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We see you! The one who loves trying a new drink at a restaurant. You, who researches local breweries, distilleries, and wineries every time you travel. The one who’s always eager to try a new release from your local craft makers. We see you because we are just like you!

We like to think of ourselves as craft drink explorers. Yes, we have our favorite drinks, but we’re always searching for something new to tantalize our tastebuds. But, alas, we have jobs and responsibilities that keep us from traveling the world and tasting as often as we’d like.

That’s where SipScout comes in! SipScout is a craft alcohol subscription box created for drink enthusiasts, who we affectionately call Tipplers, just like you!

The First Alcohol Subscription Box for Craft Drink Enthusiasts

Each month, SipScout sends you a craft tasting or mixology kit, allowing you to try new drinks and discover craft makers from the comfort of your own home.

Our team of craft alcohol experts thoughtfully curate each box to showcase quality, uniqueness, and variety from makers across the country. We’ve also designed it to be convenient and affordable. Therefore the tasting room and mixology experience our kits deliver are comparable in price to a night out on the town for two. And if you’re patient enough to wait to open your craft alcohol subscription box each month, you can even join in on a full tasting experience with our monthly SipScout party!

How Does SipScout Work?

So, how does it work, you ask? It’s simple. First, choose the frequency you want to pay – monthly, quarterly (5% discount), or semi-annually (10% discount). No matter your membership, you will receive a tasting or mixology kit in the mail each month.

Going to be traveling or need a break from time to time? No worries! You can pause SipScout as needed.

Each kit contains enough for two to share, so it makes for a great date or friends night. Our kits rotate each month, so you always get to try something new. If there’s a particular kit you have your eye on, make sure you sign-up by the first to receive that month’s kit.

Each SipScout craft alcohol subscription box includes:

  • Tasting flight or mixology kit: Every kit features drinks from incredible craft makers around the country with enough for two people to share. Some kits include themes and surprise bonus gifts too!
  • SipScout Report: Learn the background story about the featured makers, styles, themes, and drinks each month…including food pairing and service suggestions so you’re prepared to enjoy your kit as soon as you receive it.
  • Resources and Guides: Digital tasting tutorials, cocktail recipes, educational guides, and videos to help you learn and enjoy each box on your own.
  • Special offers: Exclusive access to special offers to stock your bar with full-size bottles for those drinks you love.


alcohol subscription box SipScout party calendar

And We Like to Party!

As we said, we’re craft drink enthusiasts who want to revel with our fellow craft drink lovers. Everyone (even if you’re not yet a SipScout member) is invited to our Monthly Tasting Party. During these events, you’ll get to taste along with a professional, learn more about each style and product, and build a community with like-minded craft drink enthusiasts. Some events will even have the craft makers themselves joining in!
You can register for our next SipScout party here.
We don’t mean to toot our own horns, but these events are fun! Come and celebrate with us, usually on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Begin Your Craft Alcohol Exploration

So, come one and come all, ye craft drink explorers! Let us do the work to curate and prepare a themed box to help you indulge your passion each month. Explore and find your new favorite drinks from the comfort of your home with SipScout – the first craft alcohol subscription box created for someone just like you!

Bottles of craft beer, wine, and spirits

Ready To Be a SipScout??

Discover a wide and amazing array of craft alcohol from around the country. Every month you’ll receive a craft tasting or mixology kit, printed & digital resources related to the featured makers, styles, and products in your kit, special offers, and an invite to our monthly SipScout party.

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