Our 3 Hocus Pocus Inspired Cocktails

Hocus Pocus—the classic tale of three very different witches that want to eat the life source of children to prolong their own lives. There is an immortal black cat, a zombie, a sweet younger sister, a dance party that lasts to the wee hours of the morning, and somehow a teenage love story? A lot happens in this cult-favorite Halloween movies, but let’s be honest. It’s ALL about the Sanderson Sisters, Winnie, Mary, and Sarah!  

Looking for Hocus Pocus Drinks? Try These Sanderson Sister Sippers

In celebration of this timeless movie, and the announcement that we’re getting a Hocus Pocus sequel this year (!!!), we’ve mixed up some drinks that match our favorite leading witches.

Poisoned Apple

poisoned apple hocus pocus cocktail

We’re dedicating our first Hocus Pocus Halloween cocktail, a fall twist on a whiskey sour, to Mary. Mary is played by Kathy Najimy, whose character is quirky and loveable just like this cocktail.

This drink derives a lot of its complexity from the nose of the cocktail, which uses Brown Sugar Bourbon. The perfect balance of sweet and sour, it fittingly has an apple pie finish. Made with egg white for the perfect foam to support our activated charcoal flying witch. While optional, a fun Halloween design on top adds the perfect spooky season statement.

Mary’s strength is her ability to smell children from a block away, and I have to wonder—did they smell as good as this drink?

Make our Hocus Pocus cocktail #1 now.


Witches Brew

witches brew hocus pocus cocktail

Derived from the classic Gin Rickey, this Hocus Pocus cocktail is dedicated to Sarah, played by the stylish Sarah Jessica Parker.

What makes this particular Gin Rickey worthy of our Hocus Pocus ladies, however, is the color-changing magic!  Our Witches Brew cocktail includes butterfly pea gin, which changes color when citrus is added.

It’s magically purple and, like Sarah, very simple but very pretty. The addition of simple syrup can make it sweeter if that’s your preference and skull ice cubes would add Sanderson sister approved touch to its Halloween vibe.


Make our Hocus Pocus Cocktail #2 now.


Black Widow

black widow hocus pocus cocktail

This spirit forward cocktail is dedicated to Winnie. Played by the ever-iconic Bette Midler, this drink strikes the perfect balance of rich coffee tones and tart blackberry. And as we all know, when whipping up magic potions balance is critical!

One sip and you’ll find this cocktail as legendary as the actress playing our favorite coven leader.

Add an optional bit of orange sugar around the rim to match her vibrant hair, and you have a cocktail that is more delicious than any life source Winnie may be seeking (especially children!).


Make our Hocus Pocus cocktail #3 now.

Perfect your witchcraft with these cocktails, just in time for the Hocus Pocus sequel!

They’re not only great for Halloween, they’re perfect for sipping all season long as well!  Do you have favorite Halloween cocktails that you make? Drop the details in the comments below so we can add them to our book of sorcery for next year. 

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