Mint Julep

A guaranteed winner on Derby Day and beyond!

Serves: 1

Difficulty: Low

Special Tools: Silver or Copper Julep Cup


Mint Julep

Made by Jena Lane Ellenwood

While the Mint Julep has a history with the Kentucky Derby, we think it’s perfect to enjoy on any warm, sunny, summer day. A good bourbon and refreshing mint do wonders for the soul. There’s a little history that many of us don’t know, though, so here’s a few fact about the upbringing of the Mint Julep.

  • The word “Julep” is derived from the Persian and Arab languages, translating to “rosewater”, hinting at the drinks sweet nature.⁠
  • This mixture of ingredients was first referenced as a medicine back in 1784, rumored to cure illnesses.⁠⁠
  • American farmers were likely the first to make Mint Juleps with bourbon, because American-made spirits were cheaper.⁠⁠ It was commonly made with other spirits prior. It feels ironic that it is now commonly made with some of the finest, most expensive bourbon.
  • In 1938, it was declared the official drink of the Kentucky Derby.⁠⁠

We love Jena’s Derby hat in this video! If you love this cocktail, check out more cocktail videos!

Let’s Get Shakin’


6-8 Mint Leaves

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

2 oz Bourbon

  1. Add mint leaves to the bottom of your glass and press lightly.
  2. Add simple syrup and bourbon into glass.
  3. Add one scoop of crushed ice, and swizzle until it starts to foam.
  4. Fill the glass to the top with crushed ice and garnish with a mint leaf.
Suzanne making a sour face wondering if she'll like this cocktail
But will I like it?

Cocktail flavor profile

Getting to know your palate, what you like, and what you don’t like is a critical part of being a great craft tippler AND key to becoming a great home bartender as well! So before you break out that barware and buy the key ingredients, here’s a little guidance on what to expect from this cocktail so you can start to hone in on exactly what elements of cocktails you enjoy and which you’d prefer to minimize.  This helps you order new cocktails you love when you’re out on the town better as well!
  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Spiritous
  • Refreshing
  • Complex/Funky/Unique
Let me know what you discover, or if you would have rated it differently in the comments below…

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