Part 5 of a 6 part series on Mendoza, Argentina

I became slightly obsessed…okay REALLY obsessed with Fernet & Coke on my recent trip to Argentina. And it’s continued now that I’m back in the States, so I thought I’d share that little obsession with all of you through this fun step by step video (and a little waxing poetic from me, per usual!). This super simple drink is perfect to both settle your tummy after dinner and give you a little pick me up before continuing the night.  Fair warning though…I like my Fernet & Coke a little heavier on the Fernet and a little lighter on the Coke than most people, but I am a San Franciscan after all!  What’s your perfect fernet & coke ratio?

Watch Now To Make Your Own Perfect Fernet & Coke

Now that you’ve watched the video, ready to head on over to Argentina to foster your own obsession? And drink fernet & coke?  I couldn’t encourage it highly enough! Check out our entire 6-part Argentina series here.

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