Our Best Gifts For Dad on Father’s Day

Ah, the month of June—warmer weather, longer days, and the sneaking suspicion that you’ve run out of gift ideas for Father’s Day. Fear not, Tippler Nation, we are here to help! Whatever your family dynamic and whomever you choose to celebrate on this day, we’ve got an array of highly curated crafty gifts to choose from! Now put down the card you’ve mailed him the last three years in a row and start scrolling, this year Father’s Day is yours for the winning.

Dad and son toasting, Father's Day cheers

I Drink & I Know Things

Set up Dad for entertaining success with a Father’s Day gift to help him wow the crowd! From straight up cocktail science to safely setting things on fire, here are a few of our favorite must-haves that will have your father proclaiming, “I bet you can’t guess how I did that!” while grinning ear to ear. 

Smoking Cloche

Smoke ’em If Ya Got ’em!

Sure, a cocktail is cool but what if you could up Dad’s cocktail game to the hottest in town? From Manhattans to Old Fashioneds and everyting in between, Dad can now set them safely aflame and add a billowy cloud of aromatic smoke! We’re not saying he has to grow a handlbar mustache for this… but we also aren’t saying that he won’t give it a whirl. Up the cool factor to the Nth degree by adding in this clear ice ball maker from Mixologer.

For a similar effect with less fanfare (but more flames), opt for the Glass Topper Smoker!

Liquid Intelligence book

The Gift of Fun Facts

You know we love our booozy books! For Father’s Day we have quite a few fun recomendations in our shop, from the history of the Old Fashioned to the chosen cocktails of U.S. presidents (Teddy Roosevelt had his own Mint Julep recipe btw). Pair a spirited read with appropriate cocktail accoutrement or jump straight into the nerdy world of cocktail science with Liquid Intelligence and help Dad science his way to impressive cocktail creations.

Nose Your Bourbon

Nose Your Bourbon

Got a dad who loves bourbon? This kit, comprised of genuine bourbon aromas, is the perfect gift to help him continue discovering new (hopefully craft!) bourbons. Best enjoyed alongside a couple fingers of his favorite bourbons, the “Nose Your Bourbon” kit can help discern why he likes this bourbon more than that one. Then, next time he’s at the local bottle shop or whiskey bar, instead of just asking for a bourbon, he can ask for a bourbon “heavy on caramel and tobacco notes & easy with the herbal characteristics”. Just like a true aficionado!

bloody mary garnish branches

Garnish With Gusto

What do you get the guy who’s already got all the gadgets?! Prepare for the ultimate game-day/family brunch Bloody Mary show-off moment! Dad can use these extemely functional and oh-so-impressive cocktail trees to up his garnish game! Go one step further and pair them with the “quick pickle gift set” so Dad can turn any vegetable into a delicious tangy snack. Or, if your dad isn’t the DIY sort, go with a Rick’s Picks sampler. We love the Mean Beans.

How about some bottles to go with those gadgets?

Want to gift Dad something delicious and craft? Get him a membership from Flaviar!

Or, perhaps a Spirit Box Sampler from Spirit Hub? Use the promo code “CRAFTYCASK” for 20% off your first order from Spirit Hub!

Now that we’ve covered the science of things, let’s party on, Wayne! We’d also like to mention that, when gifting anyone booze and things to set on fire, having the fire extiguisher handy is a must. Don’t make us say we told ya so. 

Hey Kid, Grab Dad A Beer!

Let’s downshift a little from that fancy schmancy cocktail stuff. Maybe your dad is a straight shooter who likes his whiskey neat and his beer ice cold. Your dad wouldn’t be caught dead in somewhere labelled a “speakeasy” and if he’s smoking anything it’s gotta involve wood chips and something he caught himself. Now let’s crack a cold one and wax poetic about “sweet lady propane” for a minute there, Bobby. We’ve got Father’s Day gifts Hank Hill would approve of, too.

you're neat tshirt

They Call Me Big Pun

Two guys walked into a bar. The third guy ducked.

Showcase your dad’s infamous wit by allowing him to wear it on his sleeve! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite booze pun apparel, we think it rocks. T-shirts not his thing? Opt for some cheeky bar towels or this oh so appropriate apron.

And, cue laugh track.

The Crafty Cask - Craft Brewery

A Big Ol’ Box Of Craft Beer

It used to be that if you wanted craft beer from across the country, you had to go all Clark Griswold and roadtrip your way there. That’s all well and good if you’ve got the time and gas money, but we are here to suggest a simpler way. Curate a box of amazing craft brews to remind your dad of your travels together, or his time out west, or that one time in that one city that he just has to tell you about every time he has a few. 

wood chips for bbq

Pit Master

What goes better than craft beer and BBQ? Gift Dad the excuse to stand over an open flame, brew in hand, and poke at something with metal tongs and he will be delighted. This mixed pack of smoking chips runs the gamut from sweet to smoky and will enhance the flavor of any fish or game your patriarch has procured from the wild (or the supermarket). Top it off this fierce apron to complete the masculine dad image What a guy!

Are you the apple of your dad’s eye?

Sign him up for the NW Cider Club!

Who wants to play a game while we grill? Have a little fun and stump your dad with our Fun Beer Trivia! Everyone loves showing off the useless, inane knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years, ourselves included!

Have a Beer-y Special Father’s Day

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a cocktail lover, the man who always has a craft beer can in his hand, or the dad who’s quick with a quip and fast with a fun fact, your search ends here! Now go back out into the sunshine and rejoice, you will indeed be the favorite child this year! We wish we could assure you that victory means your father will be retiring a few of his jokes, but hey, it’s part of his charm.

If you prefer to gift experiences, contact us to gift a craft alcohol tasting or mixology class!

From all of us at The Crafty Cask, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and dad figures out there!

Our 4 Favorite Whiskey Gifts For Dad To Celebrate Father’s Day

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