While we’re still in scrappy start-up stage we are always looking for passionate, motivated self-starters who are passionate about craft alcohol to join our team! Is that you? Keep reading…

If you get in on the ground floor, do great work and are critical in helping us build our business you’ll be the first to benefit big as soon as we’re ready to dole out the rewards and moola! Right now, these roles are perfect for someone who still has a current income stream but is looking for a side gig or a new path in the world of craft alcohol and/or digital marketing. Passion first, profit second! If interested in any of the following opportunities please click below so we can chat!

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  • Guest Post Writers – do you have a blog of your own but would like to guest post for us? We love making new friends and supporting other like-minded tipplers so we’re always open to ideas as long as they’re in support of craft alcohol. The best part? Your research usually requires you to go out and have a few drinks! A few ideas and notes to help not waste anyone’s time:
    • Traveling the world through craft alcohol is a big part of our mission that writers all over the world can help us with greatly. Unique local drink? Specific drinking customs in your region? Amazing craft brewery, distillery, cider house, meadery, etc… nar you that you think the world should know about?
      •  Please note – while high quality imagery is required for all of our articles, you will likely have to take your own for these travel specific articles given the unique, on-site nature of the content. If you aren’t confident in your  (or a friend’s) photography skills for the article’s content, probably best to not pitch one of these ideas.
    • We love content that helps change people’s minds. Turns gin skeptics into gin enthusiasts, helps people find the style of IPA that they DO love, order something other than their standard vodka soda (or at least get them to ask for a craft vodka). Truly we want to help people broaden their drinking spectrum! Educational, inspirational and fun.
    • Our ethos is not about getting wasted or drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s already plenty of that content out there anyway 🙂
  • Contributing Writers – we have ambitious content plans with lots of educational articles and craft producer features to be written! If you have writing experience, love craft alcohol but don’t have an outlet or audience of your own this is perfect for you. We’ll send you some additional information and style guidelines to help you better assess if this would be a good fit once you express interest.
  • Video Production – while we have a great videographer for our feature producer videos we’re always looking for more partners and could definitely use some help making our more frequent “DIY” videos more compelling and professional (Suzanne’s a lot of things, but videographer and editor she is not!)
  • Digital Marketing – while marketing is in our blood it takes a lot to build a business, support clients and market your own brand all at the same time! We would love to have an expert on our team who can take our brand to the next level and really optimize SEO, set up click funnels and  generally drive increased engagement with our consumers and fans.

Still interested in joining The Crafty Cask team but don’t see the right opportunities for you above? Feel free to contact us here or click on the button below with your idea or proposal. As a small business we always have new needs popping up that may not be included here.

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