We’re big believers in teaching Craft Makers how to fish vs. making you dependent on others. Especially since we know budgets are tight. While we have our full Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp, sometimes we get a question so often we want to share a piece of the learning and love with as many craft makers as we can. Free resources, yay! 

Make sure to check back often as we’ll be adding new free resources regularly and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!

Marketing Plan

Read our article on Marketing Planning or  “Just Say No To Marketing” in Distiller Magazine recently? Then you need your Marketing Understanding Guide to help you strategically plan your marketing to achieve your goals! Getting clear on your business and marketing goals then lining up your marketing strategies and tactics accordingly will help you recognize the right opportunities when they come along and say no to those that are more distracting than valuable.

Click here for a primer on how to use your MUG along with a video that walks you through an example using the SMART goal setting strategy. 

Marketing Budget
Planning Exercise

Resources are limited, we get it. If you’re serious about building a brand though, under-resourcing your marketing will cost you more in the long run. It’s not about having a HUGE marketing budget, it’s about having one at all and one that matches your goals realistically.

Even if you go through these exercises and decide that you can’t fully fund your ideal budget just yet it’s incredibly valuable to know what a good marketing budget would look like to achieve your growth goals. This will give you idea of common marketing budget buckets and help you think about your needs over time.

IG Hashtags for Growth
*free mini-course*

Hashtags are one of the best ways to grow your audience and brand awareness. Yet it’s incredibly easy to use them incorrectly…meaning wasted time or even harm due to the Instagram algorithm.

In this free mini-course you’ll have a video tutorial that walks you through why hashtags are so important and key best practices. You’ll then download our favorite craft alcohol hashtags to get you started on putting it into action for your brand. And if you’re new to Instagram you even get a bonus IG quick start guide and features overview! 

Paid Marketing Success Planner

When it comes to paid marketing tactics there are a lot of options available, which means it can be confusing to know where to start. This Paid Marketing Campaign Planner provides two tools, a paid marketing tactic comparison guide and a paid marketing planning worksheet.

Using these tools will ensure you think through all key components related to your marketing objective and set each tactic up for success. Consider it your paid marketing cheat sheet!

Digital Acronym Cheat Sheet

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when we have no idea what people are talking about when it seems everyone else does. Acronyms have become a critical part of language, especially in today’s digital world. To help in your Marketing Rockstar journey it’s important you speak the language and know what others mean when using acronyms on or related to Social Media, or even with  Marketing in general.

So, WYDRN? Let’s vanquish that FOMO and up your social lingo FTW. YW.

CRM Primer & Success Criteria

Customers are the key to your success. And a CRM,  or a Customer Relationship Management system will allow individuals and teams across your organization maximize their customer communications and sales efforts. It empowers your team to build relationships more effectively, keep track of progress, automate activities and provide the best experience from awareness to interest to purchase and beyond. This guide will walk you through the many benefits of a CRM and help you choose the best one for your business.

Social Media
Scheduling Guide

Social media is critically important in today’s business and consumer environment. One of the most important success factors is showing up with consistent content, but when you’re a small business owner with many hats that can feel hard and overwhelming. By batching your content monthly it IS achievable and will drive better results. This guide walks you through our favorite scheduling tool & ensures you’re set up to leverage it to maximize your brand’s social media results and efficiency.

Join Our Full Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp

Are you a craft alcohol maker who JUST KNOWS people would love your brand and products if they JUST KNEW about you? Are you struggling to crack the marketing nut in order to make that happen? It’s time to become the Rockstar Marketer I know you are. 

The Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp is 10 courses in total, shown below in the order they will be released through early 2020. In addition to the main course content there are tons of additional bonus downloads, videos and action sheets to put what you’re learning in to practice for your business immediately. We approach each topic with a craft alcohol lens so our strategies and examples are relevant and appropriate given the unique constraints of our industry.

  1. Laying the Foundation: Marketing 101
  2. Unlock Your Brand’s Magic: Develop Your Brand Story & Voice
  3. Find Your Consumers & Build Your Tribe with Consumer Centric Marketing
  4. Become a Social Media Rockstar: Leveraging Free Marketing
  5. Paid Marketing: When, Where & How to Invest Your Marketing Budget
  6. You Have Distribution, Now What? Effective Business to Business Marketing
  7. Ensure Your Website is Working Hard for Your Business (Jan 2020)
  8. Creating Content that Kills (Feb 2020)
  9. Growing Tasting Room Traffic (Mar 2020)
  10. Bringing It All Together (Apr 2020)

Each course will have 3-5 pillars, or topic-specific lectures and each lecture will range from 5-30 minutes in length. The primary format of each pillar is video lecture with a combination of your instructor on screen, visuals to bring the voiceover to life and written content . The real value, however, comes in when it’s time to download your action sheet and apply what you’ve learned to your business before moving onto the next pillar or course.

Once you have access to each course you have access for life, so if something unexpected comes up that takes you away from your Bootcamp commitment for a while you can always come back and work through it at your own pace at a later date. This also means you’ll always get access to updates and new content as it’s added.

While you can purchase courses individually the best value comes from enrolling in the full Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp with 5 valuable bonuses. Learn more and enroll by clicking the button below.

I just looked at the course. Suzanne, it’s fantastic! I love your approach, content, and worksheets. 

I really think Makers could benefit from this.

Tanya Riesbeck


I think the course, “You Have Distribution, Now What?!” is not only great, very thorough, but very, very needed in our industry. I have people that I’d like to send to take this course and over time I’m going to get a lot more people who need a course like this. It’s such a big need.

Ben Salisbury

Salisbury Creative

See each course overview here. We approach each topic in the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp with a craft alcohol lens so our content is relevant, appropriate & actionable for craft makers.


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