The Three-Martini Lunch Gets a Makeover

three cocktails being used for client appreciation event

If you’re of a certain age or were a rabid Mad Men fan during the series’ 2007-2015 run, you’re familiar with the three-martini lunch. While downing a few martinis over lunch was a popular and accepted practice in the 60s and 70s—touted for boosting creativity and cementing relationships—tippling during the workday is often frowned upon today. Here’s how to change that and get your boss’s buy-in.


How to sell your boss on the benefits of a three-martini lunch 

You didn’t think we’d propose you simply tell your boss that a liquid lunch will help you be more creative and productive, did you? Well, I think we all know that’s not going to fly.  

However, boozy lunches do have their benefits, especially if your intent is to spend quality time getting to know your clients better, finding out how your company can best meet their needs, and showing your appreciation for their business.

Bottles of craft beer, wine, and spirits

When the boss gives you the thumbs up for a boozy lunch …

Schedule a virtual mixology event with The Crafty Cask! Our spirited, educational virtual events are ideal for schmoozing with clients and easy to set-up. We send all the ingredients direct to the participants’ doors and our knowledgeable craft spirit experts always bring the fun.

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Client appreciation events benefit companies in many ways, such as:

  • Providing a relaxed atmosphere that helps boost engagement and cement relationships (yep, the Mad Men were on to something).
  • Creating happy clients who appreciate you for investing time and energy in them.
  • Generating referrals from those happy clients who love doing business with you.
  • Helping retain clients who could be wooed away by a competitor who shows more appreciation for them than you do.

Speaking of wooing … treating a prospect to a three-martini lunch—or if you ask us, an invite to a virtual mixology event with you and The Crafty Cask—reaps similar benefits. That same, laid-back no-pressure atmosphere boosts engagement with prospects and appreciation for your investing time and energy in them. And if it gets your client or prospect out of the office for a couple hours, now that will score points any day of the week.

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Why the three-martini lunch should make your list of client appreciation event ideas 

Whether your clients prefer martinis, margaritas, craft beer, craft wine, or mocktails, a beverage-themed event definitely merits a spot on your list of client appreciation event ideas. Why? It’s fun to gather in the light-hearted atmosphere cocktail parties evoke, and clients who like to imbibe will be hard-pressed to pass on your invitation.

Plus, the availability of virtual mixology event options is better than ever (one of the few upsides of the pandemic). Going virtual for your three-martini-lunch or mixology event allows you to include clients and prospects from any city, state, or even country. 

And your boss will love this one: Virtual mixology events are super cost-effective, with minimal impact on your travel and expense budget. No flights, car rentals, or hotel reservations required.

Your boss will pat you on the back for booking a virtual mixology event with us!

And YOU will love how easy it is to plan and execute a virtual mixology event with The Crafty Cask. Not only will your boss be pleased with your travel and event management skills, we’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you.  

We ship all the craft spirits and mixers (or craft beer, wine, or cider) to your guests’ doors, and on the day of your event, our funny, knowledgeable event hosts will guide you in the fine art of craft cocktail making, with a little boozy history to boot. Cheers!

Get more information about TCC virtual mixology events here.


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