5 Cool as a Cucumber Ways to Avert Employee Burnout This Summer

Company avoiding employee burnout with an employee appreciation event

Summer is the perfect time to show employees how much you appreciate their hard work and contributions to your business. A little recognition and fun-filled break from the grind can go a long way toward keeping employees loyal, engaged, and energized. If you’re ready to show your employees a little (or a whole lotta) love this summer, we’ve got an employee appreciation idea or two or five for you!

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It’s no wonder employee burnout is an issue right now. Many employers are screaming for help and struggling to find candidates to fill critical roles. This ongoing workforce trend has forced employers to ask current employees to work extra hours and shifts, and guess what, they’re burning out faster than a fried egg on a Texas freeway in the middle of summer.

With plenty of job openings out there, your fried employees may start weighing their career options. Before it’s too late, make time to show your people the love, pronto!

Employee Appreciation Idea No. 1: Book a masseuse!

If summer is your busy season, or you’re always busy, it may be difficult to give employees time off or schedule an event right now. You can however help them de-stress and relax with complimentary chair massages at your place of work. Many masseuses offer 5- to 15-minute chair massages for employers. Just Google chair massage service near me to weigh your options.

Employee Appreciation Idea No. 2: Give extra time off.

One of the best ways to address employee burnout is to allow people to take time off from work and get some R&R. If your company is able to swing it, give each employee the opportunity to take off an extra day or two with pay this summer. They’ll come back rested, rejuvenated and appreciate you back.

Employee Appreciation Idea No. 3: Cater a themed party (80s party anyone?).

Ideally, you should book an offsite venue for this event, so people can really and truly get away from the workplace. If your budget is tight and you need to hold the event at work just go whole hog on the themed décor, so you can transport folks to a different place, time, dimension … you get the drift. Costumes (and Best Costume Contests) are strongly encouraged for themed affairs, as are theme appropriate music, food, and beverages. We love the 80s but another decade (or theme) will certainly do.

Employee Appreciation Idea No. 4: Popcorn and a movie.

’Tis the season of the summer blockbuster (HELLO Top Gun: Maverick!!!). Book a movie theater and provide tickets along with coupons for popcorn, beverages, and the like. Now, you know we love a good themed event (see No. 3), and there’s nothing like a fun-filled goodie bag to get everyone involved and feeling the love. For example, if Top Gun: Maverick is your movie of choice, include a pair of aviator sunglasses (like these ones on Amazon, available in an assortment of colors) in the goodie bags. Of course, you could splurge on these if budget allows. Talk about making your peeps feel special!

Employee Appreciation Idea No. 5: Virtual Happy Hour on steroids.

With so many employees working remote these days—remote employees suffer from employee burnout, too—it’s important to find ways to be inclusive to all when showing the love. Of course, if you’re familiar with The Crafty Cask, you know where we’re going with this. We make virtual craft alcohol tasting events for remote employees EASY to plan and FUN. Just choose your craft alcohol category (spirits, wine, beer, cider), and we’ll handle the details. Got a theme? Count us in!

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