Hi there! I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a bit! By trade I’m a market researcher and storyteller. Most core to my soul, however, I’m an explorer. I live life with the sole purpose of feeding my curiosity and discovering new experiences…whether that’s through travel or food or alcohol or simply how I choose to spend my free time on weekends. I am obsessed with trying something new, learning something new and sharing what I find and love with others.

You see, from a very young age craft and tradition has always been important to me. My French grandmother meticulously making the most incredible homemade melt-in-your-mouth croissants the very same way her mother made them back in France. Spending an immersive, delicious and inspiring day one-on-one with a multi-generational Parmigiano Reggiano family and then with a longstanding Parma ham family while in Parma, Italy. Convincing my study abroad program to let me, a woman, into an all male gastronomic society so I could truly learn the traditional methods and recipes for the unique Basque foods I was enjoying so much. Venturing to an authentic Sagardotegi in Spain and experiencing the deep traditions of catching cider in your cup straight out of the cask from halfway across the room and eating the same meal of almost still-mooing steak, manchego cheese, marcona almonds and membrillo that they’ve been eating for generations….all while standing among friends new and old on piles of cider and blood soaked wood chips. Sitting under a tiny slice of shade in Zanzibar and drinking homemade banana beer with the locals as they tell you their story. Standing in dark, oak-scented wine cellars all over the world and listening to the winemaker talk about his passion and process and then pulling a sneak-preview taste for me directly from a barrel.

Happy in my Soul

A collage of different photos of Suzanne in different foodie and tippling moments throughout her past

These memories and the many others just like them make me happy in my soul (you can check out my TEDx talk all about this here). It’s as simple as that. Whenever I find myself in these moments…steeped in true craftsmanship and generations of tradition, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. As I grew older and had the opportunity to intern at a winery in Napa I jumped at my chance…a summer of being surrounded by artisans doing what they love? Yes! And it didn’t disappoint…I fell in love with the industry, the people and the traditions. But what did disappoint was the fact that some of my favorite, lesser-known spots were really struggling to stay in business. Some, selling out to larger companies to avoid going under entirely. To be fair…selling out to corporate America is a choice – and I respect that choice. What I don’t love is when I see it happening to people as their only option when I truly believe they have amazing products and just not enough people or money to tell the world about those products.

As I’ve continued to live in the Bay Area and learn more about this, my passion has grown. Expanding from wine to all alcohols and libations (and food, let’s be honest. My foodie alter ego is Savory_Girl on Instagram if you’re curious to see what I’m eating when I’m doing all of this drinking!)…and I’ve become slightly obsessed with the craft side of this world. So I’ve decided there should be a place to celebrate the amazing craft alcohol producers around the world. A place that’s dedicated to just that…the craft, the history, the unique, less well-known drinks, the innovations taking place and, of course, the incredible people behind it all. We’re committed to helping them succeed by helping all of you discover their stories and their incredible products. This is their story. The story of what’s inside The Crafty Cask.

Are you an experience-obsessed, craft and tradition loving soul yourself? If so, I’d love to hear some of your most lasting memories and impressions. Might give me some inspiration for my own next adventure!

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Oh, and the picture at the top there? Yeah, I’m a MAsshole through and through, so you’ll have to forgive the occasional swearing and NE sports references 😉

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