5 Things You Need in an Alcohol Subscription Box

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If you love celebrating craft booze like we do, you may have considered signing up for a monthly alcohol subscription box. There are plenty of boozy options out there, so how do you find a subscription that will give you the best big bang for your buck? And what kit will knock your socks off from a palette perspective? When weighing the pros and cons in the universe of the alcohol and liquor subscription boxes, keep your eyes peeled for the following features.

No. 1: Variety is the spice of life

One of the biggest benefits of signing up for a monthly alcohol subscription box is having the opportunity to try new tipples. Does the subscription box offer different types of alcohol or just one? We personally enjoy different drinks for different occassions and always like to try new things, so wouldn’t it be fun to sign up for a boozy subscription that expands your horizons?

Look for a monthly alcohol subscription box that allows you to push the envelope. For example, our SipScout alcohol subscription box varies widely from month to month (check out upcoming themes here). We offer everything from whiskey to wine to cocktails to beer to rum and more! We also love including tie-ins to celebratory seasonal events, like wine and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, margarita mixology for Cinco De Mayo, and Oktoberfest-style beers for, you guessed it, Oktoberfest.

No. 2: Experiences add to the learning and fun

So, you sign up for a liquor subscription box, it arrives at your door each month, and meh, that’s it. How fun is that? Sure, you may get some cards or a booklet that explains the flavor notes, region, and food pairings associated with your liquor cache, but with most alcohol subscription boxes, the experience ends there. OK, you may get a nice buzz out of the deal, but otherwise …

As experienced booze tasters ourselves, your friends at The Crafty Cask cried foul at this approach to the alcohol subscription box! That’s why we hold a virtual tasting party each month for SipScout members. We taste craft wines and beers and mix cocktails together so you get to learn from the pros themselves as they share the history and stories behind the booze. These events are all about having a good time and inspiring you try something new, fun, and different. And if you miss the party, the replays are always available. What’s not to love?

Bottles of craft beer, wine, and spirits

Start your alcohol subscription box search here

ICYMI, The Crafty Cask recently launched its own innovative monthly alcohol subscription box. It’s a cocktail, cider, beer, wine, and liquor subscription box all in one membership!  It also includes a monthly interactive experience (virtual tasting parties baby!)  to build community while helping you learn from the experts in the comfort of your own home. 

Join us (or gift it to someone you love!) as we taste and experience craft wines, beers, ciders, spirits, and cocktails with SipScout, the only alcohol subscription box of its kind.

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No. 3: An alcohol subscription box should feature unique, high quality drinks

We discussed variety above but what’s even more important is finding a monthly alcohol subscription box that places a priority on QUALITY. At The Crafty Cask, we won’t include anything in our SipScout subscription boxes that we don’t LOVE, regard highly, and fits our definition of craft. Yep, we taste test everything before it finds a spot in a SipScout box (we LOVE our jobs!) and odds are you won’t be able to find it on store shelves near you. But after your introduced to it you will know where to find and buy anything you love again, often with discounts! 

Here at The Crafty Cask we pride ourselves on working with craft makers who have honed their craft and love tapping into the local resources (terrain, botanicals, fruits, grains, water, etc.) around them to create craft spirits uniquely their own. You can count on us to bring you something different and elevated, EVERY time.

No. 4: Connects you with like-minded tipplers.

How many liquor subscription box purveyors out there provide a forum for you to share your tasting experience with other folks? On a regular basis? Not many.

In fact, SipScout is one of the only monthly alcohol subscriptions that offers a virtual tasting party every single month. Our fun, educational, and festive gatherings are open to all and we always leave plenty of time for conversation…especially when the makers join the party themselves. Like our special 40th Anniversary celebration with Charbay Spirits and master distiller Marko Karakesevic in May! Who knows, you might make a new friend or get some epic tippling travel recommendations for your next trip!

No. 5: A liquor subscription box with flexible options should be a non-negotiable.

Ever subscribe to a monthly club you had a hard time canceling? We see you 1990s CD/DVD clubs and health clubs EVERYWHERE! When comparing alcohol subscriptions out there, you’ll find subscription terms vary from club to club. Want to try before you commit? Some liquor subscription services offer a 1-kit option (like us!), while others don’t. Just keep in mind, the best value often comes from being a regular member whereas the value proposition for one specific kit may vary. 

Many monthly alcohol subscription services, like SipScout,  also offer discounts when you sign up for more than one kit. The options are endless, so be sure to weigh those options along with pause and cancellation policies before signing up.

SipScout covers ALL the bases:

Unique! Interactive! Fun! Flexible! High-quality craft spirits!

You’ll be hard pressed to find a monthly alcohol subscription box that offers the variety of unique craft tipples and interactive experiences that SipScout does. You’ll soon be the most in-the-know craft boozy expert around. Just play it cool and try not to annoy your friends too much, huh? Instead, bring them along for the virtual fun…because if you’re in the sharing mood your kit will always include enough for 2 people to share!

To learn more or subscribe today, shop SipScout here.

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