Our craft alcohol maker community is hurting, and we’re here to help.

Join our Virtual Tastings to get exposure for your brand, re-engage your audience, and drive sales.

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Introducing Virtual Tasting Experiences Featuring Craft Makers Like You

Expose Consumers To Your Brand Virtually

Taking virtual happy hours to the next level, Evan and Suzanne will be your virtual brand ambassadors using guided educational experiences, centered on one specific varietal or alcohol type that features craft makers they love who have DTC shipping or online distribution. 

Reach A Broader Audience

  • Tippler Nation: our audience of 15k craft alcohol enthusiasts
  • Max Napa Tours audience of 5k craft wine tour guests & enthusiasts
  • The existing audience of other makers featured during that event
  • Your existing audience via mailing list and social media

Guests will be encouraged to pre-purchase the same bottles that will be featured during the tasting experience or bring their own choice for that alcohol style to learn and be inspired to buy during or after the event as well. We are currently seeing ~60% conversion to the makers order pages and 20% conversion to sales (although it may be higher since we can’t track this piece perfectly just yet).

Interested in attending one or seeing what we share with consumers? Check out our virtual tasting registration page here. Or get started to get your own brand featured.

april, 2020

Ready to Get Your Brand Featured? 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Complete this form to provide all necessary information
  2. If we don’t already have the products you want featured (we might!), ship us a bottle so we can orient ourselves and drink it live
  3. Share the event with your audience via your mailing list and on social media (required). We will provide our email and social media templates so you can quickly and easily rip and reapply to save you time.
  4. Sit back and (fingers crossed!) generate some new online sales!



Your Hosts & Virtual Brand Ambassadors: 

Suzanne Henricksen

Founder of The Crafty Cask & the 10-course online Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp

Passionate about all things craft alcohol, supporting the success of craft alcohol makers is her founding mission behind The Crafty Cask. Experienced in consumer marketing, video production, Meet the Maker events, and more. Suzanne will bring your brand and story to life in a way that makes it hard to resist! Getting you the consumer support you need during this unprecedented time and beyond.

Evan Rothrock

Sommelier, Certified Cider Professional & Bespoke Wine Tour Guide for Max Napa Tours

Having spent 9 years bringing craft alcohol enthusiasts to wineries, distilleries, cider houses, and breweries Evan has a deep appreciation for the craft maker community. He understands what it takes to bring a craft alcohol tasting to life in a way that is engaging and accesible to enthusiasts of all levels and will bring that passion and expertise to all of our virtual tasting experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this benefit my brand?

  • Leverage our brand to ask for support in a non-salesy or self-promotional way
  • Get exposure to new consumers
  • Engage your existing consumers
  • Drive increased online sales 
  • Acquire new mailing list members
  • Take one thing off your list so you can focus on other priorities
  • Test and learn virtual tasting experiences

What does it cost?

As we work to bring these to life quickly we are looking for craft makers willing to test these out, currently at no cost to you, beyond sending us what products we need to feature your brand.

Over time we will look into appropriate pricing approaches to ensure we are covering our costs at a minimum. This could come in the form of a flat fee or a percent of sales based marketing fee or some combination of the two. 

Can my maker or owner join?

Yes! While it’s not required, we would love for you to join. The Crafty Cask has had a lot of success with in-person Meet the Maker events and we have no doubt that having makers present virtually will be just as valuable.

Just keep in mind that we will be featuring multiple brands in each session in order to maximize the audience reach. So, there will be time where we’re not talking specifically about your brand. And remember, this is not a sales pitch but rather experiential community building to drive sales.

Can you host a private virtual tasting just for my brand?

Of course! This is a great way to engage your existing audience and get them to crack into that recent club shipment faster or ask them to buy a special tasting pack to join in on the event.

We take care of all of the details so all you have to do is show up and have fun. Contact us directly if you would like to pursue this option.


Can we provide an incentive to purchase?

Yes, and in fact we strongly recommend it. It can be as simple as extending your club pricing to virtual tasting members or a special discount for everyone or free shipping or any other incentive that makes sense for your brand.

Since not all makers will choose to do this, we will provide access to incentives via email after the event has been completed while also asking if they would like to be added to any of the maker mailing lists. 


Will these continue after the COVID-19 crisis?

We sure hope so! We are purposefully taking the time to build this program out right so that it is engaging for consumers and valuable for craft makers. 

We believe there is big, on-goiong opportunity for virtual tastings in the new world, whatever it looks like. Helping makers minimize the effects of seasonality and rising travel costs. While also helping consumers get exposure to amazing craft alcohol in a more economical way, from the comfort of their home.

We have lots of ideas to grow interest in and value of virtual tastings far into the future, and we welcome any that you may have to help our industry grow.

Sommelier Guided Tours of Napa & Sonoma

Evan was an exceptional resource for our small group and personally he was great to spend the day with.

Max Napa Tours is providing certified sommeliers – make no mistake these are not just tour guides or drivers, they’re more knowledgeable than most of the staff you’ll meet at the wineries. In fact, Evan had detailed answers to every question we asked all day! You will not go wrong choosing to Max Napa Tours.


Trip Advisor Review

Highlight of San Francisco Visit!

We enjoyed the city very much and all it had to offer, but the highlight of our visit was going to Napa Valley on Max Napa Wine Tours! Our guide was Evan and the tour was perfect from start to finish! Evan was very knowledgeable about all aspects of wine, including the geographical location of Napa, production, pairing and the history of wine making in Napa. Evan was very knowledgeable, courteous, and fun! It was a pleasure spending the day with him. 


Trip Advisor Review

What A Fantastic Night!


The Craft Cider Exploration & Tasting at the Palace Hotel’s Pied Piper bar was both fun and educational. Learned a lot about 3 local artisan producers, got to enjoy 3 cider pairings with delicious food, and sampled 5 other ciders at the end. Would definitely recommend future events! Really grateful for being introduced to 3 local cider companies that I hadn’t tried before.

Kim P.

Yelp Review of Meet the Maker Event

Still have questions?

Book a call or shoot us an email. Otherwise, let’s make the best of a bad situation and get your brand some exposure and sales while everyone is sheltering in place…and beyond!

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