Alice’s Garden





Special Equipment:

Cocktail Shaker, Strainer

Good For:

The beer lover who’s in the mood for a cocktail


Alice’s Garden

Made by Jena Lane Ellenwood

I love the brewers in my community! Queens, NY is known as the World’s Borough and I love celebrating that through flavor!! I’ve been drinking Big Alice Brewing beer since their beginnings as a local CSA bottle program and I’m still in love with them! Not only do I love their brews, I love using them in fun ways—like making a cocktail with this amazing gin from LA! Morgan, the distiller, uses botanicals native to the region and some even came from her garden!

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Let’s Get Shakin’


2 torn basil leaves

1/4 oz honey syrup (3:1 honey to water, using Wilk Apiary)

1 oz Gin (using AMASS Dry Gin)

1 Big Alice Sour Slammer


Add honey syrup, gin, and basil leaves into cocktail shaker, and shake with 2 ice cubes.

Strain into coup glass, and top with Big Alice Sour Slammer.

Garnish with one basil leaf.


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…but am I going to like it?

Getting to know your palate, what you like, and what you don’t like is a critical part of being a great craft tippler AND key to becoming a great home bartender as well!

So before you break out that barware and buy the key ingredients, here’s a little guidance on what to expect from this cocktail so you can start to hone in on exactly what elements of cocktails you enjoy and which you’d prefer to minimize.  This helps you order new cocktails you love when you’re out on the town better as well! 

  • Sweet 60% 60%
  • Sour 20% 20%
  • Spiritous 45% 45%
  • Refreshing 80% 80%
  • Complex/Funky/Unique 70% 70%
Let me know what you discover, or if you would have rated it differently in the comments below…

Let us know what you think!

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