Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day, the ultimate use of the phrase, “All I want is to spend time with my family,” with all the weighty subtext of,  “Honestly, I want you to know exactly what gift to get me, why are you even asking?” Sigh, what is the perfect offspring to do?

Let’s remove a little of that ‘perfect Mother’s Day gift’ anxiety with a few unexpected but sure to be appreciated suggestions!

Suggestion 1: Clean the house and give your ma a well deserved break.

Suggestion 2: Pair suggestion #1 with one of these crafty good time Mother’s Day gifts!

We’ve got you covered in the craft spirits, wine, beer, and beyond! Don’t thank us, thank your mother, it’s her day.

Party on, Mom!

Whether your mother is the belle of the bar or the queen of the kitchen, she’s sure to appreciate gifts that speak to her talents. Gently help her discover craft spirits to love (beyond just selecting them for the label art—here’s looking at you, Ma!). Or, set her up for garnish making success and even her next big wine glass concert. Your mother is the life of the party, find a Mother’s Day gift to help her shine!

spirits club gift for spirits lovers

A Flaviar Subscription

My mother always says “variety is the spice of life” and gosh darnit, the woman is totally right!   Flaviar has flexible subscription plans so your ma can be as adventurous as she wants, all while exploring a variety of spirits of her choosing.

We’re not saying she still won’t text you pics of a cocktail menu and ask what you think she would like or Facetime you from the local liquor store craft gin aisle but hey, communication is important!

Mason Jars

Mason Jars

If your mother is anything like mine, she’ll flip out for a stash of Ball Jars.

Simple? Totally, but with all the canning and pickling my mother does, these are the jam (pun intended). Infinitely useful, stackable, easy to label and clean—from boozy infusions, to food storage,  even cocktails on the go, these little gems can’t be beat! Also, Ball has started making recyclable aluminum event cups and they are endorsed by Jason Momoa… I don’t know about your mom, but saving the environment and following that man’s IG account (you are welcome for that, Ma) rank pretty high with mine…

musical wine glasses

Musical Wine Glasses

It’s both delicious and an activity! These glasses from Uncommon Goods will make sure that your wine loving mother will always hit the right note in her after dinner performance. They are fun and unexpected, just like the musical matriarch of your family! Uncommon Goods also has a variety of DIY kits that we love on their website—from infusing spirits to making your own ginger beer, you might just  wind up shopping for yourself too.

Mom not into spirits?

Check out CraftShack, Tippsy Sake, and North West Cider Club and find something she’s sure to love!

Well, that covers the kitchen and bar portion. Pour your mom a drink and don’t forget to wipe down those counters and put away the dishes, we are moving on to the smooth jazz section.

Mom: Unplugged

Even the consumate hostess needs a little break. Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day with gifts that will help her unwind and sail away, sail away, sail away. Now mix her up a cocktail, cue up her fave playlist, and hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign, Mom is out of office.

Christmas gift, beer lover, beer growler

Fun Boozy Books

From cocktail recipes to engaging histories, there’s a book on our recomended reading list your mom is sure to love! In honor of Mother’s Day, we recommend Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol and A Woman’s Place is in the Brewhouse.

You could stop there or pair a fun read with the next few suggestions and up your status to “favorite child” real quick.

Bath caddy with wine glass holder

Bathtray with Wine Glass Holder

Shower beers are great but how about a tub cocktail? Bathtime bubbly? This bamboo caddy has holders for mom’s phone, book, snacks (v important) and even a glass holder for stemware! I believe in a strict “no glass in the bathroom” policy, so I recommend picking up  a set of acrylic glasses to go along with this. Shhh, mom’s relaxing now… go make your own dinner.

bath seltzer

Bath Seltzer

Fizzy and refreshing seltzerfor your bath?! We love this trio of soaks from mother-and-daughter team Jane Diokas and Brooke Bortner! Their soaks are based around their love of natural ingredients, which began with mom Jane’s herb garden. Pamper your mom with a little at-home spa moment.  You know if it’s made by a mom, it’s made with love!

Looking for more Mother’s Day gift inspiration?

Check out our storefront!

Now go out there and find a gift to make your mama proud! Any of these are sure to please and pair so nicely with that macaroni necklace of yesteryear (oh, you were so cute then!). 

I Got It For My Mama!

We know that gift giving as an adult can be little more difficult (remember how far fridge art used to go?) but it can also be super fun now that you’re over 21! We’ve swapped out arts and crafts for craft spirits, beer, and wine and it’s one heck of a good time! May this gift guide aide you in your search for the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift, it’s out there waiting for you to put a bow on it.

“If you prefer to gift experiences, contact us to gift a craft alcohol tasting or mixology class!”

Mother's Day gift

Cheers to all the mothers and mother figures out there, this day is for you!

We know that not all families look the same, and that is a beautiful thing to celebrate. Whomever you choose to raise a glass and give a gift to today, give it in good health and love and, as my mother always says “make good choices!”

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