SipScout American Single Malt Tasting

Join us on a journey to explore the rich and complex world of American Single Malt whiskey. In 2021 the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) officially recognized American Single Malt whiskey as a distinct category of whiskey. The recognition of this burgeoning and exciting whiskey category is a significant milestone for American […]

SipScout Wine Tasting

Grab your SipScout box and get ready for an evening of virtual fun with your boozy experts, including our resident sommelier, Evan, and fellow craft drinks enthusiasts. We'll be diving into this month's SipScout box and tasting our way through the wines together, talking about wines for the upcoming holidays along with Thanksgiving food pairing […]

SipScout Holiday Mixology

It's the holiday season and nothing says festive like a cocktail party! For this month's SipScout party we'll be shakin' and stirrin' up three festive cocktails to get you in the spirit. You'll learn professional tips and tricks that will make holiday party epic...or a very helpful guest when your friends throw one! If you […]

SipScout Craft Cider Tasting

Grab your SipScout Craft Cider Tasting Kit and join us for some delicious fermented apples (yum diggity) with our resident cider professional Evan and our founder Suzanne. During this event you'll learn tasting techniques and different styles of cider, along with some of our favorite ways to enjoy cider in cocktails, with meals, and throughout […]

SipScout Bourbon & Chocolate Tasting

Grab your SipScout box and get ready for an evening of virtual fun with your boozy experts, fellow craft drinks enthusiasts, and sometimes even the craft alcohol makers themselves! We’ll be diving into this month’s SipScout box  - Bourbon and Chocolate for a special Valentine's Day treat - and tasting our way through it together […]

SipScout Aquavit & Easter Mixology

Aquavit is a lovely, lesser known spirit that we are excited to highlight in this month's SipScout kit and party. Similar to Gin in production and style, Aquavit's dominant flavor profile is caraway whereas Gin's is juniper. A lovely spirit for sipping (especially if you're a rye bread lover!), Aquavit also makes delectable savory cocktails, […]

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