Tippler Nation is in isolation…but not anymore!

Join us as we bring craft winery, distillery, brewery, and cider house tastings to you at home through our virtual tasting experiences. You’ll learn about the specific type of tipple we’re sipping on for each event, get introduced to amazing craft makers from around the country, and often hear from the makers and other industry professionals themselves. And, of course, you’ll get a chance to ask questions, meet new friends, and support these amazing small craft businesses directly.

These virtual tasting experiences are currently free to attend, but we’d love it if you bought some of the featured products to sip along with us and support great craft makers in the process. If you’re feeling grateful after the event you can also support us by providing a “tip” @TheCraftyCask on Venmo and you can support our featured craft makers by ordering more to enjoy at home. Help support the craft alcohol community we all love so much, while building new community and adding some much needed fun to our current, socially distanced lives. 

Interested in hosting a private virtual tasting for your friends, family, or company? Learn more and start planning your event here.

Meet Your Virtual Tasting Hosts…

Suzanne Henricksen

Founder of The Crafty Cask & the 10-course online Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp

Passionate about all things craft alcohol, I founded The Crafty Cask to support the success of craft alcohol makers and expand the enjoyment of craft alcohol enthusiasts. At my core, I’m an explorer. I live life with the sole purpose of feeding my curiosity and discovering new experiences…mostly through travel, food, and alcohol. I am obsessed with trying and learning new things, hearing stories, meeting people, and sharing what I find and love with others… which is exactly what I’ll be doing with Evan during these virtual tastings!

Evan Rothrock

Sommelier, Certified Cider Professional & Bespoke Wine Tour Guide for Max Napa Tours

Having spent 9 years bringing craft alcohol enthusiasts, like you, to wineries, distilleries, cider houses, and breweries I have a deep appreciation and love for craft alcohol and the people behind each sip. As a certified sommelier and cider professional, I have deep knowledge that I am passionate about sharing with others in a way that is approachable, engaging, and fun. Suzanne and I love helping people find new types of alcohol, as well as new brands of alcohol they already enjoy. I look forward to doing this both virtually and in-person when we’re able to meet face to face again! 

Sommelier Guided Tours of Napa & Sonoma

Evan was an exceptional resource for our small group and personally he was great to spend the day with.

Max Napa Tours is providing certified sommeliers – make no mistake these are not just tour guides or drivers, they’re more knowledgeable than most of the staff you’ll meet at the wineries. In fact, Evan had detailed answers to every question we asked all day! You will not go wrong choosing to Max Napa Tours.


Trip Advisor Review

It Makes Craft Not Feel So Local! 

You probably hear this every time you have one of these. This is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad we did this. It’s good to see people who care, it’s good to see community. In a digital age in a world where we have so much connection, so much communication, local is plus or minus the circumference of the planet. It’s fantastic to see people from disparate locations come together for this sort of a thing…and just having a good time. It makes craft not feel so local!


Bear Republic Brewing Co.

What A Fantastic Night!

The Craft Cider Exploration & Tasting at the Palace Hotel’s Pied Piper bar was both fun and educational. Learned a lot about 3 local artisan producers, got to enjoy 3 cider pairings with delicious food, and sampled 5 other ciders at the end.
Would definitely recommend future events! Really grateful for being introduced to 3 local cider companies that I hadn’t tried before.


Kim P.

Yelp Review of Meet the Maker Event

Group of friends clinking glasses representative of our Tippler Nation Craft Alcohol Community

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