We made the OBO 100 Innovators List!

We are so honored, humbled, and thrilled to share that Suzanne, as the founder of The Crafty Cask, has been included on the inaugural OBO 100 Innovators’ list for 2020! This means so incredibly much to us because OBO and their definition of innovation is centered around people. And celebrating the people, stories, and art of craft alcohol is what we’re all about! So the fact that there is an organization celebrating companies who put people first and they have recognized our work here at The Crafty Cask means the world to us. You can click the image below or here to check out all 100 OBO innovators, or keep reading to learn a bit more about OBO, their Top 100 Innovators list, and The Crafty Cask’s mission.

OBO 100 List

The OBO Manifesto

OBO is a movement that is transforming how we as a society do business, by changing the focus from money to employee fulfillment. The primary principles of the movement are (1) available abundance exceeds human need – there’s more than enough to go around for all of us; and (2) we can therefore always find a win-win outcome in all business interactions.

Despite unprecedented growth in monetary wealth, we still live in a world drowning in chronic greed, fear, and a near-constant perception of scarcity. However, the truth is that we can sustain mutually-fulfilling and meaningful lives for all humans on this planet. Through changes in business practices toward transparency, trust, emotional security, accountability, and cooperation, we can learn to flourish sustainably and even more vibrantly.

The OBO Movement (OM) is working to enable this shift into a more conscious, win-win approach to doing business. We’re demonstrating that this model based on employee fulfillment and meaning will generate a steady increase in productivity, profitability, and efficacy in enterprises of all types and sizes.

The OBO 100 Innovators List

What is innovation? Putting people first – or even more extreme, putting people as “only” – and showing that prosperity comes from that approach. it’s creating something from nothing where everyone benefits – not just a few. Come join us to support the 2020 group of obo 100 innovators and their initiatives, and change the world forever.

The Crafty Cask’s Mission

If you’re not familiar with our people-focused mission, here’s a quick recap…

We Celebrate…all things craft alcohol. It’s as simple as that. From the people, to the art and science of the craft itself to unique approaches to industry innovations. If it’s related to craft alcohol and there’s an interesting story behind it, we’re celebrating it and sharing it with the world.

We Storytell…because we believe people connect with people. And people connect with stories. People don’t connect with products. So while there are a million alcohol “review”, and “recipe” and “where to drink” sites out there, that’s not our jam. We’re here to tell the stories and draw you in and get you excited about visiting or trying the product we’re sharing. We do this to inspire you to travel and explore the world through craft alcohol. We want you to have a true taste of place, wherever you are.


We Support…local, craft, artisan alcohol producers. Our mission is to support the craft alcohol community so the amazing, small producers can have sustainable and even thriving businesses. We do this through our online Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp, one-on-one marketing services, maker feature articles & videos, consumer facing events, and more.


All in the spirit of helping one group of our favorite people, craft alcohol enthusiasts who we affectionately call Tippler Nation, meet, get to know, and support our other group of favorite people, craft alcohol makers.


Thank you OBO, for recognizing the value of putting people before profit and building businesses around that to help change the world. And thank you for including us as one of the OBO 100 Innovators…we’re honored to be in such great company. If you’re a craft maker interested in our services, marketing bootcamp, or any other way that we can help support your success please contact us here. And makers and enthusiasts alike can sign up for our maker-focused or consumer enthusiast newsletters where you’ll get lots of great tips, tricks, and offers to help your brand grow or be introduced to our favorite craft makers, products, recipes, and have access to exclusive events and offers. 

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