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Sick of drowning in one wineries wine with every wine club you join? Yet looking for more than just one random bottle per winery at a time? Well we have the wine club for you! Get 3 bottles of craft wine from a different winery each month letting you get to know their style but not overcommit with more from the same winery each month…genius! Plus you get member benefits (read free tastings and bottle discounts on site) at each winery too. If you like to learn and explore this is the wine club for you.

Depending on the options you choose, prices start as low as $45/month

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You’re such a trend setter! Welcome to a brand spankin’ new wine club, Vinely, with a really cool premise and great benefits. But first, let me break some hearts. Currently this club only available to people who live in California, but there are plans to expand. So the more support and love they get early on the faster they’ll get to you no matter where you are! But if you live in California or you’re buying a gift for someone who lives there (ahem, hi Mom & Dad!), pay attention here, this is fun.

So unlike your typical wine club where you end up drowning in one winery’s wine after a few shipments, this wine club sends you 3 bottles from a different boutique CA winery every month. AND you get member benefits (read free tastings and deep bottle discounts) when you actually visit the winery in wine country. So by the end of the year you’ll have 12 wineries where you get free tastings and discounted wine. That’s enough for like 3-4 full days of wine tasting trips! All of the wineries are local, craft wineries (which The Crafty Cask will be writing about for Vinely soon, so stay tuned for that!) so you can also feel good about supporting small businesses with every sip! Like we needed another reason to drink more wine…


*All sales are fulfilled and payments are collected by Vinely. The Crafty Cask does not sell alcohol directly. 

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