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VIDEO: The British Are Coming…With Some Damn Good Cider

The Crafty Cask Channel: Featuring Bristol’s Cider House (Video) It’s the early 90s in Central California and the Tablas Creek winemaker at the time, Neil, was craving the cider he knew, loved and grew up with in Bristol, England. You see, Bristol England is Cider...

A Simple History of Gin…For You Skeptics Out There

Our poor, old friend Gin. We’ve been drinking it since the 1500s but throughout it’s history it’s battled a major perception issue. Namely that it tastes bad. Are you one of those people who think this? If so, join us as we take a little jaunt through Gin’s troubled...

Forget the PSL…Sweet Potato Liqueur is the New Fall Favorite! (Video)

Innovation. It’s the heart of this great big world we all live in. And David Souza, founder of Corbin Cash Spirits, is most certainly an innovator. You see when you grow up in a family that has been farming sweet potatoes for almost 100 years you kind of have your...

Selling Out: Our View on this Cursed Blessing of a Craft Alcohol Trend

With the recent news of our beloved, hometown craft brewers, Anchor Steam Brewing, being sold to Sapporo Holdings we felt it was time for us to talk about this ongoing trend and share our philosophy. Clearly, The Crafty Cask, is all about craft alcohol and craft...

Converting Cider Skeptics into Cider Enthusiasts…Join us in SF on 11/17/17!

“I’ll never drink Angry Orchard again!” exclaimed a guest excitedly at one of our recent Cider Exploration & Tasting Nights. Music to our ears. Sorry Angry Orchard...nothing personal, we just think the mass prevalence and availability of sweet, sticky ciders is giving...

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