Charbay Distillery 40th Anniversary Spirits Tasting

Charbay Distillery Spirits Tasting

SipScout Craft Alcohol Membership Club – May, 2023

Join us for this exclusive Charbay Distillery 40th Anniversary Spirits Tasting! Master distiller Marko Karakasevic joins in on the fun to tell the story of Charbay Distillery, which goes back through 13 generations of distillers. From handpicked ingredients to meticulous craftsmanship to patient and extended barrel aging, this is what we mean when we say “craft” here at The Crafty Cask.


Featuring Some Extra Special Charbay Spirits

Included in this month’s SipScout Kit are some real treats you won’t find (or, ahem, perhaps be able to afford because they’re so rare!) anywhere else. This tasting experience will bring you on a journey to elevate your senses as we unlock the extraordinary, one remarkable spirit at a time. Including, but not exclusive to…

  • A blanco tequila, made only ONCE down in Mexico with the Camarena Family (of Tapatío and G4 tequila fame!). It is epically smooth and has been sold out for almost a decade! But, just for their 40th anniversary celebration with us, distiller Marko is letting us ransack his private reserve to pour our SipScout members samples of this incredibly special, no longer available Charbay spirit.
  • The first Charbay spirit ever distilled here in the US. A brandy, distilled back in 1983 then aged it for 27 years before releasing it, where it’s continued to bottle age to this day. That’s right, our SipScout members are sipping on a 40 year old Charbay Spirit (so special it retails for $399/bottle!) in honor of Charbay Distillery’s 40th Anniversary.
  • A whiskey so incredible, it has held the place of our founder’s favorite whiskey (living in her favorite decanter) for years now. She tries her best to discover a new whiskey that might knock it out of the running but has yet to do so! 

Join us for an extra special SipScout party for Charbay Distillery’s 40th Anniversary…


SipScout members indulge in six extraordinary spirits, exclusively sourced from Marko’s private reserve:

1. Meyer Lemon Vodka
2. Green Tea Vodka
3. Blanco Tequila (this one’s been sold out for almost a decade!)
4. Doubled & Twisted Whiskey (Suzanne’s favorite for years now!)
5. R5 Whiskey
6. Brandy No. 83 (40 years in the making!)

Bottles of craft beer, wine, and spirits

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About Your Hosts

The Crafty Cask celebrates and supports craft alcohol makers through engaging consumer content, events, virtual tastings, and online education. We help craft enthusiasts drink better and craft makers market their brands better to build thriving small businesses that keep #TipplerNation drinking well!

Your hosts for this event, alongside the featured maker, are Suzanne Henricksen, Founder of The Crafty Cask and Evan Rothrock, sommelier, certified cider professional, mixologist, and bespoke wine tour guide.

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00:00:04,167 –> 00:00:10,980
hello hello everyone hello everyone… hahaha
don’t steal my line welcome welcome we are so  

00:00:10,980 –> 00:00:17,880
excited to see all of your beautiful faces for 
the Charbay 40th Anniversary SipScout Party  

00:00:18,840 –> 00:00:24,480
we are very excited to have a featured maker 
here with us today Marko give everyone a wave  

00:00:24,480 –> 00:00:34,800
Marko is here he is a master distiller co-owner 
all things Charbay um maybe if we get lucky his  

00:00:34,800 –> 00:00:39,480
wife Jenni and the co-owner will be popping in 
to say hi we’ll see she has a lot going on but  

00:00:40,500 –> 00:00:45,720
um yeah so welcome and Larissa if you could 
keep admitting people as they get in that  

00:00:45,720 –> 00:00:50,640
would be great thank you so much um welcome 
everyone I’m Suzanne I’m the founder of The  

00:00:50,640 –> 00:00:54,840
Crafty Cask where we are all about celebrating 
and supporting cracked alcohol makers like the  

00:00:54,840 –> 00:01:00,720
wonderful Charbay Distillery and my name is 
Evan I am a certified sommelier a certified  

00:01:00,720 –> 00:01:08,400
cider professional uh whiskey enthusiast equal 
opportunity perhaps beer drinker I don’t know  

00:01:08,400 –> 00:01:13,980
he’s your craft booze professionals so we are 
certainly here to talk about all things Charbay  

00:01:13,980 –> 00:01:18,060
and spirits today if you have any other burning 
questions feel free to message him in the chat and  

00:01:18,060 –> 00:01:23,160
he can help you out with things like that and all 
the other boozy categories um for those of you who  

00:01:23,160 –> 00:01:27,960
haven’t been here before to our monthly SipScout 
party welcome we are thrilled that you’re here  

00:01:28,500 –> 00:01:34,080
um we do this every month you got your SipScout 
kit this month and you know we send these out  

00:01:34,080 –> 00:01:40,200
each month next month is a cider kit a craft cider 
that has a palm fruit variety so there’s one apple  

00:01:40,200 –> 00:01:46,260
one pear one Quince and one blend and then July is 
a mystery month where we’re going to take you to  

00:01:46,260 –> 00:01:51,300
another country kind of transport you to another 
country with a mystery month um let’s see August  

00:01:51,300 –> 00:01:59,040
is a rum tasting we’ve got a cocktail and rum 
tasting combined yeah together there Oktoberfest  

00:01:59,040 –> 00:02:03,720
beers coming up and then I think it’s American 
single malt which is an exciting kind of new  

00:02:03,720 –> 00:02:08,880
burgeoning category memory the American single 
malt category will be later in the fall so all  

00:02:08,880 –> 00:02:14,520
craft all the time all the things that you want to 
have on your grocery store shelf but unfortunately  

00:02:14,520 –> 00:02:20,820
can’t always find we are happy to deliver it for 
you on a monthly basis absolutely so thank you  

00:02:20,820 –> 00:02:25,140
for being here for those of you who this is your 
first SipScout kit I do want to do just a little  

00:02:25,140 –> 00:02:30,420
apology and sorry if you’re a SipScout kit wasn’t 
so beautiful when you opened it that is not our  

00:02:30,420 –> 00:02:34,980
standard this is what it should have looked like 
when you opened it we had a little supplier issue  

00:02:34,980 –> 00:02:39,900
with our bottles your bottles were a little bigger 
than our inserts allowed for um and so they got  

00:02:39,900 –> 00:02:45,540
a little Transit and we’re so sorry about that 
we hate that our rocks wasn’t perfect this time  

00:02:46,320 –> 00:02:52,380
um but we think you’re going to enjoy it and 
love this the contents yeah overshadow the  

00:02:52,380 –> 00:02:59,040
presentation by a farm shop yes absolutely 
Charbay has been a favorite of ours honestly  

00:02:59,040 –> 00:03:03,720
since almost the founding of The Crafty Cask um 
maybe before in full transparency Charbay was  

00:03:03,720 –> 00:03:09,420
one of our very first clients um Jenni found us 
and reached out to us to help with marketing and  

00:03:09,420 –> 00:03:13,860
other fun things and events and stuff like that 
and some video photography um and so they were  

00:03:13,860 –> 00:03:19,620
one of our very first clients and we have been 
long time fans ever since and I remember pouring  

00:03:20,220 –> 00:03:28,380
charbay vodkas which were very early on the scene 
in my recollection with regard to flavored vodkas  

00:03:28,380 –> 00:03:32,940
when I was just beginning to bartend in the 
early 2000s or at least flavored vodkas that  

00:03:32,940 –> 00:03:40,560
weren’t artificially delicious flavored vodkas 
yeah what green tea vodka yeah yeah and it tastes  

00:03:40,560 –> 00:03:45,660
like green tea yeah so we have a lot of a lot 
of memories with Charbay we love this brand a  

00:03:45,660 –> 00:03:49,440
lot we only support brands that we really love 
that is something you always can know about us  

00:03:50,520 –> 00:03:57,000
um so yeah with that thank you for joining what 
we’re gonna do for the first hour or so is we’re  

00:03:57,000 –> 00:04:01,800
going to talk with Marko and we’re gonna kind 
of learn all about Charbay for those of you  

00:04:01,800 –> 00:04:06,240
who are new to charbay um we’re going to learn all 
about charbay hear a little bit about their story  

00:04:06,240 –> 00:04:10,620
and then Marko was going to walk us through our 
tasting tell you a little bit about each spirit  

00:04:10,620 –> 00:04:16,260
and then once we do that the whole time please 
feel free put questions in the chat Converse this  

00:04:16,260 –> 00:04:20,340
up with us in the chat Evan and I will be keeping 
an eye on it if there’s anything we need to voice  

00:04:20,340 –> 00:04:24,780
over to Marko to make sure he answers it or sees 
it we’ll do that as well um but for the first half  

00:04:24,780 –> 00:04:28,980
hour so we are going to ask that everyone stay on 
mute just so we can kind of get the contents out  

00:04:28,980 –> 00:04:33,840
there and make sure everyone’s sipping and tasting 
everything and then after that we’re gonna say  

00:04:33,840 –> 00:04:39,600
feel free to unmute yourselves chime in talk with 
Marko we know some of you are friends you know him  

00:04:39,600 –> 00:04:44,700
personally so feel free to do that you’ll get 
an opportunity to rub elbows with the distiller  

00:04:44,700 –> 00:04:51,120
himself and and talk to him directly sound good 
any questions from anyone before we jump in

00:04:54,420 –> 00:05:01,800
all right let’s do this Marko tell us a little bit 
about yourself tell us a little bit about Charbay  

00:05:02,400 –> 00:05:10,320
yeah well first of all Jenni says hello um we uh 
Ivan our our youngest son has a soft of a machine  

00:05:10,320 –> 00:05:16,080
pitch baseball game right now so they won’t be 
able to come in unfortunately but Jenni’s like  

00:05:16,080 –> 00:05:23,460
say hi to everybody for me please I’m like yeah I 
totally will but hello everybody my name is Marko  

00:05:23,460 –> 00:05:33,840
Karakasevich and uh we’re in the middle of Charbay 
Distillery right here um this right behind me is a  

00:05:34,980 –> 00:05:47,940
new still brand new yeah and then this one over 
here is our still that I learned on uh and still  

00:05:47,940 –> 00:05:56,100
use today um it’s a pru low pot still from 
cognac France and 40 years ago my mom and dad  

00:05:56,100 –> 00:06:02,640
bought it brand new and had it brought in from 
Cognac and installed and Robert Prudot himself  

00:06:02,640 –> 00:06:09,000
the owner of Prolo pot Stills came over just to 
make sure that everything was dialed in I mean it  

00:06:09,000 –> 00:06:17,280
was really cool and my first job was actually 
inside that pot I would sit on a bucket and I  

00:06:17,280 –> 00:06:25,020
was cleaning overhead dripping tsp back in the 
day and that was my first job I was 10 and uh  

00:06:25,020 –> 00:06:32,700
40 years later uh here I am here we are and we’re 
uh we’re adding another still uh 40 years later  

00:06:32,700 –> 00:06:41,820
this one’s this one’s made in Canada and uh it 
holds uh 2200 gallons and so to combined you know  

00:06:41,820 –> 00:06:48,840
we’ll we’ll distill the first run in this one and 
then finish in that one and it’s gonna be awesome  

00:06:49,500 –> 00:06:55,920
and I’m really looking forward to getting it all 
figured out and uh installed it was uh daunting  

00:06:55,920 –> 00:07:02,820
but now I’m past the daunting I’m ready to let 
it rip so oh and Marko tell us a little bit about  

00:07:02,820 –> 00:07:07,080
um because I know the original spill that 
you had is a very kind of artisan still that  

00:07:07,080 –> 00:07:12,600
requires you to really be very Hands-On with 
it and really kind of like you can like don’t  

00:07:12,600 –> 00:07:16,020
you sleep at The Distillery when you’re doing 
stripping runs and all that we’re not perfect  

00:07:16,020 –> 00:07:22,380
ones when you’re doing runs yeah I mean when I’m 
when we distill I use uh I get a tanker of beer  

00:07:22,380 –> 00:07:29,820
uh from a brewery to make whiskey and it takes 
10 days 24 hours a day I do sleep in this place  

00:07:31,020 –> 00:07:38,400
and uh it uh it’s a whole nother it’s a 
whole another lifestyle doing that but uh

00:07:45,120 –> 00:07:52,620
a little higher that super intense Hands-On Focus 
this one um this one’s gonna take about 12 hours  

00:07:52,620 –> 00:08:01,920
to do one run so we’re only going to work 12 hours 
a day and then uh only you know and then once once  

00:08:01,920 –> 00:08:08,100
we get once we get one run done it’ll produce 600 
gallons of hearts and then we’ll put the hearts in  

00:08:08,100 –> 00:08:12,660
the prullo still and then that’ll be running so 
pretty soon we’ll have both running at the same  

00:08:12,660 –> 00:08:20,700
time and then we can just do one shift a day and 
it should take about you know four days five days  

00:08:20,700 –> 00:08:27,180
at the most it’s double to still a tank or 6 400 
gallons of beer and make 600 gallons of whiskey  

00:08:27,180 –> 00:08:37,140
out of a tanker instead of uh like 10 to 14 days 
24 hours a day so it’s yeah it’s totally exciting  

00:08:37,140 –> 00:08:45,120
and you know uh there might be uh there might be 
a way to make a little gin with that still too oh  

00:08:45,120 –> 00:08:51,540
oh you guys don’t have a gin yet that’s 
exciting sorry yeah cool and there’s a  

00:08:51,540 –> 00:08:57,660
couple other products that we’re working on that 
uh the world hasn’t done before uh so we’re you  

00:08:57,660 –> 00:09:03,420
know we’re we’re picking the pace up even more 
right now this is our 40th anniversary this year  

00:09:04,020 –> 00:09:09,720
and uh mom and dad are retired they’re uh they 
live in Mexico sometimes and they live on Spring  

00:09:09,720 –> 00:09:17,460
Mountain sometimes and uh you know Jenni and 
I are going Full Throttle with it we like that  

00:09:17,460 –> 00:09:22,440
you’re not sitting on your laurels on your 40th 
anniversary but in rap rather you’re like you’re  

00:09:22,440 –> 00:09:28,380
picking it up like how do we what do we do next 
to turn the page and continue to reinvent and  

00:09:28,380 –> 00:09:33,780
redescribe what Charbay could mean that’s really 
beautiful yeah you know it’s it’s exciting uh  

00:09:33,780 –> 00:09:37,980
working with uh working with breweries we uh we 
have the opportunity now to work with another  

00:09:37,980 –> 00:09:45,780
Brewery that can can produce even other beers for 
us uh to uh to label enable us to make California  

00:09:45,780 –> 00:09:54,480
bourbon double pot distilled uh 100 Rye double pot 
distilled and then also California single malts  

00:09:54,480 –> 00:09:59,880
uh we’ve been doing those for uh years and haven’t 
uh haven’t released any yet just Barrel aging away  

00:10:00,660 –> 00:10:05,040
cool that’s great yeah one of the things we love 
about Charbay is they’ve kind of always been  

00:10:05,040 –> 00:10:09,480
ahead of their time um there’s some products that 
they’ve even released in the past that you know or  

00:10:09,480 –> 00:10:13,920
maybe exactly like sunchoke then you do a sunchoke 
liqueur or something like that at one point that  

00:10:13,920 –> 00:10:18,240
nowadays that might go crazy because people are 
always looking for these really unique ingredients  

00:10:18,240 –> 00:10:23,640
the flavored vodkas like we said one of the 
first natural flavor vodkas distilling whiskey  

00:10:23,640 –> 00:10:28,140
from finished beer right so you guys are always 
kind of on The Cutting Edge and it’s exciting  

00:10:28,140 –> 00:10:34,440
to see where you’re gonna go from here for the 
next 40 years yeah I hope my boys stick around  

00:10:34,440 –> 00:10:41,100
because there’s plenty to do yeah yeah for sure 
let’s try something what are we gonna try first

00:10:43,200 –> 00:10:44,340
jump in Marko let’s start with

00:10:50,700 –> 00:10:56,820
Meyer talked about there and yeah raised this 
class even though we’re not gonna drink one  

00:10:56,820 –> 00:11:03,660
yeah just to say Cheers Cheers everyone cheers to 
Charbay happy 40th anniversary yeah this is really  

00:11:03,660 –> 00:11:09,840
interesting for us to host you and be involved 
with your you know culmination of of four Decades  

00:11:09,840 –> 00:11:15,540
of amazing work and we’re delighted to be here 
thank you Marko for being here thank you for  

00:11:15,540 –> 00:11:20,880
all of you for coming and celebrating with us yeah 
thanks for having me on Crafty too this is awesome  

00:11:22,500 –> 00:11:30,180
yeah so the Meyer lemon vodka um we uh we kind 
of went backwards in the in the industry everyone  

00:11:30,180 –> 00:11:36,660
usually started out with a clear vodka straight 
vodka and then add introduced flavored vodkas to  

00:11:36,660 –> 00:11:44,760
their line um you know I was I was 21 and uh 
watching what people were drinking and a lot  

00:11:44,760 –> 00:11:47,940
of people and I was living in Napa Valley and 
a lot of people were drinking a lot of wine  

00:11:47,940 –> 00:11:51,780
and a lot of people are drinking vodka if they 
weren’t drinking wine so I said I asked my dad  

00:11:51,780 –> 00:11:57,240
I’m like hey you know let’s make some vodka too 
why not and my dad’s an artist of flavor didn’t  

00:11:57,240 –> 00:12:03,720
want to make clear vodka because our vodka had 
zero flavor in it whatsoever in his mind and so  

00:12:04,260 –> 00:12:09,540
um no okay and then I look on the Shelf at this 
one restaurant and there’s there’s absolute  

00:12:09,540 –> 00:12:18,720
Citron and still orange and that was it back 
in in the in the mid 90s and we were making a  

00:12:18,720 –> 00:12:23,340
Meyer lemon extract we were taking fresh Meyer 
lemon at the time we were making a Meyer lemon  

00:12:23,340 –> 00:12:28,200
extract out of fresh Creek Meyer lemons pulling 
the color and flavor out of the Skins the fruit  

00:12:28,200 –> 00:12:34,140
the juice the oils the pith the whole fruit uh 
taking that extract and my dad wanted to make a  

00:12:34,140 –> 00:12:40,980
Meyer lemon limoncello like a Meyer lemon liqueur 
right and you know it would be great but I mean  

00:12:41,640 –> 00:12:48,840
who’s drinking the cures back then and it just 
so I’m like hmm well let’s see you know you don’t  

00:12:48,840 –> 00:12:53,700
like vodka because it has no flavor in it we have 
this beautiful beautiful Meyer lemon extract that  

00:12:53,700 –> 00:12:58,980
we just made out of fresh picked Meyer lemons uh 
let’s but let’s put some let’s make let’s make  

00:12:58,980 –> 00:13:04,320
Meyer lemon flavored vodka and that way you can’t 
tell me that our vodka doesn’t have flavor in it  

00:13:04,320 –> 00:13:15,720
anymore so uh that was in uh the first release 
of the Meyer lemon vodka was in 98. so two  

00:13:16,380 –> 00:13:25,080
25 years ago wow Happy 25th Meyer lemon 25 
vintages and we can only make it one time  

00:13:25,080 –> 00:13:33,180
a year because the Meyer lemons in California are 
ripe um in January February um there’s a there’s a  

00:13:33,180 –> 00:13:39,960
beautiful area in like Central California towards 
the Sequoia is about a hundred thousand acres of  

00:13:39,960 –> 00:13:45,660
citrus about 1700 feet up in elevation and that’s 
where we get our Meyer lemons and our blood  

00:13:45,660 –> 00:13:50,760
oranges as well we make blood orange vodka as well 
and you know that’s one of the real distinctions  

00:13:50,760 –> 00:13:57,000
between crafts and kind of what I affectionately 
call Big booze um um is you know like Marko  

00:13:57,000 –> 00:14:01,860
drawing a Line in the Sand and saying the best 
Meyer lemons are only this season only this time  

00:14:01,860 –> 00:14:06,720
of year therefore we can only make it when we get 
them versus being like well let’s use other lemons  

00:14:06,720 –> 00:14:10,920
let’s figure out like something else we gotta 
keep making them you know and we love that we  

00:14:10,920 –> 00:14:15,840
love that dedication to like quality ingredients 
because you know delicious in is delicious out as  

00:14:15,840 –> 00:14:21,840
you like to say Marko so and that’s true you know 
it’s stressful because you know at the at the end  

00:14:21,840 –> 00:14:27,360
of the sales cycle of every year we we make the 
call how much we’re going to make we don’t ever  

00:14:27,360 –> 00:14:32,940
want to run out but we don’t want to oversupply 
as well so we make enough we make enough to  

00:14:32,940 –> 00:14:39,240
anticipate sales growth hopefully uh and then you 
know right right at the end right around December  

00:14:39,240 –> 00:14:44,220
right after the big push on December and January 
we have like maybe three or four pallets left and  

00:14:44,220 –> 00:14:49,320
by then the great the Meyer lemons are coming in 
time to make another extract and then integrate  

00:14:49,320 –> 00:14:58,560
into our vodka and then and then bottle and and 
get the next batch out so but uh yeah it’s been  

00:14:59,700 –> 00:15:04,620
great yeah I love that and so sipping vodka 
straight isn’t necessarily what a lot of people  

00:15:04,620 –> 00:15:10,080
do some people love vodka on the Rocks you know 
um or vodka straight but if if you’re taking a  

00:15:10,080 –> 00:15:15,720
sip of this and this is feeling a little like whoa 
you know as as with all of these you know you can  

00:15:15,720 –> 00:15:20,520
always kind of add a drop of water you can add an 
ice cube what are some cocktails you like to do  

00:15:20,520 –> 00:15:25,140
with the Meyer lemon Marko well lately I’ve just 
been putting on the rocks and drinking it with  

00:15:25,140 –> 00:15:33,360
really good soda water or sparkling mineral water 
so clean it’s so easy to do it’s super refreshing  

00:15:33,360 –> 00:15:41,280
uh you know I’m not doing too many crazy cocktails 
with it but uh this one time Jenni and I were on  

00:15:41,280 –> 00:15:47,400
a cruise ship and we were the we were the Vodka 
experts on for Holland America and we’re taken off  

00:15:47,400 –> 00:15:53,520
from Mexico I forget what port we were leaving 
but we’re having a big party on the back deck  

00:15:53,520 –> 00:15:59,760
and we’re pouring our rum and we’re making uh 
pina coladas and we ran out of our Tahitian  

00:15:59,760 –> 00:16:07,260
rum and I know I had like 17 cases of Meyer lemon 
left I’m like get the Meyer lemon vodka and put  

00:16:07,260 –> 00:16:15,420
it in and make a Meyer lemon pina colada I think 
that’s called a Chichi and oh my God uh swapping  

00:16:15,420 –> 00:16:22,500
uh swapping swapping rum out and replacing it with 
Meyer lemon vodka and a pina colada is awesome  

00:16:23,220 –> 00:16:28,680
yeah that sounds like it’s great it would be just 
incredibly vibrant especially as I’m sitting here  

00:16:28,680 –> 00:16:33,840
we’re sitting here sipping on this Meyer lemon 
well you’re adding you’re adding essential oils of  

00:16:33,840 –> 00:16:40,740
the fruit I mean you’re adding acidity to uh to a 
pina colada I mean it’s just it’s a good way to go  

00:16:41,580 –> 00:16:46,320
um yeah and and you know I feel like we 
definitely kind of reflect on your uh  

00:16:46,320 –> 00:16:53,580
your notion of not making anything that’s too 
complex and overt because the delicacy and like  

00:16:53,580 –> 00:17:00,360
the Precision and the flavor profile of your 
base Spirit you don’t want to cover up too much  

00:17:00,360 –> 00:17:07,260
yeah and so even a pina colada like I would be 
a little bit reticent but if it’s real pineapple  

00:17:07,260 –> 00:17:14,880
juice and if it’s real yeah coconut milk yeah 
that sounds so good yeah it’s really good John  

00:17:15,600 –> 00:17:24,000
um it was uh that was uh that was a fun night 
[Music] you’re making Eric Huber nostalgic he  

00:17:24,000 –> 00:17:27,660
says just talking about the vanilla rum is 
bringing back good memories bring it back  

00:17:27,660 –> 00:17:38,280
no yeah I mean that’s uh that I’ve been I’ve been 
thinking a lot lately about ROM and uh I think uh  

00:17:38,280 –> 00:17:44,220
pretty soon it’s time to time to make some more 
because man it’s just it’s just tasty and it’s  

00:17:44,220 –> 00:17:50,100
good all year round I mean it’s not as far as 
sales go and and everything is products and  

00:17:50,100 –> 00:17:56,700
different types of spirits rum kind of doesn’t 
really have the the full force pressure of of  

00:17:56,700 –> 00:18:02,820
being consumed you know 24 7 every single day 
like some other Spirits do but that’s okay  

00:18:04,200 –> 00:18:11,100
um you know it’s uh it’s it’s got its place in 
time and so it and I I like making it too it’s  

00:18:11,100 –> 00:18:16,800
fun so but the problem is we can’t we don’t have 
any we don’t have any sugar came from Maui like  

00:18:16,800 –> 00:18:22,020
we did in o5 so we gotta find some we gotta find 
another tropical island that’s making some sugar  

00:18:22,020 –> 00:18:26,640
cane for us yeah we’re trying to help the realm 
out in that area where are we at The Crafty Cask  

00:18:26,640 –> 00:18:30,660
we always say like move over whiskey rum is 
the next big dark spirit because people people  

00:18:30,660 –> 00:18:35,040
think of rum and they think of like rum and cokes 
they’re like super sweet tropical drinks but like  

00:18:35,040 –> 00:18:41,340
rum when it is made well is gorgeous especially 
like if you like slightly like bourbon like I feel  

00:18:41,340 –> 00:18:46,260
like bourbon drinkers like would love craft ROMs 
if they sipped on them like that transition is  

00:18:46,260 –> 00:18:52,560
so easy for a drinker to mount you in our opinion 
for sure let’s move over to the green tea vodka so  

00:18:52,560 –> 00:18:56,400
we can open this up and let people start talking 
to Marko 100 I don’t feel like you have to finish  

00:18:56,400 –> 00:18:59,700
your first one before we move to the second one 
we’re just going to kind of taste through them and  

00:18:59,700 –> 00:19:06,120
then we can come back and yeah we’re not trying 
to uh no pressure alcohol abuse here with like  

00:19:06,120 –> 00:19:15,000
yeah uh green tea vodka first you know in 98 we 
launched Meyer lemon blood orange and then Texas  

00:19:15,000 –> 00:19:23,820
Rio star ruby red grapefruit which we’re bringing 
back again uh this year yeah it’s super juicy it’s  

00:19:23,820 –> 00:19:29,820
super intense I’ve been wanting to make it for a 
long time and we also made key line vodka back in  

00:19:29,820 –> 00:19:37,740
the day but I think we over extracted and made 
it really too intense and so uh we dropped the  

00:19:37,740 –> 00:19:43,980
key lime vodka and then in its place um we found 
another thing that we really like which is green  

00:19:43,980 –> 00:19:50,760
tea and we made we sourced our teas from China 
first growth tea not white tea but first growth  

00:19:50,760 –> 00:19:56,400
teas and then we made an extract out of those so 
we pulled the color and flavor out of the out of  

00:19:56,400 –> 00:20:01,920
the tea and then we integrated that into our vodka 
and made green tea flavored vodka and the first  

00:20:01,920 –> 00:20:12,660
time we released that was in 05 and there was no 
other tea flavored vodka um on the market and uh  

00:20:12,660 –> 00:20:21,120
the again this one I mean on the rocks with soda 
water is just the way to go uh but uh I I met a  

00:20:21,120 –> 00:20:32,220
friend James Lee in Colorado who was working at a 
uh Mexican Taqueria Cantina and he made a pims cup  

00:20:33,000 –> 00:20:39,840
with the green vodka 50 50 with pims and green tea 
vodka and then the rest of the the ingredients for  

00:20:39,840 –> 00:20:44,640
a pims cup and it’s one of those cocktails where 
you try it you’re like I need to order another one  

00:20:44,640 –> 00:20:52,140
right now please and uh you know it’s it’s pitcher 
class uh cocktailing for sure I mean it’s so good  

00:20:53,100 –> 00:20:59,340
um the green tea plus you know when you when you 
extract green tea with alcohol and water uh the  

00:20:59,340 –> 00:21:06,960
way we do it um caffeine is alcohol soluble so 
we pull the caffeine out of the tea leaves and  

00:21:06,960 –> 00:21:12,420
uh it’s it’s in the bottle you know it’s not like 
you’re not going to want to clean the house or  

00:21:12,420 –> 00:21:18,900
anything but it’s a good chatty bus for sure 
and uh I love the green tea I mean God we’ve  

00:21:18,900 –> 00:21:25,980
been doing that for almost 20 years now like 18 
years Marko I love that idea of using that in a  

00:21:25,980 –> 00:21:30,600
pin Scott because I do feel like one of the cool 
things about pins cup is that it’s kind of like  

00:21:31,200 –> 00:21:38,280
fruit salad and a dinner salad like in a glass and 
one thing that can be missing is a little bit more  

00:21:38,280 –> 00:21:45,420
of those like herbaceous or like root herb driven 
kind of flavors that green tea just kind of lifts  

00:21:45,420 –> 00:21:51,660
up into that like supports all the other kind of 
elements of the pins cup especially when you add  

00:21:51,660 –> 00:21:56,460
the fresh ingredients that should be there in 
my opinion we have we have some pants though  

00:21:56,460 –> 00:22:02,400
afterwards that sounds so cool and we have pins 
but we’re gonna make one of those very soon oh  

00:22:02,400 –> 00:22:11,280
man it is it is so good you know I mean pims uh 
pims cups you know I I think uh you know Negroni  

00:22:11,280 –> 00:22:18,900
so I started drinking negronis a while ago and 
uh we were substituting some blood orange vodka  

00:22:18,900 –> 00:22:25,320
for for gin because you add orange bitters to to 
a Negroni I’m like well well pop the Gin take the  

00:22:25,320 –> 00:22:31,920
bitters out pop the Gin out and put blood orange 
vodka in and make a and make a blood orange with  

00:22:31,920 –> 00:22:39,540
Campari and and put the mess uh mix and make it 
and uh so I’ve been I’ve been doing the negronis  

00:22:39,540 –> 00:22:47,880
for a long time and I I I don’t know but I 
you know I I could see pims cups coming back  

00:22:49,140 –> 00:22:56,760
um pretty you know it might take a while but 
you know no one ever no one ever thought Negroni  

00:22:56,760 –> 00:23:02,280
would explode and have Negroni bars and have 17 
different styles of negronis to try on airplanes  

00:23:02,280 –> 00:23:09,660
and cruise ships and stuff like that I mean it 
just never happened so um you know the I mean my  

00:23:09,660 –> 00:23:14,760
experience for for like the entirety of the time 
that I’ve spent behind the bar I’ve been trying to  

00:23:14,760 –> 00:23:20,340
encourage people to drink rose wine and everybody 
still had a bad taste in their mouth from waiting  

00:23:21,420 –> 00:23:28,620
and then all of a sudden all of a sudden it was 
something yeah I feel like it’s like fashion  

00:23:28,620 –> 00:23:33,060
too I feel like cocktails come and they go and 
then they come back like I feel like espresso  

00:23:33,060 –> 00:23:40,800
martinis having a Renaissance right now you 
know um you mean stuff like this oh what yeah

00:23:40,800 –> 00:23:51,780
is that dark chocolatey looking coffee looking 
liqueur looking thing yeah is that a sneak peek  

00:23:51,780 –> 00:23:59,880
into something you’re working on yeah [Music] who 
doesn’t like coffee and who doesn’t like coffee  

00:23:59,880 –> 00:24:08,100
liqueurs and who doesn’t like really good coffee 
liqueurs uh you know so we’re uh I’ve been I’ve  

00:24:08,100 –> 00:24:15,420
been formulating and doing trials and uh testing 
it on my wife and uh you know it’s uh it’s been  

00:24:15,420 –> 00:24:21,780
a lot of fun and uh we’re gonna be launching 
our Charbay espresso liqueur here pretty soon  

00:24:23,580 –> 00:24:29,880
yeah it is takes like four minutes for 
it to turn on too it’s uh it’s no joke  

00:24:29,880 –> 00:24:39,660
nice quick ingestion huh yeah it’s cool 
So speaking of special special treats  

00:24:40,980 –> 00:24:47,820
this this third one the tequila y’all aren’t ready 
for this you’re not like you got to tell us the  

00:24:47,820 –> 00:24:52,440
story Marko you got to tell us like the master of 
distiller piece and the you know give us give us  

00:24:52,440 –> 00:24:59,400
the background yeah that one that’s a that’s a 
pretty tasty Blanco right there uh actually uh  

00:24:59,400 –> 00:25:05,220
it’s been sold out for what like a decade and 
pretty safety is an understatement please well  

00:25:05,220 –> 00:25:12,420
let’s see we we made it in late 08 down in 
Arandas at La altena home of tequila Tapatio  

00:25:13,980 –> 00:25:20,580
um and then we aged it in stainless for 
like a year and then we bottled it and  

00:25:20,580 –> 00:25:27,960
launched it in 2010 so it was pretty much 
gone 2010 so yeah 13 years ago or something  

00:25:27,960 –> 00:25:34,620
it was come and gone we were supposed to get 
like 2200 cases in the container uh but only  

00:25:34,620 –> 00:25:43,740
1800 showed up and later you know Carlos 
tells me oh I have I have mice that Carlos

00:25:44,520 –> 00:25:56,160
and uh we the whole story is uh you know my we 
we love tequila too and I met Carlos Camarena uh  

00:25:56,160 –> 00:26:04,380
at uh Jimmy’s tequila bar over in Aspen during 
a Aspen food and wine we we think it was 2002.  

00:26:06,000 –> 00:26:11,580
maybe we don’t really remember but it’s 
right around there and we started talking uh  

00:26:11,580 –> 00:26:15,300
we started talking about you know what Grandpa 
used to do because he’s third generation  

00:26:15,300 –> 00:26:20,880
distilling family and we’re multi-generational 
distilling family and uh it was just really it  

00:26:20,880 –> 00:26:24,420
was really fun to talk with Carlos and by then 
it was like two o’clock in the morning and you  

00:26:24,420 –> 00:26:30,720
know everything was everything was working and uh 
then we started talking about methanol and because  

00:26:30,720 –> 00:26:37,560
methanol is an alcohol that you have to be aware 
of when you’re distilling tequila and then Carlos  

00:26:37,560 –> 00:26:41,520
was saying well you know methanol doesn’t come 
out in the heads it comes out in the Tails I’m  

00:26:41,520 –> 00:26:48,900
like oh my God this is so wrong you know it’s like 
methanol is a smaller molecule uh than ethanol it  

00:26:48,900 –> 00:26:54,180
should come out in the heads and not the Tails 
and he’s like you don’t know Tequila Marko it’s  

00:26:54,180 –> 00:26:59,940
a different animal I’m like oh my God by then now 
it’s like four o’clock in the morning I’m like man  

00:27:01,140 –> 00:27:08,580
great talking with you Carlos I I hear you I just 
yeah I just have a hard time with this but uh you  

00:27:08,580 –> 00:27:15,480
know and and anyways we became good friends and 
he invited us down to make our own tequila and  

00:27:15,480 –> 00:27:21,540
watch the GC every five minutes when the as 
the distiller came off the still of a double  

00:27:21,540 –> 00:27:26,400
distillation of a blue agave and sure enough 
you know nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing  

00:27:26,400 –> 00:27:31,980
nothing nothing that all sound like you know like 
the third quarter of the run just a monster spike  

00:27:31,980 –> 00:27:37,320
a methanol shot out in the Tails and he’s like 
hey I told you and methanol comes out in the Tails  

00:27:37,320 –> 00:27:43,560
and my dad’s freaking out because he’s a chemist 
and he’s like this is not right uh and um nobody  

00:27:43,560 –> 00:27:49,980
really knows for real you know why the methanol is 
coming out in the Tails and not in the heads when  

00:27:49,980 –> 00:27:54,900
it’s a smaller molecule and smaller molecules 
vaporize at lower temperatures which is the  

00:27:54,900 –> 00:28:01,920
beginning of the Run not the end of the Run uh but 
uh we uh we got to we got to do whatever we wanted  

00:28:01,920 –> 00:28:09,600
to at la Latina Carlos uh Carlos allowed us to uh 
change up some fermentations and make our own cuts  

00:28:09,600 –> 00:28:18,660
and do our own thing and we got to we got to make 
this Blanco back in 2008 and uh David uh David OG  

00:28:18,660 –> 00:28:26,880
from k l he does an annual report of Tequilas and 
uh in 2010 when we launched it he uh he’s like  

00:28:27,900 –> 00:28:33,780
I don’t know what’s going on I got a fundamental 
problem with this but uh you know the the the 2010  

00:28:33,780 –> 00:28:38,340
tequila of the year with KN is Charbay tequila 
Blanca made by Miles and Marko two distillers  

00:28:38,340 –> 00:28:46,260
from California uh and uh so we crushed it and 
uh it was super fun and then so after that I  

00:28:46,260 –> 00:28:50,580
sold out you know for sure and then I told Carlos 
I called him and said hey you know let’s make some  

00:28:50,580 –> 00:28:57,180
more it’s like well you know the Agave prices 
are going up and uh you know by up means like  

00:28:57,180 –> 00:29:04,860
six pesos of the kilo and that was a lot more than 
what I paid and I was like oh man I wouldn’t be  

00:29:04,860 –> 00:29:09,600
able to you know put a Blanco out for like 
under 85 dollars and I just said forget it  

00:29:09,600 –> 00:29:17,220
I’m going to focus on making stuff at home and 
uh but what turned out after that was tequila  

00:29:17,220 –> 00:29:24,180
Tapatio uh was never brought was never in the 
United States um they had a he had a contract  

00:29:24,180 –> 00:29:32,220
with uh Jim Beam Global uh you know forcing it 
to only be El Tesoro coming out of valatania  

00:29:32,220 –> 00:29:38,160
until 2010 and I’m like hey you know I’ve got 
my license I got my importers license I have  

00:29:38,160 –> 00:29:42,660
distribution lined up let’s just take care of 
New York and California and then all sudden  

00:29:42,660 –> 00:29:50,040
you know blew up to 40 States and uh so we we 
get to import tequila Tapatio for the whole U.S  

00:29:51,540 –> 00:29:59,760
um uh straight from LA altena and I love smelling 
the Charbay tequila and tasting it because you can  

00:29:59,760 –> 00:30:06,600
smell and taste it and as it opens up you get 
different flavors of cooked Agave fresh agave  

00:30:07,500 –> 00:30:14,700
fermentations the distillations you smell you 
can smell the different parts of the distillery  

00:30:14,700 –> 00:30:22,080
lalitania in the glass when you’re trying the 
tequila from charbet or or tequila Tapatio and  

00:30:22,080 –> 00:30:26,580
uh it’s just uh I mean two of my favorite 
things are being in Mexico and Distilling  

00:30:26,580 –> 00:30:32,400
and so when I get to do both at the same time 
I mean it’s golden it’s just it’s cool and  

00:30:32,400 –> 00:30:38,520
um that’s really rare there aren’t many distillers 
in the United States who can say they’ve distilled  

00:30:38,520 –> 00:30:42,780
like all the different source of materials 
to like really do this including sugar cane  

00:30:42,780 –> 00:30:46,500
sugarcane is another one that a lot of American 
craft distillers have not worked with that  

00:30:47,280 –> 00:30:52,920
um so it’s you know an Accolade for sure that 
Marko can say I’ve worked with agave I’ve  

00:30:52,920 –> 00:30:58,560
distilled you know Tequila like that’s pretty rare 
and if you distill something from Agave or agave  

00:30:58,560 –> 00:31:03,840
syrup or something like that here in the United 
States you legally cannot call that tequila you  

00:31:03,840 –> 00:31:09,540
have to call that Agave distillate or agave Spirit 
um you’re starting to see more and more of that  

00:31:09,540 –> 00:31:15,000
here in the United States there are a few places 
who do good ones um you know of a few um but  

00:31:15,000 –> 00:31:18,720
honestly it’s confusing to Consumers you know like 
so when you go to the store and you’re looking at  

00:31:18,720 –> 00:31:22,440
things and you want to buy a tequila and you see 
something that says Agave Spirit you’re wondering  

00:31:22,440 –> 00:31:26,580
like is that kind of taste the same as tequila is 
that tequila I don’t know and then often people  

00:31:26,580 –> 00:31:35,460
pass over it um is huge South Africa they’re 
producing Agave Spirits Australia is producing  

00:31:35,460 –> 00:31:41,580
Agave Spirits uh you know it’s uh it’s catching 
on you know it’s the youngest Spirit category  

00:31:41,580 –> 00:31:47,400
you know that we have it’s only been around for 
like what 250 years maybe 300 at the very most  

00:31:48,780 –> 00:31:54,480
um so it’s a relatively new uh to the world 
of uh of the different classes of spirits but  

00:31:54,480 –> 00:32:00,900
uh it’s definitely you know it’s definitely 
running Full Throttle right now uh the the  

00:32:01,740 –> 00:32:08,040
it’s a blast I mean I’m I’m stoked that we get 
to have tequila Tapatio for the whole U.S and  

00:32:08,040 –> 00:32:13,020
uh the strawberry when Jenni is like Jenni’s like 
oh we’re gonna do a Crafty Cask we need something  

00:32:13,020 –> 00:32:18,840
special we need something really special my 
well I mean you’re like I know what you’re  

00:32:18,840 –> 00:32:24,780
asking about we are blessed thank you Marko 
we do have some tequila left I mean my dad put  

00:32:24,780 –> 00:32:29,460
skull and crossbones on this last palette of uh 
strawberry tequila Blanca it was like absolutely  

00:32:29,460 –> 00:32:36,540
nobody touched this and uh so I did ask them and 
we we poached a case out of there uh yeah from  

00:32:36,540 –> 00:32:43,320
the private reserve you guys this is nowhere not 
available on the market but yeah but I am going to  

00:32:43,320 –> 00:32:47,760
put a link in the chat at the end of the session 
it’s going to be a race everyone are you ready  

00:32:47,760 –> 00:32:53,760
we have like seven bottles of each of these that 
we’re tasting tonight ready to go in online order  

00:32:54,600 –> 00:32:59,460
um so you can maybe if you’re fast enough get 
your hands on one of these leftover bottles of  

00:32:59,460 –> 00:33:06,000
tequila which yeah I know we have a few left we 
asked you for a few more than we needed so people  

00:33:06,000 –> 00:33:11,160
could go get a full size a full-size bottle and 
just in the sidebar before we move on to the next  

00:33:11,160 –> 00:33:16,560
period I wanted to step back and talk briefly 
about something that Marko touched on there  

00:33:16,560 –> 00:33:22,020
which was the increase in the price of agave that 
might have prevented him from making tequila again  

00:33:23,160 –> 00:33:31,500
um with the important concept as it pertains to 
The Crafty Cask and why craft is important yeah  

00:33:31,500 –> 00:33:41,280
that tequila to an extent and mezcal certainly 
are maybe the last of the artisanal Spirits left  

00:33:41,280 –> 00:33:49,020
in the world everything else is made from Soros 
material that can be made from a commodity where  

00:33:49,020 –> 00:33:54,900
you can grow rapidly growing rapidly every year 
there’s a there there’s a harvest Agave is not  

00:33:54,900 –> 00:34:01,500
that way blue ever Agave which is required to make 
tequila comes to maturation somewhere in seven to  

00:34:01,500 –> 00:34:10,500
ten years there are some Agaves that take 30 years 
to mature and the proliferation and the uh I guess  

00:34:11,220 –> 00:34:19,680
recognition of these spirits and the popularity 
of them is being importantly uh protected by the  

00:34:19,680 –> 00:34:27,960
people that care in Mexico and buying tequila or 
tequila Meeks though or anything that really isn’t  

00:34:27,960 –> 00:34:36,720
a true craft Spirit especially in this category 
is kind of pillaging a really important resource  

00:34:36,720 –> 00:34:41,520
and that’s something that we feel very strongly 
about and we hope that you do too and often taking  

00:34:41,520 –> 00:34:46,800
advantage of the local population and really you 
know so with tequila in particular with everything  

00:34:46,800 –> 00:34:51,600
we believe drink crap you know do your do your 
homework well tequila in particular please don’t  

00:34:51,600 –> 00:34:56,340
buy twenty dollar bottle please don’t buy the 
Jose cuervos of the world and stuff like that  

00:34:56,940 –> 00:35:03,480
um you’re you’re doing doing Mexico with the 
service um yeah you know I just uh I just hope  

00:35:03,480 –> 00:35:09,300
that they don’t clear cut all the the 30 year 
olds uh special rare species of agave that are  

00:35:09,300 –> 00:35:13,560
growing and it takes them 30 years to grow but 
uh are you have you been replanting them for 30  

00:35:13,560 –> 00:35:17,700
years while you harvest that 30 year old you 
know that’s the problem I I have with mezcal  

00:35:17,700 –> 00:35:25,740
is uh you know yeah you’re finding these really 
uh amazing uh uh varieties of agave but you know  

00:35:25,740 –> 00:35:31,740
if you’re commercially harvesting you got to be 
commercially planting um you know for you know  

00:35:31,740 –> 00:35:39,060
your whole life I mean 30 years geez you know 
you better have been starting at least 15 years  

00:35:39,060 –> 00:35:44,940
ago and people I I don’t really I mean maybe 
maybe 10 years ago people started replanting  

00:35:44,940 –> 00:35:52,680
the more of the wild uh species varieties of 
agave for uh for mezcals but uh yeah it’s a  

00:35:54,660 –> 00:36:00,000
it’s crazy what’s going on down there so we 
before we move on to the the whiskeys and the  

00:36:00,000 –> 00:36:06,540
brown spirits and it’s very special um we do 
have one question about from Steve since it’s  

00:36:06,540 –> 00:36:12,300
distilled in northern Mexico isn’t it bakanora 
um and there’s there’s some confusion sometimes  

00:36:12,300 –> 00:36:15,900
I think and I’m not sure if it’s related to 
this about it only being able to be Jalisco  

00:36:15,900 –> 00:36:22,500
and like there’s actually broader regions now 
and all that yeah so this was distilled in  

00:36:24,120 –> 00:36:30,480
this was discussed in in Jalisco not in 
Sonora correct Marko this was that yeah  

00:36:30,480 –> 00:36:37,980
this is distilled in uh in lalitania Distillery 
it’s it’s in Arandas it’s in Jalisco uh it is the  

00:36:37,980 –> 00:36:44,760
same still uh Distillery that they’ve been 
using since 1939 uh to make tequila Tapatio  

00:36:44,760 –> 00:36:53,040
and El Tesoro came on the market as well uh 
Ocho started uh uh in lalitania and Carlos  

00:36:53,040 –> 00:36:58,800
just recently uh started Los alambique’s 
Distillery uh on the other side of Arandas  

00:37:00,000 –> 00:37:05,760
um maybe maybe like 20 minutes away uh but 
uh he has his own uh Distillery for Ocho  

00:37:05,760 –> 00:37:12,660
exclusively now uh but uh yeah it was it was 
distilled in Jalisco at La altania Distillery  

00:37:13,320 –> 00:37:22,080
and and Steve just to clarify yes in northern 
Mexico in Sonora uh Mezcal distillate that is  

00:37:22,080 –> 00:37:28,680
found and produced there which I think only became 
legal in the late 90s is referred to as bacanora  

00:37:29,520 –> 00:37:35,460
um and I think that it might only be in Sonora 
there might be a joining State on the Mexican  

00:37:35,460 –> 00:37:41,340
border where bacchanore is also produced but 
that’s probably one of the more obscure Agave  

00:37:41,340 –> 00:37:48,060
based distillates from Mexico uh and it does 
come from northern Mexico everyone I’m pinning  

00:37:48,060 –> 00:37:52,920
I’m pinning Tom and Steph here they made a fun 
little cocktail and they’re saying that they  

00:37:52,920 –> 00:37:59,040
are using their Charbay glasses they got at The 
Distillery back in 2005. for their Cocktails so  

00:37:59,040 –> 00:38:04,380
we have some long time Charbay fans here thank 
you for joining and showing us that love it  

00:38:05,880 –> 00:38:11,700
that’s awesome awesome nice all right are we ready 
for the are we ready for the whiskey we’re moving  

00:38:11,700 –> 00:38:16,260
away from the white Spirits oh you know just 
one more thing about our Blanco if you get one  

00:38:16,260 –> 00:38:23,160
of those bottles we have the GPS coordinates 
of the ranch that are Agave we put the GPS  

00:38:23,160 –> 00:38:33,540
identification of the uh of the exact location 
of those Agaves right there this is uh I don’t  

00:38:33,540 –> 00:38:39,000
know if the focus is going to work this place 
Little Triangle uh triangle little patch of agave  

00:38:40,140 –> 00:38:46,800
um so something kind of cool right there well 
let’s move on let’s go to DNT right is that where  

00:38:46,800 –> 00:38:50,640
we’re going yep we’re going to do DNT next and 
for those of you who’ve been thinking Suzanne’s  

00:38:50,640 –> 00:38:54,960
doing a happy dance right now for those of you 
been fans of The Crafty Cask for a while you  

00:38:54,960 –> 00:38:58,500
know whenever anyone asks me what my favorite 
anything is my answer is always like I have no  

00:38:58,500 –> 00:39:03,120
favorite children there’s but when it comes 
to Whiskey I’m like well there’s one whiskey  

00:39:03,120 –> 00:39:07,380
that’s lived in my special to cancer and it’s the 
only whiskey loses in my specialty cancer for a  

00:39:07,380 –> 00:39:12,900
very long time and it’s this one um and from the 
very first time I discovered it this has been my  

00:39:12,900 –> 00:39:16,560
favorite whiskey and I keep looking for one to 
beat it out Marko and I just haven’t found one  

00:39:16,560 –> 00:39:22,080
yet she’s diligent about looking too I am I am 
um so Marko tell us about this this was kind of  

00:39:22,080 –> 00:39:27,000
related to your like thesis almost with your dad 
when you were taking over kind of the spilling  

00:39:27,660 –> 00:39:35,460
well yeah I mean my my family’s been distilling 
since 1751 back in Europe and my dad came over and  

00:39:35,460 –> 00:39:42,360
my mom and dad uh met in Michigan and then they 
came to California and in 83 they started Charbay  

00:39:43,620 –> 00:39:51,360
the definition of Master distiller in in my family 
uh has been always been the ability to meet and  

00:39:51,360 –> 00:39:57,000
exceed your instructor uh make something uh you 
know make something as good or better than the  

00:39:57,000 –> 00:40:03,840
person who taught you and it could be a relative 
uh or you know for uncle grandma somebody whoever  

00:40:03,840 –> 00:40:12,000
whoever was running the still in that generation 
so for me it was I’ve been working with my dad  

00:40:12,000 –> 00:40:18,180
since I was 10 and so I uh and he’s like and 
you gotta launch something in the market that  

00:40:18,180 –> 00:40:23,760
the family has never released before okay well 
sounds like whiskey to me because I just had I  

00:40:23,760 –> 00:40:32,040
had this I had you know I had this uh fascination 
with American whiskey um I started brewing beer in  

00:40:32,040 –> 00:40:39,660
high school and learning that the two row malted 
barley that I used was the same two-row malted  

00:40:39,660 –> 00:40:47,700
barley that they use in in distilleries to make 
whiskey I was like well well well I made this  

00:40:47,700 –> 00:40:53,880
tasty pilsner Czech style pills and with sauce 
hops it’s tasty beer it’s like eight percent  

00:40:53,880 –> 00:41:00,780
alcohol it’s too real malted barley it’s eight 
percent alcohol it’s you know uh I think we could  

00:41:00,780 –> 00:41:07,320
distill this and make whiskey out of it right and 
my dad’s like that’s not American whiskey at all

00:41:09,600 –> 00:41:16,140
oh well but that was in the 80s so then in 
the uh in the 90s uh we got the opportunity  

00:41:16,140 –> 00:41:23,520
to actually get 22 000 gallons of Czech 
style pilsner a true logger uh logger to  

00:41:23,520 –> 00:41:29,400
like 38 degrees for three months it’s just 
delicious beer and my dad and I were here  

00:41:29,400 –> 00:41:33,180
24 hours a day 10 days you know actually 
that was three and a half weeks straight  

00:41:34,380 –> 00:41:39,600
um double distilling that and we we distilled 
that check style pills and a beer and put in  

00:41:39,600 –> 00:41:44,880
the barrel and then two years later we released 
it as a hop flavored whiskey that’s the category  

00:41:44,880 –> 00:41:50,820
ttb put us in and so it was the first uh 
pilsner beard distillate on the market  

00:41:51,540 –> 00:41:56,580
and it’s delicious because it’s concentrated 
you know when you distill delicious you  

00:41:56,580 –> 00:42:04,860
concentrate delicious and so Captain Marko 
isn’t everyone yeah it is it’s reality

00:42:07,260 –> 00:42:14,640
yeah so I was like okay so I wanna I Wanna 
Be 13th generation Master distiller so I uh  

00:42:14,640 –> 00:42:20,700
I had the opportunity to buy some uh some 
IPA beer from uh from a Boonville Brewery  

00:42:21,240 –> 00:42:27,180
and uh then uh just double distilled it 
I aged it in stainless because I wanted  

00:42:27,180 –> 00:42:33,240
to I wanted to Showcase off my talents of 
being a distiller showing off that still  

00:42:33,840 –> 00:42:41,640
that’s still right there and then and then showing 
off the spirit so I didn’t even put my whiskey in  

00:42:41,640 –> 00:42:48,120
a barrel I wanted I wanted to make an Oda V 
in the form of whiskey um some people call it  

00:42:48,120 –> 00:42:57,120
uh moonshine some people call it other things uh 
but uh I aged it for five years in stainless and  

00:42:57,120 –> 00:43:04,920
just let all the flavors integrate and then um 
I made my own label and got it all approved and  

00:43:04,920 –> 00:43:12,720
bought the glass and started selling DNT doubled 
and twisted whiskey clear whiskey in 2010 and  

00:43:13,260 –> 00:43:20,220
um there was the first year that Paul piccolt 
had his ultimate Spirits challenge over in New  

00:43:20,220 –> 00:43:27,120
York it’s a really it’s really amazing it’s an 
amazing competition Spirits competition and uh  

00:43:27,120 –> 00:43:32,100
doubled and twisted took the highest rating 
of all whiskeys brown or clear I was like  

00:43:33,120 –> 00:43:38,460
well that’s pretty cool you know and I told my 
dad I’m like hey just got the highest numbers  

00:43:38,460 –> 00:43:43,320
and double in uh at the ultimate Spirit she’s 
like I know it’s good like hey hey hey hey I’m  

00:43:43,320 –> 00:43:48,720
just telling you somebody else likes it Dad you 
know Jesus Christ you know take it easy and uh  

00:43:48,720 –> 00:43:53,940
but after that he’s like congratulations you’re 
a goddamn Master distiller let’s drink some smoke  

00:43:53,940 –> 00:44:03,720
cigars I’m like hell yeah so it took me like uh 
26 years to earn the title of 13th generation  

00:44:03,720 –> 00:44:10,740
Master distiller and uh just been running solid 
ever since and you know just to just banging away  

00:44:10,740 –> 00:44:18,480
the rest of history as they say ENT is like my uh 
liquid thesis and this is uh what are you this is  

00:44:18,480 –> 00:44:27,180
a lot number two right yeah I think so yeah we’re 
sold out um pretty much if not like maybe a couple  

00:44:27,180 –> 00:44:32,940
Cases left or something like that but uh we’re 
we’re gonna up in Jenni’s been hammering on me to  

00:44:32,940 –> 00:44:39,300
uh you know make the make the next plans of D and 
T and so what what the dng is that you’re tasting  

00:44:39,300 –> 00:44:44,520
is a blend of three different whiskeys that we’ve 
Barrel aged all separately so it’s our straight  

00:44:44,520 –> 00:44:51,960
malt whiskey two-row string it’s a single malt 
whiskey double distilled and then uh it’s 2011  

00:44:51,960 –> 00:44:57,840
Big Bear black Stout from Bear Republic Brewery 
so we take delicious beer and double distill it  

00:44:57,840 –> 00:45:03,600
and age it in French Oak take that whiskey and 
Asia and French Oak and then there’s uh also  

00:45:03,600 –> 00:45:12,840
Chuck pilsner from 2015 so it took five barrels 
of single malt three barrels of check pilsner and  

00:45:12,840 –> 00:45:19,560
two barrels of stout and Blended them all together 
made a 10 Barrel blend and uh diluted down to uh  

00:45:20,820 –> 00:45:29,400
uh uh 90 Proof and then and that’s the DNT and 
the term glorious it’s all over the place flavor  

00:45:29,400 –> 00:45:37,440
complex you know you know it’s just there’s some I 
mean it’s it’s kind of bizarre uh there’s so much  

00:45:37,440 –> 00:45:42,240
flavors there’s so many different flavors from so 
many different I mean just the Stout alone has six  

00:45:42,240 –> 00:45:47,400
different roasted and toasted barley malts the 
the checked pills there’s got the sauce hops the  

00:45:47,400 –> 00:45:52,800
straight maltas right there I use French Oak I use 
American Oak I use new barrels I use old barrels  

00:45:52,800 –> 00:46:01,560
uh in this blend so it’s it’s uh it’s cool and 
uh only a 10 Barrel plant thank you yeah the the  

00:46:01,560 –> 00:46:05,400
chocolatey notes are what always really like get 
me a little bit and I’m not even a huge chocolate  

00:46:05,400 –> 00:46:09,660
like person necessarily but for whatever reason 
in this those chocolatey notes just grab me and  

00:46:09,660 –> 00:46:15,420
I love making an old-fashioned with this with 
brown sugar instead of white sugar and using  

00:46:15,420 –> 00:46:22,740
um mole Bitters and it’s just like mind-blowingly 
delicious it’s my favorite hey Marko uh  

00:46:23,280 –> 00:46:28,440
can you talk a little bit about the namesake 
of doubling and twisted because I feel like  

00:46:28,440 –> 00:46:33,480
it Harkens back to another thing that The Crafty 
Cask feels strongly about which is something that  

00:46:33,480 –> 00:46:39,840
is craft is not something that you can just push a 
button and then wait for the distilling run to end  

00:46:39,840 –> 00:46:47,700
just based on you know some kind of readout 
of a chemical number spectrometry yeah the  

00:46:47,700 –> 00:46:55,200
art yeah well uh doubled and twisted is an old 
liquor term for you’re drinking the good stuff  

00:46:55,200 –> 00:47:03,480
because back in the day before there were a lot 
of hydrometers to be able to be used uh like uh  

00:47:03,480 –> 00:47:10,320
this this is the port right here’s the this is 
the condenser of the pruelo and the distillate  

00:47:10,320 –> 00:47:15,840
comes down here and it goes down then it comes 
fills up this well right here and then you can  

00:47:15,840 –> 00:47:22,260
drop a hydrometer in there and a hydrometer 
is like a glass bobber it’s it’s calibrated  

00:47:22,260 –> 00:47:31,440
and it’s meant to float and as uh as the alcohol 
decreases which means the the thickness of the  

00:47:31,440 –> 00:47:41,820
distillate increases the hydrometer floats higher 
in the level and reports a lower proof but before  

00:47:41,820 –> 00:47:49,320
before people had a lot of hydrometers to be 
able to be to use if you double distill something  

00:47:51,060 –> 00:48:00,480
I like double distilled versus single distilled 
and if you know the distillers that double  

00:48:00,480 –> 00:48:05,760
distilled without hydrometers they noticed 
that the distillate coming out of the pipe  

00:48:06,360 –> 00:48:13,140
falling out of the pipe out of the still at 
about 160 proof the gravitational pull of the  

00:48:13,140 –> 00:48:20,640
earth made it spin like a tight Helix falling 
out of the falling out of the pipe and they  

00:48:20,640 –> 00:48:26,640
saw that and they consistently would see that at 
around 160 proof or so and so if it was double  

00:48:26,640 –> 00:48:33,000
distilled and it was twisting super tight like 
that coming off the pipe that was the D and T  

00:48:34,320 –> 00:48:41,760
and sure enough it was doing it so I’m like oh 
I gotta take a picture of that so bam I took a  

00:48:41,760 –> 00:48:47,040
picture of the distillate coming off the pipe I’m 
like son of a [ __ ] that is the TNT right there  

00:48:47,040 –> 00:48:55,260
that was my first label uh for my first doubled 
and twisted and uh so that’s that’s the background  

00:48:55,260 –> 00:49:00,120
with the term doubled and twisted it’s double 
distilled and it’s the best part of the run it’s  

00:49:00,120 –> 00:49:06,600
a real clean High proof part of the runs very very 
top note flavorful arrow and aromatic at the same  

00:49:06,600 –> 00:49:16,740
time uh it’s a really neat part of the Run and so 
we prefer yeah we concur I should have concurred  

00:49:16,740 –> 00:49:21,780
yeah and I have to say like you know at The Crafty 
Cask we’ve always like we get to drink amazing  

00:49:21,780 –> 00:49:27,300
booze all the time we’re very fortunate that we 
get to try amazing craft drinks and for years we  

00:49:27,300 –> 00:49:31,260
felt so guilty because we would constantly be at 
events like this and talking about our favorites  

00:49:31,260 –> 00:49:36,120
and this and that and we are so thrilled that 
now through SipScout you guys get to drink what  

00:49:36,120 –> 00:49:40,200
we drink and you guys ever try these things and 
we can point you to places where you can buy them  

00:49:40,200 –> 00:49:45,180
online so we’re thrilled to help you drink as well 
as we do and try all these amazing Craft products  

00:49:45,180 –> 00:49:49,140
that you might not be able to get your hands 
on otherwise or know about otherwise very true  

00:49:49,680 –> 00:49:53,040
um let’s move us along here so we can let 
everyone unmute themselves and start start  

00:49:53,040 –> 00:49:58,740
chatting with you to the R5 which is also a 
really fun one um tell us a little bit about  

00:49:58,740 –> 00:50:06,600
RFI R5 well ttb uh you know we that that was 
one of the first uh hot flavored whiskeys uh  

00:50:06,600 –> 00:50:16,380
bottle ready beer distillates uh whiskeys that 
we started making uh in 2010 2011 and so ttb was  

00:50:16,380 –> 00:50:20,460
like well I said well can I put Bear Republic on 
there and can I put racer five because you know  

00:50:20,460 –> 00:50:24,240
it’s distilled from racer five they’re like 
no there’s no co-mingling with breweries you  

00:50:24,240 –> 00:50:30,240
can’t do that one [ __ ] are you kidding me all 
right well it’s made from racer five can I put  

00:50:30,240 –> 00:50:39,420
R5 they’re like yeah you can do R5 great okay so 
that’s R5 it’s uh distilled from racer five IPA  

00:50:39,420 –> 00:50:45,120
Hops and all CO2 and all it’s bottle ready beer 
uh instead of going to the bottling line they pump  

00:50:45,120 –> 00:50:51,720
into a tanker truck 6 400 gallons of racer five 
and uh I like to say that I buy the biggest can  

00:50:51,720 –> 00:50:58,440
that I can it comes with a driver and 18 Wheels 
and uh I get 6 400 gallons of it and I double  

00:50:58,440 –> 00:51:03,780
distill it makes about 600 gallons of whiskey 
and then the evaporation with the barrel aging  

00:51:03,780 –> 00:51:09,840
happens uh and back in those days when we started 
doing that I was the distributor in California  

00:51:10,680 –> 00:51:16,980
and my mom and dad owned the license to the 
for the for production for for distilling and  

00:51:16,980 –> 00:51:23,340
so I started my own distribution business Market K 
Spirits so I would buy my product from my mom and  

00:51:23,340 –> 00:51:30,780
dad and I would sell it to stores and bars up and 
down California and I wanted it stronger because  

00:51:30,780 –> 00:51:37,320
that way you pour less of it and make a really 
intense cocktail and uh you know if you if you  

00:51:37,320 –> 00:51:43,860
sell 100 proof as a distributor in California 
or in most different states have different  

00:51:43,860 –> 00:51:49,200
regulations and different taxes and stuff but 
specifically in California I gotta pay double  

00:51:49,200 –> 00:51:56,760
the state excise tax if I’m selling 100 Proof 
so if I’m selling 99 proof I pay half the tax  

00:51:57,420 –> 00:52:04,680
hello okay I’m gonna bottle this in 99 proof you 
know because we all pay enough tax in our life so  

00:52:04,680 –> 00:52:10,440
No One’s Gonna [ __ ] about you know one proof so 
it kind of stuck that uh we sold the uh we kept  

00:52:10,440 –> 00:52:17,640
making the R5 at uh 99 proof and so that’s that’s 
where it is today and we have this one sold out  

00:52:18,720 –> 00:52:28,560
um and we have one more which I found some 2013 
uh R5 in the barrel so it’s gonna be a 10-year  

00:52:28,560 –> 00:52:37,320
Barrel aged R5 final lot uh on the label and uh 
that’s getting bottled uh we’re bottling that on  

00:52:37,320 –> 00:52:44,400
uh Tuesday or Wednesday next week wow that’s so 
exciting 10 years in the oh man yeah we’re gonna  

00:52:44,400 –> 00:52:48,900
have to we’re gonna need to build a spirit seller 
and start buying some cases of these things that’s  

00:52:48,900 –> 00:52:54,360
the last one put them away I mean that’s what I 
did with the barrels I I didn’t even you know it’s  

00:52:54,360 –> 00:52:58,620
like we have it on inventory but I haven’t seen 
those barrels in years oh my God look at that I  

00:52:58,620 –> 00:53:05,580
tried it one damn this stuff is tasty so what’s 
the thing about Charbay too is they they have  

00:53:05,580 –> 00:53:11,220
patience and not a lot of distillers have as much 
patience as they do because you know the longer  

00:53:11,220 –> 00:53:14,040
it’s sitting there you’re not making any money 
on it and actually you’re spending money on it  

00:53:14,640 –> 00:53:20,580
um and so there are patients really pays off 
and makes for some delectable super smooth even  

00:53:20,580 –> 00:53:25,380
at a high proof you know because for for high 
proof like this is very smooth I think I agree  

00:53:25,920 –> 00:53:31,200
um and if you know Marko does tend to bottle at 
a higher proof and you know sometimes people are  

00:53:31,200 –> 00:53:34,860
like oh that’s a little hot for me I don’t know 
what to do with that the reason why that’s a  

00:53:34,860 –> 00:53:39,240
great idea like if people are selling you bottles 
at higher proof is because you can always proof  

00:53:39,240 –> 00:53:44,280
down yourself but you can’t proof it back up 
right so if you buy something at 99 proof and  

00:53:44,280 –> 00:53:48,420
you prefer it to be a little bit you know you 
want it to round out the flavors add a couple  

00:53:48,420 –> 00:53:53,640
of drops of water add an ice cube play with that 
add one drop of water at a time and keep tasting  

00:53:53,640 –> 00:53:57,720
it to find where your specific sweet spot is 
and make it like custom and make it your own  

00:53:57,720 –> 00:54:02,340
and also fireproof cocktails or higher proof 
Spirits are great for cocktails they show up  

00:54:02,340 –> 00:54:08,280
a little bit better than cocktails I think yeah 
and as a perfectly you can you can flood it with  

00:54:08,280 –> 00:54:12,600
soda water too just put it on the rocks and make 
a high ball with it I mean it’s just delicious  

00:54:12,600 –> 00:54:19,140
as a perfect lead-in to the next one I just want 
to talk about the very limited opportunities that  

00:54:19,140 –> 00:54:27,540
I’ve had to try age Spirits in any capacity 
that isn’t Scotch basically and particularly  

00:54:28,320 –> 00:54:39,540
this this Blanco tequila like the fact you 
mean I’m sorry yeah uh yeah this too I have  

00:54:39,540 –> 00:54:45,000
plenty of Bronco spirits but Bob wage Blanco 
in particular and the way that the blanco  

00:54:46,020 –> 00:54:54,240
has softened and expanded over the years but 
then just bottling Spirits in general I think  

00:54:54,240 –> 00:54:59,760
are something that are kind of uncommon for 
people to have any kind of opportunity to try  

00:55:00,420 –> 00:55:07,500
and so get ready for the next one this one is 40 
years in the making people we’re moving on to The  

00:55:07,500 –> 00:55:15,060
Branding number 83. oh that that stuff’s tasty 
I mean the 83 that’s um that was the first thing  

00:55:15,060 –> 00:55:22,380
that we distilled with this Prolo still and you 
know I didn’t know what I was doing obviously I  

00:55:22,380 –> 00:55:28,800
was 10 this is being told what to do by my dad who 
mastered distiller but I was I was with them and  

00:55:28,800 –> 00:55:36,180
we were making this and the grapes the variety 
is fully Blanche and fully Blanche is like the  

00:55:36,180 –> 00:55:45,240
classic super fine white grape grown in cognac 
France to make fantastic cognac with this still  

00:55:46,680 –> 00:55:54,660
but in Cognac and so these grapes were grown 
in Yountville it’s a golf course now but there  

00:55:54,660 –> 00:56:01,620
was a there was a Vineyard of foli Blanche uh 
just uh west of the of Highway 29 in Yountville  

00:56:01,620 –> 00:56:07,980
uh right at domain Shandon and um so we 
got some of those grapes and we made and  

00:56:07,980 –> 00:56:17,760
we made 83 full Blanche Brandy and then 
we Barrel aged it for 28 years 28 years

00:56:23,460 –> 00:56:32,940
I was like Jesus Dad I think it’s ready you know 
and uh so he didn’t want to he didn’t want to sell  

00:56:32,940 –> 00:56:40,140
any of it and uh I’m like man come on we got 
a bottle we got a ball some of it and uh so 27  

00:56:40,140 –> 00:56:46,200
year ride in the barrel and uh as it opens up 
I mean more of the full Blanche just comes out  

00:56:46,200 –> 00:56:53,460
and uh it’s full bodied uh you know spirit’s got 
to be full body to handle being Barrel aged for  

00:56:53,460 –> 00:57:02,160
that long and uh that is a that is a really 
really really fun fun Brandy yeah I have to  

00:57:02,160 –> 00:57:06,600
say the tequila and the Brandy whenever like we 
have really special people come over who really  

00:57:06,600 –> 00:57:11,700
appreciate we’re like okay you can have a little 
taste of this but we’re very we’re very protective  

00:57:11,700 –> 00:57:20,340
of our Brandy and our tequila over here limited 
Supply yeah Marko I had the opportunity to try uh  

00:57:20,340 –> 00:57:30,840
a Bacardi white rum which you know I say that and 
I feel like pretty much everybody on this call is  

00:57:30,840 –> 00:57:36,840
probably like had a Bacardi white round before who 
the hell cares but it was a Bacardi white rum that  

00:57:36,840 –> 00:57:47,640
was distilled in 1971. there you go and it was 
distilled by Ron Bacardi and I was like but still  

00:57:47,640 –> 00:57:55,980
it’s like Bacardi and I was like a whole week 
wow this is right rum but then it’s also like all  

00:57:55,980 –> 00:58:05,220
these things that happen over 50 years as it sits 
there and keeps doing what stuff does traveling  

00:58:05,220 –> 00:58:11,880
through time like everybody else completely blew 
my mind it was unbelievable and this is the same  

00:58:11,880 –> 00:58:17,820
like I could I could hang out with my nose in 
the strand for a very long time the smell of this  

00:58:18,660 –> 00:58:23,460
it almost it almost reminds me a little bit of an 
agricultural like because it has that like real  

00:58:23,460 –> 00:58:28,920
earthy funky kind of like yeah it’s just beautiful 
but and you know a lot of people aren’t sure what  

00:58:28,920 –> 00:58:33,780
to do with Brandy you know a lot of people can’t 
unintentionally have bottle-age Brandy on there  

00:58:33,780 –> 00:58:40,200
because they forgot about it but honestly I we 
said Brandy like whiskey I mean it’s a beautiful  

00:58:40,200 –> 00:58:45,240
after dinner drink um if you like cigars it’s 
wonderful cigars or some cheese it’s wonderful  

00:58:46,020 –> 00:58:53,640
um so it’s this really quite special and this is 
beautiful for sipping yeah this one uh you know  

00:58:53,640 –> 00:59:00,240
we diluted this one down to 80 40 so it was just 
like a classic you know just classic concept of  

00:59:00,240 –> 00:59:11,220
of a a real barrel-aged spirit and uh I like it 
I like it at 80 proof we uh we also you know if  

00:59:11,220 –> 00:59:19,740
you like brandies we have another Brandy that we 
distilled in 89 and we barely aged that one for 24  

00:59:19,740 –> 00:59:29,040
years and we diluted that down to 92 proof it’s a 
little higher proof and uh that uh those two those  

00:59:29,040 –> 00:59:37,320
two side by side are just just so different 
but uh you know the same same uh same pulse  

00:59:37,320 –> 00:59:43,560
and same you know same still same distiller same 
concept of uh you know what we do but uh you know  

00:59:43,560 –> 00:59:50,700
showing one at 80 proof another one and 92 proof 
it’s uh it’s a really neat contrast yeah lovely

00:59:54,120 –> 00:59:57,600
to have some time to jump in with 
our last half hour here that we  

00:59:57,600 –> 01:00:02,340
have together but first can we all raise 
raise the glass and do a little a little  

01:00:02,340 –> 01:00:09,720
cheers to Charbay and they’re 40 years I’m 
raising the tequila happy anniversary Marko

01:00:11,760 –> 01:00:17,280
we’re delighted to be a part of this wonderful 
celebration of your journey and your family’s  

01:00:17,280 –> 01:00:24,300
Journey this is really just a remarkable portfolio 
that you are helping to culminate and move to the  

01:00:24,300 –> 01:00:28,140
next level yeah and thank you for sharing these 
delicious Spirits with us especially the special  

01:00:28,140 –> 01:00:34,380
ones that you know took a little doing to get to 
everyone here oh you’re welcome thank you thank  

01:00:34,380 –> 01:00:39,000
you all right everyone feel free to go ahead 
on mute yourselves well kind of we might we  

01:00:39,000 –> 01:00:42,840
might mute you again if like there’s background 
noise or things like that but that doesn’t mean  

01:00:42,840 –> 01:00:45,840
we don’t want you to unmute yourself again 
and get your question in there so go ahead  

01:00:45,840 –> 01:00:53,220
and start chit chatting with Marko go ahead guys 
thank you all right I haven’t tried the Brandy  

01:00:53,220 –> 01:01:01,560
yet I’m still on the double Twisted yeah yeah 
favorite story ever from a distiller yeah like  

01:01:01,560 –> 01:01:05,520
I know a lot of the stories from distiller but 
no it was really wonderful that’s kind of like  

01:01:05,520 –> 01:01:13,140
you’re uh an adolescent Adventure into into 
Brewer into Distillery yeah Fame right yeah I  

01:01:13,140 –> 01:01:17,640
mean I even had a badass name for my Brewery 
I was like I was in high school I was like I  

01:01:17,640 –> 01:01:22,620
want to start a brewery my mom’s like you’re not 
going to start a brewery we have a Distillery yeah

01:01:25,680 –> 01:01:32,520
Marko yes sir hi we’re uh a major group from Iowa

01:01:32,520 –> 01:01:43,320
that looks like a good time we have been to 
uh your original facility up on top of the  

01:01:43,320 –> 01:01:50,640
mountain twice and I think our first visit 
was in the early 2000s or late 1990s yeah  

01:01:51,420 –> 01:02:02,580
but we loved the uh Walnut Brandy that you did 
oh yeah and and personally I love the grappas  

01:02:03,240 –> 01:02:13,680
oh yeah and you don’t make either of those anymore 
well uh I did uh I I did make uh black walnut  

01:02:14,640 –> 01:02:21,420
uh I picked black walnuts last year out of Colusa 
from uh double a walnut Ranch they’re like a great  

01:02:21,420 –> 01:02:28,380
organic Walnut Orchard and made a made in ax Jack 
so for for the 40th year anniversary of this year  

01:02:28,380 –> 01:02:39,300
we are we are launching uh black wall here again 
yeah I would like to personally say you guys  

01:02:39,300 –> 01:02:48,420
are incredible I mean it’s just we have we have 
enjoyed all your products for so many years and  

01:02:49,080 –> 01:02:57,480
congratulations I mean what a what an awesome uh 
track record you guys have yeah you really are one  

01:02:59,160 –> 01:03:05,700
we’re still a team of five people here at Charbay 
Rich it’s crazy yeah you know they come work for  

01:03:05,700 –> 01:03:15,000
you yeah come on over I’m recording I have nothing 
else to do hey oh sweet so the next time you get  

01:03:15,000 –> 01:03:23,340
your hands on the black walnut liqueur mix it with 
equal parts of uh rainwater Madeira and espresso  

01:03:23,340 –> 01:03:28,800
that’s his favorite thing it’s one of his favorite 
cocktails yeah yeah really you know the thing that  

01:03:28,800 –> 01:03:33,840
got the rise here was the espresso I think 
we’re all just kind of now kind of getting  

01:03:33,840 –> 01:03:40,620
the excitement yeah yeah maybe I mean that 
might be a little bit hyper I feel like the  

01:03:40,620 –> 01:03:47,460
espresso is meant to temper yeah the alcohol but 
who knows you know oh it’s for a lot of people  

01:03:47,460 –> 01:03:53,220
I used to do a lot of cocaine Evan they’re 
not doing it they’re just speed ball for you

01:03:56,880 –> 01:04:04,920
but there’s some espresso liqueur man and just for 
just for clarification you still have the facility  

01:04:04,920 –> 01:04:14,820
on the mountain in between Napa and Sonoma 
correct yeah and the last time we were out  

01:04:14,820 –> 01:04:23,520
you we were told you had a facility in Ukiah 
where you had more barrels right now yes okay  

01:04:23,520 –> 01:04:29,580
two different spots right now I’m I’m in The 
Distillery in Ukiah Mancino County it’s like an  

01:04:29,580 –> 01:04:38,760
hour north of uh of Saint Helena okay and then 
where you where you came up on Spring Mountain  

01:04:38,760 –> 01:04:44,880
that’s our Winery and and Brandy distillery that’s 
where I grew up that’s where my mom and dad live  

01:04:44,880 –> 01:04:50,580
yeah we love that because we went up there for 
a Grappa tasting one time and and they poured  

01:04:50,580 –> 01:04:57,180
the sample they said you can’t drink this but 
we’re gonna leave the so you can smell it well

01:04:58,020 –> 01:05:04,860
um yeah you just did a lot of smelling there 
didn’t you smelled a lot of things there yeah

01:05:07,020 –> 01:05:14,040
congratulations so what a what a what an 
achievement you guys are great thank you you know  

01:05:14,040 –> 01:05:21,240
hey uh Rich if you guys come out to California um 
yeah look us up give me a call or something and  

01:05:21,240 –> 01:05:26,880
come check out The Distillery up in Ukiah it’s 
uh like two hours North of San Francisco yeah  

01:05:26,880 –> 01:05:31,740
yeah welcome to travel it sure is and I see 
you’re unmuted there did you have a question  

01:05:32,880 –> 01:05:39,480
no just joining the conversation but I am planning 
on going up to uh Ukiah next month so uh Marko  

01:05:39,480 –> 01:05:44,340
absolutely want to check out The Distillery 
and then this is the the first time hearing  

01:05:44,340 –> 01:05:50,160
or at least maybe I forgot but I live in Windsor 
uh and work in Healdsburg so that’s where I’m at  

01:05:50,160 –> 01:05:59,100
all right uh so yeah this uh this location 
between Napa and Sonoma is that open for for  

01:05:59,100 –> 01:06:06,060
visitors no my mom and dad have been retired and 
uh you know uh Jenni and I you know we’re running  

01:06:06,060 –> 01:06:12,360
Charbay Distillery and the winery is uh you know 
it’s still uh operational we make a little bit of  

01:06:12,360 –> 01:06:19,500
wine uh but uh we’re done we’re not doing tours 
and tastings is anymore right there uh the goal  

01:06:19,500 –> 01:06:28,800
uh the plan is uh for Jenni and our two boys and 
uh and myself to move back to Spring Mountain and  

01:06:28,800 –> 01:06:35,580
then uh once we’re there then would be able to 
you know be able to do tastings and and uh make  

01:06:35,580 –> 01:06:41,580
some some fun products again uh in the winery but 
there’s only so much we can do and right now I’m  

01:06:41,580 –> 01:06:48,960
just focusing on on distilled Spirits right now 
uh putting this putting this new still in and so  

01:06:50,340 –> 01:06:55,920
um yeah we’re not unfortunately we’re just we’re 
not doing any tastings anymore up there and Marko

01:07:01,320 –> 01:07:06,120
that’s a friendly and they reach out to you like 
but like there’s not they can’t go online and book  

01:07:06,120 –> 01:07:11,880
something or anything like that yeah we we don’t 
have any signs up uh we don’t uh we don’t have  

01:07:11,880 –> 01:07:18,240
a Tasting Room uh we we can’t the one and one 
of the reasons is we can’t sell retail direct  

01:07:19,800 –> 01:07:24,120
um and it’s a California law and we’re 
just kind of not in the you know we’re  

01:07:24,120 –> 01:07:29,700
not the even though we’re only five people and 
when we started Charbay there were three micro  

01:07:29,700 –> 01:07:34,080
distilleries in the whole us and we were one 
of them uh we’re not considered craft because  

01:07:34,080 –> 01:07:41,700
we import tequila Tapatio so we don’t qualify and 
stuff so we can’t sell our 2.25 bottles a day uh  

01:07:41,700 –> 01:07:48,840
retail direct unfortunately so we don’t have 
a Tasting Room and um so it’s just it’s just  

01:07:48,840 –> 01:07:54,000
like if people call and we have some time uh 
you know I can I can show you the Distillery

01:08:02,820 –> 01:08:06,900
they kind of walk you through the Distillery 
show you some of the processes like interviews  

01:08:06,900 –> 01:08:10,860
with Miles and Marko together and the whole 
family so they have a lot of great YouTube  

01:08:10,860 –> 01:08:15,360
content that kind of like transports you there 
and helps you like hear more of their stories so  

01:08:15,360 –> 01:08:21,300
go go check out their YouTube channel as well 
yeah I wish we had a visitor center I wish we  

01:08:21,300 –> 01:08:25,800
could sell retail direct that would be uh that 
would be a lovely thing to be able to sell your  

01:08:25,800 –> 01:08:32,280
own product to someone who wants to buy your 
product right it’s a crazy idea Marko what are  

01:08:32,280 –> 01:08:35,580
we what a weird idea I don’t want to be able to 
sell the thing you’re making for people directly  

01:08:35,580 –> 01:08:41,760
First Amendment yeah and speaking of I know 
people are getting a little antsy people wanna  

01:08:42,420 –> 01:08:46,020
people are asking in the chat how do we order 
how do we order how do we order where’s the link  

01:08:46,020 –> 01:08:49,980
where’s the link so I’m going to throw the link 
in the chat where you can go order some of these  

01:08:49,980 –> 01:08:54,900
like few bottles that are left online I will say 
when you go to this link they’re pretty much all  

01:08:54,900 –> 01:08:58,260
right at the top there except for the doubles 
and twisted I think we’ve had that on our site  

01:08:58,260 –> 01:09:02,700
forever so you just need to search doubled 
and twisted and you’ll find it it is on there  

01:09:03,360 –> 01:09:08,640
um but everything else will kind of be right there 
hey Marko well she’s putting that in the chat  

01:09:09,900 –> 01:09:20,880
um just future looking to the you know return to 
Spring mountains is uh wine making potentially  

01:09:20,880 –> 01:09:27,480
going to be part of I mean I know you said 
that there’s small amount of that that is  

01:09:27,480 –> 01:09:35,100
still being made I I had the opportunity to try 
I found a half bottle uh oh yeah a late Harvest  

01:09:35,700 –> 01:09:43,020
oh from like 2010 like 10 years 
ago well I guess that’s not even  

01:09:43,020 –> 01:09:48,360
possible because oh well that that late 
Harvard that was actually 30 years ago

01:09:48,360 –> 01:10:02,940
83. that we that we closed at the store and then 
dosaged and corked again so that the the yeast  

01:10:02,940 –> 01:10:10,260
ate the sugars some more and slightly carbonated 
that late Harvest fully Bosh sized Soviet Blanc  

01:10:10,260 –> 01:10:17,160
and gave it a little Spritz effervescence to 
it and God damn that stuff was so good that was  

01:10:17,160 –> 01:10:23,340
a total complete streak of nature right there 
I was curious if that was intentional or like  

01:10:23,880 –> 01:10:31,140
like just a miracle of anyway it was kind of a 
miracle and a freak of nature all kind of come  

01:10:31,140 –> 01:10:35,160
together let’s uh let’s see what we can really do 
with this freaking nature and get really freaky  

01:10:35,160 –> 01:10:43,740
with it and uh it uh it turns into like a sizzling 
sizzling crisp uh uh fully blockchain-sized late  

01:10:43,740 –> 01:10:49,500
Harvest sodium Blanc so not something that’s 
going to be readily be able to like recreated  

01:10:50,220 –> 01:10:57,300
no I mean 83 was one of those rainy years uh 
that uh you know it rained in in August uh  

01:10:57,300 –> 01:11:03,000
which was right when you’re starting to pick uh 
white grapes August uh it’s right in there yeah  

01:11:03,000 –> 01:11:09,900
quatrosized element of it is going to be absent 
most years I remember I was I had a three-wheeler  

01:11:09,900 –> 01:11:14,820
and or a McNair Ranch and I was I was ripping it 
out through the Vineyards and I’m looking at these  

01:11:14,820 –> 01:11:23,160
gondolas of sauvignon blanc coming into the winery 
that my dad was working at and uh in 8283 and I  

01:11:23,160 –> 01:11:29,820
was like what what what is wrong with these race 
you know it’s just like these grapes are moldy man  

01:11:29,820 –> 01:11:36,480
what are you doing with these like it’s okay it’s 
botritis it’s amazing it’s you know it’s gonna be  

01:11:36,480 –> 01:11:43,200
great okay but God dude they look nasty but uh 
it turned out to be something just completely  

01:11:43,200 –> 01:11:49,680
delicious but yeah you know I like making red wine 
uh we still have some we have a little bit of 2013  

01:11:49,680 –> 01:11:58,980
Napa got a cab left and uh and we have ports 
from 06 that are just awesome and we still have  

01:11:58,980 –> 01:12:05,280
um we still have barrels of ports that are 
from 06 that are still barely aging away wow  

01:12:05,820 –> 01:12:13,800
so yeah once we get back to once we get back 
to making wines uh more consistently uh then  

01:12:13,800 –> 01:12:18,780
uh you know we’re gonna we’re gonna be launching 
some of those and once I you know the fun thing  

01:12:18,780 –> 01:12:25,740
about that is I love I love Barrel Aging in Port 
barrels uh different Spirits rums uh rums and  

01:12:25,740 –> 01:12:32,880
whiskeys work great uh in Port Barrel so we’ll be 
able to pull the barrel pull our port and then uh  

01:12:32,880 –> 01:12:39,420
put uh put something into those pork barrels 
and and Let It Go as well that’s really cool  

01:12:39,420 –> 01:12:47,340
you know what’s funny is that you were talking a 
little bit about trying to encourage your dad to  

01:12:47,340 –> 01:12:57,240
release the 83. yeah hey sell some 83 maybe in 
a few years your kids will be encouraging you to  

01:12:57,240 –> 01:13:04,200
release the o6 port like come on just sell it 
just release it what’s the big deal who knows  

01:13:04,200 –> 01:13:11,460
yeah you know uh it’s coming up on uh it’s it’s 
coming up on 20 years Barrel aged you know so  

01:13:12,660 –> 01:13:21,240
yeah for sure be good [Applause] Marko I got 
one bottle of green tea a pair of teeth left  

01:13:21,240 –> 01:13:27,600
that’s right oh yeah so you know that that little 
pair of teeth deal we came up with that because  

01:13:27,600 –> 01:13:32,880
it was like what you know what what distilled 
Spirits are were we selling a lot of and people  

01:13:32,880 –> 01:13:37,680
are you know people are loving the green tea but 
we can’t sell it retail direct this is when Jenni  

01:13:37,680 –> 01:13:42,000
and I were still living up on Spring Mountain and 
we had the winery open I’m like well let’s make a  

01:13:42,000 –> 01:13:47,100
pair of teefs you know those are fortified wines 
and uh we made a pair of teeth with and we made  

01:13:47,100 –> 01:13:54,660
a green tea a pair of teeth and and there it is 
oh it’s absolutely fantastic with lemonade yeah  

01:13:54,660 –> 01:13:59,400
best drink you could ever have oh thank you 
man yeah I haven’t seen those for a long time

01:13:59,400 –> 01:14:06,660
I went just finished a bottle 
recently I have one left I was  

01:14:06,660 –> 01:14:09,180
waiting to see if you were making 
more before I broke that one open  

01:14:09,720 –> 01:14:16,920
oh man well we we may uh we made some 
uh pomegranate a pair of teeth as well  

01:14:18,060 –> 01:14:24,360
um that uh we uh you know that that’s something 
that we would totally make again once we get back  

01:14:24,360 –> 01:14:31,920
to the winery I just I’m I’m maxed out you know 
we do uh we do contract bottling uh we do some  

01:14:31,920 –> 01:14:37,560
private labeling of our products and this whole 
still right here uh this whole big still here  

01:14:38,700 –> 01:14:44,700
um the story behind the whole reason we’re getting 
that is I have a customer who really believes in  

01:14:44,700 –> 01:14:50,400
us and wants to ramp up production they want to 
do they want to do like 600 barrels and so I did  

01:14:50,400 –> 01:14:57,780
the math I’m like well you know with this still uh 
I’ll be done with 600 Barrels in about four years  

01:14:58,980 –> 01:15:04,680
so you know it’s time to get a different still 
we need another still to start feeding it and  

01:15:04,680 –> 01:15:10,860
they’re like okay just tell us what you need 
so so uh we’ve got it we’ve got uh sponsored  

01:15:10,860 –> 01:15:14,520
then we got the we got this still up and running 
as soon as we get it up and running we’re going  

01:15:14,520 –> 01:15:19,260
to be Off to the Races and and banging away 
with that so you got our hands full right now  

01:15:19,260 –> 01:15:27,120
but that’s the beauty of having a winery is 
we don’t necessarily have to make Chardonnay  

01:15:27,120 –> 01:15:32,940
and Cabernet uh we can do all the all the fun 
different things that we you know that we like  

01:15:32,940 –> 01:15:38,520
to do as well I mean I I don’t get me wrong I 
like making cab frog and we made a little bit  

01:15:38,520 –> 01:15:43,860
of white wines as well but so I mean we gotta 
we gotta make some red wine but there’s I mean  

01:15:43,860 –> 01:15:48,180
there’s just so many different amazing products 
that we can make it’s gonna be it’s gonna be  

01:15:48,180 –> 01:15:54,420
cool I’m looking forward to it before Marko has 
everyone in his ear like make this again make more

01:16:00,240 –> 01:16:07,560
well the past this is important to make 
because it was amazing we have a lot of  

01:16:07,560 –> 01:16:11,820
trees and a lot of grass here in Northern 
California and it’s pollen season right now  

01:16:11,820 –> 01:16:17,820
as you can see like yellow clouds of pollen 
like going through going through like a big  

01:16:17,820 –> 01:16:23,760
monster cloud and uh you know it catches up 
with you sometimes and this one time uh Jenni  

01:16:23,760 –> 01:16:30,300
was you know feeling the effects of all that 
pollen and we we had some pasties I’m like  

01:16:30,300 –> 01:16:34,560
well here why don’t you just have a glass of 
pasties you know let’s see what happens and  

01:16:35,160 –> 01:16:45,960
I mean it stopped you know the the the the the 
pollen uh sinus attack uh and it uh it was like  

01:16:46,620 –> 01:16:53,040
I don’t know tried it again like like a couple 
hours later and you know it totally worked it’s  

01:16:53,040 –> 01:16:58,560
amazing so we do need to make more pasties I love 
that story but I don’t think that’s why Jenni’s  

01:16:58,560 –> 01:17:05,100
asking you to make more questions I’m asking you 
to make more because it’s delicious it’s a good  

01:17:05,100 –> 01:17:09,720
excuse to make it but yeah you got it you know 
you know but that was another one where you guys  

01:17:09,720 –> 01:17:12,720
were kind of ahead of your time because you made 
it didn’t you make it because your mother really  

01:17:12,720 –> 01:17:17,640
loved it and your mother wanted kind of a Husky 
since your dad kind of made it for her yeah that’s  

01:17:17,640 –> 01:17:21,600
it we’re just gonna make it there’s no goodies 
on the planet let’s just make our own like okay

01:17:26,580 –> 01:17:27,080

01:17:31,200 –> 01:17:40,140
um uh I’m Mark and Janet uh I don’t know if you 
catch us she visited the still on the hill about  

01:17:40,140 –> 01:17:48,360
30 years ago hey Mark I remember you guys 20 
years ago you met me and we and we’ve got uh  

01:17:49,320 –> 01:17:53,520
um two sellers one here in 
New York and one in Hawaii  

01:17:54,420 –> 01:18:01,260
and um a small story you know the the 
guy who delivers us the wine in Hawaii  

01:18:03,240 –> 01:18:14,100
uh there was a false nuclear attack on Hawaii and 
it was a there was a um an alert that there might  

01:18:14,100 –> 01:18:18,240
be a missile going to Hawaii which didn’t 
turn out to be the case from North Korea  

01:18:19,500 –> 01:18:25,800
um but the guy who delivers the wine to us 
there got in this truck and headed for our farm  

01:18:26,340 –> 01:18:36,540
and he knew exactly where he wanted to shelter 
in place dear seller that’s it among the Charbay  

01:18:36,540 –> 01:18:42,120
and we have everyone you mentioned because 
we get the mixed cases and we have some of  

01:18:42,120 –> 01:18:48,360
the old ones if you run out you can always 
tap us we have them both here and and here  

01:18:48,360 –> 01:18:52,680
we’re in New York now and what in our farm in 
Hawaii and I even asked your advice one time  

01:18:53,880 –> 01:19:00,480
um since we’re we’re coffee producers among 
other 100 other things and we have the Kono  

01:19:00,480 –> 01:19:07,440
arabicas and and you know they were always 
interested interesting and uh we had we come  

01:19:07,440 –> 01:19:15,360
from sugarcane country too and I tried my hand 
at uh distilling uh and I got to the point of uh  

01:19:15,360 –> 01:19:24,600
fire water you know I I got the aquavita you know 
90 90 odd percent and then I was attacked by the  

01:19:24,600 –> 01:19:31,440
uh Food and Drug and Alcohol and firearms and 
they asked me how many trucks I have and what  

01:19:31,440 –> 01:19:39,240
would you know this was a supposed to be a hobby 
and uh my floor plans and uh my tax situation  

01:19:40,560 –> 01:19:46,920
um so they like to know who’s running 
the Stills put it put a damper on it  

01:19:46,920 –> 01:20:00,300
um we were tempted with um uh marijuana which 
is uh another interesting product um well

01:20:01,200 –> 01:20:09,360
um whether marriage and I’m sure that people 
are are combining the two uh I have a background  

01:20:09,360 –> 01:20:18,060
in science and uh and uh and healing we do some 
interesting other stuff but um anyways we enjoyed  

01:20:18,060 –> 01:20:25,020
it we definitely enjoyed the sharp base for 30 
years 30 years I gotta say we all want to show  

01:20:25,020 –> 01:20:34,020
a shelter in place in your Cellar too either one 
you know one one in New York and one in Hawaii one

01:20:34,520 –> 01:20:38,700
[Laughter] well you miss out you miss 
out on some some other good stuff in  

01:20:38,700 –> 01:20:43,620
New York too I mean I love New York but 
if I’m Sheltering in place right yeah

01:20:46,980 –> 01:20:51,900
I was there during that that missile 
scare and uh it was terrifying and I  

01:20:51,900 –> 01:20:53,940
would have gone to your cellar if I’d have known  

01:20:53,940 –> 01:20:58,020
so let’s change information after 
this uh just in case it happens again

01:21:03,180 –> 01:21:12,240
oh man all right that’s beautiful I want 
to check that out other questions I see a  

01:21:12,240 –> 01:21:16,500
couple other people unmuted but I don’t 
want to necessarily Carla Peter anyone

01:21:20,040 –> 01:21:20,540

01:21:22,560 –> 01:21:27,660
going once I just wanted to say that 
I I just love we just love fear stuff  

01:21:27,660 –> 01:21:34,920
over here so we got this uh at the when 
we went to Napa Valley in 2010 and then  

01:21:34,920 –> 01:21:39,720
we actually got engaged on that trip my 
husband’s eating chips right now but he is  

01:21:39,720 –> 01:21:45,120
here too so that’s lovely Rachel that’s 
really cool thank you for sharing that  

01:21:46,320 –> 01:21:52,320
yeah and I also want the Tanisha to Tahitian 
and vanilla being around back oh I like all the  

01:21:52,320 –> 01:22:01,440
other stuff too but that was good yeah we um like 
you’ve got an old bottle there as well where yeah

01:22:01,440 –> 01:22:10,980
there you go oh yeah all right uh we gotta figure 
that one out we’re just gonna keep leaning on  

01:22:10,980 –> 01:22:18,780
them Billy submits right yeah I love it I totally 
appreciate it absolutely appreciate that thank you  

01:22:19,380 –> 01:22:24,120
um I know what I gotta do I gotta make some 
pasties I gotta make some vanilla tea and vanilla  

01:22:24,120 –> 01:22:32,220
bean rum you gotta find some cane sugar yeah a lot 
of fun gotta find another island with some cane  

01:22:32,220 –> 01:22:37,620
syrup not molasses that’s because uh that’s that 
was the key with that Tahitian vanilla bean rum is  

01:22:37,620 –> 01:22:45,360
we we distilled uh Maui sugarcane syrup from cnh 
not the Molasses yeah we do we do the syrup yeah  

01:22:45,360 –> 01:22:50,940
that’s the only way to go I mean it shows off it 
shows off the terroira where that Cane’s grown big  

01:22:50,940 –> 01:22:55,920
time so I don’t know if you’d want this for the 
pair Waller necessarily I don’t know but um I know  

01:22:55,920 –> 01:23:02,520
there is a distiller do you know right in brown 
down in Oakland they’re making rum with sugar  

01:23:02,520 –> 01:23:08,160
cane grown down near Fresno I believe there’s a 
Filipino family out there who’s actually growing  

01:23:08,160 –> 01:23:13,080
sugar cane and so he’s working with them to get 
sugar cane and has played a little yeah played  

01:23:13,080 –> 01:23:18,060
a little bit even with making like an agricult 
Style with their sugar cane um so that could be  

01:23:18,060 –> 01:23:25,380
interesting looking into a California rum yeah but 
I like going to Maui exactly yeah exactly I’m I’m  

01:23:25,380 –> 01:23:30,360
in your Camp no joke let me find a tropical island 
where I have to go Source my materials please how  

01:23:30,360 –> 01:23:36,960
come there are no Tropical Islands closer yeah 
yeah it’s okay we can get there we’ll get there

01:23:40,080 –> 01:23:45,240
oh yeah hey is there uh is there an 
ingredient that you’ve worked with  

01:23:45,240 –> 01:23:50,160
that you loved and you made something really 
tasty with but you’ll never work with again  

01:23:50,160 –> 01:24:02,580
because it was just too difficult to work with 
great question um well black Mission figs oh  

01:24:04,560 –> 01:24:14,760
we uh we harvested black Mission figs and uh 
fermented those and uh did the best we could  

01:24:14,760 –> 01:24:23,940
to separate or rack off the the black Mission 
fig wine from the from the uh the the the must  

01:24:23,940 –> 01:24:30,600
the pumice uh so to speak of the of the black 
Mission figs and it was an absolute nightmare  

01:24:30,600 –> 01:24:37,440
uh but we we got it separated and then we double 
distilled it in the small still and drinking uh  

01:24:37,440 –> 01:24:46,560
tasting 136 proof black Mission Figo to V it’s 
just absolutely fantastic I’m sure but to do it  

01:24:46,560 –> 01:24:54,720
commercially with uh you know I would definitely 
want to have some help uh making that again  

01:24:55,320 –> 01:25:02,580
but uh yeah that was that comes to mind 
absolutely fascinating and just to clarify Marko  

01:25:03,300 –> 01:25:10,860
um was it primarily the removal of the solid 
material from the liquid that was challenging  

01:25:10,860 –> 01:25:19,500
stickiness or just so many pectins and uh all the 
little seeds and uh you know Mission fig and you  

01:25:19,500 –> 01:25:28,020
know by itself it’s just uh you know it’s have 
you ever made juice out of black Mission figs I  

01:25:28,020 –> 01:25:32,700
can’t imagine but I now as soon as you said the 
size of the seeds I was like there is no filter  

01:25:32,700 –> 01:25:39,960
that can allow liquid to pass through that that 
would also stop the seeds from going in there yeah  

01:25:40,920 –> 01:25:49,140
yeah not uh not fun but uh we did it and 
uh you know it’s a it’s something that uh  

01:25:49,680 –> 01:25:57,120
I think we still have no actually you know what uh 
I think we lost that in the fire actually uh when  

01:25:57,120 –> 01:26:04,140
the fires ripped through uh Napa Valley a couple 
years ago our property got hit a little bit uh  

01:26:04,140 –> 01:26:11,160
the building the winery was intact uh pretty much 
intact uh Mom and Dad’s house was intact uh and  

01:26:11,160 –> 01:26:18,000
but uh you know we had a we had another structure 
that uh took a beating and uh we had we lost a  

01:26:18,000 –> 01:26:23,940
lot of a lot of trophies a lot of a lot of things 
that we had stored away that uh you know weren’t  

01:26:23,940 –> 01:26:31,980
expecting a uh a mountain raging fired or ripped 
through at 12 000 miles an hour at 12 000 degrees  

01:26:33,300 –> 01:26:41,460
but uh yeah but that that’s one of them uh what 
else uh that that was that was probably the most  

01:26:41,460 –> 01:26:47,340
difficult if you don’t have the right technology 
to do something yeah it just really sucks and uh  

01:26:47,340 –> 01:26:51,780
it’s not it’s just not easy what about a few 
things you’re looking forward to are there any  

01:26:51,780 –> 01:26:56,040
little sneak peeks or previews of things that 
you’re playing around with even if maybe they  

01:26:56,040 –> 01:27:01,380
don’t fully come to fruition that you can get us 
excited about well different whiskeys for sure  

01:27:03,000 –> 01:27:12,180
um like uh focusing more on some California 
single malts and some rye um and then uh you  

01:27:12,180 –> 01:27:19,560
know we did mention the uh the Pachanga sunflower 
root distillate that we did a while back I think  

01:27:19,560 –> 01:27:24,660
it you know it was just way it was just too hard 
to explain to everybody what you do with this  

01:27:24,660 –> 01:27:30,660
and that was before craft cocktailing really you 
know kicked in and so now I think more than ever  

01:27:31,620 –> 01:27:35,460
um you know everybody’s trying to do something 
different and and it seems like a lot of people  

01:27:35,460 –> 01:27:40,080
are using different barrels to make something 
different but you know it’s still the same but  

01:27:40,080 –> 01:27:45,960
it’s a different Barrel um but uh you know using 
a different source of uh distilling material  

01:27:46,800 –> 01:27:51,300
um I think uh you know we were the first 
ones to do it on the planet and probably  

01:27:51,300 –> 01:27:58,320
probably time to bring it back so you know 
it’s gonna it’s gonna take a trip to uh to uh  

01:27:59,040 –> 01:28:06,240
sunchoke country and you know establish a 
relationship with a grower again and you  

01:28:06,240 –> 01:28:12,480
know get those get those tubers uh harvested and 
uh and get going with it because it’s it’s a it’s  

01:28:12,480 –> 01:28:19,980
a it’s a wild spirit it’s purely North Americans 
indigenous in North America um and uh you know  

01:28:19,980 –> 01:28:30,660
it’s uh you get 30 tons an acre with no real uh 
no real um pests so uh sustainability you were  

01:28:30,660 –> 01:28:35,280
thinking about bringing that back because that’s 
always been on my top IC because I love skills and  

01:28:35,280 –> 01:28:39,780
like things that are a little bit more Savory and 
Note and so the idea of a sunchoke liqueur sounds  

01:28:39,780 –> 01:28:45,660
fascinating yeah and just just to kind of clarify 
that a little bit if you would apply this Marko  

01:28:46,500 –> 01:28:53,460
did you say pachunga yeah you know because we you 
know we like making tequila and we let you know it  

01:28:53,460 –> 01:29:01,260
was just like what’s something that’s similar uh 
in in structure to to that and it was the tuber  

01:29:01,260 –> 01:29:09,480
and so we uh my dad wanted to give it a a good 
Mexican Spanish name and uh we named it Pachanga  

01:29:09,480 –> 01:29:15,900
which is like a like a three-day party sometimes 
uh sometimes oh okay so I was hearing pachuga  

01:29:15,900 –> 01:29:25,080
version of the yeah you I’m sure you’re familiar 
with but you got I I was like wait a minute what  

01:29:25,080 –> 01:29:30,060
am I missing here you’re gonna be hanging some 
chicken breasts in The Distillery well yeah no  

01:29:30,060 –> 01:29:37,860
no no thanks not anytime soon yeah yeah I think 
it’s cool uh but uh it’s just uh it’s not my style  

01:29:37,860 –> 01:29:43,800
that’s for sure uh insane we would probably change 
the name too and uh you know showcase Northern  

01:29:43,800 –> 01:29:50,220
California and showcase Showcase North America 
uh and uh really you know give it the the the  

01:29:50,220 –> 01:29:58,440
treatment that uh that it probably would really 
deserve and appreciate sometimes very exciting  

01:29:58,440 –> 01:30:05,580
well Marko anything you’re making we’re trying 
and we’re we’re likely part of my history like I  

01:30:05,580 –> 01:30:09,900
don’t think there’s been a single thing I’ve tried 
up there that I haven’t liked so all right away  

01:30:09,900 –> 01:30:14,220
experiment away and we will all be your guinea 
pigs and I’m sure the crew here it seems like  

01:30:14,220 –> 01:30:19,740
all agree yeah we got some thumbs up from people I 
want to be respectful of everyone’s time we are at  

01:30:19,740 –> 01:30:25,680
the end of our session here holy trial flies when 
you’re having fun I know um Evan and I are always  

01:30:25,680 –> 01:30:29,400
happy to stick around for a little while and chit 
chat with people if they’d like to I know Marko  

01:30:29,400 –> 01:30:34,560
has his family to probably get home too or things 
fit a still perhaps but uh we’ll stick around for  

01:30:34,560 –> 01:30:39,240
a little while thank you everyone for joining 
if you loved what you did here with us today we  

01:30:39,240 –> 01:30:44,160
do this every month with different craft alcohol 
join SipScout we would love to have you as members  

01:30:44,160 –> 01:30:49,680
continue to support Charbay I hope you got some 
of those bottles that are on sale there um and  

01:30:49,680 –> 01:30:54,780
Marko happy 40th anniversary thank you so much 
for celebrating with us thank you sir thank you  

01:30:54,780 –> 01:31:01,200
Sam thank you that was awesome thank you cheers 
Marko and everybody hey thank you for joining it  

01:31:01,200 –> 01:31:06,900
was fun thank you thank you thank you man thanks 
for uh thanks for reminding me of the good times  

01:31:06,900 –> 01:31:12,360
when you came up and I really appreciate it 
20 years ago 30 years ago I mean wow that’s uh  

01:31:12,360 –> 01:31:19,080
that’s a long that was a ride you know um thank 
you I really appreciate it it’s our pleasure to  

01:31:19,080 –> 01:31:24,180
have you here and I hope that we can see you again 
for your next anniversary celebration Marko yeah  

01:31:25,560 –> 01:31:33,540
let’s do it all right or we’ll come up to Ukiah 
yeah we’ll come party with you guys and you  

01:31:33,540 –> 01:31:38,820
guys yeah we’ll be following some of this pretty 
soon uh it’s it’s our it’s our espresso The Cure  

01:31:39,600 –> 01:31:46,440
and uh that’s like the newest thing that’s going 
to be coming out soon and uh that was gonna be  

01:31:46,440 –> 01:31:53,520
fun about that I’m so excited about that yeah I’m 
very excited because espresso Accords are great  

01:31:53,520 –> 01:31:57,780
but there’s a lot of like kind of wonderful trash 
course that are just like kind of boring like St  

01:31:57,780 –> 01:32:01,320
George is probably one of my favorites out there 
you know there’s no one on the core with a little  

01:32:01,320 –> 01:32:06,120
bit of chicory in it um so I’m excited to see what 
what yours tastes like and what your your kind  

01:32:06,120 –> 01:32:13,080
of approach to it is it’s gonna be gonna be fun 
[Music] thank you yeah I like it it’s gonna be fun

01:32:15,420 –> 01:32:21,840
well have a great evening thanks again Suzanne 
Evans thank you everybody yeah appreciate it  

01:32:21,840 –> 01:32:27,840
thank you have a great evening Marko tell Jenni 
Amy said hi give her a hug for us uh I will  

01:32:28,860 –> 01:32:35,100
I will I’m just now I’m just waiting for uh I 
have uh one more part I’ve got uh this still  

01:32:35,100 –> 01:32:42,240
that needs to go over here because that’s the 
tallest part of the building so it’s gonna go  

01:32:42,240 –> 01:32:50,340
right next to that and then uh once we get that 
set up then uh we’re gonna be off to the races  

01:32:50,340 –> 01:32:56,160
with that because I’ve got like 14 000 gallons 
of beer that I need to distill so it’s time wow

01:32:56,160 –> 01:33:01,560
thank you so this is where I’m gonna be  

01:33:03,480 –> 01:33:12,600
I hope your [ __ ] is comfortable yeah I I do have 
a single uh size bed over there which is very nice

01:33:19,620 –> 01:33:25,920
oh I mean in 2019 I slept in 
here uh I think 182 nights  

01:33:26,580 –> 01:33:33,840
oh my God I double distilled over a hundred 
and twenty thousand gallons of of beer and I  

01:33:33,840 –> 01:33:41,640
made some Brandy that year too myself and um I 
just I won’t do that again I just I can’t yeah  

01:33:41,640 –> 01:33:46,380
I mean that’s that fun something for your passion 
but you know work life out man work life balance

01:33:48,420 –> 01:33:58,020
um you know I mean you get into you get into 
seven eight nine ten days in a row and you’re  

01:33:58,020 –> 01:34:02,820
sleeping like maybe four hours a day at 
you know at all you know it doesn’t it’s  

01:34:02,820 –> 01:34:10,860
not normal hours and uh you know your dreams 
start turning really really Vivid and uh it’s a  

01:34:12,000 –> 01:34:18,120
at least they don’t turn gray I feel like 
that would be maybe worse like yeah and then  

01:34:18,120 –> 01:34:22,860
the dreams are all gray or like well what am 
I doing this for at least my dreams are like  

01:34:22,860 –> 01:34:31,500
alive even if I feel like I’m doing a drudgery day 
today I mean I’ll tell you what I mean it was uh  

01:34:32,700 –> 01:34:42,180
there’s like four in the morning or something 
or whatever and uh I was uh I knew I had like  

01:34:42,180 –> 01:34:49,500
two hours to take a nap real quick and 
uh all of a sudden I’m I’m in this tunnel  

01:34:50,280 –> 01:34:58,920
and uh smuggling weed with this Mexican family 
into Mexico and I’m in this tunnel and there’s  

01:34:58,920 –> 01:35:05,520
a checkout counter and it’s all going this way 
like on a on a belt drive and this guy is like  

01:35:06,300 –> 01:35:10,920
five thousand dollars a pound I’m 
like that’s what we get up here  

01:35:12,720 –> 01:35:17,820
he’s like unbelievable I I know it’s totally 
unbelievable and the doors are playing  

01:35:17,820 –> 01:35:26,280
like echoing through the background 
This is the End holy bizarre and uh  

01:35:26,280 –> 01:35:31,980
then Clint Eastwood’s right there and he’s like 
you want to smoke a cigar like well yeah I love  

01:35:31,980 –> 01:35:37,500
to smoke cigars thank you okay but I don’t have a 
cutter he’s like just bite the tip off of it I’m  

01:35:37,500 –> 01:35:43,740
like all right I’m gonna bite the tip off of it so 
I’m smoking cigar with Clint Eastwood and then I  

01:35:43,740 –> 01:35:52,440
get through these doors and it’s this crazy little 
Beach and uh and then I’ve got this blue Weber  

01:35:52,440 –> 01:35:58,980
grill you know how the front post always falls 
out of the Weber grill when you go to move it I’m  

01:35:58,980 –> 01:36:04,800
cleaning this thing like to put it on a truck and 
somebody says something behind me I’m like yeah  

01:36:04,800 –> 01:36:12,960
yeah whatever and they’re like oh four hundred 
dollars what it’s like now I’m in a live auction  

01:36:12,960 –> 01:36:17,940
for my blue grill that I’m trying to clean to get 
in the truck this is right 800 [ __ ] No One’s  

01:36:17,940 –> 01:36:23,700
Gonna Be digging my grill and uh so I won I won my 
grill and I’m putting it I’m putting it up on the  

01:36:23,700 –> 01:36:28,800
truck and the leg falls off of it and these got 
these gold coins start falling out of the grill  

01:36:28,800 –> 01:36:35,160
like a slot machine is like see this is why I paid 
800 for my grill this is exactly why you know the  

01:36:35,160 –> 01:36:41,220
gold coins are falling out you’re coming out it’s 
great and I woke up and I was like what the [ __ ]  

01:36:41,820 –> 01:36:49,500
what what sorry I just like I just gotta I gotta 
get up and uh I gotta check the still and uh  

01:36:49,500 –> 01:36:56,340
everything is fine but uh man that was just 
it was just uh it gets to you once in a while

01:37:02,460 –> 01:37:07,260
the scenes inside scooper than that that’s 
an amazing dream Marko and I love that you  

01:37:07,260 –> 01:37:13,800
like remember it and such like Vivid detail oh 
I’m glad that it wasn’t a premonition of things  

01:37:13,800 –> 01:37:19,440
to come it really was just like he went back 
to the still and everything’s hunky-dory yeah  

01:37:19,440 –> 01:37:27,060
I was like okay that yeah back to reality it’s 
like this is great this is great got it I’m okay

01:37:31,020 –> 01:37:39,720
oh man nuts well hopefully hopefully you 
have more fun dreams and they keep you yeah  

01:37:41,280 –> 01:37:48,360
so all right well I’m gonna get going thanks 
again Suzanne Evans thank you everybody else  

01:37:48,360 –> 01:37:54,300
thank you so much for uh sticking around uh thanks 
for getting that bottle of uh green tea apparently  

01:37:54,300 –> 01:38:00,720
out and uh you know thank you came up to the 
winery to see us like 30 years ago or 20 years  

01:38:00,720 –> 01:38:06,780
ago maybe we got some cab franc in your Cellar 
still um I just tried some like two years ago  

01:38:06,780 –> 01:38:12,900
and or yeah like oh a year ago and yeah it was 
it was tasty I’d love to make some more of that  

01:38:13,620 –> 01:38:17,880
and I know what I gotta make now I gotta make 
more bus decent I gotta bring that to each and  

01:38:17,880 –> 01:38:24,600
run back so yeah that’s the rumor putting you to 
work but I’m excited to try more wine from Spring  

01:38:24,600 –> 01:38:31,380
Mountain too well those grapes I buy we don’t own 
any Vineyards uh buy grapes from Friends Vineyards  

01:38:31,380 –> 01:38:40,140
around Napa Valley so the the 13 was uh from um 
uh just uh south of Stags leave District towards  

01:38:40,140 –> 01:38:45,300
American Canyon on the uh you know like the east 
Southeast side of the valley higher side of the  

01:38:45,300 –> 01:38:53,520
valley and then uh the cab Franc came from uh 
Saint Helena and then uh we’ve got some cab from  

01:38:53,520 –> 01:39:03,000
uh from stag sleep and we made Syrah from Lake 
County a couple of years like 06 and 07 some of  

01:39:03,000 –> 01:39:09,000
that so just uh just utilizing friends and uh 
you know getting a couple tons here and there  

01:39:09,000 –> 01:39:14,700
and this and that I mean we only make like 10 15 
barrels of wine at a time you know when we did  

01:39:15,660 –> 01:39:21,300
yeah just enough to make a mess and uh just 
to make just to make you a little bit angry  

01:39:21,840 –> 01:39:29,820
yeah it’s fun you know we just go old school style 
I use one ton bins and uh one ton basket press  

01:39:29,820 –> 01:39:36,540
and uh do punch Downs like three times you know 
every eight hours and uh just to you know just  

01:39:37,380 –> 01:39:42,060
showcase The Grapes you know they are what 
they are so that’s what that’s what we’re  

01:39:42,060 –> 01:39:49,500
gonna make wines with and uh barely you know 
barely filter it and uh uh mess with uh did uh  

01:39:49,500 –> 01:39:54,960
egg white fighting once or twice that’s fun 
and uh yeah it’s fun I like making red wine  

01:39:55,500 –> 01:39:58,920
well when you’re ready to do that if you need 
an extra pair of hands just tap Evan and he’ll

01:40:03,060 –> 01:40:09,360
cover that right yeah that’d be great 
yeah thank you so much have a great  

01:40:09,360 –> 01:40:16,140
evening thanks for having me great evening 
Marko thank you thank you bye everyone

01:40:16,140 –> 01:40:17,848
[Music] [Applause] [Music]

01:40:17,848 –> 01:40:18,505

01:40:18,505 –> 01:40:19,005

Until next time… Drink craft and drink the world. Cheers!

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