11 Ways You Can Support Small Business Booze

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably found yourself wondering lately: how can I help? It’s no secret that loads of small businesses are struggling right now, and it’s hard to watch these folks who’ve worked so hard to get where they are face the thought of losing what they’ve built.

For us, the focus has been on how we can support small business through the many wonderful craft alcohol makers who fill our glasses with their delicious tipples. Whether you’ve got money to invest, or just time to offer, there are plenty of other things you can do safely from the comfort of your own home to support small business and the craft alcohol and hospitality industries.

A few minutes of Googling will heed plenty of results in this vain, but we’ve collected some of our favorite resources that are working to give back to the community that serves you and treats you so well every time you enjoy a bite or sip you haven’t made yourself. First, let’s look at the basics…

Easy Ways To Personally Support Small Businesses You Know & Love In Craft Alcohol

Buy direct from your favorite makers

Many craft alcohol producers are selling their products online. Lots are even offering shipping, local delivery, and/or quantity discounts! This is a great way to show you support small business, and you receive the huge benefits of getting delicious booze delivered to your door.

Order ahead from your favorite local liquor store or bottle shop

Some producers can’t ship directly, or perhaps you live in a state where laws prohibit the shipment of alcohol. In these cases, shopping your local liquor store or bottle shop that is still open is a great way not only to support a local supplier, but to support the maker as well — two good deeds in one! And you still have the same delicious benefits of great craft tipples to enjoy at home.

Buy a gift card for future use

This one is a no brainer and a great way to show craft makers you love that you support small business, and more specifically them! Perfect for those craft makers, bars, or restaurants who are currently closed to visit in person. Or for any craft makers who don’t have online sales. And you better believe that “future you” (or whomever you give it to…so generous!) will love this gift! This is also a fantastic way to pre-plan those in-person hang outs we all can’t wait to get back to having.

Give your favorite makers a shout out (or several!) on social media

This one doesn’t require you to open up your wallet — just share some social media love! Getting the word out about your favorite makers will help spread awareness for their brand, which means you can help them drive sales today and in the future.

Leave a review online

After you’ve professed your love for boozemakers on social, why not leave a review on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google Business for your favorite brewery, cidery, distillery, or winery? This is an easy, no-cost, low-effort way to support small business. It will help them be discovered and enjoyed by others later on, when life gets back to normal, and we can all safely venture outside of our homes!

Join In On Campaigns Created To Support Craft Alcohol & Hospitality

If you’re looking for ways to do more to support small business and help beyond your existing craft alcohol favorites we’ve compiled some great resources to do just that. All of these initiatives have been created to specifically support craft makers and hospitality workers during this time of need. It’s a great way to be part of a bigger community and be a part of a movement that is working to drive real change or help on a broader scale.

Spirits United

Easily submit a form to urge your local members of Congress asking for relief ASAP for America’s distillers.

USBG National Charity Foundation

Donate to the US Bartender’s Guild COVID-19 relief campaign to support bartenders currently out of work.

Lift Your Spirits

A fundraising campaign created by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to support workers in the industry. Proceeds from #LiftYourSpirits will support restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality workers impacted by COVID-19.

Another Round, Another Rally

This nonprofit is offering $500 relief grants to hospitality workers who’ve lost their jobs or had their hours slashed, and you can donate to the cause.

Virtual Tips

Virtually “tip” bartenders using Venmo or Cash App while we are hunkered down at home and pouring our own drinks. These little gestures go a long way. And they support small business by supporting the people they rely on to help them succeed and keep serving up those drinks you love far into the future.

And of course, there are always Virtual Tastings! We now have Virtual Tasting Experiences every Thursday evening and would love to have you join us for one, or many, of our upcoming events!

These free tasting experiences are a fantastic opportunity to support small business, be introduced to some new makers, talk to them directly, try new products, learn about the alcohol style we’re featuring, and engage with some real live humans! Virtually, of course. Register to join us for any upcoming events here.

We’ve been having so much fun with Tippler Nation and craft makers at these virtual tasting events that we’re hoping we all want to keep doing them long after our world returns to a place of normalcy. Which we hope happens very soon and that you and yours are safe, healthy, and still feeling sane when it does.

Have you heard of any other ways we can support our craft makers, and those in the hospitality industry? If so, PLEASE share in the comments below, and we’ll share on social media to help spread the word. Anything we can do, we want to do. #wereinthistogether

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