Avoid Holiday Party Overload with These Low Alcohol Drinks

With the holidays in full swing, some of you may have a few ‘accidental’ heavy evenings under the belt (we won’t judge) or maybe you are searching for a low alcohol drink that you can enjoy without wilting in the corner halfway through your night of party hopping.

Well Tippler Nation, we have you covered! We’ve put together a few of our favorite low alcohol cocktails, so not only are you guaranteed to stay warm but you can stay clear headed too. After all, party season is always fun but responsibilities (damn that job!) don’t disappear just because of all of the celebrations keeping our social calendars hopping.

Low Alcohol Drinks for Every Tippler

These low abv cocktails are light in alcohol content and delicious. We’ve included something to suit every taste so none of you will need to pour yourselves into a puddle at the end of the evening.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Low Alcohol Drinks - Red Wine Hot Chocolate

We all love red wine and we all love dark chocolate so why not put them together? Strangely complimentary a robust red and some good quality dark chocolate is a must. If you are feeling really adventurous or really cold a few dried chili flakes add some heat and really bring out the flavor of the chocolate. Heat the milk in a saucepan add and slowly melt the chocolate…the darker the better in our opinion for this low alcohol drink. Once you have your chocolate milk to your liking add about half as much  red wine as milk, a pinch of salt, pour into a glass mug, and enjoy. While this is an easy enough low alcohol cocktail to wing and make to your own taste preference, here’s a yummy recipe to try out if you want a little guidance.

Hot Buttered Cider

Low Alcohol Drinks - Hot Buttered Cider

So we’ve all heard of hot buttered rum, but hot buttered cider? Yes please! This is a great warming choice, especially if you are having guests over since you can make a big pot. You can make a big pot and everyone can help themselves. What’s really nice about this one is it’s just as delicious with or without the rum which makes it great for family parties too. When choosing which rum to use we’d lean towards a gold rum or a spiced rum for a little extra kick. Need a little help figuring out rum? Check out our rum style guide for a refresher

The Adonis

Low Alcohol Drinks - The Adonis

From the name of this low alcohol drink, one would think that after drinking it you’ll feel like a god…and you know what? If not being hungover is feeling like a god then that just might be true! The Adonis is a sophisticated and light golden oldie using some of our favorite low alcohol drink ingredients. Ok, ok – maybe not low compared to wine or beer or cider, but certainly low compared to spirits that usually make up a fancy looking cocktail like this!

A 1:1.5 ratio of Vermouth and Sherry stirred with ice to chill, served in a cocktail coupe glass without ice and orange peel for garnish. Simple, sophisticated low alcohol cocktail at it’s best. The sherry and orange will warm you in no time and the Vermouth adds a complexity only possible from its unique botanical notes.

Poor Richard Punch

Low Alcohol Drinks - Poor Richard Punch

Let’s be honest – holiday punches and drinks can often get a bit heavy so this festive, seasonal, light punch is perfect to mix things up. This low alcohol cocktail punch is great for parties and an inexpensive, easy way to cater to a crowd. Your guests will thank you for providing some temporary relief from winters heavy cocktails as well as providing them with low alcohol drink options.

Have you noticed a theme? Vermouth is popular in a lot of these low alcohol drinks. We’ve been a little obsessed with Vermouth ourselves lately, which you can read all about here. Another easy breezy way to have a great low alcohol cocktail is to simply mix vermouth with a little soda water and a slice of orange. Delicious in a pinch when you’re panicked at the bar wondering what to order.

So as you can see, wintery cocktails aren’t all coffee and cream based. They also don’t need to have a heavy hand of whiskey, rum or other spirits so heartily loved during the colder months. Don’t get us wrong, all of those tipples certainly have their place, however, winter is a long season! There are ways to have fun while still being responsible.

The holidays are a great time to experiment and create your own low ABV cocktails. If you have a favorite one you want to share with your fellow tipplers, please post it in the comments. We love sharing new favorites with friends, in fact, that’s what the holiday season is all about!

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