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Love craft spirits? Frustrated by how damn hard it is to get your hands on them unless they’re made in your hometown? We have a great solution for you through our friends at Shots Box. Let us introduce you and tell you a little about why this membership club is so exciting for the explorers and experimenters of Tippler Nation…

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10 Mini Bottles of Craft Spirits Delivered Right To Your Door

So first things first, what is this “Shots Box” we speak of? Well, it’s a membership club for craft spirits! But it’s better than that. Unlike a wine club where you get full bottles, often from the same producers, this is a box of 10 small samples from producers all over the country for you to try. Each one is large enough to make a cocktail…and yup! You’ll get a featured cocktail recipe for each bottle in the box in case you need a little home bartender inspiration.

 Try Before You Buy Full Bottles to Find New Favorites

The beauty of this is that it gives you an opportunity to try 10 different spirits each month BEFORE you plunk down a pile of cash for a full bottle. We all have that bottle sitting on our bar that we never touch, right? No more! Sip and sample until you find spirits you love and then head right back to the Shots Box website to buy a full bottle. Which also gets delivered to you!

Get Access to Craft Spirits from All Over The Country

I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty frustrating to me that I have such a hard time getting my hands on all of these great craft spirits I’m always hearing about. Even my local favorites often have such limited distribution it takes a visit to the actual distillery to buy. Which we just don’t always have time to do! And while we’re are ALL for drinking local, when my friends in MA are raving about this new craft rum I want to get my hands on that too.  Shots Box is helping solve this long-standing issue of availability and access. Let the craft spirit floodgates open!

Finally Start Getting Your Hands on Crafty Cask Favorites

Images of 3 of our favorite craft spirits - Sweet Potato Liqueur, Silver Tree Vodka and Rums from New England

Ok, ok – we admit it. We’ve been a pretty big tease to you Tippler Nation. Constantly raving about all of these great craft finds and stories yet not giving you any way to try them yourself! Like that incredible Sweet Potato Liqueur we told you about and is so seasonally on point right now? Or how about Silver Tree’s amazing sipping vodka being made from a 5th generation wheat farmers with their own proprietary strain of wheat? Or all of those rums from New England that are so yummy they’re going to give your whiskey collection a challenge for your favorite brown sipping spirit?

While all of our favorites aren’t up and running quite yet we’re working with Shots Box to create an exclusive Crafty Cask Club that will ensure our favorites are in your boxes if you sign up through us (for the same price  – signing up through our website just ensures we know you’re a part of Tippler Nation so you get extra goodies and it gives us a little kickback love from Shots Box for spreading the good word to our fans. Win-win!).

Expand Your Tippling Tastebuds

Mostly a whiskey lover? Think you hate gin? Thank all vodka tastes like nothing? This is a great way to expand your mind and palate in the world of craft spirits. The memories you have of certain spirits from back in your college days are not accurate anymore – that, I can promise you. There has been so much amazing innovation and artistry happening in the world of distilling. A Shots Box membership is the best way out there to help you discover and explore.

Quick sneak preview…there are plans to launch spirit specific boxes in the future as well. We know sometimes it’s also fun to go deep with one spirit at a time, so we’re looking forward to launching that when the time is right.

Support Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs Following Their Dreams

You know we’re big believers in this at The Crafty Cask. Supporting small, craft alcohol producers be successful and remain independent is one of our core founding missions. The absolute BEST way you can do that is to vote with your dollars. So when you are spending money on booze, spend it on the little guys (and ladies!) who make amazing products but don’t have the deep marketing or sales budgets that the big guys do to convince you to buy. With Shots Box the proof is in the product. Try it, if you like it, keep buying it! If you don’t, keep sipping the samples in your membership until you find one you do!

Ready to Get Your First Box?!

A full shots box open on a wood stump in a field of grass

I already got mine and am loving it! When I feel like a drink now I feel like I can play dealers choice and pick a new spirit at random and then create that night’s tippling experience from there!

It’s only $49.99 per month (for ~10 high quality drinks!)  As long as you order by the 5th of the month you’ll get your box that same month…usually about 2 weeks later. If you order after the 5th you’ll get your first box the next month.

Interested in giving Shots Box as a gift? GREAT idea. We’ve created special 1,3, 6 and 12 month fixed memberships specifically for gift giving and just in time for the holiday season.  So no need to worry about forgetting to cancel and bankrolling your friend’s craft spirits habit forever (although I’m sure they would love you for it!).

All right – the secret is out! I can’t wait to hear what you think when you get your first one! Make sure to let us know in the comments below and tag us and Shots Box in any pictures on Instagram so we can repost our favorites.


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