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We are all about supporting amazing artisan and craft alcohol producers here at The Crafty Cask, so we’d love to hear from you if you need some help marketing your brand or becoming the amazing marketer yourself that we know you are meant to be!

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We are big believers in teaching you how to fish vs. feeding you bite by bite and making you dependent on us. Each course is designed to tackle one area of marketing with regular updates and new content. So you learn to become a great marketer (and when/where it’s worth it to hire the work out) without spending your time researching and figuring out marketing best practices or staying up to date. We do that for you and then apply it to the unique landscape of craft alcohol.

Full Membership

Instead of purchasing our courses individually become a member with either our 12-month or annual (over 20% discount!) payment plan. In addition to the great course content you also receive these killer 4 benefits*:

1. Access to all Marketing Bootcamp content, including new bootcamp courses & content we’ll continue to add

2. Invites to our live webinars where we’ll talk about the most recently launched course together (hello accountability!) and have a live Q&A session.

3. Access to our private online community that will only have other craft alcohol producers and related marketing experts. Here you can ask marketing questions whenever you have them, brainstorm with others, get support and more. The more you participate the more value you’ll receive.

4. A 10% discount on marketing services or projects with The Crafty Cask.

*duration of benefits depends on payment plan option chosen, explained further here.

Individual Courses

Not sure if you want to become a full member just yet, but need some help in a specific area? You can also purchase each course on it’s own to work through on your own. The current courses planned for the Bootcamp, which kicks off in May, are as follows. Then, each month at least one course will be released for access and you’ll be notified as soon as it’s ready for you to begin.

  • Laying the Foundation – Marketing 101
  • Becoming a Consumer Centric Marketer
  • Creating Content that Kills
  • Ensuring Your Website is Working Hard for Your Business
  • Leveraging Free Marketing – Become a Social Media Rockstar
  • Paid Marketing – When, Where & How to Invest Your Marketing Budget
  • A Legal Primer for Marketing as a Craft Alcohol Producer
  • Growing Tasting Room Traffic
  • Business to Business Marketing – You Have Distribution, Now What?

Free Resources

Free resources! Yay! Sometimes we get a question so often that we just have to answer it for as many of you as we possibly can to help and make sure you start off on the right foot. These are often:

  • Course overviews, which give you a sneak preview into the full course content as well as some immediately valuable and actionable insights and tips. It’s a great way to get started before you’re ready to really dive in and tackle that topic seriously.
  • A downloadable cheat sheet or reference guide on an important topic that has some quick and easy answers that to offer our loyal members and fans
  • Particularly popular lectures within full courses that I simply want to give access to more broadly. Why? Because I like you and want you to be successful, silly!

See each course overview by clicking on it on our course overview page.We approach each topic in the Craft Alcohol Marketing Bootcamp with a craft alcohol lens so our strategies are relevant and appropriate given the unique constraints of our industry and your business.

Consulting services

Sometimes you just need a little help, right? You want to do it yourself but you’re having a hard time getting started. We’ve provided two examples of consulting projects below but if you had something else in mind, just ask! We’re always happy to share our expertise or point you in the right direction if what you need isn’t best suited to our core skill-set.

“Working with the Crafty Cask was an extremely enjoyable experience, and we at Silver Tree Beer & Spirits are excited to continue working together in all of their future endeavors. If you are a craft alcohol producer, I would highly recommend working with Suzanne and the entire Crafty Cask team to have your unique story crafted and put out for the world to see.”

*Scroll down to see a sampling of our clients…

Savvy Social Media Kickoff

You know you need a good presence on social media, you’re posting to some degree today but you also know you have to be more organized and strategic about it if you want it to be successful. You just don’t know where to start or have the time to get organized.

This is where The Crafty Cask comes in! We can get you set-up on our favorite social media scheduling and planning tool and then teach you the tips and tricks of the trade and ensure you’re spending minimal time on social media with maximum results.

This is a hands-on, tactical training tailored specifically for your business. Ongoing audit, training and suggestion follow-up sessions available as well.

Story Strategy

You’ve heard it a million times…it’s all about the story! And being craft or local just isn’t enough to cut it anymore. If you’re ready to do intensive brand architecture work, we can refer you to some amazing friends. But if you’re not quite there yet and just need help honing in on that early storyline to start to build your audience and get traction The Crafty Cask is here to help.

Our founder has spent 10+ years leading consumer market research teams in Corporate America so she “speaks consumer” better than anyone we know. An element of your story that seems mundane to you is exciting and compelling to her and she’ll help you think through how to talk about it in a way consumers will connect with emotionally.

Video Features

The very best collaboration opportunity – One of our key differentiators is our unique ability to tell your story through professional, high production and highly engaging videos at a fraction of the cost of working with an agency.

You’ll receive – A 5-10 minute video(s) giving viewers exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to your brand and story on specific products or approaches to highlight your unique, differentiating WOW factor.

Styles include – Interview, documentary, brand feature, product review and more. Our professional production team consults and helps determine which video style best suits your goals and needs.

Written Articles & Features

Feature Article – Our third best option to drive awareness and word of mouth, this is where we go deep in a 1000+ word article all about you!

What We’re Drinking Now* –  We’re traveling around and drinking new craft alcohol quite a bit…and when we find one we really love and want to feature it’s a win-win. Photo and caption mentioning we love it.

Must Visit Map* – if you’re open to the public you could be one of the first that we include to help people plan their boozy craft vacations. No social media support on this option.

Brand Ambassadorship

Video testimonial – Our next best option, behind the high production video, this is where Suzanne goes solo on video to talk about your brand and/or product.

Trade Show Representation –  Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands you can trust. Work a booth, direct attendees your way, etc…

Social Media Post/Giveaway – Sponsored posts are incredibly effective when done right. We do enough of this naturally that it is always authentic, engaging and drives awareness of your brand.

Speaking & Events

Panel Sessions – We create, design, recruit & moderate a panel on a topic that you’re passionate about at an industry event or one for guests (brand responsible for tickets).

Events – Host an event at your location to help educate and increase awareness! We can plan, organize and host it so all you have to do is show up. Brand resp. for ticket sales.

Industry Presentations – You pick the topic, we’ll develop and present the content at craft alcohol industry events. You can join or we can present on your behalf.

A Sampling of Our Clients…


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