The first club for craft drinks explorers with a monthly craft alcohol tasting or mixology kit

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The first club for craft drinks explorers with a monthly craft alcohol tasting or mixology kit

Discover a wide and amazing array of craft alcohol from around the country with our monthly subscription box!

If you love trying new craft drinks and plan your travel itineraries around discovering the latest craft breweries, distilleries, cider houses, wineries, and more, then you are a natural SipScout!

Our unique rotating subscription allows you to expand your palate, discover new craft drinks, and immerse further in styles you already know and love.

Every month you’ll receive:

  • Tasting Flight or Mixology Kit
  • Monthly Tasting Party
  • Resources and Guides
  • SipScout Report
  • Special Offers

Each kit serves 2!

Join SipScout as a member and save as you indulge your wanderlust for craft drinks, improve your palate, learn, and have fun.

Shipping is always FREE, and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time!
Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, IA, KY, MI, MS, NH, RI, UT

Join the waitlist!

We will be accepting new members in the Fall.

Shipping is always FREE, and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time!
Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, IA, KY, MI, MS, NH, RI, UT

It’s easy to get stuck drinking the same things, but SipScout helps me explore new styles and flavors. Boozy learning at its best!

– Jay, SipScout Member

Every box includes:

Tasting flight or mixology kit

Featuring tipples from incredible craft makers around the country with enough for 2 people to share. Some kits include themes and/or surprise bonus gifts too!

Monthly Tasting Party

Taste along with a professional, learn more about each style and product, and build community with like-minded craft drinks enthusiasts. Some events will have craft makers themselves joining in! Learn more.

SipScout Report

Learn the background story about the featured makers, styles, and tipples included each month, including food pairing and service suggestions.

Resources and Guides

Digital tasting tutorials, cocktail recipes, educational guides and videos to help you learn and enjoy each box on your own.

Special offers

Exclusive access to special offers to stock your bar with full-size bottles for those you love.

SipScout Open Box Content Example with wine tasting flight

Past SipScout Kits and Experiences

(those with links have kits in stock to order) 

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Aquavit & Easter Mixology

Bourbon & Chocolate Tasting

Eden Craft Cider Tasting

Holiday Mixology Class

American Single Malt Tasting

Oktoberfest Beer Tasting

Rum Tasting & Painkiller Cocktail

American Craft Saké Tasting

Finnriver Craft Cider Tasting

Charbay 40th Anniversary Tasting

Margarita Evoluion Mixology Class

Irish Style Beer Tasting

Craft Whiskey Exploration Tasting

Kivelstadt Cellars Wine Tasting

Shop our single SipScout kits

Try SipScout by purchasing a single tasting or mixology kit! Click below to learn more and order one of our current kits:

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Why is there currently a waitlist?

While we would love to accept new members at all times, we’re a small team with a growing membership focused on only craft. And the craft makers are small businesses too!

So, we always have to be strategic about how quickly to grow our membership to ensure we can source enough of the high quality, small batch craft alcohol we include in our kits.  Occassionaly, we also have to start a waitlist while we continue to scale up certain processes to ensure all of our members always get a stellar experience from the start. At other times we have a new idea or a complex kit that requires us to streamline resources and suspend new membership temporarily. 

When we start accepting new members again, we will accept them in the order they joined the waitlist until we have reached our maximum member size again. We sure do hope to see you there!

What makes this different from other alcohol subscriptions?

First, we only feature independently owned craft alcohol in our kits…meaning you’re supporting small businesses while discovering new brands and products you’ve likely never tried (or even heard of) before from all over the country. 

Second, the rotational nature of SipScout is a game changer! How many times have you subscribed to a club only to have similar products (wine, beer, etc…) pile up on you month after month, eventually causing you to lose interest or be overwhelmed with too much of the same type of drink. With SipScout you’ll get a different type of craft alcohol in each kit allowing you to explore a diverse range of craft alcohol categories and styles from the comfort of your home. 

Third, Virtual SipScout Parties! On the 3rd Thursday of each month one of our certified sommeliers, cider professionals, whiskey stewards, cicerones, or mixologists will lead a virtual event (see the calendar here!) so you can open and enjoy your kit with the pros and with other like minded craft drinks enthusiasts from all over the country. Sometimes craft makers will join in on the fun, or  we’ll have themed parties, trivia, games, and always a communal Scouting Session to help you plan your next boozy trip wherever you’re heading. 

Fourth, if you’re familiar with The Crafty Cask at all you KNOW what big craft booze nerds we are. SipScout is just one part of our business whereas many other subscription kits exist for that one purpose alone. That means you have access to our entire team’s expertise, tons of great content on our website, cocktail recipes galore, educational resources, and more when you become a SipScout member. If you ever wanted to deepen your knowledge and passion for craft alcohol, you’re in the right place!

Lastly (although we could go on!), we have a deep network of craft maker friends…which means you’ll get access to special discounts and offers whenever we have them.

Do you ship to my state? How much does shipping cost?

Alcohol laws regarding shipping sure are tricky! But we’ve done our best to partner with amazing vendors who have expansive shipping capabilities. At this time we currently can NOT ship to the following states:


If, for any reason, we can’t ship a specific box to your state during your membership we’ll reach out with a few options to make it right and ensure you either get a refund or another great kit!

As far as shipping costs are concerned…there aren’t any! Your subscription already covers the shipping, so there are never any surprises. 

When will I receive my kit?

All kits ship out during the first week of each month for arrival during the 2nd or 3rd week of each month. We batch ship in order to ensure everyone receives their kits in time for the monthly SipScout Party and to keep costs down for you. All orders must be received by the first of each month in order to be included in that month’s shipment. You will receive your tracking information once we receive it from the shipper, typically near the start of the 2nd week of the month.

Here’s an example:

If you sign up on the 3rd of the September, you will have missed the cutoff for September’s box and your first kit will not ship out until the first week of October. If you joined one of our pre-pay disounted memberships, October will count as the first month of your membership even though you started your membership with payment in September.

Please note – all deliveries are shipped by our partners with a 21+ signature required given the contents contain alcohol. Most carriers will attempt delivery three times before sending the parcel back to the shipper, so please make sure to contact your carrier if you miss a delivery so you can coordinate to either pick your package up or arrange a delivery time that works for you schedule. 

Can I pause my subscription if I’m going out of town? Or cancel it at any time?

Absolutely! Travel is one of our biggest passions, so if you’re ever going to be out of town you can pause your subscription and it will resume when you’re back. Or if you just need a break, that’s ok too! Just make sure to pause before you’re subscription renewal date, which you’ll be able to see when logged in to your account.

You can also cancel at any time. Just make sure to cancel before your subscription renewal date (which you can see when logged into your account) and there will be no further charges to your card on file. If you signed up for one of our pre-paid options you will continue to receive all kits that you have paid for until the end of your initial subscription. 

What happens if I don’t like what’s in my kit?

We know it’s impossible for everyone to love every single item in their kit every month…we all have different palates and preferences! So while we can’t guarantee you’ll love every item, we can guarantee that every item is high quality and craft.

As a craft alcohol explorer it’s important to be able to distinguish between preferences (I don’t like this Sauvignon Blanc) and quality (this Sauvignon Blanc is poorly made). SipScout is the perfect membership to help you learn more about your own palate and your preferences while also being able to identify something you don’t like but is still good quality.

This will enable you to more confidently order and buy craft alcohol on your own that you WILL love…and one of the best ways to learn that is to experience some you don’t enjoy as well as many more you do enjoy. So don’t be afraid to tell us that you don’t like something…we’ll help you figure out why you don’t like it so it’s a valuable learning experience about your own palate and preferences that will help you continue to drink better far into the future.

Oftentimes at our events guests claim they don’t like a particular style but then they end up loving the one featured in our kit. So, remember – an open mind and continuing to try different styles of a category, even if you think you don’t like that category,  is the best way to expand your palate and up your drinking game.

Now that our official opinion is out of the way, you can also pause your membership for a month whenever you see something coming up that you aren’t interested in receiving. Just keep in mind that you get the best value when you receive multiple boxes over time since the value of boxes can vary based on the category of alcohol featured. 

How is it the same price each month for different items?

We like to keep things simple here at The Crafty Cask, so we’ve streamlined things so that you know exactly what to expect on your bill each month. No one likes those types of surprises! 

What that means is that while all kits are similar in value, there will be some variability depending on the specifics of that kit and brands included. Over the course of your subscription, however, you will get a great value! Not only from the actual craft alcohol in the kits, but also from the educational resources, occasional bonus gifts, promotional discounts, and the monthly Virtual SipScout Party and community.

What’s actually in each kit type?

Just can’t wait for the surprise, can you?! While the kits may vary slightly, in general this is what you can expect from the different kits. All have enough craft alcohol for two people to share and enjoy together:

  • Beer Tasting – 4-6 craft beers  depending on the size/format
  • Cider Tasting – 3-4 craft ciders depending on the size/format
  • Spirits Tasting – 6 2-oz craft spirits
  • Wine Tasting – 4 5-oz tasting samples or 2-3 full size bottles
  • Mixology Class – All ingredients to make two each of 3 cocktails

Plus! Occasional bonus gifts, educational materials, digital downloads and videos, and more.

What if I can’t attend the Virtual SipScout Party?

First and foremost…we’ll miss you! But seriously, it’s totally ok! All of our SipScout Parties are recorded and available for you to watch at your leisure. Or, you can skip out on the party entirely since you’ll have everything you need included in your kit to maximize the enjoyment and education on your own.

Psssst…the monthly Virtual SipScout Party makes for an awesome date night!

Will I be able to purchase full-size bottles of the products I love?

Of course! While at times, some of the makers we’ll feature may not have online distribution we strive to ensure that they do. So we’ll always direct you to where you can buy more, oftentimes with a special discount code as a thank you for being a part of SipScout.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely…what a great gift giver you are! Head on over to our SipScout gift page and you can gift a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription that won’t renew after it’s completed.

Since each kit comes with enough for two, maybe they’ll even share!

Does The Crafty Cask make, ship, or sell any craft alcohol themselves?

Nope! We leave the art and science of making and selling craft alcohol to those best suited and legally allowed to do so. We’re just here to celebrate and support them while sharing them with you through SipScout. The price of your membership is for the SipScout experience with an accompanying sampler kit being sent to you by one of our fabulous and trusted vendors or makers.

Can I buy a single kit?

Yes, choose from any of our currently available single kits (or gift cards for a single kit or membership) below: 

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