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We’re currently a lean, mean, tippling machine! Don’t you worry though, our founder has enough passion and energy to make your head spin…read a bit more about our fabulous content contributors below.

Contributing Writer: You’re likely to find Nadia in her laboratory (kitchen) experimenting with Gin botanicals or extolling the health benefits of wine. She believes we should taste everything at least twice. Once to see if we like it and twice just to be sure. Unless it’s a glass of bubbly, in which case you can just give her a straw. Nadia lives in beautiful South Africa on a kiwi farm…kiwi cocktails anyone?!

Contributing Writer: Jenna prefers her whiskey neat and likes her mezcal like she likes her jazz – smoky and smooth. She writes and lives in fabulous San Francisco.

Director/Videographer: Genesis is always up for the adventure of finding the story behind craft booze…whether at a brewery in Texas or a Sweet Potato distiller in California. She’s originally from Southern California and now resides in the beautiful Bay Area.

Hi, I’m Suzanne Henricksen! I’m the founder of The Crafty Cask and I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a bit now that you’ve met our lean, mean, fabulous team!

By trade I’m a market researcher and storyteller. Most core to my soul, however, I’m an explorer. I live life with the sole purpose of feeding my curiosity and discovering new experiences. There’s a whole lot of history behind why that is…and if you’re interested you can read a bit more about me here but the short of it is: I am obsessed with trying something new, learning something new and sharing what I find and love with others. Which ties in rather nicely with our mission here at The Crafty Cask. Coincidence? I think not!

Having worked in California wine country and then in Corporate America marketing for over 12 years, The Crafty Cask is my way of bringing a deep passion for the people, products and stories of craft alcohol together with expertise in marketing and storytelling. Why? To help tell the world about all of the amazing craft producers and products that I discover and love!

You see, the beauty of craft is that it’s often small, artisanal, hands on. These producers are pouring their hearts and souls into that sip you’re taking! The downside of that is that sometimes those great sips can be pretty hard to hear about and find…and it can be even harder to weed through the crap to find the gold. Which sucks, because the good stuff out there is soooo good! So if I can help even a few of you out there discover new craft beer, spirits, cider, wine or any other alcohol that you love, I will be thrilled. And if, in turn, that extra support from all of you helps more great craft producers create profitable business so they can stick around for the long haul, then my vision has been achieved.

Your support, by reading and commenting and engaging with us and all of our crazy shenanigans, helps The Crafty Cask achieve that vision. I can’t begin to explain how much that means to me. So thank you for being here…and thank you for choosing craft for your tippling fun.


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While we’re currently a pretty small operation we love hearing from passionate like-minded people who might have a skill set we need! Currently we’re looking for the following skills:

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  • A bad-ass, think-outside-the-box, roll-up your sleeves marketing expert with a deep skill set in digital marketing to help us grow and keep up with client demand
  • A social media maven who has experience growing content-driven brands


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