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Our personally curated collection of craft spirits.

The typical bottle shop has a limited selection of truly craft spirits. Primo Liquors, however, has been The Crafty Cask’s partner in fulfilling our virtual craft spirits tasting events and mixology classes for our many corporate clients for years. Which means, not only do they now have some of our favorite craft spirits brands ready for you to buy online but they also can ship to most states! So, head on over to shop our personally curated selection of craft spirits and check back often since we regularly add more! 

A few of our favorite craft spirits offerings from Primo Liquors
Barr Hill Reserve – Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin

This Vermont made barrel aged gin is delightful for sipping straight or in whiskey cocktails. 

Charbay – Doubled & Twisted Whiskey

This has been Suzanne’s FAVORITE whiskey since 2018, try it & you’ll understand why!

Ancho Reyes – Verde Poblano

Many are familiar with Ancho Reyes, but the Verde Poblano? So good! 

CraftShack Craft Beer

A huge variety of craft beer and gifts for beer lovers.

The typical brewery has an extraordinarily difficult time reaching the masses. CraftShack gives you the chance to taste some truly unique, small batch, craft beers and feel good about spending your hard-earned dollars with local, family-owned craft breweries. Building your own box of singles is one of our favorite gift ideas for beer drinkers.

pssst! We have a ton of $25 off coupons, just hit reply to any of our email newsletters to ask and we’ll send you one!  

A few of our favorite craft beer offerings from CraftShack
Almanac Beer Co – Vibes Hoppy Pilsner

It’s like a Pilsner and IPA had a baby…and it’s one that is smiley and happy all the time!

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co – Pompeii IPA

This single-hop mosaic India Pale Ale is big on flavor while also being incredibly refreshing!

Sunriver Brewing Company – Cocoa Cow Stout

There are very few Stouts that Suzanne craves, until she met this chocolatey delight.

Tippsy Craft Sake

Artisanal craft sake delivered to your doorstep.

At Tippsy, their mission is to make sake simple and fun. Join the club and get six mini bottles plus a ton of great educational content with each shipment. Or grab full-size bottles or sampler packs of craft sake to enjoy at your leisure.

A few of our favorite craft sake offerings from Tippsy:
Sake Sampler Box

Dive into the world of sake with $10 off your first box with the code SAKECLUB.

Premium Nigori Set

Use the code SHOPTIPPSY to get 10% off your first purchase and try Suzanne’s favorite style of sake!

Tengumai Junmai

We love this sake for it’s buttery, earthy, rich undertones served at room temperature. SHOPTIPPSY for 10% off your first order.

Craft Cider Clubs & Makers

Changing hearts & minds about cider.

If you think all cider is sweet, think again. The craft cider revolution is in full swing bringing you a range of cider profiles from dry to sweet, clean to funky, classic to modern, barrel-aged, hopped, and more.

Craft Wine Clubs & Makers

Craft wines that will expand your palate.

Discover new wine varietals, support craft wine producers, and enjoy superb wines. While every craft wine club offering varies, those we support and champion are hard to rank. We’ll leave that fun task to you!

Home Bar Must Haves

Our Amazon storefront designed to help you build an epic home bar.

We stock our own home bar with great finds from all over, so when we find something we love and it’s easily and affordably available on Amazon, you can find it here. Give great gifts and level up your own home bar!

A few of our favorite home bar essentials:
12-Piece Bartender Kit

Get shaking and stirring in style with everything you need for cocktail creation at home.

Wine Preservation System

Grab the one wine gift that our resident sommelier, Evan, actually uses!

Bitters Sampler Set

The one difference between good cocktails and great cocktails? Bitters!

Craft Drinker Gift Ideas

Our Amazon storefront designed to help you shop for the craft drink enthusiast in your life.

Gift ideas for whiskey drinkers, check! Cocktail gifts, check! Gift ideas for wine drinkers, check! Gifts for beer lovers, check! We love craft drinks and we love giving gifts so we have you covered whenever it’s time to shop for the craft drink enthusiast in your life (even if you’re shopping for yourself!).

A few of our favorite craft drinker gift ideas:
Wine Picnic Bag

Give the gift of picnicking in style and join in on the fun.

Personalized Mini Oak Aging Barrel

Help the spirits lover deepen their passion by aging spirits at home.

Boozy Books

Indulge the bookworm in your life with some of our favorite boozy reads.

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