Diving into Rum…Our Full Series

Let me be the first to say, rum is going to be the next whiskey! Ok, maybe I’m not the first to say that. In fact, I’ve already said that in one of our past rum articles. But I’ve been saying it a lot lately and plan to continue to say it a lot more. If your last impression of rum was spring break piña coladas, daiquiris or hurricanes then you have some catching up to do, friend! The rums that craft distillers are making today are super high quality and extremely sippable straight.

Just in time for National Rum Day on August 16th we thought it would be fun to share a wrap-up of our full series on this spirit that we wrote at the beginning of the year. Now you have the full rum low-down in one, easy to access place! So here we go…let’s get ready to dive in and never look back. Click right on the photos or titles to head on over to each article…

Rummy Rum Rum 101

Tipped glass of rum on a vintage barrel.
Where else would we start? Gotta dip our toe in before we take the full dive! So in this first article of the series we give a laywoman’s overview of what rum is, how it’s made and other fun yet basic facts to ensure we’re all on the same page as we continue through the series.

The Tumultuous, Economy-Building History of Rum

old world map with a ship, globe, magnifying glass and other explorer tools
The story behind a spirit is often the most fascinating part of drinking. Not only do you get to sip on a delicious beverage, but you are able to be transported through history and learn about the culture of a people and sometimes even an era. At times it’s an uplifting, fun story. Other times there’s a darkness to it. In this article we delve into the history of this dark, stormy yet delicious spirit.

Video: Rum from New England

Rum Video Cover

In this video we talk all about the deep New England history with this spirit and sample a few of our favorites from the region. We’re featuring rums from the fabulous GrandTen Distilling in Massachusetts and Mad River Distillers in Vermont.  Take a spin through and start getting familiar with the incredible innovation and flavors happening in craft rum!

8 Bottles To Fuel Your New Obsession: A Rum Style Guide

Tasting glasses with different rums

Lastly, we finish up our mission to get you on the rum train with a nice, easy overview of the different styles. Because it’s time to start drinking! In addition to explaining the different styles we also give one bottle per style as a starting point, but only if you need it. Exploring is the best part! I mean it people…I want you out there trying some of these delicious rums!

Tell Us Your Thoughts On Rum!

What’s your current perception of rum? Is it something you’d consider sipping like a whiskey? Why or why not? Help us understand where you’re starting from so we can get myth busting and help grow this great category of spirits! And, of course, if you have craft rums you like share them in the comments below so we can check them out ourselves…


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