Whiskey Gift Ideas for Lovers of Bourbon, Scotch, & Rye

Whiskey passion runs deep! Fans of this spirit REALLY love it. And if you need a present for someone in your life with a whiskey affinity, a gift enhancing their drinking experience is sure to be a winner. 

But, when someone is an aficionado, it can be difficult to find something they don’t already own. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite whiskey gift ideas that even the most enthusiastic tippler may not have. 

Our Favorite Whiskey Gift Ideas

Let’s get right into it! If you know a whiskey lover, these gifts are sure to put a smile on their face. 

SipScout alcohol subscription box


Indulge the whiskey lover in your life while also helping them explore new spirits, beers, wines, and more. SipScout is the first monthly alcohol subscription box for lovers of all things craft alcohol. Each month, members will receive a craft tasting or mixology kit, resources, special offers, and an invite to our monthly SipScout party. And there’s enough for two to share!

SipScout alcohol subscription box

Craft Whiskey Exploration Kit

We’re big believers in drinking craft and supporting small businesses, and this whiskey-tasting kit helps you do just that. You’ll discover 6 craft whiskeys styles from 6 different craft makers in 6 different regions to supercharge your whiskey understanding while also learning about your own palate so you can continue to find new whiskeys you love on your own.


Glencairn whiskey gift

Cut Glencairn Whisky Glass

The Glencairn glass is one of the best ways to savor whiskey. The shape makes it perfect for swirling and releasing the aroma, while making each sip an experience. Elevate the classic Glencairn with this beautiful hand-blown glass version.

A Field Guide to Whisky

A Field Guide to Whisky

This is the ultimate guide for the whiskey enthusiast. Learn trivia, production methods, drinking tips, trends, and so much more. A Field Guide to Whisky will take your whiskey wisdom to new heights.

Home State Ice Molds

Home State Ice Molds

Do you know someone with as much state pride as love for whiskey? Then these home state ice molds are sure to delight. Drinks stay cold longer without diluting that liquid gold. Molds are available for New York, Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, and Louisiana.

Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

While many whiskey lovers are purists, mixing it up with an infusion from time to time can spice up your routine. This ready-to-infuse and ready-to-pour infusion kit makes it simple to add some flavor to your favorite whiskey or cocktail. 

Bourbon Nosing Kit

Bourbon Nosing Kit

Have you ever wanted to be someone who sips a drink and can identify each note and flavor? Well, with a bourbon nosing kit, anyone can be. Train your nose to detect each nuance, so every sip is more complex than the last.

Pssst! Want to go the extra mile? Book your lucky gift recipient a whiskey tasting with The Crafty Cask to put this nosing kit into action with a pro and have fun with friends! 

Whiskey Barrel Smoked Cocktail Kit

Authentic Whiskey Barrel Smoked Cocktail Kit

If you haven’t had the pleasure of a smoke-infused cocktail, you’re in for a treat with this whiskey barrel smoked cocktail kit. Add deep, smokey notes to your drink from the comfort of your home. It’s delicious and entertaining! 

Scotch Ness Critter Chilling Stone

Scotch Ness Critter Chilling Stone

Whether you have Scottish roots, love a good Scotch, or you’re simply a fan of cryptids, this chilling stone is a fun way to dress up your drink with a touch of whimsy. A stainless steel stone and silicone suction cup won’t affect the taste and prevent Nessie from slipping around your glass.

Want to Join Our Virtual Whiskey Tasting?

Our November SipScout party will be on November 17 at 5 PM PST. Join SipScout by November 1 to get a whiskey tasting kit and sip along with us, or register and bring your own drams along to learn some tasting techniques and commune with fellow whiskey lovers!

gift ideas for whiskey lovers

Cheers to You – The Greatest Whiskey Gift Giver!

We hope these whiskey gift ideas can help you become the star gift giver at your next holiday or event. If you’re also a fan of craft drinks, make sure to stay tuned as we’re always sharing insights, events, and recipes for all things craft. Until next time… cheers!

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