3 Beer Styles to Try with Co-workers and Clients for American Craft Beer Week

Three beer styles surrounded by hops. Image by Missy Fant.

Do you love craft beer like WE love craft beer? Then get ready to celebrate because American Craft Beer Week is just around the corner—May 16-22, 2022. There are so many delectable craft beers to try, why limit the fun to just a week? At any rate, if you want to spread your wings and add a new beer style to your arsenal, we’ve got three terrific craft beer styles for you to enjoy with co-workers, clients, and pals on a pub crawl or at a virtual tasting event.

People always ask us about these beer styles at our events, which means they are must-tries! Plus, we offer up some tasty food pairings here to boot. Read on craft beer-loving friends…

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Try Me Craft Beer Style No. 1: Dark Lager/ Schwarzbier

In German, Schwarzbier means dark beer but we’re not talking about heavy dark beers here, like Porters and Stouts. No sir, no ma’am! You still get the lovely malt roasted notes of the heavier dark beers but the lager yeast used in Schwarzbier transforms this must-try style into a crisp and light sip with a light mouthfeel, suitable for warmer weather nights when the evenings are cooler but not full-on stout season. Oxbow Brewing makes a delightful Schwarzbier if you can find it.

THE PAIRING: Schwarzbier pairs beautifully with BBQ, cheese boards, and even s’mores!

Try Me Craft Beer Style No. 2: Not-so-sour Sour

Sours are SOOOOOO hot right now, though they can be polarizing in some crowds. You either love them, or meh, not so much. They’re not the easiest beer to fit into a tasting line-up. That being said, you can’t beat a good sour for activating the tastebuds, and you don’t need to try a hardcore sour first. We recommend venturing into the sour world with a Gose-style beer, which tends to be slightly tart with a hint of salt. Our favorite Goses—like Off Color Brewing’s Beer for Tacos—are also GREAT beach beers, so pack your cooler full!

THE PAIRING: Tacos, spicy foods (hello chicken wings!) with a dash of sunshine friends…

Watch TCC’s Suzanne, Evan, and Jena fall in love with Big aLICe Brewing’s Tequila barrel-aged Gose in the clip below, or watch the whole video of our visit with their brewer Jon.


Try Me Craft Beer Style No. 3: New England IPA (NEIPA)

Unlike the herbal, piney hops indicative of a West Coast IPA, the hoppy notes in New England IPAs tend to be juicier and more tropical in flavor. You’ll want to be mindful of the ABV in NEIPA-style craft beers because these beers will knock you on your keester if you over-indulge. Plan on drinking more than one or two beers? Consider going for a lower-ABV “session” IPA instead. Fun fact: Hops are actually calming herbs, related to catnip and cannabis—a great option if you want to make like Olivia Newton John and get mellow.

THE PAIRING: Egg dishes like quiche, spicy chili or fresh seafood to complement a mellow NEIPA conclusion to a busy American Craft Beer Week.

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