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We’ll be talking about the growing trend of distilling craft beer into craft whiskey featuring Charbay Distillery’s R5 Whiskey and Bear Republic Brewing’s Racer 5 Beer. Get your hands on each product so you can join us as we do a side-by-side tasting (but don’t worry you are still MORE than welcome if you don’t have these products at home to learn, connect, and meet the makers!) of the exact beer that becomes this amazing whiskey! Want a little teaser of the fun we’re going to have? Check out our video all about this trend, our video at Bear Republic Brewing talking about this collaboration or check out replays of our past virtual events.

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With the craft beer distilled into craft whiskey trend masters

If you’re really into this craft beer distilled into craft whiskey trend (like we are!), make sure to also pick up some Bear Republic Big Black Bear Stout and Charbay “S” Whiskey for the same experience with a different base beer and resulting whiskey. And at that point, you might as well grab some Charbay Doubled & Twisted Whiskey to see both the “R5” and “S” whiskeys blended with a straight malt whiskey for a real treat.
This has been Suzanne’s all-time favorite whiskey for over a year. So much so that it get’s permanent prized placement in her favorite decanter!

About Charbay Distillery

We are a family of early pioneers in the modern American artisan distillery movement. Representing 13 generations of Master Distillers. We began distilling here in the U.S. in 1983 (Mendocino County, CA) with Alambic Pot Still Brandy and haven’t stopped since. Distilling is my passion, and I’m happy to share it with you.

Our Double Distillation, 7 Fraction Distillation Process is a proprietary one. It is a summation of the fermenting and distilling experience of 13 generations of the Karakasevic Family.

About Bear Republic Brewing

Established in 1995 by third and fourth generation Sonoma County residents, the Norgrove family invites you to come and discover their diverse menu, family friendly atmosphere and more than 14 freshly brewed beers on tap.

We hand select only the choicest ingredients for each batch. We choose specialty grains and hops for their unique characteristics. Over a period of several years, we have developed the recipes and their final formulations. Those wonderful home brewing sessions and lessons learned from trial and error have established the solid foundations for each beer. It’s our goal to continually develop new recipes using our time tested brewing methods. We work hard at fostering a sense of loyalty and tradition from eras gone by.


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