A Roundup of Our Favorite Sake Cocktails

It is no secret that here at The Crafty Cask we are huge fans of sake! We’ve included it in our SipScout offerings, written extensively on the topic, consumed it in its native Japan, made our own sake “vermouth,” and even crafted easy to execute sake cocktails you can whip up at home!

In honor of World Sake Day, we are putting all our sake cocktail deliciousness in one place; brush up on sake styles, hit up your local sake purveyor or order at two of our favorite online shops, TippsySake and SakéOne, and let’s get mixing.

Line Up of Sake Bottles in A Japanese Bar


When you think of sake cocktails, perhaps a most… ummm.. interactive one comes to mind. Let’s go ahead  and think outside the sake bomb, shall we?

Did you know that one of the most quintessential Japanese cocktails happens to be exquisite in its simplicity? We are, of course, talking about the highball. Oh so easy, oh so versitile, and if you happen to be in the right place, oh such an elevated art form.  Also referred to as “Mizuwari” or “cut with water,” this libation needs 3 things: quality ice, super cold sparkling water, and chilled sake. Our sake vermouth is great in a highball, or expiriment with various sake styles! Want it boozier? Add some Shochu or Umeshu!

Whatever your combo, just make sure everything is super chilled and remember to stir it 13.5 times. Yes, we are serious. The Japanese are precise and it’s usually for good reason!

 Feel like taking your sake cocktail to the tropics? Use sake in place of rum in our Mojito recipe!

Sake Spritz

Sake Spritzes and Sours

Just like sipping spirits, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with some fruity flavors to keep it refreshing! Our founder, Suzanne, loves our Sake Spritz with fish tacos or sushi!

Wakatake “Onikoroshi” Junmai Genshu has tasting notes of asian pear, melon, and banana. Using fresh citrus and dry sparkling wine perfectly compliments the light and crisp profile and fruity flavors of the sake. You can use our spritz build to have fun with different combinations of sake, bubbles, and modifiers!

You can also use sake as the base spirit in a classic sour or fizz! What’s the difference?  A sour becomes a  fizz with the addition of  a bit of soda water. After pouring your cocktail, you’ll find that some of the foam is still coating your shaker.  Add soda water to the shaker, do a quick rinse to gather all that foam you worked so hard for and strain it on top of your sour. Voila! You now have a Sake Fizz.  

Sake Seduction

Spirited Sake Cocktails

Sure, sake plays well with citrus, beer, and bubbs, but we think it also plays well with other spirits!

A 2:1 martini variation using our sake vermouth and white rum is divine! Rum not your jam? Go classic with gin and Junmai and try a 50/50 ratio of gin to  sake with a few dashes of Sakura bitters, or try swapping sake in for Lillet in a Vesper.

Feeling sultry? Lean into something a touch richer on the palate and mix up our Sake Seduction. Madeira, sherry, sake, and elderflower layer perfectly in this indulgent sake cocktail. Pair with a dried fruit and soft cheese plate and enjoy. 

Bottles of craft beer, wine, and spirits

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We Love Sake!

We love to talk about it, mix with it, learn about it, and (most of all) we love to share it! We hope these easy to execute sake cocktails have piqued your interest in the fascinating category that is sake and how much fun it is to work with! Have a favorite sake cocktail? Let us know in the comments section!

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