Margarita Misconceptions: 3 Quirky Facts About This Classic Cocktail

Two classic Margaritas on a tray

The glorious Margarita! We must admit it is truly one of our favorite cocktails EVER. So much so, that our Chief Tippling Officer Evan perfected what we at The Crafty Cask believe is the best Margarita recipe ever (grab it here). As popular as the Margarita is today, the history behind this classic cocktail varies depending on who you ask, so we thought we’d weigh in with a few quirky “facts” of our own.

By the way, if you’d like to learn more about the Margarita’s history while DRINKING craft Margarita cocktails (and who wouldn’t?) check out our virtual Evolution of the Margarita class. It makes for the perfect virtual happy hour for friends, coworkers, and tippling comrades alike.

Quirky Fact No. 1:

The Margarita recently took top honors for cocktail Google searches.

When we said the Margarita was popular, we weren’t kidding. According to the website Eat This Not That, research on Google trends by Maxima Kitchen Equipment revealed that the Margarita tallied up 258,000 searches in December of 2021, edging out the Mojito (234,000 searches) for the number one spot. Santa must have been busy delivering tequila over the holiday season.

Quirky Fact No. 2:

We’re not 100% sure who invented the Margarita but we have a pretty solid hunch about its origin story.

While it may be true that an enamored bartender named the cocktail after a beautiful lady named Marguerite (or Peggy or Margaret or Margie …) who loved tequila, lime and orange liqueur, we have a hunch our beloved Margarita may have origins in Mexico during the Prohibition Era (1920-1933).

You see, the Daisy cocktail (Margarita means daisy in Spanish) falls into a category of cocktails with both a sour and citrusy component. Meanwhile, the Sidecar—a cocktail comprised of brandy, triple sec, and lemon juice—was very popular during Prohibition. When alcohol was banned during that time, thirsty travelers ventured to Mexico where friendly bartenders tried their best to mimic drinks like the Sidecar, sometimes replacing traditional ingredients with those more readily available in the region (tequila and lime).

So did the Daisy evolve into a Sidecar and then into the Margarita, or as our neighbors to the south call it? It’s up to you to decide.

Quirky Fact No. 3:

The recipe for a Classic Margarita hasn’t changed much over the years (though techniques have changed—FRESH IS BEST).

While we’re all about new takes on classic drinks, it’s tough to beat a Classic Margarita with two parts tequila, one part orange liqueur, and one part fresh lime juice. And if you’re OK with us hopping on our soapbox for a minute, freshly squeezed lime juice is the ONLY way to go, especially if you’re making a craft Margarita cocktail.

Not only does freshly squeezing limes provide the freshest of juice, the use of a quality hand press citrus juicer imparts citrus oils into the cocktail, lending more complexity and zip to your Margarita. (We love the Chef’n Fresh Force citrus juicer, available at The Crafty Cask Amazon store.

So, please leave the processed, artificially flavored Margarita mixes where they belong—on the grocery store shelf for people who don’t know any better. And if you know anyone who doesn’t know any better and want to show them the light—or you’re looking for fresh ideas for a virtual happy hour —we can help!

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