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Make Your Next Event Unforgettable With Our Craft Alcohol Tastings & Mixology Experiences

The Crafty Cask’s variety of interactive, educational, and fun craft alcohol events are your one-stop solution!


You want to host engaging, unique events for your employees, clients, and leads, but hosting great events takes time, energy, and expertise. You’re also busy with that all-important day job that needs to get done, on top of trying to plan great events for a variety of business building needs. Let us help you! The Crafty Cask offers various private mixology classes and craft alcohol virtual tasting events that make memorable, unique experiences!

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Let us help you! The Crafty Cask offers various private mixology classes and craft alcohol virtual tasting events that make memorable, unique experiences! Take our quiz to the right if you need help determining which craft alcohol event type is best for your event, and then let’s get planning!

Interested in an in-person, hybrid or custom event? We do those too!

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Work with us to design your event that fits your needs.

We have over 20 different standard craft alcohol event offerings to suit any drink preference and event goal you may have, such as private virtual tasting events for friends and family and corporate cocktail-making classes for team building experiences. We’re also happy to create custom events or include optional add-on items or activities.

✓  Employee Engagement
✓  Team Building
✓  Appreciation Events
✓  Lead Generation
✓  Client Entertainment
✓  Executive & Board Meetings
✓  Fundraising or Auctioning
✓  Networking & Happy Hours
✓  Pre-Sporting Events
✓  Welcomes or Goodbyes
So thrilled that we found you.

From our first three events alone we influenced almost $1M in opportunities {can end here if need to for length} and closed a couple deals that just needed to get across the finish line.

-Tiffani, CyberSecurity Client

Thank you for an awesome event.

You both were great, fun, and super educated on all things cocktails and booze. I appreciate how difficult that is to pull off remotely and you crushed it.

-Charles, Corporate Event Guest

Choose from a wide range of standard event offerings or create a custom event…

Each event includes:
  • Zoom hosting, link for registration & optional capture of all guest shipping details
  • Facilitation of all pre- and post-event alcohol ordering & delivery to guests
  • Digital materials to send guests for an interactive experience
  • 60 minute event hosting by The Crafty Cask’s boozy, yet professional, experts

Craft Alcohol Virtual Tasting Experiences

Learn all about whichever style of alcohol we’re featuring, bust some myths, and expand your guests’ palates as we experience great craft examples through tasting techniques, custom digital materials, and hands-on approaches. These are available for any style of alcohol ranging from wine to spirits to beer to cider, and more.

View details and options
    • Whiskey Tastings – 6 mini craft whiskey samples with digital tasting materials
    • Beer Tastings – 4 craft beers with digital tasting materials
    • Cider Tastings – 3-6 bottles or cans of craft cider with digital tasting materials
    • Wine Tastings – be transported to one of our many featured wineries with either full bottles or a sampling flight of 4 different craft wines (available with a cheese & charcuterie pairing)
    • Other spirits, mead, or sake tastings available as a custom event option

Meet the Maker

Tap into our extensive network of craft alcohol makers to introduce your guests to the maker in this exclusive event. Learn all about that style of alcohol, and taste through our featured maker’s product(s) while rubbing elbows, virtually of course, with one of the many makers making waves in the craft alcohol industry.

View details and options
    • For events with guests of 30 or more we can arrange for a craft maker or owner to join in on the fun for an exclusive event experience.
    • Choose from wine, cider, or spirits tastings.
    • Please note, additional lead time (minimum 4 weeks) is required.

Mixology Classes

Teach your guests how to be home mixologists with our private mixology classes. We’ll introduce 2–3 cocktails families and show how to alter each one to make a variety of amazing cocktails with common ingredients at home. Friends and family alike are sure to enjoy this interactive and highly engaging activity.

View details and options
    • BYO Classes – we provide the instruction, entertainment & education while your guests use ingredients they’ve gathered at home with our guidance to make three bar-worthy cocktails. Exact cocktails dependent on client input.
    • Standard Classes – we provide a sampler of spirits and your guests gather the other easy to find, non-alcoholic ingredients
      • Classic Mixology 101 – Elderflower Vesper, Classic Daiquiri, Whiskey Sour
      • Whiskey Mixology 101 – Old Fashioned, Brown Derby, Lynchburg Lemonade
    • Premium Classes – we provide everything your guests need in addition to hosting an engaging event.
        • Classic Mixology 101 – Elderflower Vesper, Classic Daiquiri, Whiskey Sour
        • Whiskey Mixology 101 – Old Fashioned, Manhattan, NY Sour
        • Shaken Not Stirred – Vesper, Daiquri, Gin Fizz
        • History of Cocktails – Old Fashioned, Saratoga, Gin Fizz
        • Margarita Evolution – Sidecar, Classic Margarita, Coralina

Cocktail Classes

Focused on two specific cocktails, our private virtual cocktail classes are great for those who want to send their guests everything they will need to participate in one all-inclusive box. We’ll help you customize your event if you need to fit in some of your own content in addition to the cocktail making fun. Our cocktail class boxes include enough ingredients to make two of each of the two cocktails.

View details and options
    • Classic Cocktail Kit
      • Mango Margarita (2)
      • Gentleman & A Scholar Whiskey Cocktail (2)
    • Adventurous Cocktail Kit
      • The Frogman Gin & Green Chartreuse Cocktail (2)
      • Mezcal Passionfruit Cocktail (2)

Pairing Experiences

Treat your guests to a sensory exploration with a food pairing in addition to your craft alcohol experience. We can customize the pairings to meet your specifications.

View details and options
    • Wine flight of four with cheese, charcuterie, and/or chocolate pairing
    • Whiskey and chocolate pairing
    • Beer or Cider and cheese pairing (two shipments required)
    • Craft snacks like cheddar jalepeno popcorn, mixed nuts, pineapple mojito fruit jerky, and more for custom options available

Multi-Faceted Events

Looking for events that are about more than booze? We can help lead team-building exercises, or pair up with our vendor partners to add on additional fun and entertainment to any event.

View details and options
    • Trivia
    • Cooking classes
    • Virtual escape rooms
    • Food pairings
    • Interactive photo collages, and more…
We highly recommend!

From start to finish Suzanne and Evan were constant professionals in assisting us facilitate a fun and interactive beer and cider tasting for our Executive Board. During the event they were entertaining, engaging, and very knowledgeable which made for a terrific evening. If you are looking to plan a virtual event for your group, we highly recommend working with The Crafty Cask.

-Martina, Banking Client

We all had a blast!

That was great and Jena was awesome and we will DEFINITELY be reaching out to you again for future beer events! Thank you for your consistent professionalism throughout the whole process and creating a fun space for us to network with our client. We all had a blast!

-Jennifer, Law Firm Client

What you can expect from our events

Suzanne and Evan laughing during virtual event
Dynamic hosts

Seeing our fun, yet professional, approach helps your guests relax and engage. No one way, boring presentations here! When requested, we also have a hosting pair, with our founder Suzanne and resident craft alcohol expert Evan, for something extra special.

Box of craft spirit tasting samples
One stop solution

Not only do we host your event, but we also facilitate all of the product ordering and shipping on your behalf and have other partners to add on trivia, branded items, virtual escape rooms and more. 

Various photos of beer, wine, cocktails, cider, and sake
Variety of experiences

Have more than one virtual event to plan? Or particular guest interests? Our ability to work across all alcohol styles and many event formats means your events are turnkey (with loyalty discounts too!)

Glass of whiskey in front of sign reading Hand Crafted
Craft alcohol only

We only feature high quality, independently owned, craft alcohol at our events. Which means your guests get introduced  to great products and brands they likely haven't heard of our tried in the past. This lends cache and exclusivity to any event...all while feeling good about supporting small businesses when you host your event with The Crafty Cask!

Device screens showing tasting profiles and guides
Educational fun

We're fun, engaging, and tell great stories...and importantly, we also have deep expertise. This ensures your guests leave every event having learned something interesting and new so they share stories of your event with others and get real value out of the time they spent with your company.

Suzanne at TEDx at Emerald Glen Park
Corporate background

Our founder, Suzanne, has 15 years leadership experience in corporate America so she's been in your shoes and knows the importance of your event helping you achieve your business goals. Our program is designed to meet your needs in a professional, organized, and turnkey manner that aligns with your event goals.

Join our roster of great clients
Friendly, funny, and engaging!

My team at work had a lovely time with Suzanne and Evan from The Crafty Cask! They were friendly, funny, and engaging. They hosted a 1-hr virtual cocktail making class using the kits that they crafted and shipped to nearly 20 participants’ homes. The cocktails kits were neatly packaged, contained high quality ingredients, and were easy / fun to make during the session. Highly recommend!

-Abby, Consulting Firm Client

We all had a GREAT time!

I worked with Suzanne for a Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Beer & Cider Tasting with my company and we had a GREAT time! Everyone received their packages a week prior to the call and thoroughly enjoyed the candid conversations and knowledge on how to appreciate beers & ciders with all the complexities. I highly recommend The Crafty Cask!

-Tasha, Gaming Company Client

My dream when I go tasting

Imagine you went into a tasting room and you tried awesome booze and you had the good fortune of meeting the owner or the distiller on their lunch break, and they decided to sit and talk with you for an hour about what they make and how they do it. That’s always my dream when I go tasting and that’s the environment that The Crafty Cask created during tonight’s virtual tasting.

-Guest, Meet the Maker Corporate Event

Meet your event hosts

Collectively, our hosts at The Crafty Cask represent over three decades worth of knowledge and experience in craft alcohol, hospitality, and education. This means your guests quickly become more comfortable engaging with their hosts, and each other, making the entire experience more interactive and personal.

Suzanne Henricksen
Founder of The Crafty Cask and Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp

Passionate about all things craft alcohol, I founded The Crafty Cask to celebrate and support craft alcohol makers while helping expand the enjoyment of craft alcohol enthusiasts. At my core, I’m an explorer. I live life with the sole purpose of feeding my curiosity and discovering new experiences, mostly through travel, food, and alcohol. I am obsessed with trying everything, learning, hearing stories, meeting people, and sharing what I find and enjoy with others…which we do best during our virtual and in person events.

Evan Rothrock
Sommelier, Certified Cider Professional, and Bespoke Wine Tour Guide

Having spent 9 years bringing craft alcohol enthusiasts, like you, to wineries, distilleries, cider houses, and breweries I have a deep appreciation and love for craft alcohol and the people behind each sip. As a sommelier and certified cider professional, I have deep knowledge that I am passionate about sharing with others in a way that is approachable, engaging, and fun. I love helping people find new types of alcohol, as well as new brands of alcohol they already enjoy through our virtual and in person events.

Award-winning bartender, cocktail educator, Cicerone Certified Beer Server, and Executive American Whiskey Steward
Read bio

Jena is an award-winning bartender, cocktail educator, and Cicerone Certified Beer Server based in NYC. She has been bartending and working in the craft beer world in NY for the last fifteen years with recipes appearing on menus at Manhattan restaurant/bars & in multiple publications, such as She is the 2019 Nikka Perfect Serve Global Runner Up and a 2020 Cognac Connection winner.

Wine Educator for WSET through The Grape Experience in San Francisco
Read bio

Stefan is passionate about wine and music. He is a devoted teacher serving as a professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as well as a Wine Educator for WSET through The Grape Experience in San Francisco. Besides teaching you can find him composing music, playing with his band and holding wine tastings for friends and wine lovers. “Wine is the only artwork you can drink” – Luis Fernando Oliverri.

Executive Bourbon Steward, Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Level 1 Sommelier
Read bio

Jen has spent the last 13 years bartending around the country, including the beaches of Florida, wilderness of Alaska, ocean of Hawaii, and mountains of Montana. As an Executive Bourbon Steward, Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Level 1 Sommelier, and having passed the Patron Masterclass as a member of the United States Bartenders Guild, Jen loves exploring the intricacies of all different kinds of beverages. Her favorite things to do when she isn’t serving or creating cocktails are going to concerts, traveling, and exploring new (to her) beers, wines, and cocktails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early do I need to book?
  • Events need to be confirmed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to event date with all guest shipping details required a minimum of 16 days in advance to ensure kits are received in time. 
  • If a specific date/time or product is required, we recommend signing your agreement with The Crafty Cask as early as possible to ensure availability.
  • If your timing is tight, BYO cocktail events are a great solution that we can turn around in less than a week if there is availability.
Please note, timelines are driven by our experience with shipping carrier timelines. Express shipping is not available for spirits due to federal regulations. While we understand the need for speed, it is not in the best interest of your event to shorten timelines since it risks your guests not receiving their packages in time.
What does each event include?
  • Branded and customized registration page with access to real-time registrant updates
  • Hosted Zoom link or client hosted meeting link on any platform
  • Facilitation of all tasting kit ordering & delivery to guests
  • Digital materials to send guests, where applicable, for an interactive experience
  • 60 minute event hosting by a trained, certified craft alcohol professional
  • Access to our best clients’ email templates for recruiting guests and communication about the event.
  • Customizations as needed for a fee: food, barware, branded glassware or other items, themes, etc…
Are there any shipping restrictions?

Yes. While we have GREAT craft alcohol partners* there are many states that they cannot ship to depending on the type of alcohol. While this isn’t an ironclad or permanent list (we have many partners with different capabilities), here are the most commonly difficult states to ship to: 

    • Wine:  AK, HI, UT
    • Beer & Cider: AK, AL, AR, HI, IA, KY, MI, MS, UT
    • Spirits: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK, RI, UT

*The Crafty Cask does not make or ship any alcohol ourselves

What kind of budget are we talking?
We have a variety of options for all price points and will provide a custom quote once we receive your event details.  Our event costs have three components with estimates indicated below: 
  • Event planning & hosting fee of $20/person with an $875 minimum 
  • Tasting kit costs estimated at:
    • $55-$120/person for wine
    • $40-$65/person for cider, beer
    • $50-$75/person for spirits
    • $50-$65/person for cocktails
    • $395 flat fee for BYO events
  • Shipping costs are estimated at $25/person
We also offer a loyalty program with discounts for every 5th event and scaled pricing for events with more than 200 guests. At times we can also acommodate a first time client discounts on smaller events as well.
How does guest registration work?

When it comes to getting guests to your event we have two options:

    • We handle all of the registrations for you
      • Custom, branded registration page with a link to share with your invited guests
      • Collects all necessary shipping info at the time of registration
      • Direct access to the registration list with real-time updates so you know if you need to promote more or are at risk of having more guests than you anticipated so you can adjust your marketing plan* and budget accordingly.
      • This option also allows us to cap the event and auto-add people to a waiting list, send out immediate guest registration and reminder emails with a link to join the event, collect mocktail kit requests, and more.
    • You handle the registrations yourself
      • We’ll provide a template for you to fill out and return back to us a minimum of 16 days before the event

*While you are in the best position to market your own event to get guest registrations, we have an email sequence template, curated from our experience with our most successful event clients, that we can send you to ensure your event marketing efforts are a success.

Can you accommodate a BYO event?

Sure! We understand that some company policies prohibit purchasing alcohol or gifts over a certain price point. Or sometimes you have a timing crunch and there’s not enough time to ship kits. Depending on the type of event, guests can simply use what they have on hand at home with guidance and shopping lists provided.

Please note, there is a $395 cost instead of a per person kit cost for BYO events. See pricing FAQ above for more details on pricing.
Do you have options for non-drinkers?

Yes, we have a couple of cocktail kits that lend themselves wonderfully to mocktails and we also have a non-alcoholic craft cider kit we can send for beer and cider tastings.

Can we add on other activities beyond booze?

Yes, we have great partners to add on trivia, games, virtual escape rooms, cooking classes and more. We can also provide our expert advice on how to best adjust our event flow to acommodate any business presentations or activities you need to include during the event. 

Can we host our own Zoom link or use another platform entirely?

Yes. If we’re unfamiliar with the platform, we may need a quick training test call, but we’ve worked across most popular platforms. Please note, if you do require a platform other than Zoom, we will request that you create the event link on your end. 

Can we add printed materials, swag, food, or other items to the kits?

Yes, our fulfillment partners can often accommodate this with enough lead time.

  • There is an added labor and logistics cost for any shipment additions or customizations. 
  • Any perishable food items will have to be sent to your guests as a separate shipment (unless it’s the wine flight/cheese pairing). 
  • We can also connect you with our vendor partner for branded glassware, shakers, etc… 
Still have questions?

Get notified about in-person events

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