Meet The Maker With Us at the Palace Hotel

This week we’re kicking off our brand spankin’ new event series in partnership with the Palace Hotel here in San Francisco. For the rest of this year The Crafty Cask will be hosting a monthly Meet The Maker event in the fabulous and historical Pied Piper within the Palace Hotel.

Already excited to join us? Get your tickets here before they sell out!

You see, Pied Piper is kind of an institution in San Francisco, but as tends to happen with the oldies but goodies, people can forget them in their never ending (and exhausting!) quest for the hot new spot. Pied Piper is beautiful…rich wood paneling, incredible mosaic floors and one of Maxfield Parish’s most important large-scale paintings (a masterpiece, really) commissioned in 1909 specifically for this location. It’s one of those places that makes you feel like you just stepped back in time and need a martini straight up, you know? And that’s where The Crafty Cask comes in! We want to reestablish Pied Piper as a destination for amazing, craft alcohol. So we’re calling on all of our Bay Area friends in Tippler Nation to come join us as we help the Palace Hotel do exactly that!

“It’s one of those places that make you feel like you just stepped back in time and need a martini straight-up!”

Each month we’ll be featuring local craft alcohol producers according to the themes below. We’ll kick off with some history and fun facts about the alcohol we’re focused on that month. One of our favorite things to do with these events is to bust myths…so even if you think you don’t like that type of alcohol, trust me, we’re up for the challenge to change your mind! Next, each producer will lead you through a tasting of their product and help you  understand who they are and how their style is unique. Then we’ll open it up for questions and conversation, mix, mingle and generally just have a fabulous time. Click here to get your tickets now!

Poster for Meet The Maker: Oct 18 Cider, Nov 15 Whiskey, Dec 6 Rum

Many of the craft producers we work with for these don’t have extensive distribution…so, yes! At the end of the night you’ll be able to purchase bottles so you have these local gems at home. Go ahead, impress your friends with all of your newfound knowledge. And then bring them to our next event!

“Go ahead, impress your friends with all of your newfound knowledge.”

Will we see you at our Meet the Maker events? We hope so! If you don’t have tickets yet, grab them here. Guests from our last few events have had very nice things to say and have really enjoyed themselves. And we’ve definitely turned some skeptics into enthusiasts. And helped enthusiasts find new boozy loves…we love being matchmakers!

Are you a producer who would like to be included in our future events or a venue who would like us to create craft alcohol events for your guests? Contact us here and let’s talk.

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