How To Drink Like You Care in 2023

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New Year’s Resolutions are hard, Tippler Nation, but we are here to help. We’ve compiled an easy to execute, 5 step guide to drinking like you care in 2023. Since you’re here, you clearly do care so this shouldn’t be too hard to stick to!

Know that following this guide will have a most excellent ripple effect: you will not only feel good about your drinking choices by voting with your hard earned dollars to drink like you care. You’ll also have a positive impact on others and the planet. Bonus: you get to imbibe deliciously. 


1. Be A Nice Human.

Not exactly a revolutionary concept: the easiest way to drink like you care is to actually care. Take an interest in the human element of spirits, beer, wine, and everything else. Research the history and culture behind the booze, find out what’s happening with the pollinators, and more. Meet the local makers in your area and ask them how they’re doing and why they do what they do. Go into a bar and have a conversation with the staff and listen to their viewpoints. Ask what they think you should try based on what you currently know you enjoy. Tip like you care.


2. Drink Local. Drink Craft.

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CRAFT: it’s right there in our name, folks. We got into celebrating and supporting craft alcohol makers because we love the people and want to put relationships ahead of dollar signs. From  craft brewers, to vitners, distillers, cider makers, and beyond, we believe in the human element of things and you should too. Big booze doesn’t care if you buy a bit of their hooch, but a craft maker notices every bottle sold. Your dollars make a difference, use them wisely.  Vote with your dollars by purchasing the brands you want to help survive, or even better, thrive! 

What is craft? Learn more here.

When you shop local and craft, your purchase goes directly back to the local economy. Many craft breweries and distilleries also have to work within state laws that mandate sourcing local agricultural products and employing local contractors to build their spaces. Your purchase makes your area (or the area you’re visiting) a better place…that is drinking like you care!

3. Imbibe Mindfully

You know what’s cool? Having a great night out and waking up feeling great! Responsibility is in no way boring, there’s an awesome new array of low and no ABV options to supplement your craft booze choices out there! Bartenders are getting  innovative in the N/A space and we heartily advocate taking advantage of their creativity! Drink like you care about yourself, you’re pretty darn great!

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Drinking high quality craft products over the often cheaper big booze brands also likely means you’re not throwing back shots without any thought. You spent good money on that delicious craft whiskey you’re sipping and it’s too delicious to NOT savor a bit more slowly! Have a conversation with your drink, reminisce about the time you first discovered it, tell your friends about the maker or what makes that dram unique. When you drink like you care by drinking craft, it naturally lends itself to imbibing mindfully. 

4. Tip Like You Mean It.

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There are so many ways to drink like you care, but if you are going out to imbibe, this one is glaringly obvious. Being a good tipper goes hand in hand with being a nice human and therefore should be an understood fact. 

Know that most establishments pool tips, so it isn’t just your bartender paying attention. The server, barback, busser—all of them benefit from a solid tip, especially in the slower months of January and February when less folks are out and about.

5. Take An Interest In The Planet.

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Every time you are looking at a bottle or can (pro tip: cans are easier to recycle), you are looking at an agricultural product. Pay attention to who you’re buying from, who they source from, how they treat their employees, and how they take care of the planet.

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of research this might entail? While this is one of the more involved ways to drink like you care it’s worth it. The good news is, you’re already on the right track by being here on our website reading about makers like Silver Tree Beer & Spirits or others we feature here. Beyond following along with The Crafty Cask, start by searching for small craft producers. Is there a local maker near you? Check them out! In the market for agave distillates? Do a little googling on what the makers do for the earth and what they do for the long nose bat population. Maybe check out a craft meadery and celebrate another pollinator: the honey bee! Next time you take a tour of a brewery or distillery, ask what they do with their  spent grains and water waste.

Consumers have so much power to direct the conversation when it comes to conservation, all you have to do is take an interest and make your opinions known by, again, voting with your dollars.

Drink Like You Care In 2023 and Beyond…

Welcome to a new year, Tippler Nation!

Drink like you care because we know if you’re here reading this, you really really do care. So why not show it through your actions in 2023 and beyond by following these 5 simple steps (that don’t require dragging yourself to the gym!).

And don’t forget to tag us at @thecraftycask and with the hashtags #drinklikeyoucare and #tipplernation as you embark on this resolution all year long. We’ll make sure to share whenever you do! If you need guidance along the way, we are here to help you out. Just drop a comment below or hit us up on our contact page! 

Here’s to you and 2023 being your best year yet. 


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