The Best Holiday Wine Gifts (Plus Beer, Cider, Sake and More!)

OK, we know we aren’t supposed to brag about certain things—but we pride ourselves on being pretty great gift givers. It doesn’t necessarily take more money and it isn’t always easy to come by, but gosh it’s worth it. Below, you have our second holiday gift guide for the season. These are gifts for the beer sippers, the wine drinkers, the mead and cider fans, and the sake lovers!

Looking for gifts for spirits and cocktail lovers? Don’t worry… we have you covered in this dedicated gift guide just for them. Happy gift giving!


Beer Gifts:

Beer was first made almost 12,000 years ago, and we’ve come a long way! What should you get the hops lover in your life? We bet they’d be delighted with one of these unique beer gifts…

Christmas gift, beer lover, beer growler

MiiR Insulated Growler

Let’s start off strong for the regulars at all the local breweries. This reusable growler is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s slick as hell. The beer lover in your life will look good with this in their hand. Pair with a local pub pass and Ray Bans for best effect.

Pictured: 64 oz; also available in 32 oz.

Can, coozie, koozie, bottle, beer lover

A Universal Koozie

Ok, so the Frost Buddy can (and does) pull triple duty for beer, seltzers, and ciders. But it’s largely based on beer can and bottle sizes, so we’re highlighting it here. This wonderful product keeps your drinks cold and your hands warm, no matter the dimensions of the (12 or 16 oz) beverage. Seriously!… Mostly! There are a few exceptions, of course, because nothing is truly one size fits all. However, we still choose to believe in its magic and move on with a cold beverage in hand.

beer, charcuterie, beer lover, host gift, christmas gift

Charcuterie and Beer Tasting Tray

Beer, salty snacks, cheese, and meats? Yes, please! Grab this handmade beauty for the person or couple in your life that loves to entertain. If they choose not to sample different beers at the same time, they can use that portion of the board for more snacks. What’s not to love? It’s the perfect unique beer gift.

Fill Your Frost Buddy

Go to CraftShack for our favorite craft beers!

Do you have a true beer nerd on your hands? Learn about all the different glasses used for beer and grab some suggestions based on their favorites!

Cider and Mead Gifts:

An oft-overlooked subset of craft alcohol enthusiasts, cider and mead fans are discerning all over the world—which makes them all the more difficult to shop for. But not this year! We’ve narrowed down some of the best cider and mead gifts around…

mead, viking, ren faire, horn mug

Mead Muggin’

Mead is meant to be drank out of a vessel made of animal horn. Then you cheers, “To Valhalla!” or so we’re told. While this mug is vegan-friendly, it definitely evokes a Game of Thrones feel—but since we’re moving on from toxic endings in 2021, watch Thor Ragnarok while taking pulls off the horn instead. You can thank us later.

best cider cufflinks gifts

Cuffing Season

Drinkers who choose cider over every other option are quirky… something of a Jess from New Girl vibe. I will not be explaining further why these cuff links are a perfect gift for them (the seller also has them as earrings). They could also be a great gift for a teacher in your life.

worlds best ciders book gift for cider lovers

Every Thought Is A Seed

And you can count the seeds in apple, but not the apples in a seed. For more musings and insight on apples in our favorite form, cider, gift this book to your favorite cider fan. We’ve got plenty more books to browse through too!


May Your Goblet Floweth Over

Check out some of our favorite places to get craft cider and mead online:, Northwest Cider Club, Heidrun Meadery, and Groennfell Meadery

Sake Gifts:

Need to brush up on your sake knowledge? Don’t worry, we have a full series of article for you so you can share some fun facts about sake alongside these thoughtful gifts.

sake ceramic set, white sake set, artisan
black ceramic gift set for sake lovers
green sake ceramic set for sake lovers

Art for Art’s sake

The best gift for a sake drinker is a sake glass set. We did our best to find handcrafted tokkuri and choko that benefits artisans directly. Here are a few of our favorites.

Clockwise from top left (1), (2), (3)

Sushi roll set, sushi and sake pairing, sushi gift, date night

Rollin’ In The Deep

One of those gifts most people wouldn’t consider buying for themselves. As an accompaniment to a sake serving set, this sushi making kit completes the perfect date night. Make sure to do some research on fresh fish in your area, or get it shipped to your doorstep.

Top Off Your Chokos

Check out Tippsy Sake for high quality sake and a fantastic club membership option!

Wine Gifts:

There are many sub-categories of wine drinkers. For these holiday wine gifts, we’ll be covering the unwine-ders, the ice queens, the savory sippers, and the collectors. Curious to know more about grape cultivation and fermentation? Check out our article Wine 101: The Laywoman’s Guide to How Wine Is Made.

wine holder, shower wine, shower beer, wine-o, wine lover

Wine-ding Down

After a long day, who doesn’t enjoy a crisp white wine in a hot shower after being on Zoom meetings all day that should have been emails? Or a full-bodied red in the tub? Everyone should have one of these, including you…

(Or, for the beer drinkers in the house…)

Wine storage, coravin, wine cellar, wine collector

Savory Sippers

A perfect gift for the wine lover in your life who somehow has the self-control to only have one glass. The Coravin system keeps wine fresh for days, months, years to come. It makes those expensive vintage buys worth every penny, because you can decant as you please and don’t have to rush through a favorite bottle.

A great holiday wine gift option for a client that always seems to impress with their knowledge of Bordeaux vs Burgundy wine. Maybe not the best investment for the recent college grad that chugs two-buck chuck.

wine art, wine painting, red wine, collector art


This collection of art utilizes wine as the medium. It’s amazing and wine enthusiasts of any self-awareness will appreciate it. It’s just that good. Perfect for the one who has “everything”.

Holiday Party Get Too Crazy?

When things get wild and red wine sloshes, it’s always comforting
to have some Château Spill in your cellar for easy cleanup.

You Made It!

There you have it! Our top holiday wine gifts, beer gifts, cider gifts, mead gifts, and sake gifts. Phew! Your dedication to craft alcohol appreciation and gift giving to support craft makers warms our hearts. And will surely warm the hearts of your lucky friends and family members this holiday season as well.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? In addition to the boozy gifts above, check out our gift guide for the craft spirits and cocktail enthusiast on your list.

Or, if you prefer to gift experiences, contact us to gift a craft alcohol tasting or mixology class! And, of course, you can always shop our favorites year round as well. 

Happy Holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah

Good Tidings to YOU, Tippler Nation!

From all of us here at The Crafty Cask, Happy Holidays! Now that you have all the gifts for the tippler in your life, stay tuned! We have articles, events, cocktails, and deep dives into the best craft alcohol makers out there on your way. We’re equal opportunity drinkers over here… as long as it’s craft, that is!

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