uh bottled  

01:09:19,560 –> 01:09:26,040
purified water if not tap water as a very much 
of a last resort there are some there are some  

01:09:27,060 –> 01:09:34,920
sumblers who actually eat water that is the same 
we use to make the whiskey to go along with the  

01:09:34,920 –> 01:09:40,020
whiskey because it’s so important because I mean 
if you think about it Whiskey is like what 80 I  

01:09:40,020 –> 01:09:48,180
mean whatever it’s 60 60 at 60 water at a minimum 
yeah and so it really impact it’s just like New  

01:09:48,180 –> 01:09:52,380
York and the bagels right like it can really 
impact the flavor profile what minerals are  

01:09:52,380 –> 01:09:58,320
in it what and this is one of the reasons also why 
bourbon is sweet there’s limestone in in them dare  

01:09:58,320 –> 01:10:08,460
Hills there’s there’s limestone in in the Shelf 
in in yeah uh is very well known for a couple of  

01:10:08,460 –> 01:10:15,060
things one of them is bourbon but the other one 
is Bluegrass and the blue grass that grows there  

01:10:15,060 –> 01:10:23,280
is a perfect uh source of energy for the horses 
that run in the Kentucky Derby yeah and one of the  

01:10:23,280 –> 01:10:30,960
reasons that it thrives there is because the water 
that’s used to you know grow the the Bluegrass is  

01:10:30,960 –> 01:10:37,020
filtered through Limestone and Limestone removes 
a lot of impurities in particular with regard to  

01:10:37,020 –> 01:10:42,720
the production of whiskey it removes iron and the 
removal of iron through filtration in Limestone  

01:10:42,720 –> 01:10:48,420
really helps to enhance sweetness it removes 
kind of this metallic tinge that you will find  

01:10:48,420 –> 01:10:54,540
the same way you know if you get a prick on your 
thumb and you suck your thumb it has that metallic  

01:10:54,540 –> 01:11:01,440
characteristic but to Suzanne’s Point um yeah the 
water source is hugely important and Macallan is  

01:11:01,440 –> 01:11:07,560
one of the most well-known ones that I know of 
that they actually sell their cast strength scotch  

01:11:07,560 –> 01:11:16,380
in a side-by-side bottling so it’s a you know it’s 
like 150 160 proof Scotch whiskey but then they  

01:11:16,380 –> 01:11:24,180
have a lot of a leader of their Macallan Springs 
spring water so you can prove it now sell it in a  

01:11:24,180 –> 01:11:30,180
double pack so you can prove it down to whatever 
amount you like and Gus see get back to your  

01:11:30,180 –> 01:11:37,860
question one of the main things that happens when 
you add a drop or two is you disrupt the surface  

01:11:37,860 –> 01:11:46,020
tension but you also disrupt the um the vapor 
pressure of the the constituents right there at  

01:11:46,020 –> 01:11:51,960
the top um so Suzanne was mentioning that when the 
whiskey has just been sitting there and you go to  

01:11:51,960 –> 01:11:58,200
take a sniff it can be very different from if you 
pick it up and swirl it around and what happens is  

01:11:58,200 –> 01:12:03,000
the volatile Aromas if it’s been sitting there 
a while they kind of walked right out of it  

01:12:03,780 –> 01:12:09,780
though less volatile Aromas sit right on the 
surface of the wind it does a flavor dramatically  

01:12:09,780 –> 01:12:17,520
change or is it just it can like I think it counts 
when I when I can’t I went up to canned wine The  

01:12:17,520 –> 01:12:24,420
Taste has been dramatically different I mean just 
and I think and some to be dramatically different  

01:12:24,420 –> 01:12:28,980
yeah I think it can but that’s one of the reasons 
we actually use a dropper because we would  

01:12:28,980 –> 01:12:33,240
recommend like adding one drop giving it another 
taste adding two dry you can use a little spoon  

01:12:33,240 –> 01:12:37,980
to do it too adding two or three drops adding four 
and at a certain point at a certain point you’re  

01:12:37,980 –> 01:12:41,160
going to kind of break the whiskey and it’s going 
to be too much water for the whiskey and it’s just  

01:12:41,160 –> 01:12:47,160
gonna taste like water down so you want to do it 
slowly but it especially can really dramatically  

01:12:47,160 –> 01:12:52,020
change the flavor profile I think of high proof 
whiskeys um because sometimes those high-proof  

01:12:52,020 –> 01:12:57,900
whiskeys all you’re getting is that burn and you 
can’t really get past the burn and so it allows

01:12:57,900 –> 01:13:07,800
yeah yeah and so it’s within some of the to use 
these last few are higher proof and so you know  

01:13:07,800 –> 01:13:12,480
playing around with that and you know there’s 
whiskey purists out there who are very much like  

01:13:12,480 –> 01:13:16,800
you should only turn Missy straight you’re not 
a real whiskey lover if you don’t drink whiskey  

01:13:16,800 –> 01:13:21,360
straight that’s [ __ ] it is just complete and 
utter [ __ ] and that’s just like they’re snobs  

01:13:21,360 –> 01:13:26,280
you know and they’re missing out on a big element 
of it so you play around with it and it can change  

01:13:26,280 –> 01:13:30,840
the flavor quite a bit I think like there are some 
whiskeys but I’m like I don’t really like this and  

01:13:30,840 –> 01:13:37,620
then I add a couple drops of water and I’m like 
oh damn that’s good like yeah and ice too ice can  

01:13:37,620 –> 01:13:41,700
make a big difference we would suggest if you’re 
gonna play with ice drop the ice in for a minute  

01:13:41,700 –> 01:13:47,580
swirl it around and then pull that ice cube back 
out for a little bit you wanted to add a little  

01:13:47,580 –> 01:13:51,660
bit of water but you don’t want it to like water 
it down yeah you don’t know what the Ice Cube  

01:13:51,660 –> 01:13:57,780
fully melts in there or use a really big rock 
now something that I would I would add to that  

01:13:58,440 –> 01:14:04,500
um is that because of the way that the water 
sits those first couple drops the way it sits on  

01:14:04,500 –> 01:14:10,140
the surface of the whiskey at least initially it 
really can kind of break that that surface tension  

01:14:10,140 –> 01:14:16,620
and the vapor pressure and what I feel like it 
does for me is the Aromas that you’ll get off  

01:14:16,620 –> 01:14:22,200
of the glass they might be sitting there kind of 
condensed like this and a couple of drops of water  

01:14:22,200 –> 01:14:25,980
will just open them up it’ll just spread them 
out and they’ll be a little bit more staggered  

01:14:25,980 –> 01:14:33,660
and I feel like your nose can be a little bit 
more Adept at finding them finding them because  

01:14:33,660 –> 01:14:38,160
you instead of trying to find them in this much 
space you’re finding them in this much space yeah  

01:14:39,000 –> 01:14:42,900
um so it not only changes the flavor it 
changes the aroma as well yeah and and  

01:14:42,900 –> 01:14:48,660
for me I feel like one of the main reasons I 
like adding one is because of that expansion

01:14:53,540 –> 01:14:54,540

01:14:54,540 –> 01:15:00,000
thank you yeah if I heard someone back there say 
it’s hot if it’s hot add a little more water add  

01:15:00,000 –> 01:15:05,340
a little bit of ice that’s the perfect time 
to do that yeah I always add a little bit of  

01:15:05,340 –> 01:15:11,160
uh water if it’s like a super high proof I like 
my proof around uh what 100 or something yeah

01:15:13,200 –> 01:15:14,460
these are over 100.

01:15:18,420 –> 01:15:26,280
yeah I always enjoy like the um under 100 Proof 
uh whiskeys after that it starts to like hit you  

01:15:26,280 –> 01:15:30,840
right there and not let go and you know the 
people question sometimes like why are some  

01:15:30,840 –> 01:15:35,700
of them so hot it’s like you can’t even taste it 
the reason why distillers choose to do bottle or  

01:15:35,700 –> 01:15:40,920
Barrel strength and you know kind of whiskeys 
that are like really like high proof is because  

01:15:40,920 –> 01:15:46,080
essentially they want you to be able to play 
with it to get it to exactly where you want it  

01:15:46,080 –> 01:15:52,020
for your palette and also because higher proof 
whiskeys tend to perform better in cocktails  

01:15:52,020 –> 01:15:55,860
they show up a little bit more in cocktails 
they don’t get lost with the other flavors in  

01:15:55,860 –> 01:16:00,840
there so if you have a really high whiskey try 
it out in cocktail but then also the distillers  

01:16:00,840 –> 01:16:04,260
want you to proof it down they want you to 
play with it and get it to exactly where you  

01:16:04,260 –> 01:16:08,940
want because if they proof it down for you you 
can’t proof it back up you can’t get it back  

01:16:08,940 –> 01:16:14,040
up to a higher proof right so there is a cute 
Trend going on right now with distillers really  

01:16:14,040 –> 01:16:19,560
like releasing some things at much higher proofs 
than they used to yeah so this next question sets  

01:16:19,560 –> 01:16:23,940
us up very nicely for indeed I guess I kind 
of plan that but the timing worked out well  

01:16:25,080 –> 01:16:31,740
um so yeah all whiskey starts as wart um and 
wart is really the yeast the water and the  

01:16:31,740 –> 01:16:35,760
grain got all mixed together is called the 
work group all right I think that’s right

01:16:36,900 –> 01:16:44,760
it’s fermented though yeah once it’s fermented or 
fermented of course yeah so they’ve got fermented  

01:16:44,760 –> 01:16:51,540
and so really what that is when you have yeast and 
water and grain barley primarily often fermented  

01:16:52,500 –> 01:16:53,460
that’s beer

01:16:55,800 –> 01:17:02,100
um and so really all whiskey technically starts 
as beer now the difference is is a lot of whiskey  

01:17:02,100 –> 01:17:08,580
starts as very unfinished beer a beer you would 
never want to drink it had no hops it has a filter  

01:17:08,580 –> 01:17:15,600
Barrel aging it has no filtration it would just 
be like the most rudimentary like way back in the  

01:17:15,600 –> 01:17:23,640
day what beer was kind of thing that just didn’t 
taste very good and arguably beer and dough are  

01:17:23,640 –> 01:17:29,220
pretty much the same thing it’s just 
fermentation or you know the rising of  

01:17:29,220 –> 01:17:33,840
the dough which is frankly fermentation 
as well yeah very close it’s really just  

01:17:33,840 –> 01:17:40,320
the ratio of grain to water I guess between 
dough and beer yeah and so charbet Distillery  

01:17:40,320 –> 01:17:44,160
um and full disclosure they are a client of ours 
they’ve been applying for a little while now  

01:17:44,160 –> 01:17:48,360
um but they weren’t when I originally 
discovered them actually um and so they  

01:17:48,360 –> 01:17:53,640
actually really all of their whiskeys they make 
them from finished beer so they partner with  

01:17:54,300 –> 01:18:00,420
um Bear Republic uh Bear Republic Brew I’m like oh 
my gosh I’m blinking Bear Republic brewing and if  

01:18:00,420 –> 01:18:05,520
you’ve heard of racer five beer our racer 5 is a 
very popular IPA especially in Northern California  

01:18:06,600 –> 01:18:12,300
um it’s a very well known Brewery but they 
basically take kegs of their racer five beer  

01:18:12,300 –> 01:18:18,960
they’re Big Bear Stout their beers and then they 
distill it and so Marcos the distiller there his  

01:18:18,960 –> 01:18:25,560
his belief is you know distillation what that’s 
doing distillation is it’s just concentrating  

01:18:26,520 –> 01:18:30,540
your original ingredients so if you’re starting 
with something that you wouldn’t really drink  

01:18:30,540 –> 01:18:35,700
and concentrating that flavor that’s not 
making something as good as if you start  

01:18:35,700 –> 01:18:40,800
with something delicious that you would drink and 
then concentrating that flavor and so that’s his  

01:18:40,800 –> 01:18:45,120
philosophy good in good out exactly so that’s 
what’s philosophy behind all of these doubled  

01:18:45,120 –> 01:18:53,520
and twisted is um a blend of three different 
whiskeys essentially so it is a um it’s their big  

01:18:53,520 –> 01:19:00,480
bear Stout whiskey um so they make it from a stout 
beer essentially it’s also their pilsner whiskey  

01:19:00,480 –> 01:19:05,520
so one of their pilsners that they turn into a 
whiskey and then a basically a single malt whiskey  

01:19:06,300 –> 01:19:12,240
um and they Barrel age those for I think at least 
four years each one of them and then they blend  

01:19:12,240 –> 01:19:19,380
them and this before they were even this has been 
my favorite whiskey since I founded the crafty  

01:19:19,380 –> 01:19:25,140
Cask I continue to try lots of whiskeys it lives 
in my decanter I’ve turned lots of people onto  

01:19:25,140 –> 01:19:32,880
it I just I love this whiskey she’s gushing she’s 
she’s nice totally biased but I’m really excited  

01:19:32,880 –> 01:19:36,840
because for years I’ve been doing this with the 
crafty cask and talking about doubled and twisted  

01:19:36,840 –> 01:19:41,160
and telling people about it and this is the first 
time we’ve gotten it in a kit and we’ve been able  

01:19:41,160 –> 01:19:46,020
to send it out to you so we are so excited that 
we get all of you to try my favorite whiskey of  

01:19:46,020 –> 01:19:49,680
all time you should cheers with that because 
that’s your jam cheers I mean I like it too  

01:19:51,540 –> 01:19:55,140
so I’d love to know what you guys 
think of this because I love it

01:20:01,980 –> 01:20:08,820
I just think it’s like chocolatey that’s all I ask 
is get chocolatey yeah okay now malt really comes  

01:20:08,820 –> 01:20:16,380
through love that bought two bottles of it all 
right yes yes yeah and your dad bought two bottles

01:20:18,780 –> 01:20:27,000
I was uh I watched a documentary about scotch and 
they talked about how clear um clear whiskey has  

01:20:27,000 –> 01:20:35,700
become sort of a thing because the American pellet 
just Associates clear with uh purity um and so I  

01:20:35,700 –> 01:20:41,220
was told that like you can get whiskeys that are 
cloudy but I’ve never seen a cloudy whiskey at all

01:20:44,100 –> 01:20:50,400
yeah you know it’s it’s something that 
is pretty uncommon because it looks  

01:20:50,400 –> 01:20:56,040
the general American perception of what 
that means particularly with beverages

01:20:56,040 –> 01:21:05,700
pardon me um they’re just kind of seen as 
something they’re flawed there’s something  

01:21:05,700 –> 01:21:12,960
wrong with it this is what people think right 
right yeah exactly um but in actuality at least  

01:21:12,960 –> 01:21:20,220
with regard to distillation um and I would say 
in many ways uh with wine production as well  

01:21:21,180 –> 01:21:29,340
um the lack of filtration that allows for a 
completely like translucent and and not I’m not  

01:21:29,340 –> 01:21:37,860
not necessarily clear but not opaque not cloudy 
um is stripping out a lot of the vital flavors  

01:21:37,860 –> 01:21:45,960
and characteristics fatty acids Esters aldehydes 
that contribute a lot and more and more at least  

01:21:45,960 –> 01:21:52,800
in the craft world they’re kind of issuing the 
idea of filtration to the point of translucency  

01:21:52,800 –> 01:21:59,520
especially chill filtration right yeah um and 
and chill filtration is probably the the most  

01:21:59,520 –> 01:22:06,240
egregious with regard to stripping things out you 
can generally tell if your uh craft beverage has  

01:22:06,240 –> 01:22:15,180
been chill filtered below a certain temperature 
so I think it’s around if it’s 90 Proof then  

01:22:15,180 –> 01:22:24,180
below like 70 degrees Fahrenheit you’ll start to 
see like flocculation and trying to separate a  

01:22:24,180 –> 01:22:30,600
little bit yeah the same way if you like add an 
ice cube to to Absinthe or to um something like  

01:22:30,600 –> 01:22:37,800
sambuca you’ll it’ll instantly turn cloudy um 
It’s a combination of the particulate and like  

01:22:37,800 –> 01:22:43,680
what’s in Phil or in suspension as well as the 
temperature but that’s a cool way to check and  

01:22:43,680 –> 01:22:49,680
and I definitely think we we definitely agree that 
lean in when you see something that’s cloudy yeah  

01:22:49,680 –> 01:22:53,580
give it a try I mean I remember the first time I 
saw Hefeweizen and I was like what’s wrong with  

01:22:53,580 –> 01:22:59,280
that beer same idea that’s a great comparison 
the way it’s supposed to be you want to want to  

01:22:59,280 –> 01:23:07,500
give us the the Gaelic term and the oh oh yeah oh 
yeah that’s great um so the current quiz question  

01:23:08,580 –> 01:23:15,840
um regard is with regard to the translation 
the original phrase from which whiskey  

01:23:15,840 –> 01:23:25,440
derives it’s a Gaelic term uh Irish Gaelic 
I believe Scottish Gaelic maybe um and it is

01:23:30,000 –> 01:23:35,640
um and roughly translated that is Water 
of Life Water of Life um you see this term  

01:23:35,640 –> 01:23:41,340
kind of replicated in a lot of other countries 
Aqua Vitae and in many Scandinavian countries  

01:23:42,660 –> 01:23:48,960
um Oda V in France and you just find that 
is basically distillation of many different  

01:23:48,960 –> 01:23:57,660
types of fruits ODB Water of Life burnt water is 
actually not far off um Aqua ardens is burnt water  

01:23:57,660 –> 01:24:09,780
and for a long period of time the praise Brandy 
uh originated from Brent wine which was burnt wine  

01:24:10,620 –> 01:24:16,620
um and you know the process of distilling is 
applying heat or fire to any number of types  

01:24:16,620 –> 01:24:23,460
of fermented beverages uh Brandy is distilled 
wine so you’re essentially burning wine to get  

01:24:23,460 –> 01:24:29,340
Brant wine birth wine and that became Brandy no 
um lots of other variations on that strong water  

01:24:29,940 –> 01:24:34,800
speaking of Brandy though charbet their 
their founding is with Brandy they have a  

01:24:34,800 –> 01:24:38,880
looks very true yeah charbet is actually 
a 13 generation distillation family that  

01:24:38,880 –> 01:24:41,700
are going all the way back to Serbia so 
they’ve been doing this for 13 Generations  

01:24:42,660 –> 01:24:45,900
um and when they first came over to the states 
the first thing they distilled was Brandy and  

01:24:45,900 –> 01:24:52,740
it was in 1983 and you can still get this 1983 
Brandy because they Barrel aged it for one day

01:24:52,740 –> 01:25:06,960
yeah so they that burnt water idea they and 
it’s quite magical it’s great especially for  

01:25:06,960 –> 01:25:13,740
the holidays um one last thing about charbet 
and in particular this double entwisted because  

01:25:13,740 –> 01:25:19,380
it’s Suzanne’s favorite another nod the current 
distiller Suzanne mentioned his name is Marco  

01:25:20,580 –> 01:25:27,000
um and when he took over from his father he 
basically had to kind of prove himself that he  

01:25:27,000 –> 01:25:33,720
was racist if you will yeah and um the doubled and 
twisted was essentially his his master’s thesis  

01:25:33,720 –> 01:25:40,560
yeah this was him saying okay I present this to 
you I’m I’m ready to take over the Distillery yeah  

01:25:40,560 –> 01:25:46,440
his father basically told him that he had to come 
up with his own Spirit he had to like distill it  

01:25:46,440 –> 01:25:51,960
he had to create it and then his father had to try 
it and and until he tried it and signed off on it  

01:25:51,960 –> 01:25:57,000
and now Marco is has taken over The Distillery and 
it’s his his baby now pretty cool so for example  

01:25:57,000 –> 01:26:02,220
no it’s fun all right moving on to our last one 
will you go grab our sage plant real quick because  

01:26:02,220 –> 01:26:09,060
Wesley Wesley said sorry I meant that butchering 
names we just had our first bout at kovid last  

01:26:09,060 –> 01:26:15,660
week and we’re still we’re still strugged a little 
bit it’s like the first drink we’ve had in weeks  

01:26:16,500 –> 01:26:20,520
um but we have a sage plant and I want to see if 
I can find the sage and the doubled and twisted  

01:26:20,520 –> 01:26:24,240
because that’s really fun I like when other people 
find things that I haven’t thought of before to  

01:26:24,240 –> 01:26:31,320
see if I can find it yeah sure where you can bring 
it out um so our last one is Catoctin Creek they  

01:26:31,320 –> 01:26:36,480
are from Virginia and Virginia is really like the 
home of Rye in our country Virginia Maryland that  

01:26:36,480 –> 01:26:44,160
area um they Mariah is where this is where 
Rye was kind of born in our country and so  

01:26:44,160 –> 01:26:50,940
they have taken a really historical look at Rai 
and they are bringing it back um they’re trying  

01:26:50,940 –> 01:26:56,400
really hard to say Rye is America’s Spirit let’s 
do it the right way and they are very dedicated to  

01:26:56,400 –> 01:27:03,780
sourcing heirloom kind of Rye working with local 
farmers um and this is 100 Rye so it’s a real  

01:27:03,780 –> 01:27:09,060
spicy fun one it’s him and his wife who started 
their Distillery and she is the distiller she’s  

01:27:09,060 –> 01:27:14,460
the scientist and the distiller she’s very demure 
she used to talking he’s the front man he’s the  

01:27:14,460 –> 01:27:19,140
he’s the face but she’s the one who’s making this 
beautiful but Becky is the is the brains behind  

01:27:19,140 –> 01:27:23,880
the operation yeah we’ve been to their Distillery 
we’ve been to a few of these distilleries um and  

01:27:23,880 –> 01:27:29,760
this is the distillers Edition so essentially what 
they do is as they’re making their round Stone Rye  

01:27:29,760 –> 01:27:36,600
which is their Flagship Rye she every once in a 
while takes one out of every 10 barrels squirrels  

01:27:36,600 –> 01:27:41,520
it away inside and says there’s something about 
those barrels that I really like what’s going  

01:27:41,520 –> 01:27:51,000
on here and I want to you know check it out 
for a little while right um and so every uh  

01:27:51,000 –> 01:27:55,080
I I think they said like it was every like 
five or six years they’ll go and collect the  

01:27:55,080 –> 01:28:02,160
ones that they’ve kind of put aside and you know 
pull out their their tools their equipment and  

01:28:03,120 –> 01:28:08,760
compile something and and if they like it 
then they bottled some of it yeah literally  

01:28:08,760 –> 01:28:12,720
unnecessarily bottle all of it well and this is 
so this is Single Barrel this is you know this is  

01:28:12,720 –> 01:28:18,060
these are single barrel um releases and it’s only 
like we said it’s like one out of every 10 barrels  

01:28:18,060 –> 01:28:22,200
that get get the distillers Edition so it’s really 
fun because it’s like not only are they really  

01:28:22,200 –> 01:28:27,600
focused on rye but this is like the distillers 
kind of baby favorite whatever the case may be

01:28:30,960 –> 01:28:33,180
Evan’s Intrigue too yeah very much

01:28:36,300 –> 01:28:40,200
you just happen to have Sage sitting around 
here and we haven’t killed it yet yay

01:28:43,260 –> 01:28:49,680
you know there is a lot of this uh doubled in 
Twisted that I I associate with the holidays  

01:28:49,680 –> 01:28:56,460
with Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and I feel 
like Sage is pretty for sure and then and I don’t  

01:28:56,460 –> 01:29:01,020
know if that Association is just because we often 
are enjoying it with friends and family around  

01:29:01,020 –> 01:29:06,960
the holidays but either way yeah that’s a good 
call like I can find a little bit of that sage  

01:29:06,960 –> 01:29:18,780
in there that is yeah that’s fun nice I love 
them so fun so I feel like um Scott would say  

01:29:18,780 –> 01:29:27,660
that this is his favorite and I kind of remember 
Becky saying the same thing but that Scott tends  

01:29:27,660 –> 01:29:31,140
to drink the cast strength more because of 
what we were talking about and the ability  

01:29:31,140 –> 01:29:38,220
to kind of adjust it this is 92 pounds though 
right but the cast strength is yeah hot fiery

01:29:41,460 –> 01:29:47,400
um good question Jay do you guys notice 
before you sorry no it’s fine do you guys  

01:29:47,400 –> 01:29:50,640
notice the difference between this whiskey and 
the rest of the whiskeys that we’ve tried so far  

01:29:51,360 –> 01:29:56,580
do you get that like oh spicy like 
wakey up spiciness going on there  

01:29:58,320 –> 01:30:02,940
I definitely do I definitely was like oh hello 
especially after drinking five other whiskeys  

01:30:02,940 –> 01:30:06,840
for a little while it’s a it’s a departure and 
you know I I think that it’s really neat because  

01:30:06,840 –> 01:30:16,260
despite the relatively High proof um I think this 
is 92 proof yeah and also the spice component  

01:30:17,280 –> 01:30:25,740
um fun tidbit brief aside alcohol increases 
the perception both of sweetness and of spice  

01:30:26,280 –> 01:30:33,480
so if you have something that is you know 110 
proof and it’s a little sweet it’ll taste that  

01:30:33,480 –> 01:30:39,000
much sweeter and if you proof it down by adding 
some some water to it that sweetness won’t be as  

01:30:39,000 –> 01:30:45,180
pronounced that’s another reason that they’ll you 
know distillers will decide to bottle something at  

01:30:45,180 –> 01:30:51,000
92 proof as opposed to 80 proof because that you 
know that alcohol enhances the perception like  

01:30:51,000 –> 01:30:56,880
I said of sweetness and spice so with Rye um I 
think it’s pretty neat that this is as smooth  

01:30:56,880 –> 01:31:03,540
as it is yeah despite the fact that it’s dry 100 
and 92 it’s 92 proof yeah I agree it is nice and  

01:31:03,540 –> 01:31:07,800
nice and smooth the color of it you 
can really see too the color is quite  

01:31:08,820 –> 01:31:11,520
quite a bit darker than the other 
whiskeys that we have going on here

01:31:17,040 –> 01:31:21,900
yeah that’s very much one that I feel like it’s 
important to chew a little bit and get some saliva  

01:31:21,900 –> 01:31:28,200
in your mouth to kind of protect spiciness and the 
heat yeah for sure yeah this is one that could be  

01:31:28,200 –> 01:31:31,800
fun to play with water and ice and Cocktails 
honestly too if you want to if you haven’t  

01:31:31,800 –> 01:31:35,820
finished this one and you want to make a little 
mini old-fashioned this would be or Manhattan or  

01:31:35,820 –> 01:31:40,800
something like that that would be fun so I know 
we’re at time here we’ve talked our way through  

01:31:40,800 –> 01:31:45,840
90 minutes we’ve been cooped up all six so we’re 
excited to talk and we’ve just filled this picture

01:31:49,380 –> 01:31:54,060
um but we are here to answer questions if anyone 
has them you want to show a little preview of the  

01:31:54,060 –> 01:31:59,100
next month’s kit since we have it all ready yeah 
yeah of course and and Jay I’m happy to hang out  

01:31:59,100 –> 01:32:05,700
and chat a little bit more about whiskey regions 
yeah oh yeah for sure we can talk a little bit  

01:32:05,700 –> 01:32:11,400
about that and if anybody else is curious about 
that but in the meantime just briefly this is our  

01:32:11,400 –> 01:32:16,500
holiday SipScout kit that’s coming up we’re 
very excited about December yeah um and this  

01:32:16,500 –> 01:32:20,460
is going to be a Mixology kid so so this one 
will be interactive you’ll actually have to  

01:32:20,460 –> 01:32:25,560
get your cocktail shaker out and like mix up some 
drinks with us so and for that we’re we’re gonna  

01:32:25,560 –> 01:32:29,880
we’re gonna really insist we wanna see cameras on 
because we want to see your shaking style we want  

01:32:29,880 –> 01:32:35,160
to see what your cocktails look like so look at 
all the fun goodies in here yeah uh there’s gonna  

01:32:35,160 –> 01:32:41,640
be three cocktails that we’re gonna be making um 
and there’s going to be enough to make two of each  

01:32:41,640 –> 01:32:47,280
you’ve got an ice a nice mold in there so you can 
make make a big Cube for one of your drink sweet  

01:32:47,280 –> 01:32:54,240
Ice Ice Cube for your drinks uh some fun garnishes 
a little stencil yeah we’re gonna keep on holidays  

01:32:54,240 –> 01:32:58,380
we’re gonna get the inner Barista out in you so 
you put a little design on one of your cocktails  

01:32:59,940 –> 01:33:05,220
uh yeah we’re really excited about these cocktails 
we think that you guys are gonna love them super  

01:33:05,220 –> 01:33:09,420
stoked to share them with you we’re making 
one of my favorite kind of while I’m cooking  

01:33:09,420 –> 01:33:15,300
cocktails that I get to sip on that’s like not 
too high ABV but like very festive and a great  

01:33:15,300 –> 01:33:19,440
one to make up a batch of so when your guests 
arrive early and you’re still in the kitchen  

01:33:19,440 –> 01:33:24,480
cooking you can just hand them this drink and 
it’s delicious and festive um some fun you know  

01:33:24,480 –> 01:33:29,820
some fun ingredients we’ve got some caldados 
and some lamaro cider some rice cider one of  

01:33:29,820 –> 01:33:35,520
our cocktails yeah we’re very excited about this 
one Evan’s gonna get to play mixologist and shake  

01:33:35,520 –> 01:33:39,600
it up for you and he’s great at that um and we’ll 
teach you how to make some cocktails and dreams  

01:33:39,600 –> 01:33:44,220
everyone yeah cocktails and dreams now we’ll make 
some fun festive cocktails and they’re easy enough  

01:33:44,220 –> 01:33:48,720
that you’ll be able to make them for your own 
holiday party or make them for you know Christmas  

01:33:48,720 –> 01:33:52,860
or Christmas Eve or whatever oh no there’s 
no such thing as Christmas Eve in our family

01:33:53,880 –> 01:33:58,320
I can’t

01:34:00,540 –> 01:34:07,080
um but if anybody has to drop off we understand 
thanks for being here we hope you enjoyed this  

01:34:07,080 –> 01:34:14,280
whiskey hey aren’t you going to talk about angel’s 
breath before you sign off oh you want to talk  

01:34:14,280 –> 01:34:18,780
about we can we can chat about that and that’s 
actually a great lead into the question that Jay  

01:34:18,780 –> 01:34:24,540
was asking which is regards to you know regions 
that are optimal for making whiskey Angel’s breath  

01:34:24,540 –> 01:34:34,500
or Devil’s share mm-hmm is it the same yeah same 
same Devil’s cut Angel’s Envy Angels share yeah  

01:34:34,500 –> 01:34:40,440
lots of different phrases for the same idea um 
that’s uh you know basically for those of you  

01:34:40,440 –> 01:34:45,600
who are unfamiliar with this idea it’s the 
Lost product during the course of time that  

01:34:45,600 –> 01:34:53,400
um you know your your whiskey is aging uh barrels 
are watertight or whiskey tight but they’re not  

01:34:53,400 –> 01:35:00,600
airtight so during the course of the six months 
two years 12 years that the whiskey sits in the  

01:35:00,600 –> 01:35:06,900
barrel some of it evaporates and and it 
evaporates at different rates the alcohol  

01:35:06,900 –> 01:35:13,140
and the water evaporated differently and so 
you’ll actually lose more water despite the  

01:35:13,140 –> 01:35:17,400
fact that alcohol is more volatile because water 
molecules are smaller so they can fit through  

01:35:17,400 –> 01:35:25,620
the narrow like you know water type Gap um the 
air molecules can fit through there and so at  

01:35:26,220 –> 01:35:34,440
the um Angels share the Angels the Devil’s cut 
is something that will drastically influence  

01:35:35,220 –> 01:35:40,200
how the whiskey ages and how quickly the 
worst Ages which leads back to Jay’s question  

01:35:41,340 –> 01:35:45,720
um right because temperature fluctuations right 
precisely because essentially what you want to  

01:35:45,720 –> 01:35:51,660
think about is the wood it sucks the whiskey in 
kind of and then it pushes it back out and it  

01:35:51,660 –> 01:35:57,060
sucks it in and it put in the more it does 
that a the more flavor that you’re kind of  

01:35:57,060 –> 01:36:02,880
extracting from the wood but also the higher rate 
of evaporation that that’s happening right so is  

01:36:02,880 –> 01:36:08,220
it the greater the fluctuation in temperature the 
more that’s happening yeah well it’s a combination  

01:36:08,220 –> 01:36:13,800
it’s you know it’s not only the fluctuation 
in temperature uh from day to night but also  

01:36:13,800 –> 01:36:19,980
from Summer to Winter right so if you’re in 
a in a climate that’s very humid it might be  

01:36:19,980 –> 01:36:26,520
quite hot but because it’s humid it’s probably 
not fluctuating dramatically from day to night  

01:36:26,520 –> 01:36:33,900
or from Summer to Winter whereas a more arid 
environment it might be really you know you can  

01:36:33,900 –> 01:36:39,060
see 50 degree temperature swings During certain 
times of the year depending on the location that  

01:36:39,060 –> 01:36:46,920
you’re in so Jay to answer your question uh in in 
in short it really depends on the type of whiskey  

01:36:46,920 –> 01:36:51,420
you’re trying to to make if you’re trying to make 
a whiskey where you’re extracting a lot of flavor  

01:36:51,420 –> 01:36:57,960
from the wood that whiskey is Aging in it behooves 
you to be in a place where the temperature is  

01:36:57,960 –> 01:37:04,380
fluctuating you can obviously artificially do this 
by Heating and Cooling the warehouse where your  

01:37:04,380 –> 01:37:11,040
barrels are aging but that becomes expensive it’s 
a lot easier to have no mother nature take care of  

01:37:11,040 –> 01:37:16,740
that for you right by contrast if you’re trying 
to produce a whiskey that is a little bit more  

01:37:16,740 –> 01:37:24,900
restrained with regard to the influence of the oak 
then they’re having a you know an environment that  

01:37:24,900 –> 01:37:29,340
is a little bit more temperate doesn’t have 
that fluctuation is is really important now  

01:37:29,340 –> 01:37:34,260
this is kind of putting the cart before the horse 
because there’s also the element of like location  

01:37:34,260 –> 01:37:39,840
with regard to the grain that you’re using and 
the water source and the Water Source yeah uh  

01:37:40,740 –> 01:37:46,260
the the region that you’re in you know obviously 
making water from or making whiskey from tap  

01:37:46,260 –> 01:37:53,100
water is not optimal um we talked a little 
bit about how the Limestone under deposits  

01:37:53,100 –> 01:37:57,420
in Kentucky help filter the water there’s 
other places in the country that you find  

01:37:58,500 –> 01:38:03,240
um Limestone deposits and the water that 
is being filtered the same way there’s also  

01:38:03,240 –> 01:38:06,840
plenty of places that have natural spring 
water which is very pure and very clean  

01:38:07,800 –> 01:38:15,660
um the grain component there are very few 
producers of whiskey that have anything to  

01:38:15,660 –> 01:38:21,900
do with the growing of the grain that they use 
so with regard to regionality and the same way  

01:38:21,900 –> 01:38:27,420
like having a Vineyard site that grows very 
good grapes because of certain elements of  

01:38:27,420 –> 01:38:32,880
the topography and the soil and the sun exposure 
and the precipitation you don’t really see that as  

01:38:32,880 –> 01:38:39,780
much of a direct translation with whiskey um the 
grain that is being used to make whiskey is more  

01:38:39,780 –> 01:38:46,620
of a commodity I would say than it’s something 
that you can be very precise with now that’s not  

01:38:46,620 –> 01:38:55,920
to say that all of them aren’t because gosh um 
Brownstone Rye the the Catoctin Creek Scott and  

01:38:55,920 –> 01:39:01,080
Becky they really are very much focused on rye 
that is exclusively grown in Northern Virginia  

01:39:01,860 –> 01:39:06,000
they’re not getting Rye from all over 
you know New England and into the Midwest  

01:39:06,900 –> 01:39:11,760
um and again also with the baby blue 
like this is Texas Texas blue corn  

01:39:12,900 –> 01:39:18,840
um there but there are like maybe like a handful 
of examples off the top of my head and I might be  

01:39:18,840 –> 01:39:26,340
stretching to say a handful of producers that 
are making what you might call estate whiskey  

01:39:27,720 –> 01:39:34,620
um yeah there’s a producer in Nevada called 
Frey that I think grows all of their grain  

01:39:35,940 –> 01:39:40,200
um I mean it’s that’s a hard thing right 
like something you’re a farmer and you’re  

01:39:40,200 –> 01:39:44,520
a distiller and you’re like that’s it it’s 
very hard to do it’s hard to just distill  

01:39:44,520 –> 01:39:51,660
and it’s hard to just Farm who wants to do both 
of those yeah the the other interesting thing is  

01:39:51,660 –> 01:39:57,960
um agitation or like there’s other elements with 
aging that can lead to Angel share Devil’s cut  

01:39:57,960 –> 01:40:02,340
you know all that kind of stuff at different rates 
of different things so there are some distilleries  

01:40:02,340 –> 01:40:09,360
who actually send their barrels out to sea and 
so they go out to sea and they’re on the ocean  

01:40:09,900 –> 01:40:15,480
and they believe that that creates a better 
whiskey a different whiskey some melon there’s a  

01:40:15,480 –> 01:40:22,860
distillery in Northern California at that point 
headphones on their barrels like big bows on  

01:40:22,860 –> 01:40:27,300
their barrels and they have one barrel without 
any headphones and another Barrel like it’s a  

01:40:27,300 –> 01:40:33,000
control experiment another barrel with headphones 
on it and they have all different controls they  

01:40:33,000 –> 01:40:38,100
have lots of these one is listening to Snoop 
Dogg 24 7. one is listening to The Nutcracker  

01:40:38,100 –> 01:40:43,980
playlist 24 7. Led Zeppelin one is listening 
to Led Zeppelin 24 7. and then they bottle them  

01:40:43,980 –> 01:40:50,460
and they do blind side-by-side tastings and 
hands down every time they do this the music  

01:40:50,460 –> 01:40:56,220
barrels beat out the non-music barrels every and 
nothing else is different like it’s fascinating  

01:40:56,220 –> 01:41:00,540
like there’s all these like weird things going 
on out there there’s also like different Barrel  

01:41:00,540 –> 01:41:09,420
ladies yeah finished in Cedar barrels people are 
starting to play with different uh Woods yeah back

01:41:10,440 –> 01:41:15,540
back to Angel’s breast it is it’s 
the whiskey Maker’s gift angels  

01:41:16,740 –> 01:41:24,420
exactly yeah it’s either you made a deal with the 
devil to make your whiskey or your sacrification  

01:41:24,420 –> 01:41:31,260
say something to the to the angels a greater 
force a greater force is getting its sheer  

01:41:31,260 –> 01:41:38,880
exactly exactly exactly but yeah Jay that’s 
a great point you know the the use of Oak as  

01:41:38,880 –> 01:41:47,520
kind of the predominant standard Bearer uh in in 
aging not just for whiskey but for wine for beer  

01:41:48,480 –> 01:41:55,860
um is something that developed slowly and 
gradually over many years and I am under the  

01:41:55,860 –> 01:42:01,020
impression that for the most part nowadays 
the use of Oak is because that is the most  

01:42:01,020 –> 01:42:09,600
commonly appreciated and most broadly accepted 
flavor profile uh like imbuement that you’ll get  

01:42:10,500 –> 01:42:18,660
um the flavor profile from any hardwood though 
I mean any hardwood is an option for aging maybe  

01:42:18,660 –> 01:42:24,180
not Elm but do you know of any do you know of 
any brands that have won I don’t know Walnut or

01:42:24,180 –> 01:42:32,760
are there some whiskeys that out other wood 
barrels they’re starting to experiment with them  

01:42:32,760 –> 01:42:37,920
Taylor Garrett is one who started to experiment 
with them um there’s in the chain there Jay put  

01:42:37,920 –> 01:42:43,440
one in there uh it’s a Japanese whiskey whiskey 
that’s doing cedar cedar is very common in Japan  

01:42:43,980 –> 01:42:50,820
um acacia wood is um been seen more 
frequently but yeah Walnut Cherry  

01:42:51,840 –> 01:42:55,860
um uh what are some other ones thank you

01:42:58,020 –> 01:43:05,700
I wonder if Juniper would work well with gin 
I can imagine that that would work quite well  

01:43:05,700 –> 01:43:11,400
with Jim yeah and barrel-aged Gins are getting 
hot that’s a burgeoning category for sure yeah I  

01:43:11,400 –> 01:43:17,100
mean Oak Oak Barrel aging is really something that 
has only kind of developed in the last 200 years  

01:43:18,360 –> 01:43:23,580
um a couple centuries ago people just used 
whatever hardwood was plentiful in California  

01:43:23,580 –> 01:43:31,140
wine was made and aged in Redwood for a very 
long time because that’s what was there yeah

01:43:33,300 –> 01:43:37,680
yeah there’s lots of exciting Innovation 
going on in this space for sure there’s um if  

01:43:37,680 –> 01:43:42,600
you’re interested in learning a little bit about 
accelerated aging Evan wrote an amazing article he  

01:43:42,600 –> 01:43:49,860
actually went and met up with his his high school 
science Professor um and learned all about like  

01:43:49,860 –> 01:43:54,000
the accelerated aging technique before talking to 
this Distillery and they have he they have like  

01:43:54,000 –> 01:43:58,980
a black box approach to like accelerated aging 
essentially so they’re except they’re aging things  

01:43:58,980 –> 01:44:09,180
in what 13 Days 12 days 24 hours yeah and they and 
they’re in fact religion we have some we have some  

01:44:09,180 –> 01:44:13,920
I don’t know they they drink pretty well now if 
we tell you in advance that’s what your reaction  

01:44:13,920 –> 01:44:18,660
is going to be if we blind taste you on them and 
just say like do you like this whiskey it’s going  

01:44:18,660 –> 01:44:25,200
to be a different reaction um mentally biased 
against it but it’s it’s pretty compelling and  

01:44:25,200 –> 01:44:31,140
it’s an interesting place to explore for sure um 
but yeah we’ll see we’ll see where the world goes

01:44:31,860 –> 01:44:37,680
I guess we’ll sign off and let you relax now yeah  

01:44:37,680 –> 01:44:40,740
this is the most activity we’ve 
had in a week and a half so we’re

01:44:43,440 –> 01:44:47,820
ready oh yeah the most activity 
we’ve had we since we were sick

01:44:51,240 –> 01:44:55,140
ready for bed thank you for joining 
us though we had it we had such a good  

01:44:55,140 –> 01:45:00,240
time and we hope you enjoyed it as well 
and we’ll see you thank you cocktails

01:45:01,200 –> 01:45:09,720
thank you that was great good 
night all bye everyone bye

01:45:15,240 –> 01:45:19,080
I’m really looking forward to that uh because 
it was actually going to be one of my questions  

01:45:19,080 –> 01:45:25,260
about like the uh uh how to how how in this 
modern day and age could you speed up the  

01:45:25,260 –> 01:45:30,900
whiskey making process and so go check out 
and read that article that Evan wrote on our  

01:45:30,900 –> 01:45:34,920
website for Taylor Garrett if you just search 
Taylor Garrett on our website and I did pretty  

01:45:34,920 –> 01:45:40,500
fascinating I didn’t nerd out on it too much 
because I wanted it I mean I had one paragraph  

01:45:40,500 –> 01:45:48,360
of like real chemistry nerd out but uh go read it 
and if you have if you have further questions Jay  

01:45:48,360 –> 01:45:56,100
feel free I’d be happy to kind of share more 
of my my thoughts and my like suspicions um

Until next time… Drink craft and drink the world. Cheers!

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