Our Top Gifts for Cocktail Lovers and Spirits Lovers

We love gift giving here at The Crafty Cask! Storing away ideas all year long and then surprising our loved ones with that special thing they mentioned that one time and then promptly forgot about is the best. We also really appreciate, not surprisingly, a little crafty gift giving ingenuity. So, we’re sharing this handy dandy guide to some of our top gifts for spirits lovers or home mixologists you know and love. If you’ve got a lover of craft beer, cider, wine, sake, etc. on your shopping list, check out our other gift guide. Otherwise, mix yourself a cocktail and get ready to find the perfect spirits and bar themed gifts for everyone on your list!

Gifts for Spirits Lovers

There’s often a ton of overlap between spirits lovers and cocktail lovers, so before we jump into making your shopping easy for gifts for cocktail lovers on your list we wanted to talk a bit about straight spirits! Because honestly, whenever we’re teaching mixology classes we always instruct our students to take a little nip of each spirit (and other ingredients!) straight if they’re not familiar with it.

You wouldn’t cook with ingredients you’ve never had, right? Same goes with making cocktails! So here are a few of our top gifts this year for the spirits lovers on your list… 

spirits club gift for spirits lovers

Spirits Sampler Kits

Like a snack pack, but for amazing craft spirits! Help your friends and family branch out of their comfort zone and try something new without having to commit to a whole bottle! Two of our favorites are:

A whiskey or spirits kit, or quarterly membership, to Flaviar! Flaviar is honestly one of the best booze memberships out there with a very high portion of their brands being craft, which you know we insist on! Curate your gift box or gift a club membership here.

While not quite as extensive as Flaviar, we also like The Mixologer’s Ultimate Old Fashioned Kit and Ultimate Tequila Box for a nice sampling of spirits along with some cocktail making ingredients. While they often prioritize including craft, you may want to double check with them before ordering.

Glencairn glasses as gifts for spirits lovers

Tasting Accessories

You’re gifting a spirits enthusiast, but what can you give them beyond booze? The proper glassware for their favorite tipple of choice! The shape of the glass has an impact of flavor and aroma. The proper glassware will allow them to wax poetic about tasting notes and encourage them to share! 

A Tulip glass is especially designed for Cognac but also works with most spirits, while a Glencairn is the optimal shape for whiskey! We also love enjoying mezcal from these traditional veladoras and copitas.

And don’t forget decanters! While they’re not necessary for spirits they do make special or favorite spirits look lovely on a home bar. 

Check out all of our favorite glassware—for spirits lovers, cocktail lovers, and beyond. 

Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Well made bar tools will last a lifetime, we have some favorites at every price point! Gift them a full set or splurge on one unique piece—you can’t go wrong with something that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Really want to impress? Go for tools crafted by bartenders, for bartenders, such as the handmade gorgeous and yet durable mixing glasses from Bull in China PDX.

Bartender's kit is a perfect gift for a spirits lover

Tools of the Trade

The easiest way to go here, of course, is to give a bartenders kit that has many of the commonly needed tools included. These range from basic, but effective kits all the way to gorgeous kits designed to be placed on show. You can find all of our favorites, ranging the spectrum, here.

Want to mix and match fun small bar accessories as stocking stuffers instead? We love this idea!  Our founder, Suzanne, really loves to open LOTS of presents so the fun goes on as long as possible…so if you know someone like that this is the way to go.

If you go this route, every home bar pro needs a good shaker, Y peeler, well-crafted muddler, hand juicer, fine mesh strainer, and jiggers. Bonus points for a swizzler, a channel knife, ice carving tools, atomizers, yari dashers, and a microplane.

Mixologer ice mold gift for cocktail lovers

Ice, Ice Baby

You’ve heard us say it before and I’m gonna say it again—ice is important!

For stocking stuffers the silicone molds you’re most likely familiar with are just fine. They create fun shaped ice or large ice so that cubes melt slowly to minimize watering down your tipple.

If you really want a gift for cocktail lovers that will impress, grab a directional freezer ice cube maker. The benefit is these create crystal clear large format ice cubes, unlike normal molds which admittedly never really result in that pristine clarity.

Don’t believe us? Check out this Instagram reel we created with our own. We definitely own most of the gifts we’re suggesting here since we only share things we truly know and love! 

bitters sampler gift for cocktail lovers

A Little Spice & Everything Nice

Bitters are the salt and pepper of the cocktail world, they also make great stocking stuffers! Here are some bitters sets we love. Since they don’t go bad you can build quite a collection!

Since we’re talking cocktail ingredients now, don’t forget about specialty cocktail rimming salts and sugars as well as quality olives and cherries. Whatever you do, help get the home mixologist on your list off of maraschino cherries ASAP! For help with that you can shop some of our favorite ingredients and garnishes here.

Jena reading boozy books - the perfect gift for spirits lovers

Our Boozy Book List

When we’re not whipping up cocktails or sipping on spirits we love to read! There are so many great boozy reads out there our curated boozy book list can keep you buying gifts for cocktail lovers on your list for years if you play your cards right!

From the Old Fashioned to the Martini, and everything in between! Gifting for someone who yearns to create recipes? The Flavor Bible will be sure to delight and inspire! Have a friend getting ready for Dry January or abstaining? We have books for amazing spirit free tipples on our list too!

No matter what they enjoy sipping on, there’s a book for that! Regularly buying books as a gift for the spirits lovers (or cocktail, wine, beer, cider, or sake lovers!) in your life will often benefit you as the potential recipient of their creations too. Win, win!

Happy Holidays Tippler Nation! 

From all of us here at The Crafty Cask, Happy Holidays! Now that you have gifts for the cocktail lover and spirit lover in your life, stay tuned! We also have a gift guide for the beer, cider, wine, and sake lovers in your life. And, of course, you can shop our favorites year round here as well. We’re equal opportunity drinkers over here…as long as it’s craft, that is!

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