Treat Your Staff on Employee Appreciation Day

Searching for unique ideas for employee appreciation events? There’s no time like the present because Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on March 3, 2023!

At The Crafty Cask we specialize in bringing friends and colleagues together in fun, unique, and boozy ways… but don’t just take our word for it. We asked two of our favorite clients to dish on what their peeps loved about our virtual tasting events and how easy it is to pull together an amazing event with The Crafty Cask.


What do our clients (and their employees) love about our spirited virtual tasting events?

Bottles of craft beer, wine, and spirits

Treat Your Employees to a Virtual Tasting!

Whether you want to gather staff virtually or in person, The Crafty Cask makes it easy! Each attendee gets their own tasting or mixology kit. Plus, we can include snacks, glassware, or other themed items.

Need ideas? We’re happy to oblige.

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 The Crafty Cask employee appreciation events can be customized based on the client’s needs

Tiffani Nichols, a Marketing Director in the technology industry, has partnered with The Crafty Cask for numerous customer and employee events. Says Nichols, “The Crafty Cask really took the time to learn about our company and offered a lot of different options for events. We’ve held a variety of events, including wine tastings, whiskey and bourbon tastings, and even a cider event. And we’ve done themed events, too, like ‘Beers with Engineers,’ and St. Patrick’s Day events featuring Irish beers.”

As a Sr. Marketing Manager at Cisco, Kim Brown also appreciates The Crafty Cask’s ability to accommodate her company’s needs. “Cisco has rules about only serving alcohol with food, so Suzanne always coordinates everything so food pairings ship out with the alcohol. We also threw them some curve balls. We did a west coast wine tasting event, and knew people would be very discerning because they have ready access to California wines. The Crafty Cask was able to source local wines people weren’t familiar with that really impressed them,” Brown says.

Not-so-social employees end up getting social

According to Nichols, it’s really important for people to feel that human connection at employee appreciation day events, especially when you have employees working in work-from-home environments.

As she explains, “Suzanne and Evan do such a great job engaging people. And working in tech, we have some people who are not super social. However, during these events we continually find they will get involved in the chat. We’ve even had people running around their house and grabbing their favorite whiskey bottles to show the group. Not only are people more willing to  engage with each other, these events give people a chance to showcase what they are into.”

Employees build bonds over shared passions outside of work

Brown appreciates the relationship building aspects The Crafty Cask’s virtual tasting events serve up, including the connections employees make about interests that aren’t work related. “Your employees have to get along with one another even if they don’t love each other, and you need to give people a way to build their relationships with one another outside of work.

“A lot of people can get really passionate about wine, beer, and spirits, something that’s not included in their day-to-day work life. During the tasting events they’re building relationships with each other based on something totally different [passion for spirits]—and they don’t have to worry if they’re not talking about things they usually do,” Brown says.

Nichols shared similar sentiments with us. Says Nichols, “These events allow us to meet people where they are at. We’re so used to being on Zoom and conference calls all day, which has allowed people to feel more connected. We work really hard to bring people together from all over the country and do events that brings that human factor into work, not just talking about today’s project and what we need to get done. With the tasting events, you get to hear and see a little more about people and experience the fun side of them.”

Our virtual tasting employee appreciation events have proven to be tops for employee engagement

After scheduling a virtual wine tasting event, one of Brown’s colleagues — a wine and whiskey afficianado — expressed concern for the idea. According to Brown, “He was negative about the event, so I asked him if he wanted to join us and then share his thoughts. During the event he was messaging me non-stop, saying, ‘I’m learning so much, these people are wonderful, etc.’ He loved it.

“Shortly after the event, he reached out to see if there was an extra seat at a whiskey tasting event we had coming up, saying, ‘I don’t want to miss what these people have to say. I want to see if they can teach me something, I’ve been whiskey tasting for 20 years.’ We’ve found these events to be the best in every way shape and form.”

What else is there to love about The Crafty Cask’s virtual tasting events for Employee Appreciation Day?

Both Brown and Nichols appreciate the fact that employees can participate in The Crafty Cask employee appreciation events either in person or virtually, so everyone can join in. And if you’re looking for unique ideas for employee appreciation gifts, a tasting or mixology kit packed combined with the camaraderie and shared passions that tend to ensue is tough to beat. Contact us to learn more about scheduling a The Crafty Cask employee appreciation event today!

Learn more about virtual craft alcohol events with The Crafty Cask or drop your comments and questions below…

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